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Scrabbling Across the West
A to Z, America is a Beautiful place to see!
Word Up: A Scrabble Podcast
a podcast for competitive scrabble players.
Word for Word
Australian English has many fascinating stories, interesting etymologies, and wonderfully weird slang. The language is constantly evolving as the world around us changes; new words are created, meanings change, and other things get left behind. In Word for Word, we explore the surprising histories behind everyday words and phrases, go behind-the-scenes with the dictionary editors, and meet some of Australia's most interesting word-lovers, from Scrabble champions to hip-hop artists. Join us a ...
Hot Sauce Enema
Every Monday night, B-Fey, Chris "Airquotes" Jutras, Steve Woodbury, bring a pointless comedy talk show to your ears. Each week topics are outrageous, varying from cars made out of skin, to kids who murdered their mom because they didn't want to play scrabble.
Readings, Rants and Ramblings from New England
There is a distinct perspective that has been bred within the sea bordered, and well forested corner of the nation. It is feeling of hard-scrabble simplicity, suprisingly wry wit, and incredible warmth beneath the rigid shell that protects our local inhabitants through the long winter months. This Readings project and podcast actually began from the uncovery of long-lost letters of my Grandfather, TW Prince ~ who, as an earnest, ambitious farmboy in central Maine in the early 1900s ~ wrote r ...
Uncle Remus by HARRIS, Joel Chandler
Many readers will already be familiar with Uncle Remus’ favorite animal characters – Br’er Rabbit and Br’er Fox among them – and some of the popular tales concerning them. (To this day, “tar baby” as an expression for a particularly sticky situation that is almost impossible to solve, has passed into the English language and common use.) Even people who have never read any of these tales will know exactly why you don’t throw a rabbit into a briar patch, mainly because Walt Disney produced hi ...
Deep V
Creators Mike and Skee Ray’s ignorance was established in May of 2014. If theres anything they enjoy talking about its a good butt hole and you know what they say about butt holes: spread it, bitch.They ironically claim to be heterosexual however lots of audio proves otherwise. Mike chose to cover his homosexuality with marriage in January of 2014. While Skee Ray has since struggled with numerous things some being; weight, identity, sexuality, finances, hygiene, and his ethnicity to name a f ...
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Dbreakaway Show - Soca Music
Getting on Savage !1 - Preedy x Bunji Garlin - Share It (NEW MUSIC)2 - LFS Music X Vibrant Movements - No Weapon (NEW MUSIC)3 - GBM Nutron - Fire (NEW MUSIC)4 - Kes - I Shall Return 5 - Rainman x Adam O - Drinkerz Anthem (NEW MUSIC)6 - Rainman x Big Shaw - Bend (NEW MUSIC)7 - Imran Nerdy - Gudo8 - Shemmy J - Push Back9 - Hollywood HP - Drama10 ...…
This week, while Dan's away fixing his computer, Marc and Riley run down a number of very interesting things to come out of CES (and a couple interesting non-CES things too). Look forward to robots, more televisions, the headlights of the future, Facebook's new News feed algorithm, and more. Links: Samsung just unveiled a 146-inch, modular TV t ...…
Podcasts – Art of the Christian Ninja
Audio: Text: The start of the year, as I said last week, is a time when a lot of people take time to evaluate where they are in life and make some decisions about making some changes, often called “New Year’s Resolutions”. They feel convicted that some area of their lif ...…
Bart Jackson's Podcast - Get informed, Get entertained, and seize the wisdom
Now that businessman Phil Murphy is New Jersey’s Governor, will the Garden State be more business friendly? Will the business community get all its wishes legislatively granted? Host Bart Jackson invites Michele Siekerka, CEO/President of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association to discuss what it takes to build better business climate, a ...…
Flatout at the Table: Board Game Design Talk
On our latest pip we catch up with board game illustrator interviewer extraordinaire, Ross Connell of We get the scoop on his motivations, process, and what's next! We talk about: Dixit, Ryan Laukat, Old Maid, Scrabble, Ross's grandma, Yahtzee, Happy Families, Arboretum, Commodore 64, Fury of Dracula, Above and Below, p ...…
This episode of Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf is brought to you by Phillip Reed of Steve Jackson Games’ Radho started off just wanting to play a simple Travel Scrabble. He went here to get it as it was the closest place during his business trip: Blue Highway Games the shop keeper recommended Z-Man Games’ Pandemic - The Board Game ...…
The kids are on school holidays and of course they're fighting, and we have an early Christmas lunch which involves lots of prawns. links Contact us Follow us Sponsored By: Patreon: If you would like to help support us, see our Patreon page Links: Wet'n'Wild Sydney Scrabble - Wikipedia Boggle - Wikipedia MG MGB - Wikipedia…
AMA is at Hard Rock Live in Orlando! Roxane Gay talks about writing the memoir she planned to avoid, and her 243-point Scrabble play. Plus, a game about her favorite movies, The Fast and the Furious.
