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Reel Rotten
Watching all the bad movies so you don't have to. (but you probably should, so you'll understand)
Podcast by Not Rotten Tomatoes
Rotten Bananas
unpeeling identity
Absolutely Rotten
Some movies are great! A lot of movies are awful.
Podcast by Dirty Rotten Geniuses
Rotten Potatoes
Cook St. Productions is a Denver-based comedy troupe who make short films, sketches, and web series. They also host a podcast, Rotten Potatoes, where the members talk pop culture and guess the Rotten Tomatoes score of a new movie in theaters.
Rotten Tomatunes
The BEST music based podcast! Nashville, TN.
Rotten Tomato Soup
Join lifelong friends Laura, Hannah, and Brennan as they seek out the best and worst performances of any given actor's life work via Rotten Tomatoes™ reviews and stew 'em together. Every other week they do their heckin' best to make a movie soup the masses can enjoy. It'll be like a cool, culinary Cronenberg experiment. ...Huh. Maybe we'll do Jeff Goldblum at some point.
Ben and Daniel use wild conjecture and speculation to navigate the world of Comic Book Movies and Television.
Why So Rotten Recordings provide monthly podcasts. Consisting of new releases, forthcoming releases and all the banter...Hit subscribe now!
Pop culture analysis!
Howie Pyro plays the weird stuff......50's and 60's rock and roll, psycho surf, garage, rockabilly, hillbilly horrors, voodoo r & b, insane instrumentals, religious nuts, teenage hell music, vintage global garbage, peppered with bizarre old movie ads & radio clips & general echo-fied screaming...
Movie Mojo Monthly
Movie News And Reviews
Howie Pyro plays the weird stuff......50's and 60's rock and roll, psycho surf, garage, rockabilly, hillbilly horrors, voodoo r & b, insane instrumentals, religious nuts, teenage hell music, vintage global garbage, peppered with bizarre old movie ads & radio clips & general echo-fied screaming...
This is a movie podcast that started reviewing movies at the very bottom of Rotten Tomatoes with a 0% film, and we've worked our way closer to 100% Fresh, week-by-week.
Dead Air
A movie podcast that reviews movies that are considered to be awful remakes, box office bombs, useless sequels and other critically hated films, and we ask the question: "is it really that bad"?
A podcast of Sara Bynoe's live literary/comedy show Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing.
Horror News Radio - The Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast | Horror Movies / Interviews / Reviews - The horror movie news reviews and interviews podcast from Doc Rotten and HorrorNews.Net with co-hosts Dave Dreher, Santos Ellin Jr., Thomas Mariani and Vixen, the voice of reason.
Doc Rotten and The Black Saint from Horror News Radio recap and review the best and worst horror films from the 1970s. Grindhouse. Blacksploitation. Hollywood Blockbusters. B Movies. Films like Exorcist | The Car | Phantasm | Halloween | The Incredible Melting Man | The Manitou | Beyond the Door | Vampire Circus | Dawn of the Dead
"There is no spoon" Presenter Kneels Bores gives his unique and irreverent take on the Sony PlayStation VR (PSVR), with the occasional guest. Kneels is an artist and AI researcher as well as a lifelong gamer, and likes to a dig a little more deeply into the consumer virtual reality experience and what it means for entertainment as well as the nature of personal reality. Sometimes rambling, sometimes incomprehensible, each 30 minute episode features News, Rotten Meta, IMHO, Trips and Ticks, U ...
Rotted Podcast
“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it” Said Confucius. That's what our mission is at Rotted Podcast and it gets tested every episode when we sit down and discuss movies that received zero percent critic review on Rotten Tomatoes. Confucius also never had to watch InAppropriate Comedy, The Ridiculous 6 or Saving Christmas so what did he know.
The American Horror Story Fan Podcast / Co-hosts Doc Rotten and Thomas Mariani recap and review the hit FX Horror Television show from Ryan Murphy
Podcast by Rotten Apple Productions
Dead Air
A movie podcast that reviews movies that are considered to be awful remakes, box office bombs, useless sequels and other critically hated films, and we ask the question: "is it really that bad"?
This is the Hannibal Fan Podcast for the hit NBC Television | Recap | Review | Podcast Hosts Thomas Mariani, Dave Dreher & Doc Rotten / Hugh Dancy / Mads Mikkelsen / NBC / Television / Hannibal Lecter / Will Graham / Horror News TV
Rotten Tomatoes will hate us.
