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Lum and Abner – Retro Radio Podcast
Podcasting to share family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.
Average Gods Podcast
Average Gods Podcast is a weekly, variety talk show focusing on the intriguing, interesting, and unique aspects of ordinary people's lives. It's a down-to-Earth show offering insightful yet genuine exposure to how ordinary people lead extraordinary lives. We all have a story to tell, we all have something unique about us, and the Average Gods Podcast is the place to hear all about it
The Artisan Situation Podcast
We believe that every person has a connection to food. Each podcast will feature a deep dive interview with food producers, as we try to learn what inspires and influences them on a personal level. For many, producing flavorful, wholesome, and sustainable food is a vocation or a calling. Food has a voice.
Prim Talk Radio
Prim Talk Radio is an online internet radio show & podcast for primitive crafters. Hosted by Sherol Jones.Would you like to become a sponsor? It is only $10 a month and you get front page advertising on our Blog Talk Radio site and also our main site and a mention in every show! Click here to order today!
Funny in a Small Town
Join Aela, Justin and Jeff as they comment on all things pop culture, politics, hockey and more from the perspective of an urbane wit trapped in dirt road environment. Comedy! From the rustic.
Jimmie Jack's Alaska Fishing Lodge Podcast with Jimmie Jack Drath
Jimmie Jack's Alaska Lodge provides you with spectacular oceanfront accommodations for relaxing after your action-packed guided fishing trip or sightseeing tour. Spacious rooms are tastefully adorned with charming rustic themes to provide an unforgettable experience for between 2 and 20 people.
Under the Shadow of Etna: Sicilian Stories by VERGA, Giovanni
The short stories of Giovanni Verga, one of the leading authors of Italian verismo, or realism, tell mostly of working-class characters in rural, 19th-century Sicily. One of these stories, "Rustic Chivalry," or "Cavalleria rusticana," was the basis for the opera of the same name by Mascagni. - Summary by Mary J
Jimmie Jack's Alaska Fishing Lodge Podcast with Jimmie Jack Drath
Jimmie Jack's Alaska Lodge provides you with spectacular oceanfront accommodations for relaxing after your action-packed guided fishing trip or sightseeing tour. Spacious rooms are tastefully adorned with charming rustic themes to provide an unforgettable experience for between 2 and 20 people.
What We Will Abide
Conversations with people providing local solutions to systemic problems, mostly in my adopted hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania: a place that somehow blends rustic and traditional with urban and progressive.
Love and Freindship, and Other Early Works by AUSTEN, Jane
This book draws together some of Jane Austen's earliest literary efforts. It includes "Love & Freindship" and "Lesley Castle" both told through the medium of letters written by the characters. It also contains her wonderful "History of England" and a "Collection of Letters" and lastly a chapter containing "Scraps".In these offerings, we may see the beginnings of Miss Austen's literary style. We may also discern traces of characters that we encounter in her later works. G. K. Chesterton in hi ...
Common Story, A by GONCHAROV, Ivan
Alexander Fedoritch Adouev is the naïve, pampered son of Anna Pavlovna, a provincial landowner. He decides to go off to Saint Petersburg, not only to make his mark upon society but also to fulfill his two rosy romantic dreams of becoming a great writer and finding a great love. He is taken under the reluctant wing of his uncle, Piotr Ivanitch Adouev, a pragmatic, hard-headed businessman who scorns everything romantic and tries to cure Alexander Fedoritch of his sentimental, youthful illusion ...
Afterward by WHARTON, Edith
Mary and Ned Boyne have fled their dreary life in Wisconsin for a home in rustic Dorsetshire. But you can only run so far, and some things - some secret things - may follow you. A creepy and tragic ghost story from one of the masters. (Summary by John Silence)
De Agricultura by CATO, Marcus Porcius
Noted for being the most extensive piece of early Latin prose, it abounds in archaic imperatives and shows an almost total lack of subordinate clauses. Its subject matter is the pedestrian business of managing a Roman farm in the second century BC. The simplicity, however, may be only partially genuine. For Cato had a strong political and social agenda, based on the rejection of foreign, i.e., Greek, influences and the fostering of traditional Roman values, for which the persona of the plain ...
