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Join Pilot Pip for a look at news, aviation safety chat and your plane safety feedback.
The Safety Solutions Academy Podcast focuses on the mindset, tactics and skills needed to survive a violent encounter. At SSA we focus on reality. This means we understand the skills, the stress, and the instinctive reaction that law abiding citizens can use to survive a violent encounter whether fighting with a gun or simply their body. Tune in to learn the truth about safety and violent encounters.
Food Safety Talk
Every two weeks or so, Don and Ben get together to talk about Food Safety.
Safety Experts Talk offers relevant, on-topic insight in interviews of up to 30 minutes, with industry leaders in safety, 5S, Lean, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement genres. From PPE to safety software and tools, from visual workplace case studies to GHS labeling standards to Kaizen principles, you'll find a rich library of safety related topics in these podcasts, a service of Creative Safety Supply. See our website at for transcripts of Safety Exper ...
Food Safety Matters is a podcast for food safety professionals hosted by the Food Safety Magazine editorial team – the leading media brand in food safety for over 20 years. Each episode will feature a conversation with a food safety professional sharing their experiences and insights of the important job of safetyguarding the world’s food supply.
The Safety Leader Podcast introduces the next level in safety. A safety leader takes safety beyond rules compliance to a shared goal that recognizes the importance of each individual on the job. Supervisors and safety people are uniquely positioned to become safety leaders and to bring workplace safety past compliance and across the threshold to where safety becomes personal. The front line is where the culture of an organization is made and reinforced. Past all the processes and procedures ...
Another informative podcast by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).
Solving workplace Heath and Safety problems with tips, interviews andadvice.
Safety Catch
One of BBC Radio 4's most controversial shows, Safety Catch is a sitcom written by Laurence Howarth and John Finnemore. The series was first broadcast in 2007. It is about Simon McGrath (played by Darren Boyd), a man who works in a profession that he does not like - the arms trade.Simon McGrath, the narrator and anti-hero of the series, works as an arms dealer whose main job is selling arms to Gambia. Simon claims that he would prefer to work elsewhere, but due to a combination of laziness a ...
Safety+Health magazine audio offerings include Richard Hawk's All About You podcast and occasional audio from news sources. We're testing audio from archived presentations in our Safety+Health Webinar Series; let us know ( if you find it useful. Thanks.
Just how dangerous is the everyday workplace? What can be done to mitigate risks and avoid hazards? And what trade-offs have to be made between the competing demands of safety, efficiency and wider social responsibility? This album looks at three very different case studies - farming, food manufacturing and urban redevelopment - and explores the varying approaches to risk management within each different sphere. It includes a visit to Fox's Biscuits and Brooksby Agricultural College in the U ...
Safety Podcasts
News and notes about workplace safety, health and environmental issues
Safety and Risk Podcast
Stay Safe from Cyber Crime!
Safety on Tap
Are you a leader who wants to grow yourself, and drastically improve health and safety along the way? You're in the right place! Welcome to the Safety on Tap Podcast! We bring you interesting and inspiring people with different ideas, perspectives and stories, straight to your phone or computer, for your listening pleasure, whenever it suits you. Nice! Now this isn't just for people who have a 'health and safety' job. There are so many more people involved in drastically improving health and ...
Spot On Safety
Excellent safety is not hard but sometimes finding the right information is. The ocean of safety information is vast, so we shine a spotlight on one specific topic in each podcast. We reveal the secret handshakes that can't be found by reading regulations. Sometimes this information comes from letters of interpretation, compliance directives, citation experience and, of course, decades of experience in safety. Spot on Safety is intended for safety professionals, managers, supervisors, and an ...
Compliance with the volumes of EPA, DOT and OSHA regulations can be an overwhelming task for any business, large or small. Unfortunately, the age of hyper-regulation is only going to intensify with time. Your best defense is to know the rules and how they apply to your facility. The goal of this program is to clearly explain the regulations to business owners and managers without all the jargon. With this understanding, you can bring your company into alignment with the rules for hazardous w ...
Welcome to the UK Health & Safety Department Podcast. We will be covering various parts of training on here to support you in becoming safer in your job. The podcast is totally free to listen to or download. We will be releasing new podcast's throughout the year. All you have to do is subscribe in iTunes or a number of other common podcasting tools. Automatically have new episodes delivered to your computer or mobile device. If you have any other questions in the meantime please do not hesit ...
Alexandria podcast programs feature interviews with City officials and staff, news about upcoming events in Alexandria, and general information about City services.
This is the Prime Inc. monthly safety podcast. Prime has always rewarded superior performance with unsurpassed compensation! We take pride in being the best in the business - and we owe it all to our hard-working, dedicated drivers!
