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Each week, BuzzFeed News’ Ahmed Ali Akbar covers everything that American Muslims are talking about right now — misrepresentation in the media, equality in the mosque, DJ Khaled memes, and much more.
See in ADHD
See in ADHD talk radio is a podcast created for you, the person with ADHD and the people who live with and love you. If you're trying to understand ADHD, what it is, what it isn't, or looking for strategies to help improve your life, ADHD Coaches Jennie Friedman and Brett Thornhill, deliver each week. Each episode explores some aspect of ADHD. Whether you embrace the gifts that Ned Hallowell speaks of or struggle with the executive function challenges that Dr. Thomas Brown and Dr. Russell Ba ...
Comedian Joe DeRosa and writer Patrick Walsh discuss or provide commentary on a different horror/ sci-fi/ fantasy film each week. The guys go off on tangents aplenty, break balls, and test the limits of their friendship while riffing on classics, underrated gems, and plain old crap. Watch along or just listen and laugh -- you've got options, babe! So without further ado, on with the show and ON... with the Joe!!!
We have moved to SOUNDCLOUD at: Jamaica Way Podcast: We feature Reggae, Ska, Mento, Rocksteady, Kaiso, Dancehall, and Roots music. This is the podcast version on a radio program from WRUW called "Night of the Living Dread." Check out the weekly radio program at (search for "Night of the living Dread" on Friday & download it!)Also see the many YouTube video interviews at YouTube under the channel: Jamaica809 -You Won't be disappointed!
Seeing Red
Talking St. Louis Cardinals baseball with two of the best in the business, longtime St. Louis sports journalist Bernie Miklasz and baseball writer and Deadspin founder Will Leitch.
See Jurassic Right
A podcast about Jurassic Park, and you. Hosted by @stevenraymorris. New episodes last Tuesday of the month. Call (323) 688-6969 to share your Jurassic stories!
See You Next Wednesday is a film and pop culture podcast based out of Toronto, Ontario. It's hosted by Greg LeGros, Casey Lyons and Dan Gorman.
See in ADHD
See in ADHD talk radio is a podcast created for you, the person with ADHD and the people who live with and love you. If you're trying to understand ADHD, what it is, what it isn't, or looking for strategies to help improve your life, ADHD Coaches Jennie Friedman and Brett Thornhill, deliver each week. Each episode explores some aspect of ADHD. Whether you embrace the gifts that Ned Hallowell speaks of or struggle with the executive function challenges that Dr. Thomas Brown and Dr. Russell Ba ...
A rock band’s journey into the afterlife, UFOs, entertainment, and weird science
A light-hearted comedic movie podcast focusing on the week's new cinema releases. Darren Hayes and Anthony Armentano spend their hard earned (or borrowed) cash to see the latest film releases and tell you what they thought. Because they don't get in for free, their opinions are honest. Honestly! May contain funny bits (they're both Groundlings trained improvisers) and strange non sequiturs (Anthony has a degree in film and Darren has an Olympic medal in rambling). Maybe some naughty words too.
Seeing Red(dit)
The subreddit exploration podcast, but mostly it’s jokes
Since 2010, Seeing Red has served Red Bulls fans with a new audio show each week during the MLS season. Within each episode, Mark Fishkin and Eric Giacometti delve into the week's RBNY news, engage in an insightful interview with a NY player or media member, and give our fans a voice by answering listener questions for super prizes. To tell us what you think or ask a question, drop us a line anytime at Please connect to us on Facebook and Twitter, and thanks for listening!
An Arizona Cardinals podcast, by fans who cover the team as fans, analysts and media. Hosted by Cards Wire's Jess Root, co-hosted by Revenge of the Birds' Seth Cox.
See in ADHD
Talk radio that educates and influences by embracing our similarities and differences, exploring ADHD together, those who have it and those who don't.
Michael Koulianos is an evangelist and founder of Jesus Image, an international ministry focused on bringing the saving and healing message of Jesus to the world. Michael served as a pastor in Southern California from 2005 - 2008. He spent seven years assisting in world missions and large crusades around the globe. He and his wife Jessica are also the hosts of "Jesus Image TV", the TV and radio ministry of Jesus Image. Jesus Image is focused on winning cities, nations and the world with the ...
Ethan Sees All
Podcast by Ashe
Larry Pesavento covers the markets using pattern recognition, astrology, and more!
Temple Hayes is a powerful, dynamic, and energetic presence-a successful author, life coach, motivational speaker, Unity minister, and practicing Shaman-an intentional spirit! For many years, people have asked her to share her views on how to go beyond seeing life to actually being life-being present, being intentional, being alive! Each week, Temple will share tools that will support you in your journey to becoming an intentional spirit. You will learn how to apply these simple practices in ...
