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Private Label Movement
Private Label Movement, with host Kevin Rizer, takes you behind the often closed doors of the Private Label physical products industry, where everyday people are starting and building six and seven figure businesses with a brand they have created. In each episode Kevin discusses trends in the industry and introduces you to a successful private label entrepreneur.
Make Money On Your Terms
Make Money On Your Terms is all about busting the myth of going to school, getting good grades, and getting a job working for someone else. We encourage everyone to think like an entrepreneur and create the life they want. The entrepreneur hustle is real and being your own boss can allow you to have the best of both worlds - taking control of your financial future and spending more time with those you want WHEN you want. Whether you sell on Amazon, invest in real estate, have a traditional b ...
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One key to Amazon Success is finding and listing new products. The challenge is the time dedicated to each new product you list. For Kevin this process took 40 hours but with the help of AMZDream, he now outsources and has cut his time to 40 minutes!
Private Label Movement
If you are struggling with your Amazon experience, you're not alone. Brad Moss the creator of Amazon's Seller Central Mobile App talks about working at Amazon and his life after Amazon helping others navigate the sometimes confusing Amazon Seller interface.
Facing a drop in your Amazon sales? It's time to take action! Kevin Rizer shares how he faced a crash in sales head on and the steps he took to overcome it.
Today’s guest is Will Mitchell of Startup Bros. Will has helped tens of thousands of people start and grow their own businesses. He started small and grew big. Find out what success means to him and why he’s getting back to his roots by helping others succeed in the ecommerce and Amazon marketplace.
Kevin had a wonderful time at the AmzCon and Private Label Days in Bonn, Germany. In this episode, he shares the 3 key takeaways from the event. Are there opportunities to step into, and what do the changes call sellers to do? Tune in!
Karon has been writing content for radio stations, websites, advertising, eBay and more importantly Amazon since she was a teenager. Through years of trial and error, she’s positioned herself as an expert at navigating Amazon’s best practices and knows what it takes to increase your conversions, rankings and sales with effective content.…
There have been big changes for Kevin Rizer and his Private Label company. He’s gone from a podcast to a movement. Today, he introduces the most important element in the rebranding, the architect behind the change, Jared Angaza.
What marketing strategies do you use online? Today, Brian Burt shares how influencer outreach helps boost your brand. The power of external traffic just might be something you want to consider. Brian is not only the Founder of Overgrowth, but is also a successful 7-figure seller on Amazon.
You have likely heard of super successful companies that started in dorm rooms, think Facebook, Google and Microsoft. There's one Harvard dorm room start up story you haven't heard -- until now. That's the story of Alasdair McLean-Foreman, a student at Harvard that started a successful e-commerce business, became one of Amazon's first third par ...…
This is the third part of our series "Behind the Scenes of a Rebrand"
Seth Stevens knows a thing or two about success in the Amazon marketplace. He started young making $1000 a year in the 3rd grade to sales of over $20MM in 2016.
In this second part of our series "Behind the Scenes of a Rebrand", Kevin outlines the 8 distinct steps taken in the planning and implementation of the change to Private Label Movement.
In this episode, Kevin explains the reason behind the re-branding of the show to Private Label Movement. Over the coming weeks, we will introduce you to the team and techniques as we go Behind the Scenes of a Rebrand.
Meet the Man Behind The George Foreman Grill, Oxi-Clean, Sonicare & More - Rick Cesari, The Godfather of the Infomercial If you are not familiar with Rick Cesari, you are most definitely familiar with some of the brands he has built into multi-million dollar empires. In this inaugural episode of the brand new Private Label Movement, Kevin talks ...…
If you've ever struggled with unauthorized sellers on Amazon, don't miss today's show where Kevin tells you about a new pilot program Amazon has created to fight back against counterfeit merchandise. Listen now and find out how you can apply to be a part of this new program.
After TImothy Bush appeared on the podcast last year, tons of Amazon sellers reached out, and began working with his firm to move their products into retail. Through this process he identified 6 key areas for Amazon sellers who are looking to get into retail, and on today's show he shares those six areas and discusses their importance with Kevi ...…
Are you selling on your own storefront, such as Shopify or Big Commerce? On this episode, Kevin discusses two additional payment methods you can add, providing more convenience for your customers, and more sales for you.
Braeden Hogan may only be 12, but he's a generation ahead of most people when it comes to mindset and drive. I recently sat down with this inspiring young entrepreneur on a trip to Yiwu, China to talk about his budding private label business.
On this episode, Kevin shares the story of recently having a product suspended by Amazon and how he dealt with the situation, at first unsuccessfully and then to resolution with the help of the professionals at Cascadia Seller Solutions.
Taking your business overseas is all the rage right now, and there are plenty of reason to consider it. There is also a wave of entrepreneurs choosing to relocate overseas for a variety of reasons. Join Kevin as he talks with internationalization expert and architect Stephen Petith to explore the possibilities that abound with becoming an Ex-Pat!…
If you're looking for funding to grow your physical products business: listen up! On this episode, Kevin shares 5 simple tips to increase the likelihood of landing the funding you need. BONUS: Kevin shares his favorite two sources for funding for private label entrepreneurs.
Meet Thomas Albiez, a podcaster with a huge following in Europe, who sells in the US. If this sounds intriguing, it is. Find out the story behind his success, along with lessons from interviewing some of the most successful sellers in the world, on today's episode. Plus, enter to win 2 FREE tickets to Private Label Days conference in Bonn, Germ ...…
Recent changes to Amazon's policies regarding messaging buyers through their messaging system are causing a buzz. On this episode, Kevin gives his take on the changes, and discusses what this means going forward.