KPFA - Making Small Talk With Jesus: A Country Ballad
Based on the novella Making Small Talk With Jesus (a Country Ballad) this romantic, rustic podcast is about the break-up of the marriage of our narrator, a country radio DJ. He tells the story about the dissolving relationship and the downward spiral he and his family travel. This serial takes place somewhere out west, sometime back in the day and like its haunting theme song is engrossing and genuinely original.
LHPC Sermon Podcast
The purpose of Liberty Hill Presbyterian Church is to love God, seek to know Jesus Christ, and to minister to one another as an inclusive, welcoming community through the power of the Holy Spirit.We have all been given the gifts to lead a rewarding life through Jesus Christ. We do this through loving one another, praising God, ministering to build the Body of Christ,welcoming others in God’s love, working to build a strong community and above all, seeking to know Jesus Christ.Church HistoryT ...
Henry VI, Part 2 by SHAKESPEARE, William
Henry VI, Part 2 or The Second Part of Henry the Sixth (often written as 2 Henry VI) is a history play by William Shakespeare believed to have been written in 1591, and set during the lifetime of King Henry VI of England. Whereas 1 Henry VI deals primarily with the loss of England's French territories and the political machinations leading up to the Wars of the Roses, and 3 Henry VI deals with the horrors of that conflict, 2 Henry VI focuses on the King's inability to quell the bickering of ...
Letters on an Elk Hunt by STEWART, Elinore Pruitt
This is a sequel to Letters of a Woman Homesteader in which Elinore Rupert (Pruitt) Stewart describes her arrival and early years on a Burntfork Wyoming ranch in 1909-1913. The letters are written to her elderly friend, Mrs. Coney, in Denver. In the present collection of letters, Elinore describes a lively excursion on horseback and wagon into the Wyoming wilderness during July-October 1914. Her traveling companions are her husband “Mr. Stewart,” their three oldest children, and kind-hearted ...
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Welcome to show number 2017.21! Show Notes It’s the summer solstice! Kelly is GROOOOOT! Jon wants the time he wasted on The OA back Kelly will actually consider watching a second season of The OA Kelly can’t let Battle Star Galactica die Building a chalkboard is harder than you think but it’s easier than kicking Kelly out of the office 07:00 – ...…
26.2 Geronimo Rustic Extracts April 1970 part 2 Piggy Pig Pig - 2009 Remaster, Procol Harum Whaling Stories - 2009 Remaster, Procol Harum Sonata in E major Kk 380 - Domenico Scarlatti, Bob van Asperen Kick out the Jams - MC5 Hambone - Archie Shepp, Marion Brown" Yickytickee / Union Special - The Chris McGregor Septet Ohio - Neil Young High Agai ...…
Global 3000: The Globalization Program
Kyrgyzstan’s climate is harsh, its food rustic. Like the traditional flatbread called lepyoshka. The slightly sweetened dough is baked for 15 minutes in a clay oven.
Rock Me Baby - Live at Fillmore West, Jefferson Airplane Monk's Dream - Take 8, Thelonious Monk Fat Angel - Live at Fillmore East, Jefferson Airplane Rock Me Baby - Live at Fillmore West, Jefferson Airplane Volunteers - Jefferson Airplane Good Shepherd - Remastered, Jefferson Airplane Hey Frederick - Remastered, Jefferson Airplane Prince of Pea ...…
Sacramento CA Real Estate Podcast with Thomas March
The current trends are all about utilizing rich color, maximizing texture and creating comfortable interiors you can’t wait to relax in. Use these trends to get inspired to makeover your home’s interiors and create spaces you love that also appeal to your personal style. Remember, if you plan to sell in the next few years, you may want to avoid ...…
Portland Famous Podcast
Another big one for P Fame. In this episode we sit with Dave Gutter from Rustic Overtones, Paranoid Social Club, and Armies. He talks about how Rustic started and where he gets his inspirations from.He talks about what is next for him and his new projects.