Kitesurf365 | a podcast for kitesurfers
Adrian talks to Dil Welikala Dilsiri Welikala Sri Lanka’s first IKO qualified instructor and easily the most enthusiastic of kiters in Sri Lanka. Dilsiri is well known in Sri Lanka for his passion for all watersports and nature! Interestingly enough before deciding to live by the beach he worked in a company that made Victoria’s Secret! He has ...…
FCF Sunday Podcast
Randy Goldenberg, Senior PastorSunday, December 3, 2017 |
Cognitive psychologists make a lot of distinctions with different types of memory. In this episode I provide an overview of the various ways that scientists have divvied up memory, and how each relates to how we play games. Game References Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Call of Duty, Clank!, Dominion, Kingdomino, Scrabble, Uno Research References A ...…
Recipes For Life with Pete Evans
Dr. Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa where she conducts clinical trials. She is also a patient with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, which confined her to a tilt-recline wheelchair for four years. Dr. Wahls restored her health using a diet and lifestyle program she designed specifically for her ...…
Brothers Adam Dutch and Ben Durham host We’re Not Afraid of the Dark. The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun or The Tale of Horny Goat Weed premiered in the United States on Nickelodeon on October 24, 1992 and was directed by D.J. MacHale, written by Nick Webb.Adam states that he doesn’t want to do this episode. Ben hates it as well.The Chrome ext ...…
Apparently The Sopranos is one of the greatest shows of all time. Dave and Steve didn’t know this when they sat down to watch it and they’re not sure they’d agree with the sentiment, but boy did they ever have feelings about the world of Tony and his band of merry men. Other things they had feelings about: Scrabble, iTunes description for this ...…
Saturday Nights with Tony McManus Podcast
When Tamsin Gatewood joins to Tony Mac they talk all things to do the UK News, this week it includes sad news and happy news. Daniel Hegarty dead: British motorcyclist, 31, killed in tragic accident at Macau Grand Prix, The Association of British Scrabble players has banned one of its star players for three years after an independent investigat ...…
Recent Audio - 2 Guys Named Chris, Daily Show Highlights
Kelly and his family play Scrabble
The Rush Hour with Jars & Louie Catch Up - 104.7 Triple M Adelaide - Andrew Jarman and Dale Lewis
Opener Archie Thompson former Socceroo Hook Songs suggestions for Jars Gun For hire CALLS Gun for Hire Songs suggestions Mark Sorrel Office musical Chairs Scrabble champion cheating! 5pm Opener and Quiz Luke Hodge Chat about the Quiz – questionable question! More Gun For Hire Songs Quiz question resolved and goodbre…
Kennedy Molloy Catchup - Triple M Network
1) Socceroos win! 2) Marriage Equality survey news review 3) A Da Vinci painting has sold for $400m at auction 4) what have you brought at an auction? 5) Jane's music news 6) controversy during a scrabble tournament 7) Ron Jeremy 8) The Food and Beverage Report 9) Going The Blub 10) Khalid vs Elmer Fudd…
On the podcast today, it's DRAMA in the gaming world. Isaac tells you about a disgraced Scrabble player, as well as all the chaos that EA (developers of the new Star Wars video game) caused on the internet. The post Wake Up: Wednesday, Nov. 15th 2017 appeared first on Real FM.
Scrabble champ has been banned from future competitions, The return of the fanny pack as a male fashion statement, Australian wood chipper accident ends with a red mist situation, 'Transracial' man born white now says he feels 'Filipino'
First Thing Fairfield County
There's controversy in the world of competitive Scrabble after a top player was deemed a cheater. Ken Tuccio talks about the board game investigators looking into the crime on First Thing ...
The Woody And Wilcox Show
Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show:SHATG Report (the G is silent);It Happened in Flori-duh;Starbucks announces sugar content of holiday drinks;Sammy Sosa’s changing looks;The odd thing that happened while you were out of town;Roger Goodell compensation request;Toy Hall of Fame inductees;Mermaid workouts;Scrabble star banned;And so much more!…
Episode 11: Is it better to be an astronaut, deep sea diver, or a Scrabble champion? by Whose Side is it Anyway?
Westminster Presbyterian Church | Minneapolis
Luke 3:21-22; Luke 24:36-53 Rev. Meghan Gage-Finn There is nothing quite like coming into the pulpit on this historic day with the opportunity to be the final preacher to offer a sermon on the Reformation, the 8th Sunday in a row with preaching on the same theme! I am sure you are wondering, as I am, after the wise, insightful, and well-crafted ...…
Flatout at the Table: Board Game Design Talk
In our first episode we take a stroll down memory lane recalling our humble beginnings as gamers. Get to know the members of Flatout Games as we discuss why we are gamers and what we bring to the design space. Molly realizes she should be LARPing, Robb's lifelong gambling skills are revealed, Justin fails to identify a murderer, and Shawn seeks ...…
Flatout at the Table: Board Game Design Talk
In our first episode we take a stroll down memory lane recalling our humble beginnings as gamers. Get to know the members of Flatout Games as we discuss why we are gamers and what we bring to the design space. Molly realizes she should be LARPing, Robb's lifelong gambling skills are revealed, Justin fails to identify a murderer, and Shawn seeks ...…
The spelling of English is a little funny sometimes. English spelling is complicated by silent letters, double letters, influences from other languages, and just good old-fashioned sound change. So what are the chances that English spelling will be reformed? Daniel Midgley, Kylie Sturgess and Ben Ainsley scrabble in the bag for tiles for this e ...…
Glenda. Art. Creativity.
