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Ruston Rambles
A podcast about nothing, by people who know nothing.
Weekly Message From First Baptist Church of Ruston, Louisiana
Ruston Chuch of Christ
Podcasts from First Baptist Ruston Wed night college service. FBC Ruston College ministry.
Emmanuel Baptist Church | Ruston sermons
Sermons from the Traditional service at Trintiy UMC in Ruston, LA
Ruston Mayor, Ronny Walker provides a weekly glimpse into the workings of City government and what's next for Ruston, Louisiana!
Temple Baptist Church
Ruston, LA
Delaney Ruston, MD speaks with people affected by mental health challenges, researchers, and providers about what’s working in our lives and communities to improve mental health.
Recordings of my English lectures
Byron Avery is your host for a weekly dose of Sports Talk.
Sermons from Wednesday Night C3 student service. First Baptist Ruston, LA
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Worried about how much time your children spend staring at screens? Could it be affecting their moods? Their school performance? Dr. Delaney Ruston, a world renowned expert in this area, can help. Physician, filmmaker and parent Delaney Ruston decided to create the movie, SCREENAGERS, when she found herself constantly struggling with her own ch ...…
Rocket Radio is a brand new podcast featuring exclusive interviews with emerging artists from around the globe. Listen on Apple Podcasts.
What does the Bible have to say about marriage? Are gender roles really a thing of the past or are they still for today? We'll look at Gen. 1-3 and Eph. 5 to gain a gospel perspective on both of these topics.
Today I'm speaking with Kevin Espiritu from the blog, Epic Gardening. Kevin and I discuss how to hire the right people to grow your business faster, the importance of SEO for bloggers, how to monetize your blog if your mission is to teach 10 million people how to grow their own food, and how you can really make a living as a poker player. Resou ...…
Does singleness have a purpose? Does singleness mean second best? NO. Rather, God ordains singleness for a period of time for all of us, and it is for a specific reason.
Join the Joyful Courage Tribe in our community Facebook group - Live and Love with Joyful Courage. Raising our children while growing ourselves... ::::: Today’s guest is Delaney Ruston, a documentary filmmaker. She believes in helping kids find balance in our tech filled world. She loves engaging audiences in solution centered discussions. We a ...…
Do we really need to go to church, be in a small group, or be around other believers to be good followers of Christ?
Louisiana Tech strength and conditioning coach Kurt Hester joined The Hot Route for a special edition of Boston Scott's NFL Draft Diary series. He talked about Scott's arrival in Ruston in 2013 and flipping the switch on his mental toughness.
Jesus is the source and standard of true love. It is impossible to find love in its truest sense apart from a relationship with Him.
An episode in which we talk about looking for motivation, returning to Ruston, and how you should never stop promoting.
An episode in which we talk about sad news and some other stuff that I forgot because I took so long to upload this one.
1. Paul understood the over-ruling providence of God2. Paul understood the overcoming power of God3. Paul understood the overwhelming provision of God
How do we identify with Christ in the resurrection
How do we identify with Christ in the resurrection
This week we welcome our old friend Ruston to the show to discuss The Fan. We also talk other stuff we watched, news and trailers, and answer listener feedback from former host, Jordan. Stay tuned to the end for our first ever coin-flip-decided deep dive. Thanks for listening, Enjoy! (Apologies for the mic trouble) 0:00 - Intro/News/Trailers 11 ...…
A special sports episode in which we discuss the AFLW Grand Final, the upcoming AFL season, the NHL playoff picture, the NFL draft, and the NCAA basketball tournament.
Principles to having the peace of God:1. Proper attitude (v. 4)2. Proper approach to others (v. 5)3. Prayerful attitude in dealing with cares (v. 6-7)4. Proper thought life leads to peace (v. 8)5. Proper actions based on experience (v. 9)
An episode in which we discuss the Miracurl on ice, Trader Joe's, and the Oscars.
1. Process to complete (v. 12)2. Power to experience (v. 13)3. Personality to develop 4. Purpose to achieve
God's word, homosexuality, and the church's response
Who cares about inflation? You probably don’t even notice it. If you’re an American. A percentage or two a year is slow acting; like rust on stainless steel. Merchandisers had to re-sticker the stuff on supermarket shelves two or three times a day in Brazil. Inflation was over one thousand percent in the eighties. That’s right. Clack-clack-clac ...…
How can we live wisely regarding alcohol and partying
What is God's will, and how can we discern it?
What is God's will, and how can we discern it?
rust on a nights wind by Mike Newton
Ruston Pierce is the Head of School at highly regarded Mount Pisgah Christian School just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He was hired at Mount Pisgah in January of 2017. Ruston has created an innovative leadership development program for his staff. The RISE (Reach, Inspire, Serve, Equip) program accepts only a limited number of staff per year. St ...…
An episode in which we discuss Christmas movies, President Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and changing the U.S. national animal
A bonus episode in which we continue to discuss the NFL playoffs.
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