No Harm is the health and safety podcast for HSE professionals. We explore issues and initiatives to help you sharpen your professional skills and better understand emerging issues. The No Harm Podcast is hosted by Marvin Polis of Stimulant Strategies and Productions, a veteran producer of HSE video productions and publications for municipalities and corporations. Marvin talks to guests who share your passion for safety at work and beyond.Listen to us on iTunes, SoundCloud or the podcast app ...
Each month RRC Training's experts discuss issues relating to whatever's current and being talked about (or not being talked about) in the world of health and safety. The series will be continually updated and is created primarily for the health and safety professional but anyone with an interest in health, safety and environmental issues will learn a thing or two from these podcasts. Health and safety is a serious matter but we don't treat it as such in these podcasts. Some pretty strange pe ...
I am Greyhound Driver Instructor based in Syracuse,NY. Each month I discuss a different topic as it relates to safety and the Greyhound Safe Driving Standards.
Food Safety EDU
Food Safety Certification Study Information
New to riding? Returning rider? Experienced rider? The best motorcyclists reflect on their skills and techniques. Do you? The streetSkills Motorcycle Safety Podcast offers short and to the point episodes on skill-building topics. Be the best rider you can be.
Phoenix Safety
Phoenix Safety's Health and Safety Guru Paul Tierney speaks about Health and Safety Topics
NBC Sports Radio loves Super Bowl Champions—and Rodney Harrison has won two! Rodney burns through the biggest stories in sports like he used to blitz quarterbacks in the NFL. All topics are on the table, no holds barred, including pro football, college football and pro hoops.
Patient Safety
This podcast is about safety, not the everyday safety, but real safety. We talk about how we as humans get into trouble because of mental constructs that lead us to error. The safety systems of today are full of rules and regulations. That is not safety, that's law and regulation. And people tend to knowingly and unknowingly break the law.
Podcast series that address health and fitness specifically for public safety professionals to include law enforcement, emergency medical services, and corrections.
All Sermons take place within the Ark of Safety Christian Center Located in Waianae, Hawaii under the leadership of Apostle Jay Amina Sr. and Executive Pastor Geri Amina.
At Trust & Safety in Numbers, we chat with people on all sides of the fraud fight: hackers, FBI agents, fraud analysts, rogue cyborgs… In an era when high-profile account takeovers and global malware attacks are as common as an unwanted group text, it’s an exciting time to be on the fraud front lines. Trust & Safety in Numbers is presented by Sift Science, a trust platform that helps your business fight fraud with machine learning.
Industrial Safety isn’t something to fool around with. But that doesn't mean you need to torture yourself reading regulations and standards written for rocket scientists. There's a better way to keep up with the best safety practices pertaining to the hazards you face daily.Dave and Bacon's Safety Tales brings you weekly advice, news, interviews with industry leaders and real life safety stories from people who don't write about safety for a living. They live it.
Safety Rules
Best practice safety strategies to prevent error in the workplace. Nurses, patients and anyone interested in safer healthcare will enjoy this podcast. The show presents multiple perspectives on safety, including interviews, continuing education, and personal stories from a patient safety specialist, Registered Nurse, Doctoral candidate and mother of 4.
Safety Lately
Just another WordPress site
Water Safety
Water Safety
Glassware Safety
This video segment is one of a series of safety video podcast with a student named billy who must die because of safety rules not bing followed
Brought to you by the NG9-1-1 Institute in Washington, DC, TiPS will provide valuable insight to the Men and Women behind the numbers 9-1-1.
Safety Safari
This podcast will explore various safety topics to help keep you safe.
Housing over 250 years of collective Process Safety expertise, Smith & Burgess has built our reputation on providing only the highest level of customer satisfaction combined with practical, realistic solutions.Our tenured engineering experience enables us to make reasonable assumptions that meet industry standards but do not burden the owners with excessive concerns. Come see why Smith & Burges' clients call us their "Trusted Process Safety Advisors."
Aviation Week's editors discuss defense, space, commercial aviation and safety every Friday on the Check 6 podcast.
LifeFight is a weekly radio show with U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Famer, 2x World Champion, 5x U.S. Champion, UFC Vet, Life Coach & Author, Jermaine Andre. Learn from the Master Chief ways to have a healthy, safe, happy, more productive life with Jermaine with co-host Rebeckah Beck. LifeFight will equip you with diverse ways to tackle situations for the fights in your life. LifeFight is complex, informative, hilarious, scary and fun!!We discuss all sorts of popular topics while giving you a bo ...
