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SEGA Nerdcast
The SEGA Nerdcast is the world’s #1 SEGA podcast. Each week, the guys cover all the relevant SEGA news and bring on a new guest, which may be a SEGA developer, producer or someone in the community.
Talking All Things SEGA
SEGA AGES is on air every Friday night taking a look back at the soundtracks to the games that define the history of SEGA. Whether we're looking at a specific year, console or other SEGA-related theme, SEGA AGES is the place to celebrate the history of the gaming company we all love! This RadioSEGA-enhanced podcast includes chapter support and per-game album art on compatible players/devices.
SEGA Nerdcast
The SEGA Nerdcast is the world’s #1 SEGA podcast. Each week, the guys cover all the relevant SEGA news and bring on a new guest, which may be a SEGA developer, producer or someone in the community.
A podcast 100% dedicated to the SEGA's 32-Bit powerhouse, the SEGA Saturn! Join us every other week as we discuss the hardware & software in depth, in addition to collecting tips and memories of one of the greatest video game consoles of all time.
Grab your coins and come in to Club SEGA where we celebrate the best of the SEGA arcade scene. Playing music from the 80's all the way to the present day, experience the sounds of some of your favourite arcade games. There's competitions and high scores to beat as well as some discussion on the hardware that changed gaming forever.
Three not so great comedians discuss life, love, and the dreams they manage to remember.
SEGA Generations
SEGA Generations is the show that takes its listeners through the ages of various SEGA game franchises, exploring what made them so popular, different facts from throughout their runs and, of course, the music that helped to make them great.
SEGA Legacy
Retrouvez nos émissions mensuelles animées par Man-Jimaru, Kurdy, SebKa, Gothic... et d'autres intervenants sur des sujets traitant des machines de SEGA, jeux développés ou édités par SEGA sur machines du constructeur ou autres.
Want to go on an adventure? Sword of SEGA celebrates all SEGA based Role Playing Games, past and present. Join our party to hear music ranging from Phantasy Star to Yakuza! (This show is currently off-season.)
SoniCast is Sonic Cage Dome's and SEGA Games Radio's LiVE/Podcast. Aired every week on Sunday 21:00GMT / 16:00EST on SGR and then made available to download via iTunes and any other podcast/RSS feed capture program. The show lasts one hour, for the duration omg_m1ke and Zizou talk about all things Sonic and SCD, while playing some great Sonic and SEGA tunes!
The SEGA Lounge
RadioSEGA's very own talk show with different guests every week, music, news and whatever else we can think of. Come on in and have a seat! Hosted by KC and friends.
Sega Addicts AM
(Listener Discretion Advised) The Sega Addicts have their very first live radio show, and god help us all. Every Tuesday night, join Brett, Stevie, and maybe some special guests as they deliver everything you came to expect from Sega Addicts After Hours, plus some choice tunes!
SEGA Mixer Drive
SEGA Mixer Drive is a 2-hour show focused around arrangements of SEGA music new and old. Let your weekend start in style!
Saturday Night SEGA is a late night mixture of classic SEGA tunes and the best remixes. And the worst!
DROPTISE // HEAR THE UNHEARD Premiere your latest remix with us: ✉ | Support:
Retro Gaming themed Podcast with extra silly.
The Retro League
The Retro League is a weekly podcast covering the latest retro gaming news and re-releases. We also review our favorite video games of the 70s, 80s,and 90s.
From the people that bring you Football Manager, it's the podcast that keeps one eye on the pitch and the other on the dugout. Everything you need to know about Football Manager 2013... and a little bit more.
They are Tim and Andy; the Super Podcast Bros! They host this monstrous bi-monthly podcast full of retro gaming news, opinions, and historical analysis. The show began as a weekly podcast for, and now arrives twice each month on, packed with hours of lovingly crafted retro gaming content. From obscure Atari 2600 games to Japanese import coin-op, Super Podcast Bros. aims to be an all-encompassing retro gaming audio feast that engages the curiosities of hard ...
A quarterly podcast featuring roundtable discussion about retro and classic video games from the 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32/64-bit eras. Each episode, our crew picks a theme and reviews a selection of games that fit within said theme. Join us as we strive to bring you a great show that's both informative and entertaining.