This is a design podcast created by Anthony and David Cavins. We are both graphic and web designers/web developers so we created a platform to discuss graphic design and web design in everyday situations. Find us on iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud.
Follow us for podcasts, interviews and features from the world of radio, media and advertising.We’re speaking to radio's biggest names, industry shapers, experts and renowned performers to make you see radio differently.Radio sized entertainment.
See Me After Class
Podcast by Jon Graham
See, Here’s the Thing is the “expansion pack” to your life you never knew you needed. Hosted by Kate Amatuzzo (Owner, See, Here’s the Thing) and Patrick Thiem (Owner, a ceramic golf hat he made in the 8th grade), the show highlights important pop culture news bites of the week, diving into film, TV, theatre, music and more.
See Also
Salty broads Leia Weathington and Kaila Thomson bring you footnotes from the stuck together pages of history, science, and culture.
A podcast of synchronicity encounters in our daily lives, universally capturing its meaningful connections, proving that there's more than meets the eye.
Seeing Grace
Thank you for choosing the Seeing Grace podcast!
Seeing Clearly is a window into a couples journey through addiction, betrayal, forgiveness and healing. This is about so much more than just sexual addiction. Matt Paxton hosts this brutally honest and deeply moving weekly podcast about love, marriage, and family.
See If It Sticks
Dan, Dom and Ross unravel the mess of modern life and solve YOUR biggest first world problems. Expect flashes of genius, top quality solutions, belly laughs and lots of empty promises.
Did You See
Two friends, geeking out.
There comes a time in life when a voice will be heard, uncovering the message of truth. Energy is the magical ingredient for all healing, moon magic, crystals, tarot, law of attraction and oh so much more! Come join me on my Quest for the Magic of Life ~ for there are magnificent hidden secrets to discover.
A show where 3 guys with absolutely zero authority to do so, talk about the unexplained, the very explained and the not quite totally explainable. In a way that will almost certainly convince you that you're not listening to 2 people with far reaching interest in the occult, alien abductions, true crime and all the things crazy people want you to think is true but probably isn't, speculating wildly.
An ill-conceived podcast where you'll listen to Jer, Lindsey, and Wes discuss the things that matter to you most.
Must See Audio
Some call it a comedy podcast, others a podcast... We call it therapy. Two friends talking as much piss as they can.
The official podcast of, where we take a deeper dive into the 'why' behind the one sentence review.
Journalism leaders and luminaries discuss critical issues facing journalism and media in a weekly speaker series. This podcast is produced by the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.
I See Cocktails
We learn about cocktails, spirits, and technique while sampling our topic.
Wade Bearden & Kevin Mclennithan search for the sacred on screen each week by reviewing the both the mainstream and indie film scene with the occasional special guest.
There are a bunch of words out there. Like, a ton. So Josh, Cody, and Scott sit down and talk about them one at a time. Where it goes from there is anyone's guess.
Rise Up, See Red
An Arizona Cardinals podcast, by fans who cover the team as fans, analysts and media. Hosted by Cards Wire's Jess Root, co-hosted by Revenge of the Birds' Seth Cox.
Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha means the science of light. Light is the source of all life. Physics describes creation at its most subtle level as a field of pulsing, vibrating waves of light. The primacy of light is also found in all the world’s religious traditions.
There sure are a lot of links on the internet.
Understanding the Seer Gift from the Kingdom of God Mindset
Come and See
Messianic Bible Study
Must See TV
If you haven't seen it, it's new to you.
See Your Doctor
See Your Doctor is a phrase that every healthcare expert refers to when taking on tough medical situations. See Your Doctor is a show developed and hosted by physician and lifestyle medicine advocate, Asa. As America's Health Coach, Asa Rx designed the show toward meeting influential doctors and other specialists who are on a mission. In our newest show on the AsaRx.TV, Asa meets with healthcare and thought leaders to uncover the latest advances in the filed of nutrition, medicine, healthcar ...
You Gotta See This
Collin and Margaret love movies. But they don't always love the same movies. Listen along as these two nerds laugh, argue, and try to fall in love with new movies while staying in love with each other.
Turning to and Following Christ in the 21st Century - Fr. Philip Hall explores the readings and services of the Church and relates them to everyday Christian life.
Dice To See You!
