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The Witches Cupboard with Luna Noir
A Journey into the Natural World of Modern Witchcraft
Do it LIVE! with Sam Han
Do it LIVE! with Sam Han is a podcast with guests of varied backgrounds, professional interests and life histories for conversations that range between 30-45 minutes. Each episode operates with under a particular theme. But there is great openness in what form this theme takes. This could be anything from a single word such as “fatherhood” or something more conceptual like “the fear of abstraction” to a particular work like a movie or a book. The podcast is recorded via Google Hangouts On Ai ...
If Lands Could Kill Podcast
If Lands Could Kill is a comedy Magic: the Gathering podcast by novices, for novices. Host Knife City along with Ryke, Samhain Crow, and Hot Sauce discuss the meta game, building decks, giving advice to new players, and how not to be a dick. This podcast has explicit language and themes, and that's just the way we like it. Along with the weekly podcast, ILCK provides a series of Deck Techs and booster box opening videos, plus Versus matchups between current tier 1 decks and home brews, all o ...
Lilith's Love
Donovan, lonely and getting over the recent death of his parents, asks his long-time friend Christian to move in with him when he relocates back home again to Phoenix from Los Angeles. After the Vampire Hunters find Lilith in New Orleans, she and her Wiccan friend Anna decide to go where they think no one would expect to find vampires — The Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ. Christian, who is also a Wiccan, meets Anna at a Samhain event (Halloween). The chemistry between them is immediate, and ...
Lilith's Love
Donovan, lonely and getting over the recent death of his parents, asks his long-time friend Christian to move in with him when he relocates back home again to Phoenix from Los Angeles.After the Vampire Hunters find Lilith in New Orleans, she and her Wiccan friend Anna decide to go where they think no one would expect to find vampires — The Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ.Christian, who is also a Wiccan, meets Anna at a Samhain event (Halloween). The chemistry between them is immediate, and wh ...
EST. - for the established church
A weekly discussion for the established church. Led by Micah Fries (Brainerd Baptist, Chattanooga TN), Sam Rainer (West Bradenton Baptist Church, Bradenton FL) and Josh King (Sachse's Church, Sachse TX).
Masculine Journey Radio's Podcast 28min
The Masculine Journey a 30 min radio show. God designed men to be dangerous, says John Eldredge in his book Wild at Heart. Simply look at the dreams and desires written in the heart of every boy: To be a hero, to be a warrior, to live a life of adventure and risk. Sadly, most men abandon those dreams and desires-aided by a Christianity that feels like nothing more than pressure to be a "nice guy." It is no wonder that many men avoid church, and those who go are often passive and bored to dea ...
West Bradenton Messages
Welcome to the audio podcast of West Bradenton Baptist Church in Bradenton, FL with Senior Pastor Sam Rainer. We hope that the sermons and teachings you find here will encourage you in your faith and move you towards a closer relationship with Christ. Please visit us online at or Facebook at You can also find us on Instagram and Twitter as @westbradenton
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Freaky Franchise
We're going to let you know upfront, it was a long time between watching this film and recording this episode, but honestly, we don't think it would make much more sense if we had done it immediately. Join us as we follow what happens to Laurie later on that Halloween knight, learn more about the Myers family, and receive some very incorrect in ...…
This week Todd & Lisa celebrate Halloween (Samhain) and discuss Lisa's daddy's struggle with his insurance company. They also talk about Todd's week surrounding the premieres of the documentary film that he is a part of. Other topics: Fake Facebook Friends and Leaving Radio.
Mom and Dad Cuss (a Little)
Happy Halloween! After the obligatory catch up portion of the show, we've decided that now is the time to "come out of the broom closet." In a nutshell we are, what's best described as, Neo-Pagan Witches. Don't be afraid, we're more hippies than monsters. In our house, Halloween is a time of renewal and cleansing of old negative energy and welc ...…
Halloween is upon us - what better time for an open house at a nice, little Victorian-era home out in the countryside? Did we mention it has been completely restored and renovated? How about that it comes fully furnished? Did we forget to say it was in Salem, Massachusetts? Or that it's haunted? You know what... on second thought... forget that ...…
Church of Cosmic Indifference
We briefly reflect on the meaning of Samhain, summarize H. P. Lovecraft's short story "The Rats in the Walls", and explore our relationships with ancestors and other loved ones who have died. Plus, this curses and a very special blessing over your favorite talisman. Or whatever you have on hand.If you think you may have villainous ancestry, you ...…
We're are back and as always are sharing our ten track of the last two weeks, this week we've been to the new music "festival" outside Dublin, Samhain, where we saw Annie Mac and we talk Jessie Ware and her new album "Glasshouse" which is out now. Get in contact an email us at or check out the latest playlist (before it ...…
Sensible Spiritual Reflections
How are pagan practices different than mainstream worship? If you want to honor your ancestors and those who’ve loved you into being, what would that look like?
