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Cornhuskers by SANDBURG, Carl
Carl Sandburg's collection of 103 poems that earned a Pulitzer Prize Special Letters Award in 1919.
Jazz Fantasia by SANDBURG, Carl
As our weekly poem of 30-July-2006, “Jazz Fantasia” was a special challenge because it isn’t just about jazz, it IS jazz. The rhythm is central, but not so clearly defined, so we had to play around and improvise. Every reading is unique! (Summary by LauraFox)
Rootabaga Stories by SANDBURG, Carl
Carl Sandburg is beloved by generations of children for his Rootabaga Stories and Rootabaga Pigeons (which is not in the public domain), a series of whimsical, sometimes melancholy stories he originally created for his own daughters. The Rootabaga Stories were born of Sandburg's desire for "American fairy tales" to match American childhood. He felt that the European stories involving royalty and knights were inappropriate, and so populated his stories with animals, skyscrapers, trains, corn ...
Cubs Baseball Fancast
Cubs baseball talk from yesterday to today.
Poets2 Podcast - Poetry for the Ages
Two contemporary poets read and review poetry and prose through the ages to present, review its integration into society and culture, and interview exceptional poets and writers of today. The podcast is affiliated with and produced by
Parlando - Where Music and Words Meet
Poetry has been defined as “words that want to break into song.” Musicians who make music seek to “say something”. Parlando will put spoken words (often, but not always, poetry) and music (different kinds, limited only by the abilities of the performing participants) together. The resulting performances will be short, 2 to 10 minutes in length. The podcast will present them un-adorned. How much variety can we find in this combination? Listen to a few episodes and see. Hear the sound and sens ...
Omar Resung by BLANDEN, Charles G.
Most of the translations of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam have been in verse. However, there have been three notable exceptions to this convention; the French translation by J. B. Nicolas (1867), the English version by Justin Huntly McCarthy (1889) and another English version by Frederick Rolfe (better known as Baron Corvo, the author of Hadrian VII), published in 1903. Charles Blanden (1857 - 1933) belonged to the group known as the Chicago poets, the most famous of which was Carl Sandburg. ...
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Parlando - Where Music and Words Meet
September 17th is the birthday of the American Modernist poet and physician William Carlos Williams, and today’s piece uses the words from one of his poems “It Is a Small Plant,” the best known selection from a sequence of poems Williams called “The Flowers of August.” Unlike some other American Modernists—including two poets he met and befrien ...…
Iowa Prairie Forum
Join Iowa Prairie Forum as we dive into the writings and history of Carl Sandburg!Poetry! History! Fun!
John W. Love Jr. is a surreal apparition of a being who creates multi-sensory experiences that invite participants into a world of Yes. He is an interdisciplinary literary and performance artist. His work is as "deliciously complex, circuitous, textual, and contextual as his own nappy hair." He tells stories that are earthen and fantastical. Hi ...…
Parlando - Where Music and Words Meet
Today’s piece uses a very short poem about a famous doomed adventurer written by a too-little known early modernist soldier-poet. The words’ author, T. E. Hulme, is a name I kept running into as I read about the connections between modernist American and Irish writers in England at the beginning of the 20th Century. Many of those connections ca ...…
Hokey Halloween Horror 2017 starts here with the summer blockbuster horror release: Director David F. Sandburg's Annabelle Creation. Join The Reel Bell as he makes the transition from the hot 2017 summer blockbuster season to the cool and crisp hokey Halloween season. Let us know what you thought about the podcast in the comments below or follo ...…
David Wagner is an architect and artist. His buildings tell stories that invite listening and conversation. His projects range from retail and office complexes, restaurants and corporate headquarters, urban parks and public spaces, commercial buildings and streetscapes, markets and multimodal stations, and centers of art, galleries and museums. ...…
You’re listening to one of the many English folk ballads brought to American shores, and You’re on the Sound Beat Those young drifters; Seems they’d use anything to get a fair maiden to their bed. In this case it was the Foggy, Foggy Dew. Carl Sandburg recorded this version in 1937, one of the songs he collected for his seminal work, The Americ ...…
In this episode of At Home we are talking all things poetry! But don’t worry, this episode is anything but stiff and formal. In fact, the episode begins with lots and lots of laughter as Greta and Jen express their excitement to talk about poetry while Brianne and Kristin poke fun at them for it. (and mention tacos a far bit) Greta Eskridge lea ...…
In this episode of At Home we are talking all things poetry! But don’t worry, this episode is anything but stiff and formal. In fact, the episode begins with lots and lots of laughter as Greta and Jen express their excitement to talk about poetry while Brianne and Kristin poke fun at them for it. (and mention tacos a far bit) Greta Eskridge lea ...…
Mostly Folk
