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PARAcast Firearm Q&A
PARAcast is a firearms Q&A podcast hosted by Tom Nelson, Steve Koski, Robert Wyatt and Andy Peterson. Tom, Robert and Steve are IDPA and USPSA shooters and Andy is a 3 Gun Nation Pro Tour shooter. Find out what they have been up to this week and their thoughts on firearms related topics, current events and listener questions. Send questions to
Life Transformation Radio
Learn how to withstand, recover, and grow through adversity, stress, and life's changing demands. My guests unveil their life transformation and their WHY. We will empower the listeners with the tools necessary to take MASSIVE action, and inspire them to live EPIC lives. My guests are Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Podcasters, Innovators, and other life changing people who elevate everyone around them. Life transformation is crucial to stepping into your full potential and embrac ...
The English Martial Arts Podcast Show
This series of Podcasts will explain in simple terms the English and Western Martial Arts and the self defence that these Martial Arts equips us with. These podcasts will include descriptions, and the use of various weapons and Bare Fist Fighting. The Principles of the art and the true fight will be explained as well. The Podcast will occasionally go off topic with interviews, and other topics. These podcasts will be scattered, sometimes there will be up to five a month, sometimes there will ...
Herpes Opportunity
When herpes ceases being a shameful burden, it becomes an opportunity: to change self-defeating beliefs, for authentic connection, for deeper self-acceptance.
Revealing. Inspiring. Empowering.
Join us and listen in as we embark on a journey to rediscover our deepest selves with Rabbi David Aaron. In our first podcast series, we will explore the topic of prayer to debunk our misconceptions and better understand why we pray.Rabbi David Aaron is a spiritual visionary and master educator who has invested over three decades delving into life’s biggest questions and sharing Torah’s transformational wisdom with searching souls. Rabbi Aaron gently urges us to take a look at the self-defea ...
Discovering your True Value
Psychotherapist and Author Dennis Portnoy shows how our disconnection from our "intrinsic worth" causes us to be externally focused and is often the source of our unhappiness and self-defeating habits.
Unlock Your Happiness with Wendy Dolber
Wendy Dolber invites you to question unhappiness with loving, non-judgmental questions. Unlock self-defeating, spirit- sapping beliefs and find out that happiness is who you are. We're all taught that unhappiness is necessary and inevitable. Perhaps it's time to change our thinking and change the world.
Inner Guide Empowerment
Inner Guide Empowerment is a Heart-centered, Purpose-driven show to bring healing and positive energy to individuals and communities throughout the world. The show is hosted by Brad Simkins, MA, LCMC. Inner Guide Empowerment is more than a radio show... we are creating a radio community, for people to come every week to find inspiration, healing, enlightenment, and to increase the tools in their toolbox. When Brad decided to start up this radio show, it was really clear to him that there was ...
An Artist's Life Podcast
I have written 5 novels, 2 non-fiction books, been practicing Martial Arts for fitness and self-defence for a while - Muay Thai for 8 years under founder of RukThai Camp Master Danny Kapoor, and Jiu Jitsu for almost 2 years being awarded my blue belt from Roger Gracie. I have a sole focus of enriching the wider world through my own unique creative expression. This podcast is to help anyone be a better artist, and human being.
Giant Korean Head
Despite a career trajectory that has variously been described as "aimless," "mystifying" and "self-defeating," Chris has managed to accumulate a surprisingly impressive body of work. He's designed for Apple, Nike and Samsung, among other leading global brands. He’s chauffeured Paul Rand, was one of the creators of TrashedNYC, and participated in the only brawl in AIGA event history. Chris conceived Giant Korean Head as a forum for open, unscripted, alcohol-fueled exchanges with members of th ...
