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SETLIST, the music business podcast from CMU, sponsored by 7digital.CMU supports the music community through a news and information service, a training and consultancy business, and an education programme for future talent.
The Set List
A comprehensive collection of the best cabaret performances in New York City, including the works of Musical Theater composers, classical favorites, and new musical readings.The Set List features live recordings of Off Broadway concerts as well as behind the scenes interviews and conversations with select artists.
Lounge Brasil
Welcome to Lounge Brasil Podcast. On this show you will find in every set list a selection of lounge music spiced with brazilian rhythms. If you are an Itunes listener, very welcome to this new show on iTunes Store.Thanks for listenRicoemail ricogja@gmail.comMake your donation supporting this TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'profile', rpp: 4, interval: 6000, width: 250, height: 300, theme: { shell: { background: '#333333', color: '#ffffff' }, tweets: { background: '#000000', colo ...
Dead Fantasy - Unofficial Grateful Dead Fantasy Podcast
Unofficial Dead Fantasy Setlist PodcastsThis podcast celebrates the music of The Grateful Dead and aims to deliver to your ears monthly "shows" that span across the complete catalog. Instead of redelivering complete sets as-is, each set will pluck tracks out to recreate a somewhat typical set ala the fantasy part.
Forth District - Network Feed | BlogTalkRadio
Forth District is a family of podcasts dedicated to creating a space for you to have those important conversations with insight, candor and humor. Whether it’s sports or politics, music or the arts, we are your home for conscious culture. We attempt to tackle the issues of the day with wit and wisdom (and sometimes neither). Our shows include Off The Record, Don’t Do That Bro, Forth And Ten, Church Politics, Read A Book and The SetList, with more to come. Welcome to the District!
DJ Wade Reggae Mixtapes
DJ Wade first appeared on the airwaves bringing sizzling Jamaican music to tepid St. Louis. With a weekly radio show on KWUR 90.3FM, he offered a brave and nuanced collection of reggae, ska, dancehall, rocksteady, dub and roots records. Having toured the US for two years with Isaac Green and the Skalars, DJ Wade amassed an impressive archive of set lists and recordings, DJing clubs in every state as he crawled cross-country. A Recently, a secret box of old tapes was unearthed in his folks' N ...
The Exceptional Worship Podcast
The Exceptional Worship Podcast is a show designed to equip, encourage and train worship leaders. Practical tools and relevant teaching will help worship leaders lead their teams, engage their congregations and grow their ministries. We'll cover topics ranging from leadership and team development issues to the nitty gritty aspects of planning songs, setlists and whole worship services. We'll also dig into music and musicianship issues to help you lead your band and vocal team.
Central Creative
Set-lists for upcoming weekend services.Central Christian ChurchMount Vernon,
Greenwood All★Stars Seattle Jamband Podcast
Greenwood All★Stars is a high energy rock band that plays tight tunes and smoking jams. This highly experienced prog rock jamband plays an extensive set list of originals and unique covers.
Stereo Sessions mixed by Matthias Maxwell
The official podcast of Canadian DJ/Producer Matthias Maxwell. Every so often Max brings you the lastest and greatest in House, Trance and Progressive. Check out for more information, set lists and event dates.
International Departures Podcast with Shane 54
Hailing from Hungary, Myon and Shane 54 have achieved extraordinary success in the international dance music scene, having established a solid reputation for themselves with notable releases including numerous Beatport number ones and consistent rankings among DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs. They produce for some of the biggest names in music, are constant fixtures in set lists of some of world’s best known DJs, and regularly feature in a multitude of EDM radio show playlists. Myon & Shane 54 also hos ...
CiTR -- Crescendo
Starting with some serene chill tracks at the beginning and building to the INSANEST FACE MELTERS OF ALL TIMEEE, Crescendo will take you on a musical magic carpet ride that you couldn't imagine in your wildest dreams. Besides overselling his show, Jed will play an eclectic set list that builds throughout the hour and features both old classics, and all the greatest new tracks that the hipsters think they know about before anyone else does.
Space Radio
GOTH, INDUSTRIAL, EBM, SYNTHPOP, ELECTRONIC, TECHNO Space Radio Set List 1. Assemblage 23- Bravery (Interface remix) 2. The Saint Paul- Consequence 3. Cyandide Regime- the Risk 4. Noisuf-x- 3000 Phon 5. Twisted Destiny- Offlife 6. Dark Insights- Running Machine 7. !Distain- Mandragore (Silica Gel Mix) 8. State Of The Union-Dancing In The Dark (Digital Frequence Remix) 9. TR/ST- Dressed For Space
Neal Preston: Meet the Author
Join famed photographer Neal Preston in conversation with Josh Baron, editor-in-chief of "Relix Magazine," as they talk about his new book, "Led Zeppelin: Sound And Fury." Created using iBooks Author, this stunning collection provides an unprecedented, interactive Led Zeppelin experience. The book features over 250 photographs of Zeppelin onstage and behind the scenes, including over 100 previously unpublished images, 80 original proof sheets, and audio and video commentary by Preston and ot ...