Two old guys talk about old games
This is a show about videogames, The people who play them and the people who make them. Each week, a guest on the show talks about the games that have shaped their life in one way or another. Games that have inspired them, games that forged connections with others and games that have soothed wounds. Checkpoints!
Maximum Power Up
A video gaming podcast that covers both retro gaming as well as modern systems. The show features discussion on various topics, reviews and more.
Join the RetroCollect Squad as they talk their way through the wonderful world of retro gaming. Talking points span the golden age of classic gaming to today's neo-retro modern releases - and whatever deviant paths our hosts travel down. One thing is clear in our discussions though and that is our passion for pixels from every era!.
Every month Nick, Josh, Paul and Luke play a new classic retro video game. Two episodes a month - one of first impressions, the second is our final verdict - Continue? or Game Over. Subscribe! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Suggest games for us to play and give play along with us! We'll read your emails on the show!
Retro Warriors
Retro Warriors is a podcast about retro games hosted by Justin Baker and Chris Saturn. We cover all things retro, with a passion for the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of gaming.
Retro Blissed
Two gamers with a love for the history of video games play and discuss the best and worst titles in existence. Blow out your NES cartridge, check the batteries in your remote, and memorize your Game Genie codes… It’s time to get RETRO!
Genesis Gems is a retro gaming podcast focused on the Sega Genesis console. Family friendly, fun, and goofy!
This is the IMPLANTgames podcast. The show where I talk about old school games, collecting, YouTube and more!
1UP's retro blog -- editors discuss classic games and classic systems, and how they relate to the current gaming scene. Reader participation via Skype is encouraged! Check out the site for information on upcoming podcasts.
A Cartoon Review show based out of the Video Games that Spawned them. We review Mega Man, Mario, Zelda, Mortal Kombat and more!
Sean and Vinnk take to their microphones about the latest video game news, review Future Retro titles, and lament their growing Pile of Shame. Produced by That's Orange, LLC. Updated Fridays.
We Talk Games
This show is stacked! Get Ready, Try! We Talk Games Video Power Magazine Presents!!! The most popular weekly, one arcade game review per episode show ever created by humans or the reptilian illuminati secret overlords of the deranged conspiracy theorists lame crotch imagination. Join the video game journalist award wining crew and non-sport card superstars of Kyle VonKubik and Wiggly of Trap Door review arcade video games with author, artist and all around guy, John E Capcom plus, robot femm ...
The podcast and website that celebrates the video games of your youth.
Chris Scullion is the games journalist the world deserves, but not the one it needs right now
Three British guys discuss the week in gaming, turning to the 'GameCentral Lives!' Facebook page for guidance when necessary, or when in desperate need of any guests. We don't take it too seriously and neither should you, just sit back, relax and join us in some fun video game discussion.
ARG Presents
Weekly podcast focused on more obscure games and systems.
I Dokument Tvspel tar Gazi med lyssnarna på spelhistoriska berättelser om spel, utvecklare och annat inom spelvärlden.
1 More Podcastle
Two Erics and a Jason on Retro Gaming
Keeping Your Classic Gaming Lifestyle Up To Date
Retro Junkies Network
Every week, we play through a retro game that you may have missed the first time around. We're not here to herald the classics that you remember, we're honoring the forgotten. We'll do our best to beat the game every week, and then tell you about our journey. Along the way, we're gonna make you laugh.
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A show about video games, video game culture and video game history.
A show on retro / vintage / classic gaming from two guys who didn't just play the games, they lived them! Set as a morning radio show from inside the Retroverse, Kai and Stephen from the band TechnoFunkBoy discuss the happenings of the various worlds, take calls, enjoy gaming music, and more! More fun than you can shake a controller at!
The North American Retro Collective Podcast is about retro video game collecting, playing, and all things nostalgic in video games and pop culture.
GeekNights Tuesdays is the weekly gaming segment of GeekNights, featuring video games (computer and console), German board games, roleplaying games, and more.
Join the Gutter Geeks every week as our panel of 5 to 10 veteran gamers of all ages talk about the latest AND oldest in video and table top gaming. Whether it’s interviews with indie and established developers, deep dives on classic hardware, or just sitting around the table talking games while throwing back a few beers you are sure to have a great time with the gang from Guys Games and Beer! Contacting Us: If you are a developer and would like us to check out your game or product contact us ...