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On this drive I speak about: Jiu-Jistu Trial and error How does adversity make you stronger How I lied to myself Valid vs invalid opinions Self defence Trump election till now Gun control good or bad Okinawan weapons The choice
Speaking With Influence
Sean Douglas, The Success Corps, is a United States Air Force Veteran, a Master Resilience Implementer, and a professional Speaker. He enlisted in the Air Force in 2001 right after 9/11, has been deployed to multiple locations overseas, and has performed a multitude of duties all over the world. Sean spent four years as a Drill Instructor in Ai ...…
The Unbeatable Mind Podcast with Mark Divine
In this episode, Mark talks with Brian MacKenzie and Phil White about their new book “Unplugged: Evolve from technology to upgrade your fitness, performance & consciousness.” Brian is an athletic and conditioning expert, and a NYT Bestselling author. Phil is an athlete and an Emmy-nominated writer and together with Dr. Andy Galpin, they’ve coll ...…
Naturally Recovered - Recovery Based Meditations with Ashlie
A short meditation to allow you to enter a state of acceptance, letting go of the self-defeating waste of energy, allowing you to move forward to find peace and serenity.Go to for support beyond the podcast.#acceptance #recovery #addiction #alcoholism #shortmeditation #recoverymeditation #meditation…
The Tap Podcast - MMA & Martial Arts
We talk about different martial arts and how they apply in self defence situations.Plus we have another top 3 fights of the week.
:What is an inventory? How do they compare a business inventory to a moral inventory? What does moral inventory mean? Why do we do it? If self defeated me what are the manifestations of self? Please go to resources on site and find the handout on what makes up self and the handout on God’s…
In this episode, I discuss five actionable tips that busy online graduate degree students can use to help them balance the busy demands of graduate school and life. What starts out as excitement about starting graduate school can often drift into a silent frustration for many. Trying to juggle school, work, family, and other obligations can be ...…
In Ep. 2 of the Truth Warrior podcast I interview Mike Bidwell who is a lifelong martial artist, and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt. HE runs the popular instagram page and website: @BJJAfter40 ( We chat about martial arts, Jiu Jitsu as a way of life, and movement culture. We also touch on how certain princi ...…
In part 2 of this interview with epistemologist Jim Slagle, we continue to discuss his Epistemological Skyhook: the argument that naturalism and determinism are epistemically self-defeating. Whereas for the first part we focused on the work of Alvin Plantinga, this time we take a broader view and discuss the roles of theism, mind, and the Agrip ...…
Self defence expert interview
Finding Girlfriends
The guys break down this compelling and rich episode, including Joan's self-defeating thirstiness, Lynn's freakin' red triangle, William's passion for a psycho cop and Toni's paint-based lovemaking. Plus: Steve trains for the annual Girlfriends episode description tournament in Fresno!
Holistic, Happy & Healthy Podcast
We all have them, and we use them daily; our deeply ingrained, self-defeating mechanisms for keeping us small and suffering. In this episode I share with you EXACTLY how I identified and what I did to release a mechanism I like to call, "The Party Pooper". This mechanism keeps me from experiencing joy for too long. If I've had a few really amaz ...…
My guest today is LeAnn Siefferman who is an artist here in Orlando. LeAnn’s specialty is pottery and through her love of art and conversation, she started a dinner series in combination with The Dinner Party Project called Making Conversations. The goal is to bring people from many different backgrounds together to discuss difficult conversati ...…
Self Made Millennials
The saying goes that ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ – I’m sure you have all heard this. Well it has been proven to be kind of right and kind of wrong. The studies around this have shown once you have a certain level of income (around $75,000 per annum), the returns of happiness decrease significantly for any additional income that you earn. Once y ...…
For episode 61 we continue our travels into pain and the misery of existence. We are joined by special guest, psychologist Brock Bastian, who chats with us about how pain may be the forgotten secret to happiness, and how striving for endless pleasure can actually be self-defeating. We also chat about Brock’s other great interest, morality, and ...…
Grantham Church Podcast
Sermon Title: The God Who Looks Like Jesus Scripture Reading: Luke 9:51-56; John 14:5-9, Hebrews 1:1-3 Jesus is what God is like and what God has always been like. But unfortunately, many people have allowed competing portraits of God to negatively shape their lives. Current brain research has found that distorted images and negative concepts o ...…
Charlene Burke is 53 years old and has plenty of experience getting in her car and going somewhere for a day or a weekend. In fact, Charlene prefers to drive than take a plane, because you’re able to experience much more while on the ground. On today’s show, Charlene discusses her personal philosophy, some of the travel dangers you should look ...…