The bi-monthly film podcast that compares a current release to a classic movie
Fire The Tomatoes!
Join Ben, Shannan, and Adam as they dig through the refuse of Rotten Tomatoes and decide whether to let it rot or give it a shot!
Rotten Tomatoes will hate us.
Exclusive urban podcasts from hosted by SK Vibemaker - urban rnb hiphop bashment uk grime rap bassline UK funky. exclusives tracks interviews competitions and much more. Latest feature interviews include Maxsta, Meridian Dan, Future,Frisco, Adz and Shallow, Cashtastic, Fuse ODG,Kid Ink, Mac Miller, Katy B, Angel Haze, J2K, Maxsta, Koder, Bashy, Jammer, Tanika, Phillips Idowu Olympic Special , Fazer, josh osho,elro,Wiz Khalifah,Rita Ora, Kozzie,Daley, L Marshal,Estelle, sean ...
FROM THE ASHES OF A WORLD OVER RUN BY ZOMBIES, WE GIVE YOU THE ‘ZOMBIE LIFE PODCAST!The MIGHTY ZLP give you the best in HORROR, PARANORMAL & CONSPIRACY! With stars from the big screen to real paranormal investigations, from dark music and movie reviews to real life accounts of horror, possession and UFO abduction, the ZLP invites you into the world of entertainment only Eddie Rotten can provide. Zombies have never been more fun!!! Tune in, learn something you didn't know about surviving and ...
Roast Mortem Cast
We've all been taught to venerate the dead. Where's the fun in that?! No one can take all their rotten secrets to the grave. Humans are just trash monsters that make mistakes, rub together and make more humans. So, let's grab some beers, bury inhibitions and dig up some dirt on history's most iconic departed.
Hedrich Files
The Hedrich Files is the curated podcast feed for Points from the Key, Rotten Banana, Talkin 'Tics, Cast without Banners, and Criminally Underrated.
Tomato Tomato
Welcome to the Tomato Tomato Podcast! Each week, Chris and Jenna discuss a movie - and how it's reviewed by critics. We frame our discussion around Rotten Tomatoes reviews that we agree and disagree with, and have quite a journey along the way.
This it the Horror News TV The Following fan podcast about the FOX TV show featuring hosts Dave Dreher and Doc Rotten | The Following / Kevin Bacon / James Purefoy / FOX / Television / Ryan Hardy / Joe Carroll / Mark and Luke
Bruised Apples
We're a podcast that rates/discusses a new film each week. Basically we're like rotten tomatoes but way worse...
Easy & The Critic
Ever wish there were a Rotten Tomatoes for New York theater?Everybody reviews New York Theater and then leaves it up to you. That's fine.We tell you what we think and (in the words of The Critic) what to do.New York theater dollars are precious and you don't want to see a turkey, so we'll help you know if it's worth it.
Two guys watch movies with a 50% Rotten Tomatoes score and figure out on which side of the fence they fall on and why. Hosted by Juan Barquin and Derek Godin of Dim the House Lights.
Dudes From Dallas
Nick Vicious and Robbie Rotten are the Dudes From Dallas. The show explores the day's issues with objectivity and a centered and balanced examination, redefining the delivery of news and media, and returning common sense and legitimacy
Trailers, cast & crew, Rotten Tomatoes and more help us decide what's worth seeing and what's worth seeing for free.
Fishin for Stevens
The ever-affable W. Logan Freeman and that dirty, rotten coward Alex Morand sit down once a week and watch a movie featuring acclaimed writer/actor/director/producer and harmonica player Fisher Stevens. Then they shoot the poop and talk about it.
Kicking off their production company, a pair of fun loving losers are kicking things off with a podcast! Empty Can Productions presents “Down the Hatch!” During each episode, Jesse, a stand-up comic, and Joseph, a musical-theatre man, will update you about their lives in the Big Apple, their journey in creating a production company from the ground up, and end each episode with their Rotten Reviews. What’s that? The guys will watch and review horror movies that have a 75% or lower rating from ...
You Say Tomato
Welcome to You Say Tomato! Each week Grace and a guest, typically her brother Julio, passionately defend movies she (or the guest) thinks were unjustly scored on Rotten Tomatoes.