Every Monday night, KC plays you the 40 most requested songs by our listeners in the RadioSEGA playlist on the previous week. Want to change the outcome of next week's chart? Go to and start requesting now!
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This one is gonna be a doozyThe gang Dave Dr Donna JJ and Brank is joined by Hot Scott on a raucous ride through the sights and sounds of the video game island they like to call Daves garageQuizzes are enjoyed Music is heard Letters are read Jokes are jokedGames Lost Sphear Switch Mass Effect Andromeda Xbox One X Alliance Alive 3DS Jade Empire ...…
Full show notes can be found here: ------------------------------ Frank and Alex find out it's that time again where they must suffer for their craft. The planets have aligned and they are powerless to stop it. Another 66 episodes have passed since the last incide ...…
Sega is in the news but leaves a lot to be desired in the information department. Shenmue I and II will see a rerelease for modern consoles. Sega Ages has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. A new Sega Genesis Mini has been announced. Kingdom Hearts will feature 20 plus mini games heavily inspired by an old Nintendo product. SNK announces a ...…
The best drug of all can be found inside NES Cartridges, and we aren’t talking about Nostalgia Is your online game worth risking your life for? Unfortunately more than a few gamers say yes. The King of Donkey Kong is fighting to keep his World Record, THROUGH TECHNICALITIES Quality Community Bully Hunters Billy Mitchell Fights For His World Rec ...…
This week, Matt, Mike and Unoclay talk about Uno playing Chibi-Robo, crazy cab fees, and Nintendo hardware changes between regions. This week's GoAT fight is Pokémon X/Y vs. Red Dead Redemption. - Game of All Time Tournament - Pokémon X/Y vs. Red Dead Redemption18:10 - Matt - Dishonored 2, Metal Gear S ...…
This episode we discuss 3D Dot Game Heroes and some big SEGA News.
The Shackcast returns to our home base of Canton, Ohio this episode. Asif and David chat about PAX East 2018, God of War hype, SEGA news, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook hearing in Congress, Doom 2, Quake Champions, fast food and much more.
Oh man do we have a show for you! In this episode the boys discuss useless gaming news articles, the BAFTA awards, the fall of the Donkey Kong champ, the Sega Mega Drive Mini, and God of War 4s stunning pre-launch reviews. Give it a listen, share with your friends, and leave us some thoughts below! ...…
Buy an ~official~ Nintendo Fun Club Podcast shirt and be the coolest geek-punk at the skatepark! News: Sega Announces AGES For Nintendo Switch, Mega Drive Mini Console SNK 40th Anniversary Collection announced for Switch Games we’ve been playing: Karate Kid, Dragon Blaze, Tengai Music: Converge - A Single Tear Rilo Kiley - accidntel deth Suppor ...…
We're back to spin you the tale of the console wars, take you inside europe's lamest prison, and then chill you out with a little bit of hula. This week's subjects: List of Sega CD games, La Sante Prison, and Ray Fonseca (hula dancer/instructor) Theme and Interstitial music by Apache Tomcat Email any qu ...…
1.Red Zebra,Graveyard Shuffle2.Kill Your Boyfriend,Alan3.Metal Urbain,Paris Maquis4.The Insane,Berlin Wall5.Hawaiian T-Shirt,Chantelle6.Gas Huffer,Hot Cakes7.Ti LAfrique,Soul Sock Sega8.Circle Jerks,Paid Vacation9.The Cravats,Hang Them, Shoot Them, Electrocute Them10.Heart Shaped Hate,Princess Shredder11.Lebanon Hanover,The Crater12.Fort & Gael ...…
Have you ever played Resident Evil 7 Biohazard? Well, let me tell you just how scary this game is.This game will keep you up at night. It will also make your hair stand up. You will be so tense after just 15 minutes of this game, that your eyes and face will hurt after putting down the controller. Don't believe me? Play it.I recommend turning t ...…
This week, we talk more Far Cry 5, Battle Royale and Monster Hunter World! In the news we have even more No Mans Sky, SEGA up to something, mysterious comets in Fortnite, and what a shocker: racist emote jokes on Twitch. As always rounding out the show with listener questions and our recommendations for the week. So tune in and join the convers ...…
This week on LAST LIVES...What goes around comes around as the boys dive back in to the PS2 one last time. Talking Vice City, San Andreas, Gaming in the age of Roomates, God of War, and the best/worst games to play after a national tragedy. Plus some Golden Era follow ups, The Titles of each gaming "Age", and Sea of Thieves review with Justin H ...…
Welcome everyone to the Grown-Up Pixels Podcast Episode 4 On Episode 4 of the Grown-Up Pixels Podcast, we go over the many Sonic announcements made by Sega at the South by Southwest conference that happen a couple of weeks ago. When I recorded this podcast episode, the Sonic Mania Adventure Part 1 animated short hadn’t come out yet. As a result ...…
1 year, 1 season, 1 genre. We've already covered it, but because it's lost and it's the end of the season, let's cover Rhythm Games created by SEGA again. Join us for 2 hours of the usual segments, the POPE's very own future tapping game and Shaddix's leaked copy of Bayonetta 3!