Dan Cunningham/Out of My Mind/Appalachian Song Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Wrap Me Up/You See This River The Avett Brothers/A Father's First Spring/The Carpenter Antje Duvekot /Reasonland/The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer Steve Martin/Atheists Don't Have No Songs/Rare Bird Alert Alice Howe/Make A Fool Out Of Me/You've Been Away So Long Alic ...…
Quest Monthly Magazine
It seems to me we speak all the time and all at once of two kinds of spiritual integrity, two ways of being deeply, liberally, religious—one looking inward, one looking outward. And that presents a kind of paradox. Our work as 21st century Unitarian Universalists is to attend to both at once, never one without the other, because in fact they ar ...…
Mostly Folk
Gigi Love /After The Goldrush /Sweet Relief Joshua James/ Blackbird Sorrow/My Spirit Sister Bobtown/Skipping Stone/Trouble I Wrought Bob Dylan/Song To Woody/Bob Dylan Leslie Nuchow /An Eye for an Eye (Will Leave the Whole World Blind)/Balm for Gilead Willie Nelson/It Gets Easier/God's Problem Child Alastair Moock /Dream/Alastair Moock John Batd ...…
Parlando - Where Music and Words Meet
Last episode I presented Ezra Pound’s rant about the society that lead so many to their deaths in WWI, deaths that included several of his own modernist artistic circle. Taking it personally, Pound exclaims that their “fortitude as never before” for change and their “frankness as never before,” lead only to equally great “disillusions”. He sees ...…
Parlando - Where Music and Words Meet
The lives, outside of art, of artists bear only a mysterious resemblance to their work. The concentration of time that must be brought to creating work drains many a writer’s life of incident. And so, an artist like Emily Dickinson can lead an outwardly constrained life while creating an inward empire. Or the man who would eventually be charged ...…
Parlando - Where Music and Words Meet
Returning now to our discussion of Modernism, that early 20th Century artistic movement that gave the artistic environment we are still grappling with. While it was a world-wide movement, reacting to world-wide changes in technology and society—for the first time, Americans were at its forefront. But not all the Americans were residing in Ameri ...…
Parlando - Where Music and Words Meet
Did I just say it’s been awhile since I featured a piece with words by Carl Sandburg? I started this Sandburg piece early this month thinking it would appropriate for the onset of spring and National Poetry Month. It fairly short order, I came up with the general chord progression I wanted to use, one which is somewhat ambiguous as to key-cente ...…
The Pulitzer Prize winning poet Carl Sandburg, was asked the question once in an interview, "In your opinion, what's the ugliest word in the English language?"Carl frowned. "The ugliest word in the English language?" His brow furrowed… he stared off into space, "Ugliest?" he muttered to himself. "Ugliest. The ugliest word?" he asked the reporte ...…
Take a peek at Greta Eskridge’s Instagram account, and you might just see her shin-deep in a tide pool with her kids, or hanging out on top of a mountain. It’s clear that Greta adores nature. But as a child, believe it or not, Greta didn’t spend a lot of time in nature. What did she […] Visit Read-Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie…
Buttons & Figs is a podcast for kids about nonsense. On part 2 of our Sandburg episode the kids, inspired by Rootabaga Stories, create some wacky characters of their own. be sure to check out Rootabaga Stories from a library near you, America's own fairy tales.
Alligator farming sounds exciting but it’s not who I am. I raise pigs. Period. Travis has helped me for 4 years to be a dry land wheat/milo farmer, but I’m a slow learner (as well as having lots of bad luck). I am averaging about 15 bushels per acre for wheat. This doesn’t feed the kids – does it?
Buttons & Figs
Buttons & Figs is a podcast for kids about nonsense. this is a little extra, extra nonsense to go along with our exploration of Carl Sandburg's works. here is a little extra poem by Sandburg, read by Luna & the Rarin'Sharin'Librarin', with background music by Christian VanCampen. we hope you'll share a little extra nonsense with us @ buttonsand ...…
Buttons & Figs is a podcast for kids about nonsense. On this episode the kids, inspired by Carl Sandburg's Rootabaga Stories, create some wacky characters of their own. be sure to listen in for more Carl Sanburg inspired nonsense on Part II! be sure to check out Rootabaga Stories, America's own fairy tales.…
Happy Pills - Upbeat & Uplifting Music
Music like this mix has infinite power to reach the gap between your heart and soul to create infinite and ineffable joy. So crank up the volume and let it wash over you. “LET a joy keep you. Reach out your hands And take it when it runs by, As the Apache dancer Clutches his woman. I have seen them Live long and laugh loud, Sent on singing, sin ...…
Carl Sandburg once called Ives “the mightiest ballad singer of this or any other century.” But his fellow performers might have described him with slightly different words. We’ve talked quite a bit on the show about careers that suffered during the McCarthy /blacklisting era. We haven’t talked about any that made it through unscathed. When the ...…
Dead Channel
Special guest co-host and World Champion Chris Dyer (Nemamiah online) returns! He and Johno get excited about Terminal Directive, the "campaign" expansion coming for Android: Netrunner, break down Chris' Worlds-winning CTM list in detail, attempt to build a Slee deck, and finish with a game of Calling In Flavours. Click 1: News Now Hour - 00:02 ...…
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