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The SCUMBAG is a podcast by PR idiot Ed Zitron and Special Forces Operative/Writer Felix Biederman about the strange, the awful, the weird, the niche and the downright horrifying of the internet.
Scumbag Networks
Born from The Reel Scumbags, the Scumbag Networks were created to provide relatable, down-to-earth content for listeners far and wide.
We’re lazy. We’re entitled. We can’t commit. Millennials are constantly positioned as the cause of society’s downfall. Once it was the boomers, then the Gen X-ers, and now it’s us. It’s time to break the cycle and embrace what future generations have to offer, instead of putting a diverse group of people in a box. Join us (The Fancys) every week to discuss and debunk common stereotypes about Millennials. We're here to flip the script on the harsh narrative that surrounds our generation. Peop ...
A blend of film talk and raunchy comedy. We go over current topics in the world of movies and chime in on new releases and all things Blu-ray. A variety of segments make up the rest of the run-time. There is no filter here. This is a fun and often times vulgar listening experience. Leave a message for the show at (213) 444-3766
The Scumbags Podcast is an up and coming podcast from London, Ontario, Canada. We'll cover wrestling from around Ontario and the WWE
Scumbag Season
This is the SB Season podcast featuring Hynaken and POWTV of SB Season podcast is full of celebrity and hood famous interviews covering controversial topics in music, sports, pop culture, relationships, and more. Subscribe to the SBS podcast share it with your friends and review us! You can also view video clips of our interviews on and the Thisis50 Youtube at By DutchShot By Dutch, Pusher K, & Manny
Gentlemen Scumbags
Each week, comedians Mike Burns and Mike Bridenstine give you tales of debauchery.
Skylar Maloney, Bradshaw Pruitt, and Josh Bolton are longtime friends. This trio with their weird sense of humor and alcohol talk about all aspects of life and go on random tangents.
RF4RM is your weekly fix of movie news, trailers, reviews, and recommendations. We might be a bunch of scumbags but we're not pretentious movie critics. Listen to us rant weekly on the Official "Real Fans 4 Real Movies" Podcast. And remember, your opinion matters... even if it's wrong.
So Called Podcast
Rare - For our official monthly podcast please go to
The Extra Inch
If The Fighting Cock appeals to your inner scumbag, The Extra Inch appeals to your inner scholar. We talk tactics, statistics and football history with a regular panel and variety of guests. Follow us on Twitter @TheExtraInch and subscribe via iTunes.
Grin recordings official podcast
Sit Down Zumock!
Comedian and Radio Personality Chad Zumock's podcast is funny, uncensored, honest, and but mostly stupid. He'll talk to anyone he finds interesting but it's usually just comedians, athletes, musicians, and his scumbag friends. There is no hack radio benchmarks or bits, It's just a great honest, unfiltered conversation that could go anywhere. Every Tuesday you'll get a new #SitDownZumock episode. For additional episodes, sign up for $3 a month https// https://www. ...
Mr Cleo
Mr Cleo is the world's foremost drunk scumbag psychic hotline comedy podcast. It is hosted by Jake Flores (@feraljokes) and features Danny Felts (@dannyfelts) and a revolving door of other comedians/fake psychics. It's really dumb but you already knew that.