Scribble Scrabble glendat1155artist on instagram
Grace Knight is a scriptwriter whose work has been produced for the stage and radio. Currently working on an entirely VR movie, she talks to her newest friend (Host, Geraint Evans) about Virtual Reality and why she thinks we're witnessing the birth of a new medium. Grace explains why Scrabble is maths and Deaf Boggle is better, the brilliance o ...…
Impact Design Hub
Marc Manack and Frank Jacobus run the firm SILO AR+D. This is an office that may not be on your radar yet but it should be — because their work is both provocative and rigorously articulated. We caught up with them in Chicago, where they are leading a team of students working on a set of compelling pavilions focused on Public Housing that will ...…
Mark Stary Music Podcast
Part 3 of 3 with the legendary MN singer/songwriter, Martin Zellar! We discuss: Neil Diamond, Statue of Jesus, playing Scrabble with Westerburg, etc. Enjoy!
Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast
Robbie's Back In The Saddle Again + Still Winning The Tale Of The Long Delayed Keyboard Guest Interview Lon McEachern Great Stories & Insights Behind The Scenes Perspective On The ESPN WSOP Broadcasts He Buddy, Want To Play Scrabble? I Know The Perfect Announcer Poker Player: Get The House Number Correct - Homeowner: Lock Your Doors!…
June 3rd 2016. Day 28. Recorded at the Twin Falls, ID, KOA. Idaho is beautiful all the time. Dave won both games of Scrabble last night. At our campground we met a gentleman named Glen whose father was a guard at the old Idaho State Penitentiary. We visit the old Idaho State Penitentiary, including death row. The Warden’s house.Dave wondering i ...…
Who knew guys were so competitive, they can't even enjoy a friendly game of Scrabble. Plus, join us for a Friday whine, a chat about the High Court's decision to allow the same sex marriage postal plebiscite and why should be very careful about having an opinion on T Swiz.
Chris and Stef - hit105.9 Central West
This morning Chris and Stef talk stats, and find out the most ‘boring’ age for a man. The battle of the sexes continues when Chris reveals that men are better at Scrabble! Also this morning: Fortune Cookie Friday – find out what the weekend to come has in store for you, through the power of the cookie World’s largest sandcastle What did you fin ...…
Domino's are trialling driverless delivery cars and Jess is not happy about it. Plus, we chat to the Scrabble World Champ, find out if you went to school with someone who's now famous and the latest with Jess and that fateful phone number.
June 2nd, 2016. Day 27. Recorded in Boise, ID. We woke up in Richland, WA, after a good nights sleep in our host’s basement. Out of the house by 8:30 and dropped off some CDs at Adventures Underground, a really cool local music (and more) store! Here is their website – We never get tired of seeing mountains! We drove thou ...…
June 1st, 2016. Day 26. (Recorded August 26th, 2017) Woke up in Everett, Washington, at Mark and Shari’s and said our goodbyes and then off to Kennewick, WA, where Dave played at a memory care unit. A very nice place. The road to Richland, WA.The memory care unit in Kennewick, WA.“His Master’s Voice”. From there we drove 17 minutes to Richland, ...…
Hello! Welcome to GlitterShip episode 43 for August 20, 2017. This is your host, Keffy, and I'm super excited to be sharing this story with you. It's a little bit late (oops!) but we finally have the Summer 2017 issue of GlitterShip available for you to read and enjoy! As before, all of the stories will be podcast and posted on the website over ...…
May 31st, 2016. Day 25. Recorded in Everett, WA Stephanie sustains an injury from a coffee mug, we search for band-aids. We had 2 (two) shows today. Well… one anyway. Dave forgets his boots. We rave about the Fred Meyers Super Store, and then we talk about dinner. Our last night in Everett for now. 2 shows tomorrow, for sure. What a great mug! ...…
Small Spark Theory: a marginal gains approach to new business and marketing
So far in our Small Spark Theory podcast series we’ve been exploring the ways we can make marginal gains in our agency new business and marketing performance. We’ve discussed the tweaks and improvements, the tips and tricks that can help us perform better, and see a better return on our time and money. So far so good. But even with clear object ...…
Kyle was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in October 2016. Kyle had been very active with sports and was very energetic, so when he began to feel chronically exhausted and complained of back pain, his mom Melissa knew something was wrong. Doctors originally thought his issues were related to muscle spasms, but blood tests revea ...…
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