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Hi everyone, it’s Mick here and welcome to Wednesday’s Podcast. Hope your week is going well and you have had some time to enjoy the sunny weather. ‘Freedom’ is our theme this week as we continue our reflections in Paul’s letter to the Galatians; today’s Bible reading is Galatians 4:21- 5:1 and you can hear the whole passage at the end after th ...…
When demands for service outpace growth in revenues, our public safety departments take an innovative approach to providing cost-effective public safety services. Here are some examples of the creative programs they’ve developed.
Luis Benitez spent his twenties atop the world's most famous mountains. After witnessing the Nangpa La shooting at Cho Oyu and meeting the Dalai Lama, Luis changed his trajectory through life. Now, he's in charge of bringing recreation to the center of the political debate. If we want to protect the places we love, Luis thinks we need to take a ...…
Jainee Dial and her boyfriend Brad took an ordinary climbing trip to Yosemite. They were a young couple doing what they love. When Brad died while climbing the Matthes Crest, Jainee's life was turned upside down. Faced with the most devastating loss of her life, Jainee broke free from traditions and to forge a new path through grief.…
Deep within our humanity is an engrained desire for companionship, but within our culture, there's a need to have a clear identity. That's what makes relationships challenging and wondering. Host Paddy O'Connell's parents, Molly Ryan and Mike O'Connell, discuss the trials, tribulations and discoveries created over 40 years of marriage.…
Chris McNamara has spent his life pursuing risky outdoor activities like big wall climbing and BASE jumping. To him, they're essential avenues of self-discovery. But what happens when an essential part of who you are has the ability to lead you to disaster? You find different ways to take risks.
In connection with National Learn to Swim Day, Olympic Swimmer Elizabeth Beisel visits as a USA Swimming Foundation Ambassador, to discuss water safety for kids and how to create a lifelong connection with water and water sports. For more, visit and
From Fredericksburg City Police: School Resource Officer Paul Dooley and Sgt Scott Worley. We preview summer programs like Badges for Baseball and Camp Crime Fighters. And we talk summer safety in your neighborhood and safe driving techniques.
It may be rare for people seriously affected by substance abuse to get a chance to start over. However, Milwaukee County’s Family Drug Treatment Court is helping families do just that – and has been for several years. Drug court, veterans court, mental health court… these are just a few examples of the types of specialty, or problem-solving cou ...…
Before sending people in to space, space agencies like NASA or commercial companies like Boeing & SpaceX must take stock of risks to crew and vehicle and do their best to mitigate them. But how does this process actually work? How do you quantify risks to people? And most importantly, how do you determine that the risk is acceptable before you ...…
On this edition of Your Call, we discuss the safety of wireless radiation. A new Nation magazine investigation explores how big wireless companies used the same playbook as big oil and big tobacco to deceive the public and create the appearance of scientific uncertainty, while making people think that cell phones are safer than independent scie ...…
In this episode we dive into our “fan” mail, talk about the new US embassy in Israel, and discuss the NRA and gun control. Featuring: Blake, Christopher, and Scott Find us on Facebook: at Find us on Twitter: Subscribe on itunes: ...…
In this episode we look at the fifth film in the January Boys franchise from a different angle!
(Left to Right) Bo Kratz, Paul Sandburg, Sheel Kohli More info on SIRs More info on Dragons For those of you who just read the blog version of each episode…this is one where you really should listen to the podcast! There was just too much good discussion to capture in blog form. Click icon below to listen on Apple or Google. A summary of the sh ...…
International safety expert Professor Patrick Hudson and Qantas Engineering Head of Safety, Quality and Compliance Mark Sinclair discuss managing WHS risks in complex and hazardous industries. They reflect on the Qantas’s aspiration to be a high reliability organisation (HRO) in a global business.
Timbo breaks it down today explaining that the key to keeping employees on board and working hard towards the company mission is respect and recognition.-Get ready for Power Up Mondays! Hosts William Lubbesmeyer, President of Syndicate Logistics, and Tim Hutchinson, Safety Manager, are transforming the transportation industry with unique insigh ...…
The Department of Justice's inspector general is investigating a claim that the FBI spied on Donald Trump's presidential campaign. We look at what Trump's allegation means for the Russia probe. Then, while active shooter drills are now commonplace practices at schools, they're not as inclusive to students with disabilities as they could be. We ...…
KIDS SHOULD BE SAFE IN SCHOOL. It is our job to keep them safe everywhere. #DoriDeCarlo made it her life's mission nineteen years ago after Columbine to do everything she could to keep guns and drugs out of schools and after many years of research and hard work we now have Safety Bags, Inc Let's help the work to make it mandatory to have clear ...…
Another school shooting, this time at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, has left ten people dead and around ten others injured. The shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, was taken into police custody. The incident is raising questions over what to do about children's safety in schools and the ensuing debate is continuing to divide the count ...…
On The Mark, Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan discuss the tragic shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, and what changes in gun laws, school safety and mental health laws–will make us safer. We discussed universal background checks, increasing the security around schools and ‘red flag’ laws. Several callers agreed–if our priorities are high for athletic ...…
Mike & Nic discuss the 16 safety education courses that will be available during the breakout sessions at the 2018 Portage County Workplace Health & Safety Expo on June 22, 2018, 8am-3pm, at Maplewood Career Center in Ravenna, OH! Click here for more info about the expo!