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In show time, Noah raped Valerie less than a week ago, so of course, now they're in court as Val pursues her civil case against him. Val's lawyer is confident that the facts make Noah a poor defendant -- the poor little rich boy who got drunk and had sex with a woman who wasn't his girlfriend (anymore) -- but Noah's lawyer knows some things abo ...…
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Wowowow! We’re back this week and it’s just the damn boys. We hunker down and talk about: Cereal Allergies Jimi Hendrix’s greatest prank Mike wants to look like a seal Grappling hooks What spy weapons we’d use Terrible internet videos Why Diego doesn’t like music Seeings bands alone vs going to the movies alone MoviePass Corner: Super Troopers ...…
In this episode we discuss WWE Backlash, Money in the Bank Qualifiers, WWE news & views, ALL IN, STARRCAST, Cody Deaner's Giv'er for Charity Raffle and the Scumbags Spotlight us put on Dillon Andrews.#WeAreScumbags
In this episode we're joined by @juanbago from #latinosoutloud and @MissTejada , field producer for "48 Hours" on CBS Network. Alicia sits down with us to discuss how she got her start in the news world, how she pitches her stories, gets her subjects and how she balances being away from home for a long period of time to nurturing her personal t ...…
Curt's not really engaging enough, a million and a half zippers, school uniforms, Mike will suck on your sister, if Mike was rich, cheetahs not Cheetos, circus license, Mike needed that for masturbating, bee mortality insurance, this guy seems like a scumbag, imported from Siberia, red pandas, they're in Florida, not such a good idea, provider ...…
Shawn Hardie is joined by fellow Knicks fans Zac Rosenberg, Scumbag Networks’ Carlos Poveda and Nonstop Culture’s Jeff J. to discuss the hiring of David Fizdale in New York and if it represents a turning point for the franchise (spoiler alert: not all of them are stoked) (3:30 mark), partially interrupted by a back-and-forth between Shawn and Z ...…
This week on the Millennial Manchild Podcast Miles puts together a scrambled ramble on Kanye West, Childish Gambino, and Porn at work stories (no i wasn't the one watching porn at work Mom I know you read these)!! Also don't forget that we've all already done the thing that will ruin us so who cares right?? Thanks for listening you lovable scum ...…
Sir Chase rants about his daughter's rabid behavior and the worst parking lot on Earth. Then he talks about a weird experience he had at jail, and why Once in the Lifetime by Talking Heads is officially a weird song. Finally, he discusses Kanye West, wealthy-ass welfare butt munchers, and scumbags who take up handicapped spots. Check out Knight ...…
Discipline, Hardwork, Check the ego, Parentals, Boa Me Daycare, Mamalookoboobooday, Current Events, Friends with Exes si or no, I'm a Scumbag.
We look back at the wrestling action from last weekend including Smash Wrestling in London, Destiny Wrestling in Mississauga and the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble results. Then we preview WWE Backlash for this Sunday.
The Crew Sits down with their favorite emcee Mygrane Mcnastee and the incredible English beat maker Raj P. They talk Vets of Kin beginnings, WordChemisit history, brotherhood, and Raj's new endeavor Bear Grooming, a hair and skin care company.Peep Mygrane's new music here: P X WordChemist B ...…
BoyWonder is back and he's bringing E-Hos and new crew member Kyra Knox with him only to discover that all Heroes are gone and everybody's a scumbag. Music Playlistgoodnight/goodluck – Ice Cream and Wine Justin Graham – More Than Butterflies Alyse Black – Wont Let You Down Danny Varughuese – Believe Talay – I Hope Your Band Goes Nowhere…
We had fun ranking 10 of the most heinous figures in black sports/entertainment. note: this was recorded before Cosby's verdict and Kelis' allegations against Nas
Doctor Nod: “Angel of Death” (Sing Song EP, 2018) Racoo: “Clean Air” (Airport Hospital, Metal Postcard Records, 2018) Dreamherbs: “Break Your Jaw” (Break Your Jaw Single, Metal Postcard Records, 2018) Def!cit: “Short Stay” (Short Stay Single, Metal Postcard Records, 2018) The Kumari: “The Kumari” (The Kumari, Metal Postcard Records, 2018) The B ...…
We are joined by Nick's girlfriend Taylor to discuss the differences between certain books and their film adaptations. Other topics include the death of Verne Troyer and Allison's Macks creepy sex cult.
This week, we discuss Conor McGregor getting arrested, A Quiet Place movie review & scumbag pay to win video games.To make a long story short, we stream our Podcast every Monday night and our gaming stream every Wednesday night either here on YouTube or on Twitch - and follow us on social media:Facebook: www.faceboo ...…
With the release of Isle of Dogs, we look back on the career of Wes Anderson.
Kimmer show topics: mueller and fbi run amok amok, Braves tix giveaway, pollen messing with Kim and flounder what wussies, deep state vs us, Alan Dershowitz rocks, tenn coed models with gun, Newsmaker lines with Jim Gossett, teachers unions suck, HCIS with Pete, sweetness bell, Pete’s tweets, cbs covers for Charlie rose scumbag, and Pete breaks ...…
Mike and I sat down this week and reflected on Stephen Hawking's passing, St. Patrick's Day, and why Datsik is most likely human garbage.