A 4e Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Welcome to Fundyland Sees Red! Marci and Sarah both hail from a fundamental evangelical background and have lived through the dangers of taking the gospel out of Christianity, replacing it with works-righteousness. We are unmasking fundyland one podcast at a time. Come hang with us, you're free to ditch the rules.
Come and See Jesus
Everyone who encountered Jesus was deeply affected by him. Peter instantly switched careers but remained a loose cannon for many years , Nicodemus struggled to let go of his elite status, while Zaccheus went from greedy tax pariah to wildly generous servant of the living God in a heartbeat. Encountering Jesus was never meant to be a humdrum experience - and we get the inside scoop on three of the gospel's most colourful characters - always asking 'How do I respond to meeting Jesus?' The Elmw ...
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Degrees of Blindness Blindness EDUThere are different degrees of blindness. Someone can be legally blind but still see colors, shapes and varying degrees of light. In fact, only about 10-15 percent of people who are blind see nothing at all.By (Peter Elvidge).
We got around to seeing the adaptations of High Fidelity, 13 Reasons Why, and Ready Player One. We go through these movies and the TV show and talk about what we did and didn’t like. Enjoy! The post Adapted!: Bonus Episode #1 appeared first on Book Hubbub.
In this 8th installment of our series called " Jesus Spreads His Gospel " we will see Jesus teaching in parables, the transfiguration, and Jesus return to Jerusalem. Listen and enjoy the chapter called "The Transfiguration ".
If a Facebook post is made, and no one reads it, is it likable? Feel sold down the timeline river with advertisers? Yeah, we're gonna talk about the Cambridge Analytica thing. But hang on now, it's AJ and Chris' take on the issue- we're not your typical tech pundits. Plus, a shout out to a local favorite Fairhaven business- because nothing beat ...…
They took a car to the moon, let that sink in for a bit……. The Astronauts also went back to school to study rocks. Andy and Elton review “Part Ten – Galileo Was Right”. The Apollo 15 astronauts and backup crew go through extensive geology training in preparation for their mission. We do have a Facebook group if you’re interested, we’ll be posti ...…
In this episode I talk with my friend Lori Abbey, who has been on Big Sexy Racing for five years. She talks about the logistics of the race, the support on the course, the hills and much more. Lori goes into detail about how changing your race plan in the middle of the bike can be quite a bit troubling for the remainder of the race. She mention ...…
Setting the scene in this first episode, Mark Spencer, founder of Climactic, and co-host Rich Bowden talk about the goals they have for their new podcast. The pair discuss the storytelling approach they will take to bringing listeners information and ideas on sustainable living. Mark and Rich also give an insight into the interviews they will b ...…
Hi everybody, yet another small update about life with my new cat plus I talk about Trader Joes, seeing old co-workers, and innocent victoms of random crrime. Write me at
I begin the Ironman Haines City 70.3 series with my friend Coach Scott Horns. Scott talks about the challenges with this race coupled with his training. He’s a member of Big Sexy Racing and a coach with BSRx3. Scott has many years of coaching and racing under his belt and really enjoys the endurance aspect of triathlon and he says this is a par ...…
One of the best part's of any trip to Walt Disney World (if you fly into Orlando International Airport) is boarding Disney's Magical Express, a complimentary service that Disney offers to Guests staying at a participating Walt Disney World Resort hotels. In this podcast episode, we hop aboard Disney's Magical Express for a trip from Orlando Int ...…
Guests Glenn Escobar Laura Smith Glenn Escobar kindly joins Laura Smith for an in-depth discussion of the four Year 49 Steward's Cup turf sprints. We handicap and generally have a good time despite minor audio issues. Extra special guest: Glenn's cat, who voices his opinion occasionally! See the forum for a lil contest!…
With the release of the latest Amazon series, The Tick, we take a look at not one but two earlier incarnations of this classic comic character to discuss which of these three series did it best. If you like men with chairs for faces, weaponized syphilis, and of course Apocalypse Cow, then this is the episode for you.Hosts:Michael Rainey - https ...…
Some questions: I put out a question on my Instagram Stories asking what questions people had about foster care, or adoption, or about us, or our family. Here are the questions that I got: -"I have a question... how do you have such a big brain and such a hot bod at the same time? I always heard God blesses people with one or the other to keep ...…
Featuring our go-to guy for culture, cuisine and the arts, DotFresher, and co-hosted by WARR editorial director, Kyle Means, the Gourmet Season podcast brings you restaurant reviews, showcases of nightlife and pointed discussions on hip-hop, culture and all the other things intelligent minds and refined spirits like. We bring you a look into Ch ...…
For unto the angels has he not put in subjection the world to come, of which we speak. But one in a certain place testified, saying, What is man, that you are mindful of him? or the son of man, that you visit him? You made him a little lower than the angels; you crowned him with glory and honor, and did set him over the works of your hands: You ...…
Nick comes back to see how our predictions have fared through the early part of the playoffs, why many series are all but over, and our thoughts on Phi vs. Mia, Cle vs. Ind, and OKC vs. Utah.By (Under the Stairs Media).
