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What can you do to transform your life, today? How is the business community adjusting to, and working with the LGBT community? We discussed these issues with Dorie Clark ( and Robert Sandoval ( on today's broadcast.
Encore show with Author and Internationally known consumer advocate Christopher Elliott ( and Speaker, Author, Trainer and Coach Thomas Dowd joined us o talk about his latest book and his road to becoming an entrepreneur. (
Author Mary Angelo ("I Found Someone to Play With") and Jason W. Taylor of Code Authority joined us to talk business and life. Interesting show!
What is the best way to pay for college education today? We talked to Steven Sirot ( about this and more. What impact does the membership economy have on your life? Robbie Kellman Baxter ( offered us great insights.
Nick Rhodin and John Hack talked to us about serving the pharma and healthcare industry ( Randi Busse ( educated us on delivering better customer service.
How can student loan debt be better managed? We discussed this with Cary Silverman ( as well as creative ways for schools to raise money with Matthew Miller (
We talked about leadership-communication-collaboration with Susan Ascher ( and entrepreneur secrets and tips from Kip Marlow (
Can you be safer online? Cyber Expert Vinny Troia ( answered this and more! Randi Busse ( educated us on delivering better customer service.
Can you smile after divorce? Jackie Pilossoph ( yes you can! Judy Matthewson ( shared insights on running a successful non profit organization.
Tayo Rockson of Use Your Difference Magazine ( talked to us about how everyone can make a difference We also talked to Alex Fydryszewski about the state of radio radio and business.
What does it take to be a successful advertising agency specializing in pharmaceuticals and medical devices? We asked Nick Rhodin and Jeff Hack of Sound Healthcare Communications ( We also discussed the business and need for Service Dogs with Kevin Switala, who was representing 4 Paws for Ability (…
Alex Rodriquez of Urban Drones ( as well as Ryan Pfleger and Brandon Swifts of PayWhirl ( joined us today to discuss their unique business's.
We re-aired our interview with Judy Robinett ( and Kassie Hilgert ( today. Both were great interviews that we are sure you will enjoy listening to, and learning from.By Scott Gingold.
David Gritz of Perfect Burpee ( and Kathy Carniero ( joined us today. In the 1st hour we discussed a new way to work out as well as a special challenge and kickstarter campaign. In the 2nd hour we talked about how people can be a successful published author as well as Kathy's own books.…
Friends+Me ( Founder Alois Belaska joined us from the Czech Republic to discuss a new way to use GooglePlus to benefit your business. We were also joined by BevySocial ( Co-Founder Adam Richichi and we learned about their app to review and share information about all beverages.…
Aethos Consulting ( Managing Directors Keith Kefgen and Jim Houran discussed opportunities in hospitality management careers. Amanda Nicole Miller ( discussed her unique CyberDust contest.By Scott Gingold.
Lehigh Valley year in review with Tony Rhodin ( and George Wacker ( - We reviewed the serious, satirical and unbelievable.By Scott Gingold.
Doug Petersen ( and Dr. John Beiter ( ) joined us today to talk about how to be inspired every day, and how to deal with holiday stress related to your business, family and general life.By Scott Gingold.
Tom Dowd ( and Judy Robinett ( talked to us about their new books as well as a myriad of business topics.By Scott Gingold.
Michael Madden of Lehigh Valley Network ( updated us his influential networking organization as well provided very useful networking tips. Linda Terrick is working to open a thrift shop and she shared her journey and goals with us.By Scott Gingold.
Got Junk? Apparently many people do and David Wise of 188GotJunk ( educated us on how people are dealing with their junk. Nicole Palmeri joined us to talk about among other things, Small Business Saturday.By Scott Gingold.
Psychic Medium Lauri Moore ( joined us in the 1st hour with her insights and to share her own business experience. In the second hour Kelly Serrian talked us about changes among the millennial generation as it relates to spending, expectations and life in general.By Scott Gingold.
We replayed two great interviews today; Dan Pena and Sal Panto. Both of these guests were extremely interesting and informative, and this show is well with listening to.By Scott Gingold.
The team from the Eastern PA Weather Authority ( provided their predictions for Winter 2014/2015. Art Kardos ( joined us to talk about "Your God, Your Life, Your Business"By Scott Gingold.
Shamana, Channel, Priest, Initiated Guide, Teacher and Ritual Master in the Divine Hierarchy of Light, SummerHawk Wolf ( joined us as well as Ryan Ballow ( a noted businessman, strategic thinker and combat veteran.By Scott Gingold.
Dan Pena ( a.k.a. "The $50 Billion Dollar Man" shared his coaching and life tips with us today. Tom Harrison and Ara Barlieb of Crowded Kitchen Players ( told us about their current production; The Brothers TortelliniBy Scott Gingold.
How to do you please over 1 million people at a music event? We spoke with Kassie Hilgert of ArtsQuest ( about that and more. We also followed up with Clara Bellino ( to get the breakdown of how her recent successful crowd funding campaig went in actuality versus plan.By Scott Gingold.