At Samhaintide, the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. Many consider Samhaintide to be the time beginning eight days before and ending eight days after Samhain. It does not mean that the veil is ever impenetrable, but this is when it is easiest for us to reach through to them, and for them to reach through to us. And, they remember us ...…
As the moon of Hallow's eve grows closer, we discuss more haunting psychobilly sounds to echo through your skeleton with part three of our Psychobilly Samhain!You'll love the hell out of our sponor, OUTLAW DISTILLERYMakers of fine handcrafted spirits, Outlaw goes out of their way to bring you premium taste in their delicious products made right ...…
Renaissance Festival Podcast
VISIT OUR SPONSORS: Louisiana Renaissance Festival Renaissance Magazine Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival CHECK OUT OUR OTHER PODCASTS The Renaissance Festival Bawdy Show The Q.U.A.S.O.R. Podcast Zombies in the Shire performed by The Dregs from Thank You Sir May I Have Another All Souls Night performed by Three Quarter Ale from Three Quarter A ...…
NVus Alien Podcast
The Woodward Sisters talk about the pagan holiday of Samhain and the Mexican holiday of Dia de Los Muertos. They give their viewpoints on these holidays and give tips on how you can create a new ritual of giving thanks and honoring your ancestors
Modern Magick by Liliana
Parts 1-5 of the history and traditions of Samhain
This week the boys try to cut the intros short (yeah right) and talk about all that is going on in the world of MTG. They talk Iconic Masters, C17 decks in practice, MTG Arena, and Ixalan spoilers. Stick around until the end because Chixdiggit. Hosts Knifecity Alchemist Samhain Crow Hot Sauce Twitter Handles @knife_city @tehHotSauce @samhaincro ...…
Your 'Week in Geek' includes WOO HOO! We've got the Ducktales Disney XD Season Premiere Reaction & Review packed with tons of laughs, adventure and of course... Huey, Dewey and Louie! • Also: Hyped to see that DC's Titans Casts Anna Diop as Starfire, Valiant drops some new Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe Teasers & Br ...…
Dan and Brennan get totally apocalypse wasted from watching the 1983 post-nuclear blast (and questionable documentary from two years in the future), Warriors of the Wasteland (also known as The New Barbarians). Get your vacuum formed plastic bubbles and sketchy plots ready for the fun!Contact us: Please rate and revi ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — Little Witch Academia edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Little Witch Academia. In this episode hosts Mark Donica, Rachel Goodman, and Stacey Shuttleworth discuss episodes 13. ABOUT LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA: Little Witch Academia (リトルウィッチアカデミア Ritoru Witchi Akademia) is a Japanese anime franchise created by Yoh Yoshinari ...…
(URR NYC) Underground Railroad Radio
IT CANâ??T GET ANYMORE CLEAR THAN THIS!!!Nearly 500 years later, Michelangeloâ??s artwork will be showcased outside of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican â?? and will be visiting, of all places, The World Trade Center At Oculus.Thirty-four nearly life-size museum-quality images of the Renaissance painter's frescoes from the Vatican's Sistine Chapel, a ...…
This edition of The Five Count featured two exclusive interviews with two punk rock icons. First we were joined by bassist Eerie Von. Eerie is best known as the former bassist for the bands Samhain and Danzig. He’s also released numerous solo albums and is the author of the book “Misery Obscura: The Photography of Eerie Von (1981‑2009).” During ...…
In this week’s podcast I take a look at Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), what they are, what they do, how they work and how they fit into a cloud security model. I went a bit long on this one but I think it’s necessary given the breadth of this topic. Some useful links from this podcast: Snort Bro Suricata OSSEC Samhain Wazuh Tripwire Threat ...…
One Massive Podcast
Canada based duo, Levrige, takes us through a jungle fueled halftime adventure. Levrige has had releases on Hospital Records, Vandal Limited, East Van Digital, Aufect Recordings, and Black Tuna. Get ready to be taken to the forefront of bass music. - You&iSam Binga & Chimpo - Selection DarkDigid f ...…
Tommy Victor, lead singer and guitarist for Prong, stopped by the podcast to talk about the beginnings of Prong, CBGB, Glenn Danzig, Samhain and Paul Raven. (special appearance by Derrick Green) The post Episode #151: Tommy Victor (Prong, Danzig, Ministry) appeared first on Danko Jones.By
Somer Canon joins Brian and Dave Thomas in the new studio to discuss growing up without a library, the influence of Ruby Jean Jensen, discovering Jack Ketchum for the first time, life after Samhain, and juggling a writing career while raising two kids. Plus - Richard Buckler in remembrance, changes at Dark Fuse, the TWIN PEAKS revival, small pr ...…
Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
Don your kilts and corsets and listen to Celtic music from Lochlainn, Iona, The New Customs, Iarla O'Lionaird, StoneRing, Bow Triplets, McDerry, Brad Reid, Mishaped Pearls, The Leftovers, The Crazy Rogues, Claymore, Tuatha Dea. Listen. Like. Share. Then download 34 Celtic MP3s for Free! Subscribe to the Celtic Music ...…
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