In today’s episode we will share our top 10 tips for RVing the Emerald Coast of Florida. The Emerald Coast is the nickname given to the beaches of the Florida panhandle. With white quartz sand beaches and crystal clear green water, it is no wonder sun seekers flock to this area year after year. This area is a haven for RVers with accommodations ...…
Andrea and Ron talk about helm's quirky and casual atmosphere as well as the creative and rustic dishes. Andrea sees the coolest looking mushroom she's ever seen. They also head to Bella Luna in Sea Isle City where Ron undergoes tense negotiations with Andrea regarding dessert. They also struggle with the meaning of the word confit and are stum ...…
Beer, Bros & BS
Episode 67, we barely started this show on its tracks! As always we discussed a large range of topics including a passive aggressive Twitter war between Ukraine and Russia that included a Simpsons gif, PornHub's 10 year anniversary, E3 2017 plus the tale of how one of our Beer Bros got left behind at a gentleman's establishment by another Beer ...…
Decorating Tips and Tricks
We love setting a table on the patio, porch, and back yard and lingering over great food and company. Food just tastes better, the company is more interesting and the evening more magical! But don’t save al fresco dining for company. Use every lovely evening to eat outside! Come set a perfect summer table with us! Can you see yourself with new ...…
Million Dollar Decorating
Sara Baldwin grew up on Virginia’s rustic Eastern Shore, on her family’s farm. “We were surrounded by nature, and all the inspiration that nature creates, from childhood, and we were encouraged to express ourselves artistically, using whatever we could find in our environment. It was an idyllic upbringing, certainly for an artist. We had to be ...…
Tara’s guest this week is Maggie Lord. Maggie is the founder of the popular websites Rustic Wedding Chic, Rustic Wedding Guide, & Rustic Baby Chic and the author of 5 books. Maggie is a sought after wedding & lifestyle expert who often appears on TV, radio, and podcasts sharing her insights on everything from wedding trends to baby nursery deco ...…
Tara’s guest this week is Maggie Lord. Maggie is the founder of the popular websites Rustic Wedding Chic, Rustic Wedding Guide, & Rustic Baby Chic and the author of 5 books. Maggie is a sought after wedding & lifestyle expert who often appears on TV, radio, and podcasts sharing her insights on everything from wedding trends to baby nursery deco ...…
LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold swings by Akasha’s new rustic Italian concept AR Cucina in Culver City.By (KCRW, Evan Kleiman, Jonathan Gold).
Heritage Radio Network On Tour
Chef Chris Coleman’s respect and love for hometown Charlotte is clear when perusing Stoke’s locally-focused menu. Stoke’s mesmerizing open floor plan distracts from their immediate surroundings--a hotel lobby in Uptown Charlotte's Marriott City Center--instead encouraging diners to gather communally around the 600-degree wood oven. What ensues ...…
Slurred Words Podcast
Today on Slurred Words I sit down with Doug Neubeck and Scott Wymer, founders, owners, and brewers at the soon to open Rustic Leaf Brewing Company in Waterford, MI. I met up with Doug and Scott at the future home of Rustic Leaf at 7200 Highland Rd, Waterford Twp, MI 48327. Doug and Scott were great guys, and I had a great conversation with them ...…
Positively Roswell
Episode # 1, Chaz Easterly Chaz Easterly is the founder of Linen & Flax Home, an Atlanta-based interior design service and online marketplace created to bring a sense of casual elegance and rustic warmth to your space. When you stop by either of the Linen & Flax locations on Canton Street or Oak Street, you'll be tempted to think that the store ...…
Leave Work Now! with Rick Koster
Rick and Peter share memories of concert sing-alongs gone good, and bad, including Ben Folds, Rustic Overtones, O.A.R. and Crowded House. Plus, David Crobsy at The Garde.