Its episode SEXteen up in here and we're getting steamy! ...well... maybe. Jason brings more scumbags for his F*** Your State segment and gets excited about lunchmeat, Tyson comes up with a new sport that's likely to sweep the nation, a rap name is born, and Jacob unsuccessfully convinces Ty to experience anal sex. If you would like your questi ...…
We talk about some of our favorite and most popular movie villains
Kara called for Crush on You this morning so she could lie about being pregnant in order to get some free Beyonce & Jay Z tickets from the Sana G Morning Show! Listen to how the crew reacted when they found out the whole pregnancy was a lie!
Tyranny Show 129 Dunedin Fla Randall Drake CIA Dir Pompeo Scumbag Pedos
#WINNING! Today we're talking what NOT to do to become successful. From Jim Carrey, to gratitude, to the best way to punch someone in the face... we've got it all on millennials on...SUCCESS.
Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes! Today we're talking Olympics, Gun control, and 2018 real life Hunger Games (?!) Same sh*t, different day? Try again! This week, millennials on... CHANGE.
Tracklist: 001 Alucidnation – Music To Drive To 002 Mihai Popoviciu – Fiction (Original Mix) 003 acid pauli – ayam (sabo club rework) 004 spirit catcher – sedona (andre lodemann remix) 005 dance spirit – wash me clean feat. cari 006 golden (dance spirit’s hyperspace dub) 007 Jon Sable – Scumbag Unity 008 Lock Eyes – In The Courtyard 009 benno b ...…
Welcome to the podcast scumbags!!! It's a big one this week. I talk Strong Style Evolved, there's new matches announced. One of the matches Golden Lovers vs Young Bucks is getting some buzz right now. I then recap Raw (2/26) and SmackDown (2/27). Followed by the ROH (2/24) review. Alec and I end the show by reviewing Elimination Chamber. We als ...…
Part Duex of the Imperial Cronus Session. The conversation goes from a heated debate over Batman, Iron Man, and Marz Mello's hatred for the Caped Crusader. Allen Iverson, Hip Hop Producers and more. The podcast is now available on Itunes so please subscribe, Like, comment and share. @shinobistalin@wordchemist@yomarzmello@tmillatron…
We each make our picks for the Oscars. Other topics include a Willy Wonka reboot and Kevin Smith's recent health scare.
Bridge Youth is the Youth ministry of The Bridge Church in Murrieta CA.
Bridge Youth is the Youth ministry of The Bridge Church in Murrieta CA.
THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH... no, the other one: Yale University. Today we're talking about Yale's new and most popular class "Psychology and the Good Life", and whether or not you can teach people live a more fulfilling life. Join us for millennials on... HAPPINESS.
This week Neil finally buckles down to talk Breath of the Wild, Cuki breaks out the Vive, and Scott climbs the solo queue ladder. Games discussed: Breath of the Wild, Rime, The Red Stare News: A wild Luigi Appears, Sonic hits the big screens, Konami proves they are still the best scumbags with Metal Gear Survive.…
Bridge Youth is the Youth ministry of The Bridge Church in Murrieta CA.
Bridge Youth is the Youth ministry of The Bridge Church in Murrieta CA.
Hypocrites! Are you an LA Hypocrite? Hypocrites generally act in contradiction to their stated beliefs or feelings, or they pretend to possess virtues that they do not have. If you are scratching your head and need an example as to what I mean, imagine this scenario: …So, if you say that you are a devoted husband, and your wife and kids are the ...…
We talk about a variety of different topics this week, including Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker, Bill Paxton's wrongful death, and the teaser trailer for VENOM.
It's time for... "The Gender Wars of Household Chores"! Do you lose sleep at night wondering if you unloaded the dishwasher, paid your rent, and of course, put a reminder on your partner's calendar to make sure they set their annual doctor's appointment? If so - this episode is for you! Join us for millennials on... GENDER ROLES.…
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