Best scout podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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The Music Scout
The Music Scout showcases the best new music around in 30 minute bitesize episodes of all different genres and sounds. 7 artists each week picked by host Lewis Fisher with the intent to expand your musical brains!
Cubcast is an audio podcast featuring a variety of how-to and information topics for Cub Scout leaders and parents.
Scouted Says
This is ScoutedSays, the podcast brought to you by Scouted Football.
Everything you should know about #Scouting in #Canada, and occasionally other places.
Horror Scouts
Horror Scouts is hosted by “troop leaders” Mike, Brian and Nick. Episodes are released twice a month and feature movie reviews and Campfire Talks about horror-specific topics. The show is proud to be part of the Phantom podcast network. Check out for more.
Scout Radio
Podcast by Scout Radio
The #ScoutArmy has arrived. Tune in every week day from 7 to 8 pm ET/4 to 5 pm PT to hear hosts @DrRoto and @AdamRonis drop their fantasy knowledge on the Fantasy Sports Radio Network with the help of Mike Florio. Gain insights, locks, sleepers and busts from real winners, as we open up the access to the top ranked players in the pro circuit of fantasy sports. Let's face it, there's 11 losers in every league. When its all on the line, who are you listening to? This is fantasy advice you can ...
RB Scout specializes in providing film based analytics for the running back position.
Hosted by: Scott Dryden and Brad Ward Providing up to date and in depth draft analysis and player evaluation in preparation for the 2018 NFL Draft. Focusing on the Cleveland Browns and their organization's potential draft decisions moving forward, we will always discuss the hot topics and general standing of the team as the draft approaches. Scott Dryden is highly regarded as a player evaluater and will provide listeners with all the information you will need to know about the Browns '18 dra ...
Former NFL scouts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks break down the latest news and action around the league from a scout’s perspective, alongside NFL player personnel executives.
A show built for anyone interested in Boy Scout memorabilia. The show features interviews with knowledgeable collectors in the hobby. Show topics include selling on eBay, resources for the hobby, interesting websites and people doing new things to promote the hobby of collecting Scouting memorabilia. My website is at
The Policy Scout
The Policy Scout podcast offers listeners an objective approach to policy and political issues in a casual setting, allowing people to form their own opinions.
Melrose Scout Productions Podcast features Boy Scout and Cub Scout related videos. This podcast from the scoutmaster of Troop 68 includes videos featuring the Boy Scouts and leadership of Boy Scout Troop 68 during the last twenty-five years. MSPP is also the home of the puppet called Buttons, the radical Boy Scout, who shares his thoughts about that great adventure we call Boy Scouting. We appreciate your comments, so please leave one.
Learn more about Pacific Northwest whales and beyond from experts including scientists, book authors, resource managers, naturalists, and more!
Autism and Scouting Radio is a program of the non-profit organization, Autism Empowerment. We seek to support scouts on the autism spectrum by providing adult training, caregiver support and to share inspirational scouting stories.
This is the Official Scout Tech Podcast.
Talent Scout
Join Sydney comedians Lee and Jaime Jowono as they interview some of their more talented friends (and potential future friends) to find out what it takes to do what you love as a living.
The adventures of a Cub Scout parent and Cub Scout leader from Central Texas. Includes tips and tricks for having fun with your Cub Scouts.
Podcast by
Podcast by Matt Greco & Jerry Sherwin
Melrose Scouting Productions presents "Around The Scouting Campfire", a podcast which features Boy Scout and Cub Scout related topics. This show from the scoutmaster of Troop 68 includes audio bits featuring the Boy Scouts and leadership of Boy Scout Troop 68 during the last twenty-five years. ATSC is co-hosted by Buttons, the radical Boy Scout, who shares his thoughts about that great adventure we call Boy Scouting. Topics include songs for "Around the Campfire", "Buttons' Corner", and the ...
Every month, Boys' Life magazine publishes the true stories of Scouts who used their emergency training to save lives or help other people. Now, you can hear about the rescues from the participants themselves in the Scouts in Action podcasts.
These articles, pamphlets, and stories relating to the Girls Scouts of America touch on the history, activities, ideals, and traditions of this remarkable girls' organization. Though some of the articles appear redundant, they were selected to represent a contemporary view spanning five years of the organization's early popularity (1917-1921). Of significance are the detailed descriptions of Girl Scout involvement in war work during what is now known as World War I. Girl Scouts were prepared ...