Missed the Mark
Every week your hosts Shawn Watson and Jordan Stewart will pick a movie that scored between 25 and 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. After watching the movie, we'll spend some time talking about it and why it landed such mediocre reviews. Join us as we try and figure out what went wrong and how it might have gone better.
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Join Andy, R and Pie Emoji as they discuss the abandoned spin off show "Is that Farscape?". Then we ask the hard questions: what place do suicidal robots hold in our society? Can you keep your kids using only the Lord as your lawyer? Will there still be presedential pardons in the utopian future? And of course: are spontaneously combusting rott ...…
The third episode of a brand new podcast series from the RSA, 'Polarised'. Matthew Taylor and the author of 'Born Liars' and 'Curious', Ian Leslie, investigate the forces driving us further apart – and what can be done about them. In this episode: Is it inevitable that the internet and social media drive us to the extremes? Or do they just hold ...…
RG AUDIO 062018 Jeremiah 9:1-11 Every day, we take several bowls out to the compost. Pizza crusts and orange rinds combine with coffee grounds and yesterday’s newspaper. It’s a nasty, soggy mess. It’s all useless junk, until nature takes its course. When composted, all that useless junk becomes the most fertile soil in the garden. Our times of ...…
The Circle is just a shape to most of you, but to others it's life. We get deep into the ridiculous premise that is The Circle and just how a movie that could have been so right, goes so dang wrong. Featuring bad accents, police states, and kayaks this movie has it all and we have something to say about all of it. Complete with our own shape th ...…
Recorded June 18, 2018. Amy and Julie talk about how THE WASHINGTON CAPITALS ARE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS, all the partying, the drinking, and the instagramming, and oh yeah, Barry Trotz resigning (no hyphen), something rotten in the state of Ottawa, and the Freedom of Alex Galchenyuk.
Listen to the full 39 mins at.... Extra Stuff Extra Spoils - Episode 44 preview (20 mins 20 secs) Kathryn from The Grand Geek Gathering joins Jiaming, Edward, Josephine, and Albert, to record a discussion episode of "Incredibles 2," but that's not what this is! Listen to Spoilers Pleeze 171 for that. This is some of ...…
We are kind of all over the map on this edition of the Mad Health Podcast. First we take a look at our controversial friend, the EGG. How can one little orb be so misunderstood? Sometimes we REALLY need to not take the sensational title for all it is granted to be, and take a deep look into what the research actually says: https://nutritionstud ...…
The Voice of Reason - Sammy G, and Mr Ronny Rotten discuss the recent NXT TakeOver: Chicago and Money In The Bank 2018 events, with usual banter and more!
Goldmember, Rotten Tomatoes, Twitter followers... Oh and we also talk about the three (best) Star Wars films. We love you all. Thanks for listening!
Paddington, Paddington 2, Incredibles 2, American Animals, Hereditary
Popcorn Talk Network, the online broadcast network that features movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary proudly presents “I Could Never Be.” Sage Northcutt is a professional UFC fighter, who is fighting at UFC 133 in July 2018. Northcutt is currently 5-2 in the UFC, and 10-2 overall in professional mixed martial arts. He started trai ...…
In this beer fueled episode, our lovable losers talk a lot about the joy of trying to cook and record a podcast at the same time, life, and projects that they can’t talk about (Just yet). An extra shot out to the city of Trenton NJ. We love you! Rotten Review this week was that 1987 (I guess you can call it) film “Rawhead Rex!” . . . "THEME SON ...…
Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) Do you get rid of things you don’t really need? Do you keep the things you really need? Every Sunday the Oconto Catholic Community deals with 12 steps, bathrooms in the basement, and no gathering space. Our church needs to be pruned. We can prune away the rotten parts while saving the things we really l ...…
This week we look at the YouTube Red series Cobra Kai This follows on from the iconic 1984 Karate Kid movie and continues to follow the lives of the original characters and high school rivals Danny LaRusso and Johnny LawrenceKarate Kid is a DC character who was created by Jim Shooter and first appeared in Adventure Comics 346 in 1966 Although t ...…