We learned how the law of attraction ( can help your life and career as well as how to build stronger networking relationships ( Scott Gingold.
What steps can individuals and businesses take to deal with all the changes in health care and medicare? Ann Miller of Health Care Solutions answered our questions and more! Christina VanAtta of LifeChoices talked to us about her role in helping businesses grow without expanding their payroll.By Scott Gingold.
Today we learned about the benefits of co-working office spaces with our friend Santiago Rivera. Listen in to find out!By Scott Gingold.
Denise Sam-Cali of JJ Luxury Transportation ( and Cheri Garcia ( joined Scott today to talk about their businesses as well as offer great entrepreneurial lessons and information!By Scott Gingold.
What was it like starting a business after 9-11? We discussed that today with Kelley Coulter/ We also welcomed Jason J. Brown back to the show. He and his wife Lisa talked about the business of comedy as well as all things Lehigh Valley.By Scott Gingold.
We talked business financing, presentation preparation and special certifications with Sally Handlon ( and business and personal data security with Neal O'Farrell ( of the Identity Theft Council, as well as a got a project update from our friend Clara Bellino (…
Business commentary and tips from Scott Gingold ( and a re-broadcast with Mitch Romm ( of Dr. Backup and Jeff Sassinsky ( of IWantMyDataBack as we talked tech and the best ways to back up your data and recover it if it was lost.By Scott Gingold.
Singer-Songwriter Clara Bellino ( joined me to discuss her new work and upcoming projects. Andrew Werner ( shared mid year business planning and tax tips with us.By Scott Gingold.
Alexandra Chalif ( talked about us hypnosis in surgery. George Wacker ( and Jason J. Brown ( discuss Musikfest and all things Lehigh ValleyBy Scott Gingold.
Easton, Pennsylvania Sal Panto joined me to discuss the "business" of running a major city in the USA. In the second hour Chris Remmel talked about running his successful local optical store versus the mega eyeglass stores.By Scott Gingold.
Valerie Bittner ( joined us today to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the show as she was the 1st guest on when we launched the program. We talked to her about her new expanded services and in the second hour, she interviewed Scott! ( Scott Gingold.
Mitch Romm ( of Dr. Backup and Jeff Sassinsky ( of IWantMyDataBack joined me today as we talked tech and the best ways to back up your data and recover it if it was lost.By Scott Gingold.
Jon Zack and Peter Collipp of EggZack joined us to discuss their online marketing solution. Lisa Drew discussed her upcoming book, her corporate wellness programs, and her work with individuals wanting to become more healthy and fit. lisadrewnutrition.comBy Scott Gingold.
Tony Michael ( joined us today to discuss overcoming major hurdles in his life which resulted in him becoming a very successful entrepreneur, speaker, and motivator. We also spoke with Donna Longo ( who spoke about her organization, Women Going Rogue and learned how she is helping women to become stro ...…
We featured 9 entrepreneurs in 10 minute segments to tell us about their businesses and services. We also repeated key segments from Linked-In Expert, Donna SerdulaBy Scott Gingold.
Carrie McIndoe talked to us today about her upcoming summer program for high school students pursuing entrepreneurial dreams. In the second hour Becky Sheetz-Runkle joined us to discuss her latest book, The Art of War for Small Businesses.By Scott Gingold.
A very diverse show today! In the 1st hour we talked World Cup, soccerfest, comedy, business and more with 3 great guests. In the 2nd hour we learned about how Board of Directors work, how hey are selected and how to gain a seat on a board.By Scott Gingold.
In our first hour Rachael WIse discussed her work to help adults provide effective learning and behavior support to children with and without special needs. In our second hour Wendy Strohl talked to us about her personal journey of losing weight and starting her fitness business to help others.By Scott Gingold.
Speaker, Author, Trainer and Coach Thomas Dowd joined us in the 1st hour to talk about his latest book and his road to becoming an entrepreneur. Charles Hentz and I discuss the role of the sheriff's department, his work as an NRA instructor and his past career as a radio talk show host.By Scott Gingold.
Author and Internationally known consumer advocate Christopher Elliott ( joined us in the first hour to discuss various consumer issues and his new book. In the second hour Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Schlossberg ( was my in-studio guest and we discussed what a day in the life is like for an elect ...…
Claudine Halpern of My Elder Advocate & Rate Mom's Nursing Home joined us in the first hour and Tony Rhodin of the Express-Times joined us in the second hour as well as Bobby Martrich shared his thoughts on Memorial Day.By Scott Gingold.
Danny Youssef of Day Vision Marketing joined us today and shared his experiences and wisdom as a serial In the second hour Emily Opilo of the Morning Call Newspaper and I talked about the Pennsylvania Governor's race as well as local Lehigh Valley Issues mcall.comBy Scott Gingold.
We devoted the entire show to hunger in America and specifically an upcoming event to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank. Very informative and emotional show, please check it out!By Scott Gingold.
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