Little Rosanna Horton was a very poor little girl. When I tell you more about her, you will think that was a very odd thing to say.She lived in one of the most beautiful homes in Louisville, a city full of beautiful homes. And Rosanna's was one of the loveliest. It was a great, rambling house of red brick with wide porches in the front and on either side. On the right of the house was a wonderful garden. It covered half a square, and was surrounded by a high stone wall. No one could look in ...
Scout Takes
Scout Takes is the official Podcast of Brian Brach will be interviewing artists, Rocksposure Staffers, and anyone else that will talk to him about music.
Couch Scout
Couch Scout is a football talk show based out of Georgia.
Scouts Out
*Influenced by Abrams, Adams, Asprin, Assimov, Beck, Bradbury, Bryson, Cussler, Carlin, Cosby, Disney, Heinlien, Hemingway, Henson, Joel, Lewis, Lucas, Marvel Comics, Mccaffrey, Niven, Robinson, Rodenberry, Ringo, Seus, Schulz, Smith, Spielberg, Spirko, Serling, Stirling, Tolkien, Twain, the U.S. Army, Verne, Watterson, Wells, and the World Book Encylopedia.
A below-the-line look at working in entertainment by industry professionals. Hosted by real Hollywood location scouts! (who aren't in Hollywood).
Startup Scout
Startup Scout is the place to discover the most exciting early-stage startups before anyone else!We talk with incredible founders about their emerging businesses and innovative products. Startup Scout is perfect if you’re an early adopter looking to try out the newest products on the market. If you’re an investor, Startup Scout gives you an insight into high-potential investment opportunities and the teams you could back. Startup Scout is great for other founders and business owners too - th ...
Go Mouse Scouts is a family-friendly fan podcast dedicated to helping you and your kids have a great time at the Disney Parks! We release two episodes per week: Mondays are Disney Park tips where we share our experience visiting Disney Parks with young children and Fridays are fun conversations with our kids where we get our children's perspective on life, Disney-related or otherwise.
Sideline Scouting
NFL Draft Analysis provided by
Ridley Scouting
Football, especially Canadian football.
BSA's ScoutCast
Focuses on topics for the Scouting leadership
A no-nonsense Pro Football scouting show with detailed player evaluations as well as bold predictions on players and teams.
Be sure to visit for the full archive of episodes!Founded in the great state of South Carolina with a simple goal: to talk about great local beer. Listen along as Eric Blake, Michael DeBoer and Justin Lee try the best local beers from breweries well known and small start-ups alike.
A podcast network that brings humor and insight on all things sports.
This podcast is everything about the Boy Scouts of America.
Scouting the West
Finishing what Lewis and Clark started in 1804 by breaking down Pac-12, Mountain West, and BYU football.
Scout & Birdie
Scout & Birdie is an online literary magazine, podcast, and live lit show. Each month, a group of artists create pieces exploring a theme. Scout & Birdie is hosted by Jennifer Kiehl and Anna Rose Wolfe.
Larry Zoott, a twelve-year old Bristolian boy, has decided he wants to join the Scouts – he may have come to the wrong Scout hut though.
Podcast by Heather Kaye
Our mission is simple, to help players and parents navigate their way through youth soccer by way of our own experiences. The more we can share as a community will only help strengthen and develop our players.
Podcasts around Project management and current issues
PODCAST by scout
A smart and foxy round-table of female entrepreneurs.
Welcome to RSU central. Chill, have a cool time, listen to our podcast?!?GGABAGDBGDEbDC#BbADGG
Podcast by Scout: Midwest/Big Ten
Podcast by Murf Baldwin
Scout N About
Scout N About will talk about all things CWMS!
The Silver Fox Patrol is out on their first camping trip! The boys, Thad the fill-in scout-master, Allan, Bumpus, Davy Jones, Smithy, Bob White, Giraffe and Step-Hen, are learning many new things about being scouts and about themselves. But when a bear invades the camp, their trip turns into an adventure that they will talk about for a long time!Herbert Carter is one of many pseudonyms used by St George Rathborne.
Broadcasting since 2005, Scouting Radio has become an award winning media outlet for Scouts and Guides to share knowledge and information on the Scouting
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Classic Jim Rohn and his 13 Ways to Improve Your Life. So good!!! 1. Face your fears.That’s how you conquer them. Don’t dismiss them; face them. Say, Here’s what I’m afraid of. I wonder what I could do to change that. Face your fears today. 2. Exercise your willpower to change direction. You don’t have to keep doing what you’ve been doing the l ...…
Latest episode of Not a Drill Podcast
Market Analysis, Early Insect Scouting, Nebraska Extension Field Days, Early Weed Scouting, Weather Outlook
TSN Director of Scouting Craig Button joins Landsberg in the Morning with Matt Cauz to discuss Alex Ovechkin's performance this playoffs, the Golden Knights unbelievable season and more.