Guest Sega_Lord_X SegaLordX. 3.5K likes. News, reviews, opinions, and commentary on everything video game related. Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and all the retro coverage I can muster. Sega Lord X - YouTube Sega_Lord_X - Home | Facebook This cast we're joined by our good friend Mel (SEGA Lord X) for an exclusive SHIRO! interview regarding hi ...…
In which we discuss Choplifter and Pro Wrestling for the Sega Master System. Download Mp3 (right-click and Save As) Feedback? Watch the show on Youtube Support ARG Presents on PatreonBy (Amigos Retro Gaming).
We're joined today by comedian Zachary Lampkin with a FULLY FORMED DREAM! Matt almost ruins the episode with his new meme soundboard. Justin has a big secret. Colin drinks buttermilk in his coffee. We cover the INCEL movement, so everyone can stop talking about it.
The Top Tier Podcast Community Discord is here!:, Behr, Billy and eventually Lou are back for Episode 89 of the Top Tier Podcast!In this episode we talk about the Sega Saturn, Platinum Trophies, shill xbox game pass, firing guns, and get into way too detailed of a conversation about Billys BM's.If you like the show, cons ...…
This week we decide which Quintet SNES game we want to play next and discuss the canon of a hypothetical Street Fighter 2 RPG. While we try to avoid gossip and controversial topics, we do have to relay some reports of bad behavior regarding an individual we've interviewed before. We've also got some shady projects to try to buy out Toys 'R' Us, ...…
WOOOOO!!!! - Classic Sega Games - Stormy on 60 Minutes
This week we're talking about Digital Distribution! But first, Nick is salty about WoW. Christina has a new home in Final Fantasy. And Jarret is fighting a Nor'easter so he can play his games. He's also been helping plenty of new Overwatch players get familiar with the game. He also got a Nintendo Switch (with the help of Christina!) He's espec ...…
In this Episode, Randy returns and talks with Dave on topics such as Sega Genesis, Mortal Kombat, Rock N Roll, and Beavis and Butthead.
Episode 3 of Insurable Interest reviews Double Indemnity (1944) from an insurance point of view. Times have changed, but not that much; murder is still murder, and putting ketchup on a hot dog is still totally unacceptable. Where to watch Double Indemnity: Available to rent or buy on Amazon Video Available to rent or buy on the iTunes Store The ...…
We roll around at the speed of sound with brain cancer survivor and Sonic the Hedgehog mega fan Lizzy Silvas to celebrate the history of Sega's mascot.
¿Y tú de quién eres? ¿Papá o Mamá? ¿Sega o Nintendo? Streets of Rage o Final Fight? Si quieres asistir a un febril debate entre estos dos grande juegazos del género beat'em up este es tu programa! Con la participación de Saturnino, Ultra4thgen, Art y Sir Arthur. Moderado por el Dr. Strangelove.By (Dr Strangelove Retrogaming).
This week we discuss a Sega Genesis renaissance, the State of Decay 2 (punny!), PUBG/ Fortnite successes, The Witcher using Ex-Calibur, and Tasering in 32 bits. Join Us!
Even though this show doesn't really cover years, host ViPER wanted to look at a year that's special to him, as well as a year with great music! Join ViPER for talk, cut segments and words that we shall not say in fear of pronouncing them wrong.