TKO #37 - WE'VE KUMA FOR YOU ALL All aboard the short bus!!! Make sure your seatbelts are fastened, your helmets secured, your windows are in the up and lickable position and make sure you have that stupid look on your face, cause it's yet another of THAT podcast's episodes... On the program, we discuss the per usual toy news for aHwhile, and A ...…
MoviePass seems like a deal that's too good to be true: $9.95 per month allows you to see one 2D movie per week (or up to four per month) in movie theaters. (It... solve the profitability problemBy
This week, we discuss Black Lightning's first season, what we liked, what we didn't, and what he hope to see in future seasons!
Inside the G-Base Podcast is a conversation with Green Berets hosted by D & J. Both D & J are combat experienced Special Forces Green Berets with tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, and other locations where America's foreign policy is carried out by silent professionals. In the SF team room, all topics are on the table, from politics and relig ...…
Find us on Twitter @magicdesigncast, @bradleyrose, and @madolaf Email us! Facebook: Theme song is Hey, Happy Birthday to You by Dee Culp Full version available at: ( For more notes and designs from this week's episodes ...…
Join Dr. Maiysha and Coach Elliott this Friday with their special returning guest JaiDei Jackson! This week’s show is titled, “Forgiveness of Emotional Debt” and is sure to be an informative show! See you Friday morning at 9a (ET)! About our guest: JaiDei Jackson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, & a Prepare En ...…
Use this plan to see 27 top sights in Washington, D.C. over the course of five days of visiting world-class attractions. Suggestions for dining and advance planning, as well as ideas for modifying the plan if you have more or less time to spend in Washington, D.C. are included. Click on the audio bar at the end of this post to listen to the acc ...…
Episode 5: Gwen interviews NJ metal band For Those Who Can See, Ladies of Metal model Trinity Marie, and TN metal band Clockwork Asylum; includes LOM model Kearstin's metal update & Underoath "Erase Me" review.Follow Gwen: For Those Who Can See: Trinity Marie: ...…
BROKEN FUNNY BONE PODCAST EP2 "PETA HAD PROBLEMS" BROKENFUNNYBONEPODCAST.COM * BROKENFUNNYBONEPODCAST@GMAIL.COM Starring: Jason, Blake, Rob, and Big E Hangover Remedies Stoner Stories The Importance of Seeing Ernest Promo An interview with Spuds Mackenzie Thank You, Plugs, Goodbye
Foundations of Amateur RadioLast week during F-troop something very interesting happened. If you're not familiar with F-troop, it's a weekly net for new and returning amateurs and every Saturday we welcome callers to the one hour net to discuss anything and everything amateur radio. It's been going for about seven or so years, about as long as ...…
Rebecca, Akua, and Sam discuss FOSTA/SESTA, lesbian porn, Hoe Season, BDSM, abstinence, and more. Bae(s) of The Week: Young MA Hoe(s) of the Week: Boston Come Thru, TWQJ, QueerWOC, Marsha’s Plate & Bag Ladies Self Care Tips: Revel in your wash day routine Fuck That (Current Events): FOSTA/SESTA puts sex workers at risk for violence, How to supp ...…
STM: Borg vs McEnroe & Rampage Reviews INTRO - 0:00 RATING SYSTEM - 0:29 Chris sees "A Quiet Place" - 0:44 BOX OFFICE NEWS - 1:40 REVIEWS Borg Vs McEnroe - 2:35 Splash, Trash, Meh, History Lesson - 4:31 Rampage - 5:31 NEW RELEASES - 14:45 Ghost Stories - 14:58 Starring - Andy Nyman, Paul Whitehouse, Alex Lawther, Martin FreemanTomatometer - 87% ...…
Walking through a large electronics store the other day something caught our eye on one of their OLED display televisions. While you’d like to hope it was the vivid, realistic images on screen, it wasn’t. It was the obvious burn-in. And it was bad. You could clearly see a shadow of the bottom logo bar / ticker from content they must use regular ...…
Honestly – In this episode we bounce all over the place! Perhaps the biggest chunk is on working with charities to grow your portrait photography business. Partnering with charities is wonderful for many reasons. Obviously there’s the sense of wellbeing and personal development that we all get when doing things for others. However, it also posi ...…
Greg reads an encouraging note from a listener then answers questions about the New Apostolic Reformation, giving unwed mothers a baby shower, Mark 4:10–12, reading non-Christian material, and more. Topics: What’s the biblical response to the New Apostolic Reformation? (0:05) Should a church give an unwed mother a baby shower in the church? (0: ...…
This week Vlad joins Rich and I to talk about where this lovely role playing game came from. How it came to be known as DnD 3.75 and chat a tiny bit about what we hope to see with the recently announced Pathfinder 2e. Pathfinder is made by Paizo The new playtest for 2nd Edition is available here: ...…