Steve and AJ chat with Gord Wilson, they discuss the Sens scouting situation, they tee up the Stanley Cup Final and look at the NBA playoffs as well.
JR and Simmer have a blast at our first "Nine and Dine" of the summer, overpay for Evander Kane, Senators scouting staff, trivia, highlight of the night, Friday music and a ton of wrenches.
Steve the Scout evaluates and predicts the players who he believes will become Mega stars in 2018
Thursday Chris talks about Trump on Spygate, Clapper on Tapper, Condoms and Boy Scouts and how the left treated Ken Starr vs how they treat Mueller
The May 20 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show was hosted Bruce Webster, Kris Frederickson, and Mike Parker. Topics discussed include the book of Joshua, accounts of "divine genocide," the Council of Fifty and government during the Millennium, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, political contention and hate, the Deuteronomists and the ...…
May 24, 2018 Steven and Nate talks NBA Playoffs and NBA combine with college basketball analyst and NBA Scout Jarrett Sutton.
Henry's prediction on future of Boy Scouts.
The Tigers tanked hard last year and overcame long odds to become the worst team in baseball in 2017. They did that just for you, Tigers fans, so you could have some much-deserved excitement in 2018 as they finally, for the first time since 1997, have the first overall pick in the upcoming MLB amateur draft. So who should they pick at that Numb ...…
Danny Kelly opened for his old friend Joey "Coco" Diaz this past week and Brian tagged along for a masterclass in all things podcasting and comedy. We fill Alex in on what we saw and learned from an absolute savage comedian. Brian devises a mechanism to help the homeless... kinda. We share a few horror stories from the road and find out that Da ...…
On Episode 52 of the Touchdowners, we try and live our lives while everyone judges us in the following 4 Downs: How Naive Does Clark Kent Think We Are? - A tale of ill-fitting suits. Fashion Policia - Who wore it better? Scouting at the Golden Corral - What we can learn from NFL Coaches and a buffet. Citizens Arrest with Blake Bortles - Is Blak ...…
It's a very special episode of Live Quest everyone, It's Phil "Kill Phil" Chandlers first episode as GM! I don't recall most of what happened because I drank all of the beer in the building, but I do recall something about Nerf football bombs, girl scout cookies, and I'm pretty sure there's a plot twist. Max Shatz, Dom Vadino, Phillip Chandler, ...…
High energy must listen show! Boy Scouts are now handing out condoms at convention. So sad. Is the USA really running out of bombs? Do students give up their first amendment rights? Fosomax has misleading claims. What happens when a doctor wakes up? Would a doctor knowingly prescribe cancer drugs to a patient with no cancer for profit? Yup it h ...…
Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan start out talking about the NFL discussing penalties for players who kneel during the National Anthem. Matt Catrillo and Rob Senter weigh in on this and the idea of eliminating the kick-off. Then we discuss the controversial topic of condoms being available at an upcoming Boy Scout World Jamboree. The internati ...…
The May 13 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show was hosted by Allen Wyatt, John Gee, and Kevin Christensen. On this special Mother's Day program, topics discussed include John Gee's latest book, "An Introduction to the Book of Abraham," the Church's split with the Boy Scouts, the role of mothers within the Church, and mothers and fathers acc ...…
Justin started his own company, College Baseball Scouting Network while he was a student at the University go Alabama. They have 225 scouts across 6 countries, scouting top college players for the MLB draft. CBSN have signed contracts with two MLB organizations, and are hoping to help international players one day make the transition to play co ...…
Scout chats with Tory Dube about what it means to be a transformational coach, what disconnection is, how to practice self love and the law of attraction.As mentioned in the intro, Amy Pamensky's book club: more things scout: more th ...…
Rey returns! we discuss Rush, Joyner Lucas, Biggie, Girl scouts, the golden state killer, and cetera. boom. yeah.