*FDA disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast and on this website is for educational purposes ONLY. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Neither myself, nor my guest is a doctor. We are not attempting to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Additionally, we must inform you that the FDA ha ...…
Evan Rosa interviews Krista Tippett (host of On Being and author of Becoming Wise) on humility, mystery, and self-knowledge. We all admire and praise and strive to be like humble people. St. Augustine is on record, and has been quoted across the Christian tradition: “almost the whole of Christian teaching is humility.” (De Virginitate 31). Augu ...…
This podcast is about the Trump Administration and Jeff Sessions's big mistake in using and expanding Assest Forfeiture. It is an unconstitutionally turbulent initiative that is wrong, and ultimately self defeating to the new administration. We also talk about the police shooting that occured recently in Minneapolis, and how body cameras could ...…
Published on 01 Mar 2017. The irony of our systems working so well -- technological, corporate, and yes, even political -- is that we've become too comfortable: matching to others just like us, producing less, taking fewer risks. But isn't the very point of technology to make our lives more comfortable? Yes... until "we" -- whether an entire cl ...…
The Cyberlaw Podcast
In our 175th episode of the Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Stewart Baker, Michael Mutek, Alan Cohn, Quentin Johnson, and Gus Hurwitz discuss: longtime USG suspicions of Kaspersky boil over into action; Knight First Amendment Institute brings first amendment claim against Trump for using Twitter's block function; Booz Allen has a plausible explanatio ...…
This is the first of seven episodes on 1 John, chapter two, verse 28 through chapter 3, verse 10. I’ve entitled this episode, “Practice Does NOT Make Perfect.” In this passage, John is going to drive home a very critical point that many of us as believers tend to overlook. It has to do with the source of our righteousness. For some reason, we t ...…
Balance is often spouted as a positive thing. We constantly hear messages that the solution to our problems is balancing. I've witnessed that balancing can actually be self defeating.“Remember this rule: intuition cannot be trusted in the absence of stable regularities in the environment.” ― Daniel Kahneman…
Situational Awareness Survival with Alan Kay Alan Kay – The Winner of Season 1 T.V. Show : ALONE Monday – 7/10/2017 – Alan Kay – Situational Awareness Survival. Survival for 56 days alone in a Canadian wilderness may be how many became aware of Alan Kay , but it is far from the whole story. A short description of how Alan survival techniques we ...…
Céline Tran continues to enjoy a remarkably diverse career. She has gone from adult film star to action hero following the release of her first martial arts feature film, Jailbreak - Cambodia's first martial arts film. It was a hit when it was released locally in January 2017, and has now been picked up by The Raid distributors XYZ Films for in ...…
FIght Horizon Podcast Episode 5 - Sport Vs Self Defence Jiu Jitsu 5 - 29 - 2017 by Dan Rathmanner
Eternal Connection
On today's show, we will question what to do about self-doubt. Maybe its a matter of just letting go. Maybe it's processing the thoughts, to know we can be confident & overcome the self-defeating peceptions of life. I hope you enjoy the broadcast! Thanks!
In this week’s episode, the SVU writers start work on their Cardinal Pell episode, bars in Utah become a little bit less like Japanese porn, and Australia is only so atheist because we took their boat-building zealots.---To make a per episode donation at, click here: buy our book, click there ...…
Reassurance from an international relations expert, that North Korea's missile launch is just self defence and not a sign of more serious action to come.North Korea's latest test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, has been met by a joint US and South Korea missile drill.Karim Dickie heads DPR Korea New Zealand, an organisation whi ...…
David Black isn't just the cook at the Fort Valley Sensory Centre, he's also a teacher of self-defence. That's all the more remarkable when you learn that he's completely blind. Allan Russell spoke to David to find out more.By (Jane Donnelly).
Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church
[This sermon is the fifth in a six-week series on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We’ve paired the Steps with Scripture passages to explore wisdom for the broader faith community.] Step 9: Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. Step 10: Continued to take personal inventor ...…
Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church
[This sermon is the fifth in a six-week series on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We’ve paired the Steps with Scripture passages to explore wisdom for the broader faith community.] Step 9: Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. Step 10: Continued to take personal inventor ...…
S : Design, Automate, and Outsource the Technology of Your Online Business
In this episode we're going continue our series about building the perfect blog post and dive into the topic of editing your blog posts. If you've been listening to the episodes in this series, it should be clear that we are treating each blog post as a strategic piece of content. We're not talking about 250-word posts with minimal value or ins ...…
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