Janelle Shane had been playing with recurrent neural networks—a type of machine-learning software—for more than a couple months when the computer told her to put horseradish in a chocolate cake.The request didn’t come out of the blue. Inspired by Tom Brewe, another AI researcher, Shane had been asking her neural net to come up with recipes. She ...…
Escape to France with LATE SUMMER IN THE VINEYARD - Jo Thomas's irresistible follow-up to THE OYSTER CATCHER and THE OLIVE BRANCH. 'A fabulous French feast of fun' Milly JohnsonEmmy Bridges has always looked out for others.It's time she put down roots of her own.Working for a wine-maker in France is the opportunity of a lifetime for Emmy. Even ...…
The Brownble Podcast - Cooking, Being Vegan & Improving your Relationship with Food
Listen on the Go or on iTunes or Stitcher! When I was growing up my house was always full of the most interesting characters. My mom was an archaeologist and for a very long time worked in the science and art museums in town, which meant my house was filled with artists, scientists, writers, adventure seekers and sometimes a combination of all ...…
The Rock N Roll Archaeology Project
We are back from a small break with sad news that there will be no Desert Trip in 2017. The Brinks trucks they lined up for Led Zeppelin were not enough. We know why Paul McCartney won't be there, he will be busy dressing up as a pirate promoting the new Disney Pirates film, which evidently has been pirated as well. Jeff Slate joins us for 'Sla ...…
It’s Part 3 of our Prohibition series this week, “Return of the Drunk Guy”. We’re finished. It’s repeal time this week, and we can go back to drinking. Was there anything good about prohibition, or was it all something we should put behind us? We’ll try and figure that out, so come in and have a drink. News Beer Camp 2017 WHAT WE’RE DRINKING: B ...…
The morning mist rises in the distance over Bloom Meadows; submitted photo. Today is Friday, May 12, 2017, I’m your host, Jason Velazquez, and I thank you for tuning in to Episode #40 of TLC here at the Greylock Glass. On today’s show, we’ll be finding out about a new community event to support PopCares, explore what’s new with 350Mass—Berkshir ...…
This week on The Green Woodworker Podcast we speak with Sadie Mae John, The Awesome Orange. Sadie has a tremendous following on Instagram where she shares her rustic modern furniture pieces. Learn how her need for storage lead to what is now a full time business. Sadie offers words of advice to those who wish to get started in making. Join us n ...…
The Folktale Project
There is a clay bank on Little Neck, Long Island, where metallic nodules are now and then exposed by rain. Rustics declare them to be silver, and account for their crumbling on the theory that the metal is under a curse. A century ago the Montauks mined it, digging over enough soil to unearth these pellets now and again, and exchanging them at ...…
In an entertaining and enlightening BS Show that touched on family, travels to 90 countries, ghosts and the decision to disband the Forest Lake police department, Bob is joined by attorney Marsh Halberg, his wife Mary, son Shane, Mary's world-traveling nephew Dan Hance and psychic Ruth Lordan. The show was hosted by Blackwater Coffee & Cafe -- ...…
We are very excited about this years guided tours here at Camino Ways. Some 2017 tours have been and gone and others have been filled with happy walkers, but we have limited availability on all routes now ! These tours offer a truly unique experience as you join a group of enthusiastic walkers, guided by a local Camino expert. Take advantage of ...…
Larre and Bill competed with Kodiak brown bears in pursuit of a mountain goat. They withstood snow, rain and high winds before their campsite flooded. Our Park PSA is about Mouth of the Two Hearted River State Forest Campground, a rustic spot at the top of Michigan's Upper Peninsula on the shore of Lake Superior. ...…
What I meant to say also is that I sometimes forget how powerful music is for people. Which is why the observation about its power is noteworthy for me. Cover photo by
My Current Fix: Jill finished another pair of Knitted Knockers in Paton's Grace yarn in navy blue. She is continuing to work on her Shusui Shrug by Susanne Sommer using Knit Picks Hawthorne in Graffiti Speckle and Dragonfly Fibers Pixie in Black Pearl. She worked a little bit on her Shark Bite mitts as well as the Sophie's Universe. What I'm Jo ...…
Our Country Cottage a Narrative
In this episode I will cover some of the unique doors and divider applications used in Our Country Cottage and In The Beginning, ITB month 16 sees power, paint, panels and plowing. The spec for the Our Country Cottage package called for interior doors to be your standard hollow core doors. My partner, and I must agree, wanted a more rustic soli ...…