Our old television set faded away and died. Its replacement was lighter, sleeker, and even cheaper, but that was the end of the good news. The back panel presented us with a baffling array of about ten different connections with incomprehensible labels. The so-called instruction book consisted of half a dozen pages of flimsy paper, almost entir ...…
Presented by: Dr Phil Jennings, Medical Director, Innovation Agency @DrPhilJennings
Safety blankets/emotional crutches/bubblegum…
First we ask what a Double Deuce kind of day is, #PeanutButterChocolate or #SaltVinegar. Then the recording program crashed so we restarted the clock and came out swinging with: Maps: Nature’s Deceivers and Map Fucking is a Spectrum. Then after a moment for Thoughts and Groin Prayers we ask ourselves What Character Do We Play in the Action Movi ...…
I originally had planned to discuss a different topic today, but a few days ago I was reading the story of Saul's conversion in the book of Acts in the New Testament and came across a verse that stopped me in my tracks. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes I have read a verse hundreds or thousands of times, but one day it really hits me and I see ...…
World-renowned trauma expert and best-selling author of 'The Body Keeps the Score', Dr Bessel van der Kolk discusses how trauma affects the brain. His most recent 2014 New York Times Science best seller, 'The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Treatment of Trauma' transforms our understanding of traumatic stress, revealing how i ...…
We are most fortunate that renowned eye surgeon Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, MD, FACS, has taken time out of his very busy schedule to talk with us about cataracts and how they can adversely effect one's safe driving abilities. We hope you enjoy this episode of the "Beyond Driving with Dignity" podcast show! Please visit the Keeping Us Safe website at ...…
We are most fortunate that renowned eye surgeon Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, MD, FACS, has taken time out of his very busy schedule to talk with us about cataracts and how they can adversely effect one's safe driving abilities. We hope you enjoy this episode of the "Beyond Driving with Dignity" podcast show! Please visit the Keeping Us Safe website at ...…
This episode we're joined by Tia Sherry and Romain Bonilla of The Street Trust. We talk about the Bike More Challenge and other initiatives that the Street Trust has to improve safety and accessibility of bicycling in Oregon. The Street Trust Bike More ChallengeBy
In this week’s episode Dr M dives in and out of comfort zones. She dives into the downside of being stuck in a rut, or in a zone that no longer serves you. Dr M discusses why sometime we stay in our safety zone because of fear of the unknown. She opens up the possibility of what if you shift your comfort zone to a whole new level as you grow. T ...…
Zaz is left alone. Well, not quite alone.. Who's inside that suit of armor and why was Zaz spared? I wonder what's is in store for Zaz as he comes to terms with just happened. Did that bush just talk?..
5-20-2018, Pastor Horry, Sunday Service (A Lesson In Black History) podcast by Ark of Safety Christian Church
Paul begins the second chapter of his letter to the church at Ephesus by painting a picture of our absolute brokenness, but then reminds us that God loved us first. Special Guest Daniel Roach joins us to wrap up our series on the presence of God with the powerful truth at the heart of the Gospel! But God Loves First But God | Week 4 May 20, 201 ...…
We always plan and we execute best practices on steep slopes, but sometimes the unexpected still happens. This week we’re going to take a look at what we can do to minimize the effects of a rollover/tip over. I would like to thank to our maintenance group for providing detailed guidance for much of this week’s material. We’re also going to be t ...…
We are still exploring various things that get in the way of being able to surrender to God’s will. This week, we turned our attention to safety and comfort. We looked to Esther to show us how to surrender those things to God’s will.
This week we discuss how Mike Pence's visit to Indianapolis may impact the all important senate race. We speak with Senator Donnelly about his opponent Mike Braun and about his vote to confirm the new director of the CIA. We also take a look at what lawmakers were able to accomplish during a special session at the courthouse. Additionally, we t ...…
Guess who's coming to Windsor? Royal ceremony weds cultures, Texas shooting renews debate about American school design, Officials say company in Cuba crash had safety complaints.
CASA has released its report on recommendations for Drones in the Australian airspace. What does this mean for you? How has Drone registration of Drone in other countries worked and what can we learn from them? Will these recommendations help the Industry or hinder its growth? A great topic for any Drone operator commercial or hobbyist so liste ...…
One half million Americans are homeless, as safety net programs disappear
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