Making MethAnthony BourdainDL RappersIHOBPropofolJamie FoxxFollow us: IG: @DirtyRottenGenuises, @alixnwondrland, @whitneyabstract, @thebridgesoverTwitter: @DirtyRottenGen1, @waynedell, @mrwhitney69
We’re continuing the avalanche of Netflix films that were released on Friday, going from corporate America to the Indian subcontinent. Today’s film is the third of six Indian films to be released as Netflix Originals. If you are interested in the other two films, check out Episode #052 (“Love per Square Foot”) and Episode #136 (“Sometimes”), ea ...…
Welcome back to Streaming Saturdays. Netflix put out four feature films yesterday, three international, which we’re saving for next week, and one domestic, which we’ll be reviewing today. Like romantic comedies and looking for something else to watch? Check out Episode #110 (“I Am Not An Easy Man”), Episode #119 (“Some Like It Hot”), and the be ...…
After Hours with Dee Rotten where i spin underground music i want you to hear.1. Blue Lizard - 15 0:002. Blue Lizard - Hard 3:223. Union Hill - Ride 8:404. Apostrophes - Dreams of You 15:505. Bruise Wish - Family Feuds 23:006. Evil Adam - Rejection Song 27:467. Doll Klaw - Tragic Magic 33:558. Hudson County Skvmbags - JailTime 39:099. Toke - Tr ...…
After Hours with Dee Rotten where i spin underground music i want you to hear.1. Doll Klaw - Deny 0:092. Jarr - Waiting for Heaven3. Kraig Marshall - The Great Experiment 13:124. Malice - Broken Record 17:545. Point 4 Hope - Fast Food Culture 23:356. Face - What's Up 30:407. Mudrust - Swine 35:438. Suffer - Flesh Feast 39:37…
Contact Algaron on mail or follow us on twitter @GuardiansHearth If you want to be a cohost or guest do contact me directly. Would be awesome to talk with you guys as well. Contact us with ideas, questions, whatever you like Mechanic Discover Taunt, Stone hill defender Druid 6 , 2 beast, 3 g ...…
It may be a rotten movie, but we had a blast getting loud and rowdy ragging on Dragonball: Evolution this week. Check it out.
Year: 2017 Directed by: Daniel Espinosa Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson IMDB 68% 54PLAY MP3 SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitcher | PlayerFM | Google Play | RSS FOLLOW: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 14 Down. 16 To Go.By (
Welcome back to Documentary Thursdays. Today we’re going to tackle efforts to find a cure for ALS headed up by a fitness pioneer. Interested in another sports documentary? Check out Episode #098 (“Pumping Iron”). Interested in some other sports-related films? Check out Episode #093 (“First Match”), Episode #103 (“Amateur”), and Episode #154 (“I ...…
Maria and Logan are back discussing MTV's the Challenge, starting with the Final Reckoning trailer that dropped, each of the team pairings for the new season, what the hell is happening with Bananas, and who the favorites are for season 32. We then jump into recapping the last 3 episodes of Champs vs Stars starting with episode 7, where the Miz ...…
Year: 2016 Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra Starring: Blake Lively, Óscar Jaenada, Brett Cullen IMDB 78% 59PLAY MP3 SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitcher | PlayerFM | Google Play | RSS FOLLOW: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 13 Down. 17 To Go.By (
Hola, people from all over the world! On this the eighth episode, Jay and myself (Mike) have the time of our lives. We being the podcast by talking about the best and worst of what we’ve seen recently. Then the controversial discourse begins. I talk about my feelings about Wonder Woman and they are very much against the grain, just so you know. ...…
Welcome back to Worldwide Wednesdays. We’re heading from 19thCentury Estonia to 21stCentury Australia, featuring a film about one Muslim family and an arranged marriage. Interested in more films from Australia? Check out Episode #139 (“Cargo”). Or another film involving arranged marriage? Check out Episode #052 (“Love per Square Foot”). And if ...…
It’s Episode 62! John and Tom from Best Pick Pod join us to review the 1988 action comedy Midnight Run starring Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin. Midnight Run is essentially Planes, Trains and Automobiles played Beverly Hills Cop style, meaning swearing, guns and exploding helicopters! Not surprising as it’s from Martin (Beverly Hills Cop) Bre ...…
Back with another movie discussion, this time with Ocean's 8, some recommendations, and a discussion of LGBTQ in movies.