Rick Spencer joins Donovan to chat about deploying Bitnami Node.js High Availability with Azure Cosmos DB, a free listing in Azure Marketplace that uses ARM to automatically spin up a three-node Node.js cluster behind a load balancer with a shared file system and Azure Cosmos DB integration. See how you can quickly get a sample MEAN app from Gi ...…
Just after sunrise I was walking past the window and I saw all of the ducks flush from the dike. I stopped to see if I might be able to see what had scared them, when I saw a large animal climbing out of the water onto the dike. I squatted behind my camera, flipped it on, switched to video and pointed it toward the dike. My heart sank as I saw ...…
If you’re buying a home with a mortgage, you absolutely need to get a pre-approval first. Here’s why. There's no doubt about it. It's a very competitive market today if you are looking to buy a home. Inventory is near record lows, and more and more homebuyers are entering the market. This means you need every advantage to grab that perfect home ...…
In our world today, we are taught to lead with parameters and rigid structures. Now it’s time to develop the skills to see the Spirit in others, and learn to lead with all the available wisdom in a combined success for all. As you examine yourself, you will discover your unique leadership style, and what it means to lead with a flow. Realize as ...…
In light of the fact that the end is near, how should we react? Wringing our hands and running scared? Listen to this lesson to learn that a high priority in our life should be our prayers. See that these prayers are to be based on clear thinking, being disciplined, and be Bible-based, all of which are a result of growing spiritually. Hear the ...…
When Donald Trump thinks about Kim Jong Un he sees Stormy Daniels. At least he sees what he saw that night long ago with Ms. Daniels, which is something that he wanted very very much, that he needed to the exclusion of everything else. He yearns for what Kim and Kim alone can give him. And that is a taste of historical redemption, something tha ...…
When Donald Trump thinks about Kim Jong Un he sees Stormy Daniels. At least he sees what he saw that night long ago with Ms. Daniels, which is something that he wanted very very much, that he needed to the exclusion of everything else. He yearns for what Kim and Kim alone can give him. And that is a taste of historical redemption, something tha ...…
This week on Banter, AEI Resident Scholar Nat Malkus joins the show to discuss the DC Public Schools graduation scandal. After posting a record graduation rate in 2017, an audit revealed that one-third of graduates received diplomas in violation of the District's attendance policy. If the District's attendance policy had been followed, the grad ...…
The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 George W. Bush is taking media tours to talk about his mothers passing… Bush’s painting on Putin causes Trump talk… Pompeo talks with North Korea in secret… What do you think about this meeting, good or bad?... Trump isn’t the only one with a secret meeting, Doc had one too. Hour 2 Infinity War is creating lots ...…
Amy Herman is a visual artist, entrepreneur and community builder. Her photography is in the permanent collections of several museums, including the Kresge Art Center in East Lansing and The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and has been shown in numerous galleries, including at The Light Factory and at Central Piedmont Community College in Charl ...…
Nick Schulman is one of the most celebrated commentators in the game, winning an American Poker Award for broadcaster of the year, but ultimately he's still a top professional. A regular in Bobby's Room and a winner of two World Series of Poker bracelets, Schulman has a lot of stories and he tells them on this podcast. 2:36 - Nick Schulman join ...…
A visit to a book stand, seeing Tracy Morgan, and a recollection of encountering a not so friendly local TV personality.
The BTSG reveals why he entered professional wrestling. He recounts his experience training at the Funking Conservatory under WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk, Jr. and training under WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton of the Rock n’ Roll Express with the School of Morton. BTSG details his early life in Florida and happenings from today in North Carolina ...…
At this stage we're beginning to go a little stir crazy, so this episode sees us spend a inordinate amount of time talking about more biscuits, Batman and a lot of diarrhea. But on the plus side we also hit a #BiggBeauty MILESTONE for the season. So, you know....swings and roundabouts.
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