Adam Ronis discusses the latest news and notes from the world of baseball including the Mets signing and starting Jose Bautista. He is then joined by Matt Modica, who’s top five in both NFBC Main Event and Auction Championship overall competitions, who gets in on the Mets bashing. #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #FantasyBaseball #MLB #JoseBautista #Mets…
Aired: 5/22/2018 4 PM:: You'll never believe what they're giving out at the Scouts' jamboree
Director of Operations of Scouting Services, Inc Dave-Te' Thomas and Paul Crane address some possible trades and free agents in advance of the NBA Draft. Two potential suitors for the No. 1 pick, the one player who could command more money than LeBron and two conference finalists who may be dangling star players for trade among topics discussed.…
Behind the Necker - John May
About the Show On this CEO Exclusive, we talk with Amanda Gorecki and Scout Olton from Healing Waters and Pure MD about social media and brand management and integrity. About Healing Waters Healing Waters began from a deep desire to help people. Their goal was to create a place completely centered on the well-being of [...] The post Amanda Gore ...…
My good friend John Stemberger Florida Family Policy Council President who also serves as Chairman of the Board for the Christian scouting movement Trail Life USA issued a troubling statement about the Boy Scouts yesterday . . .…
Today Nico spills a shot of vodka all over Dougie's keyboard, recap on the weekend, the dogs, a theme park designed for sex (sort of), DJ Khalid doesn't go down on his wife, Deputy in Maryland shoots a rabid Groundhog, Taco bell prom photos, what movie you'd watch for a million dollars, but 24 hours straight, Jurassic Park ride shut down, sexua ...…
Another week, another rise in the numbers listening to this podcast, so thank you very much for your listens, follows & shares. The first part of this week's double bill was a topic based on a Community suggestion (thanks Lee Rothery), so if you've any topics you'd like to discuss on the pod, please feel free to suggest them! InEpisode 8: In th ...…
Dr. Robin Kiera is the founder of Digital Scouting and an expert in insurance technology and digital transformation. He helps companies transition from being traditional and old-fashioned to become much more streamlined in today’s continuously evolving insurance industry. He uses his experience to incorporate the latest in digital technology to ...…
Scout and Karyn celebrate their tenth episode by doing the same thing they always do and answer questions about why high school boys are so ridiculous, what to do when your mom is both your best friend and worst enemy, and how to handle the really serious shit when something bad happens to someone close to you. RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest Natio ...…
Episode 2 of Passion Fruit is out! In this episode we get to hear from Denny Wasunt Senamontri. You do NOT want to miss this extremely interesting episode! Denny has a background in military with years of being a member of the US army, French Foreign Legion, scout sniper, special ops, scout swimmer, and case officer. He now consults on movie se ...…
In this edition Dir of Operations of Scouting Services Inc, Dave-Te' Thomas shares many insights from his weeks in Europe scouting the likes of Real Madrid's Luka Doncic. Paul Crane discusses each position for the upcoming draft with Dave-Te' and gets his top player along with the consensus top player among the scouts. Dave-Te' also shares his ...…
MLB Draft season is in full swing! Richard and Lance are joined by Kurt Ascetta of CBBSN to discuss the crop of high school pitchers in the 2018 MLB Draft. Names discussed include: Ryan Weathers, Carter Stewart, Matthew Liberatore, Cole Wilcox, Cole Winn, Mason Denaburg, Grayson Rodriguez, Kumar Rocker, Mike Vasil, and Ethan Hankins. Podcast br ...…
That’s good stuff. Ok, so last question. You’ve been everywhere promoting the book, and I haven’t heard anybody ask you […] The post Roger Stone With a statement about the Boy Scout changes appeared first on The Malliard Report.
Yard Goats shortstop and top Rockies prospect Brendan Rodgers joined the Courant’s Chris Brodeur to discuss his favorite Hartford haunts (3:00); the genesis of his polarizing hairdo (4:00); the scouting it took to find Pudge, his 10-month-old French bulldog (5:45); the team’s recent turnaround after starting slow in frigid conditions (9:00); at ...…
Kru finally finds out what a crocodile looks like. Godfrey hits for how much? Jilli goes for a deadly ride and our adventures battle to save the lives of the scouts. How will it all work out? As far as we know it's the best part of your week so join us next Monday!
This week's show is one of the funniest, most off the wall, good-time of a show we have done in a LONG time! You're going to love it! We have an exciting show tonight folks… we have Chrys Starr, from ADTS, as special guest co-host… we have an interview with Arturo, the lead vocalist for an alternative rock band called Marila Voe out of San Anto ...…
Welcome to inaugural episode of Health Coach Conversations! This podcast will offer bite-sized specialized conversations for health coaches all around to the world - to help level up their businesses and attract more clients! In this episode Cathy talks about the following: Business tools needed for online businesses and startups. Expenses that ...…
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