Insurance for e-commerce businesses can be difficult to come by, and confusing. The lack of it can also put a business at tremendous risk. On this episode, Kevin welcomes Ashlin Hadden, who is making waves by specializing in insurance for e-commerce companies of all sizes and types. Don't miss this important episode where Kevin and Ashlin talk ...…
On this episode, Kevin discusses a recent discovery: the back door to his Amazon business was wide open! Listen to find out, and then check to make sure you are protecting your business with this important reminder.
Kevin shares a quick update and preview of some things to come. The show is on hiatus this week, and will be back on Wednesday with a brand new Listen & Learn episode.
On this episode, Kevin provides an update on his businesses and recaps a recent trip to China, plus a preview of the Prosper Show this week in Las Vegas.
On this episode, Kevin welcomes back Sponsored Products expert and founder of PPC Scope, Brian Johnson, to discuss three HUGE changes to Sponsored Products, and what you need to do now to make sure you're making the most out of advertising on the Amazon platform. PLUS, free access to Brian's video training series.…
On this episode, Kevin shares invaluable tips for getting the most out of your attendance at trade shows and conferences.
On this episode of Private Label Podcast, Kevin engineer turned entrepreneur Bernie Thompson to discuss his rages to riches private label story. Find out how this would-be Amazon seller almost crashed and burned right out of the gate, and then went on to create a wildly successful brand, write a book about selling on Amazon and founded the soft ...…
On this episode of Private Label Podcast, Kevin discusses stranded inventory on Amazon. What is it, what does it mean, and what should you do about it? Listen to find out!
Following all the rules and doing things the way everyone else does is a sure fire way to fail. On this episode, Kevin welcomes 7-figure private label seller Liran Hirschkorn onto the show to discuss how he's found success by coloring outside the lines.
On this episode of Private Label Podcast, Kevin discusses a relatively new feature for Amazon sellers: Enhanced Brand Content Detail Pages. Learn what they are, how to set one up, as well as best practices for utilizing this new feature to grow your Amazon sales.
It's been more than a year since former head of Amazon Business Services made his groundbreaking debut on the podcast. On this episode Kevin welcomes James back to discuss the changes to Amazon in the past year and how they affect Private Label sellers, both good and bad.
On this episode, Kevin discusses one of the top conversion rate killers for Amazon sellers, and how to quickly fix it. Here's a hint: it has to do with customer questions and answers.
On this episode of Private Label Podcast, listen to the amazing story of Kole Imports, a small family-run company that went from selling goods out of the trunk of a car to a massive import business that currently has 10,000 items and has sourced 40,000 in the past three decades.
On this episode, Kevin shares three easy tricks to increase the number of product reviews you're getting for your products.
This year has been called "The Year of the Video" by leading online ecommerce publications and marketing experts. On this episode, Kevin welcomes founder of Storycraft Productions and video marketing expert Eric WInchester onto the show to talk about using the power of video to increase sales of physical products.…
Are you about to get hit with thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in long-term storage fees? In this episode, Kevin explains what long-term storage fees are, how to find out if you're at risk, and ideas for avoiding these profit-killing fees.
Adi Havely built a multi-million dollar private label business, without the help of On this episode, Kevin chats with the brains behind Team to find out how she did it.
On this episode of Private Label Podcast, Kevin discusses the ins and outs of expanding your physical products business to additional channels. If channel expansion is on the horizon for you, don't miss this episode!
Are you falling for these 3 HUGE Amazon seller myths? On this episode, Kevin welcomes Brian Burt back to the show to discuss three big myths hanging up tons of sellers, and the simple solutions to help you grow your business.
When it comes to increasing sales of your products online, most people focus on traffic. In this episode, Kevin looks at the other side of the equation: conversion rate, and shares some of his best strategies to increase your conversion rate.
What separates a brand from a business? What makes some brands flounder, while some become smashing successes, with raving fans who enthusiastically share their experience with others? On this episode, Kevin welcomes world-renowned branding expert, philanthropist and the host of the Inipi Radio podcast, Jared Angaza to discuss.…
Successful companies like Apple know the importance of diversifying. Without it, Apple would never have begun selling phones. Now, they're known just as much for the iPhone as for any of their more traditional products. On this episode of Private Label Podcast, Kevin discusses the importance of diversifying your business, and his favorite ways ...…
Make Money On Your Terms
Ryan Petersen speaks four languages, and in his early twenties moved to Asia to find ways to grow his import business -- but that's not even the most interesting thing about him. In this episode, Kevin sits down with the founder of FlexPort to learn more about the ways this innovative company is turning the freight forwarding business on its he ...…
How would you like to have well-known brands beg you to sell their products on Amazon. Better yet, how would you like to receive a piece of every transaction for a well known brand on Amazon? In this episode, Kevin discusses an incredible way he does just that -- allowing him to continue diversifying his business, and how you can too.…
Dan and Eric sell around $10M per year on Amazon after just three years in business. On this episode, Kevin gets an update on their business, and discusses his own progress after deciding to expand into wholesale six months ago.
Private Label Movement
Gratitude can play an incredibly powerful role in shaping our mindset, and allowing us to take advantage of all of the opportunity right in front of us. On this episode, Kevin shares a simple strategy to help you harness the gratitude already inside you to make the most of the opportunity around you.…
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