Year: 2017 Directed by: Jake Kasden Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black IMDB 76% 58PLAY MP3 SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitcher | PlayerFM | Google Play | RSS FOLLOW: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 12 Down. 18 To Go.By (
So, what was your reaction when you heard Jared Leto was getting his own Joker movie. Was it, "You must be joking?" (*RIMSHOT*) This week, the geeks will share their reactions and make plot pitches for the film. They'll also share thoughts on the trailers for The Lego Movie 2, Predator, Into the Spiderverse, Bumblebee and Ralph Breaks the Inter ...…
So, what was your reaction when you heard Jared Leto was getting his own Joker movie. Was it, "You must be joking?" (*RIMSHOT*) This week, the geeks will share their reactions and make plot pitches for the film. They'll also share thoughts on the trailers for The Lego Movie 2, Predator, Into the Spiderverse, Bumblebee and Ralph Breaks the Inter ...…
Today’s movie is “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” (2017), the biographical drama written and directed by Angela Robinson. The film follows the story of Professor William Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, and the controversy surrounding the comic book, based on the polyamorous relationship with his wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall) and O ...…
***SUPER DOUBLE MAXI BONUS EPISODE AHEAD*** This week, our dyspeptic duo are joined by Maverick, designated Stephen King expert, in a SPECIAL HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE of both the original 1976 and remake 2013 CARRIE! We get back to high school and remember our own horribly awkward teenage years (with proms that resulted in less deaths, thankfully ...…
Fornite has quickly become the most popular game in the world but now its time to take the Battle Royale to the big screen. This week Ryan and Corey pitch the next critically rotten video game adaptation that’s sure to make a buck or two at the box office. Where we dropping, boys? More like, when’s the trailer dropping, boys?…
Welcome back to Matinee Mondays! Thank you all for taking the poll this past week. It was a close race between “Hereditary” and “Hotel Artemis”, but the latter won and, as promised, I went to see it. So, instead of a house in the woods, we’re heading into the near future. Like near-future films? Check out Episode #155 (“Upgrade”), which is stil ...…
It’s a new format for the Dudes, the more taste and less filling variety. Be ready for new episodes to drop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s a heavy start to the week, but we promise you it’ll get lighter as the week goes on. Sometimes things happen in the world that you have to stop and talk about, regardless of how uncomfortable they ...…
This podacast I tell you what went down in the Secret Empire story line - Marvels event that replaced their greatest hero with a dirty rotten Hydra sleeper agent! I will go through the lead up, the story and the aftermath - and I'll even tell you what I think of it. This podcast is powered by…
Today we get to interview New Jersey own Blue Lizard , and see what make these guys one of the hottest new rock bands New Jersey produced.Songs : 1: 15 2: Last Chance 3: Monkey Spitz 4: Stoned 5: DRAGHosted by : Dee Rotten and Johnny RiffsGuest : Blue LizardGuest Web Pages:........................................................................ ...…
DESCRIPTION Leadership can’t be mastered in just 30 minutes or less. But this episode will guide you how to develop your leadership, management and coaching skills incrementally and efficiently. Rob proves through Stuart Lancaster’s 30+ leadership lessons that those three skills should be equally honed to get the most out of a team’s performanc ...…
Let’s pray one more time. Blessed Lord, who caused all Holy Scriptures to be written for our learning, grant us so to hear them, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them, that we may embrace and ever hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life, which You have given us in our saviour Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy ...…
It’s Streaming Saturday, and Netflix is back to releasing multiple films on Friday. We’ll get to the other films next week, but today we’re picking up a comedy about sexual preference and identity. If you dig films about LGBTQ issues, be sure to check out Episode #019 (“The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin”), Episode #037 (“Moonlight”), and Epi ...…
Rotten Fruit, Rotten Faith!What is the fruit of my faith? (Grasping "good works" as dynamic and insufficient) This question is hard to analyze without a ton of presuppositions. For the sake of simplicity, I have already addressed evidence of faith as "FAITH ALONE", I am going to talk about some of the things we will see in our lives as Christia ...…
Welcome back to Film Buff Fridays. We’re going with another pre-code film this week, following up on last week’s Episode #152 (“White Zombie”). If you like pre-code films, be sure to check out Episode #063 (“Sign of the Cross”), or check the Film Buff Fridays blog tag at for previous reviews. And if you have suggestions, hit u ...…
The reading for today is Proverbs 14-15; Romans 14. Proverbs 14 The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands. He who walks in his uprightness fears the Lord, But he who is devious in his ways despises Him. In the mouth of the foolish is a rod for his back, But the lips of the wise will protect them. Where no ...…
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