It’s your video game industry news update for March 22nd, 2018 – Nintendo schedules a Super Smash Bros. for Switch tournament at E3 2018, GDC 2018 brings about a Nindies Showcase, and Vivendi sells its stake in Ubisoft. The video game industry changes every day and your time is important. Let’s get you caught up, starting right now, on Games in ...…
Mathew, Andrew and Jeremy dive into topics including Fortnite going mainstream, the first Deadpool 2 full trailer, Epic making $12M worth of Paragon assets available to anyone for free, the Fair Play Alliance - a cross-industry initiative to share research and best practices leading to the betterment of the online community and player-related b ...…
This week we discuss the newest Tomb Raider movie and how it stacks up against other video game movies. Speaking of movies, Matt finally convinced Michele to watch 1989's The Wizard! CD Projekt Red is ramping up Cyberpunk 2077 development and we're ramping up next-gen console speculations. Also announced this week, a new Sega Genesis collection ...…
Finally, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. No, not 'Tomb Raider.' Well, yes, it's the 'Tomb Raider' episode. BUT it's also the 365th episode of Reel Spoilers, so you can now listen to a different episode every day without repeating! Once the excitement of this true "mildstone" episode wares off, join us for a discussion about the ada ...…
A Special Double Feature episode of Game Train is here! Callan goes brawling through the streets of Tokyo in his review of Segas Excellent Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, while Karl goes and makes some new friends in Kirby Star Allies on the Nintendo Switch. Callan and Karl share some funny stories they have experienced while treasure hunting in Ra ...…
Brando and Mike go over some Sega News and Microsoft's E3 Plans. Get the Podcast Early on the Journey Into Comics Network Patreon! Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Podbean! Listen on Stitcher! Watch on Twitch! Watch on Youtube! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Instagram! Like us on Facebook!
During the early 90’s, as console gaming was exploding with audiences worldwide, the infamous and brutal “mascot war” was being brewing behind the scenes of two rival video game companies – Sega and Nintendo. At the time, Nintendo held a monopoly over the industry even as Sega burst onto the scene as a hungry upstart, […]…
Fala galera Sussuriana! FEEDBACK DE VOLTA !! E essa semana Luciano e Carvalho voltam para falar sobre as notícias da semana. Espero que vocês se divirtam e comentem o que acharam, se gostaram e as suas opiniões. AGRADEÇENDO A MUSTHOST PELA HOSPEDAGEM DO NOVO SITE E DOS FEEDBACKS E PODCASTS. SEM A AJUDA DELES, NÃO ESTARÍAMOS AQUI DESSE JEITO. MU ...…
This week on LAST LIVES...The Dreamcast launched a year before the PS2 but was dead by the launch of Xbox. What happened? Well, they say that the stars that burn the shortest often burn the brightest, and in Sega's case it's usually because it's a Super Nova of dumpster fire decision making. Whatever the case the Dreamcast had an amazing combin ...…
Intro music from Splatoon 2 (2017) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (2017) New Zealand Pincade Photo thread Galaga ‘88 (1987) Gaplus (1984) I think this wa ...…
This is a MAJOR MILESTONE episode! We have been doing so well over the past 2 months, we felt that we were finally ready to expand a little bit, and we got a 3rd person on the show! This week we welcome my long time friend Rob, and he will be our 3rd mic every couple of weeks. We are in the works for a 4th mic to alternate in, stay tuned for de ...…
In the latest episode of The Firmware Update, Joe & Malcolm are fresh off of Game of the Year and ready to tackle news again. There are plenty of new game announcements and release dates to go through, so get in here! Talking Points: Avengers: Infinity War is gonna break some dang hearts; 2017 was an incredible year for the business of video ga ...…
Game of Thrones' Finale will make you cry, SEGA classics are heading to a console near you and Netflix responds to allegations against Stranger Things show runners.By (IGN).
Game of Thrones' Finale will make you cry, SEGA classics are heading to a console near you and Netflix responds to allegations against Stranger Things show runners.By (IGN).
It's a stacked show this week as Kelsey, Bobby and Huw dive into lightning rounds featuring Bayonetta 2, For the King, the Octopath Traveler demo and more. As well as that we've got a ton of news: Last week's Nintendo Direct gets detailed, and we talk about why we're excited for which obviously leads to a lot of Smash Bros talk! Matt joins us l ...…
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