Chef Jeremy Fox turns vegetables into true expressions of seasonal flavors at Rustic Canyon, Julia Sherman documents artists making salads in “Salad for President,” and Deborah Madison shares meatless meal tips. Then Laura Avery shops for spring veggies at the market while we get a peek at Stacy Michelson’s design for KCRW’s “Good Food” tote ba ...…
Scotty K and Bret Mega Mornings
Tuscany's Chianti wine region, with its rugged hills and farmland, charms visitors with a slower, more rustic lifestyle. South of Chianti is a region called the Crete Senesi, a quintessential Tuscan landscape featuring clay hills and iconic lanes of cypress trees. At, you'll find money-saving travel tips, small-group t ...…
It's one of the first warm days this spring,and I'm pulling into Husch Vineyards.We have three wines and a great new feature.This winery does make many wines but today we will open three and decide which direction we should go to make three great pairings with these wines.First let's check out a little history and a little on the wines. Founded ...…
The WDW Radio Show - Your Walt Disney World Information Station
WDW Radio # 482 - Geyser Point LIVE Review at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge As part of the Copper Creek expansion to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, the new Geyser Point Bar and Grill opened along the shores of Bay Lake. This beautiful, open-air lounge welcomes adults and families in for a relaxing bite amidst the cedar beams, natural stone, and the res ...…
“GREAT AMERICAN SONGSTERS” John’s Old Time Radio Show. “GREAT AMERICAN SONGSTERS”. John Henegahn plays early 20th century 78 rpm records from his record collection on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show. 1. Bib-A-Lolie-Boo – Chubby Parker 2. Green Grass – Stovepipe Johnson 3. Jimbo Jambo Land – Shorty Godwin 4. Don’t Think I’m Santa Claus – Lil ...…
Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 23 of You Me & Duffy! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, wed decided to do the whole episode on Facebook Live! Thanks to everyone that watched and commented! If we try this little experiment again, we will try to respond to more comments and include as many of you as we can!In this weeks episode, we were talk ...…
Spam Spam Spam Humbug
This episode was nearly given the title “Chekov’s Pixels”, for reasons that will become apparent. Also, Ultima 7: The Black Gate is 25 years old now. Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Google Play | Subscribe on TuneIn | Subscribe on Stitcher | Subscribe on Podbean | Subscribe on Android Co-Producers This episode of Spam Spam Spam Humbug is bro ...…
Izzy and Mark chat with Chef and Proprietor Anne Kearney of Bar Dumaine. We chat about how she began her career and became an award winning chef. “Food of Love,” Chef Anne Kearney’s motto, says it all, keeping the chef and her staff ever mindful of their mission to create culinary excellence in every dish that is placed before a guest. For Chef ...…
A brand new summery story about returning to your past and finding a new beginning from bestselling author Jenny Oliver! Every Summer has its own story…For Ava Fisher, the backdrop to all her sun-drenched memories – from her first taste of chocolate-dipped churros to her very first kiss – is her grandmother’s Summerhouse in the sleepy Spanish s ...…
Million Dollar Decorating
Marcelle Guilbeau is a Nashville based interior designer, whose soulful designs reflect her clients’ personal style, and renews their connection to the things about which they are most passionate. Sitting down and having a conversation with Marcelle is like entering a Zen garden. Layer by layer, the stresses and strains that led you to seek her ...…
Decorating Tips and Tricks
Functionality, fabric style & beauty ~ lots to consider when you are buying or making curtains. We cover it all ( excuse the pun! ) and give ideas on how to best dress all kinds of windows. And from our episode sponsor we have a fabulous give away… JORD Wooden Watches is giving one lucky DTT listener a $180 gift certificate to purchase a stunni ...…
What's wrong with this ice bucket? Nothing! Nothing is wrong with Amy's ice bucket!!! But, my goodness, it took a while to get to that point. Do you love your refrigerator? Amy might need some recommendations... someday... Anyway! Bay's cat is still an attention whore, and the French Bulldog Rescue Network surely has devoted volunteers! Bay, de ...…
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