The Aching Hearts Show
Music, mortality and the pursuit of happiness. The Aching Hearts is a collaboration between two of St Louis, Missouri's leading figures in folk and roots music. Kelly Wells and Ryan Spearman process the dark and sunny sides of life by relating it all to their record collections and their set lists.
The Temple podcast
a little bit of everything dark spooky and entertaining.broadcasting live every thursday from 10pm to midnight EST on cutthroatradio.comyou can now get the shows set list, links to the unsigned bands and my lemonade stand where you can buy the music of most of the artists i play on The Temple, just stop by my myspace more info check
Thursday's with I'm Empire: The Podcast
"Thursday's with I'm Empire the podcast" contains live feed debates from the Thursday radio with the talk from host's I'm Empire, Smiles Anthony & Natasha ES. To listen to the full show including the classic r&b setlist go to or tune in live weekly at 6-8 GMT Thursdays on Join the debate by tweeting @callme_Empire and if you want to find out more about I'm Empire like his page on Facebook and follow him on Twitter at @callme_Empire
Sofisma - Rock
Sofisma is a blues& classic rock´n roll band which has been playing in pubs, night clubs, big stages and special events for 18 years, always showing the musicians´performance and powerful set list as its main qualities. At every concert, love for music is shown using the crowd as a part of the band and the several different styles of Rock . Teasing the crowd is a way to explain that Rock´n Roll is not only music, it is attitude, and the unique set of different songs takes the crowd into a hi ...
DJ Victor Weiss
Victor Weiss, Brazilian and passionate about music, brings an exciting repertoire and loaded with a unique vibe. The tuning with his audience makes for sure , his presentation an sold out event, besides providing unique moments for those who still do not know about he. Influenced by BIg names of "Progressive" and "Electro" House, Weiss creates a expressive and engaging feeling on dance floor. Tuned and curious to everything that happens in the music world, since he was a child, he had big in ...
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Our hope is that you would join us in person at Resonance and become part of our community! Get all the information you need at, or download the app at Set List for this week: Overcome - Elevation WorshipThe Lion And The Lamb - Bethel MusicSo Will I (100 Billion X) - Hillsong U ...…
Welcome to Karaok Big E! This week, Big E and Kebmo are joined once again by all around good guy, and all star singer Dan! Check out his youtube channel, PlebPlayers,, and follow him on Twitter, @BeatboxerDan34! SETLIST: 14:17 Dan! Song 26:48 Kebmo Song 37:12 Dan! Song 45:35 ALL Song Thanks for listening, and we hope to ...…
Elite Muzik Radio
Back for Episode 94 of Elite Muzik Radio, DJ Eternity puts together a 46 minute mix of Dance-floor edits and smooth R&B cuts. Episode 94 setlist. Picnic - Sunshine - [Roy Ayers Flip] SMOOTH OPERATOR 3000 — Movida brent faiyaz dancey stuff Nya Lee - Hot Lee (wntr club edit) Jaël - Sangroove EKANY — That's Not Me mr. alexis — make my day shawty c ...…
Our hope is that you would join us in person at Resonance and become part of our community! Get all the information you need at, or download the app at Set List for this week: Forevermore - Jesus CultureUnstoppable God - Elevation WorshipDo It Again - Elevation WorshipNo Longer ...…
The Bare Hambones stopped by WNIJ’s Studio A to give an energetic hoedown of a performance! This Chicago-area band mixes the sounds of bluegrass, folk, rockabilly, and outlaw-country with the texture of piano and mandolin -- the main instruments. The band includes Tim Larsen on piano and lead vocals, Michael Brown on acoustic guitar, Brad River ...…
Welcome to Karaok Big E! This week, Big E and Kebmo are showing off their chops and giving solo performances of their favorite songs from the 90’s! Grab onto an object close to you and use it as a microphone and join us! SETLIST: 08:54 Kebmo Song 17:54 Big E Song 31:47 Kebmo Song 47:00 Big E Song Thanks for listening, and we hope to have you ba ...…
Our hope is that you would join us in person at Resonance and become part of our community! Get all the information you need at, or download the app at Set List for this week: Uncontainable Love - Elevation WorshipReckless Love - Bethel MusicFor The Cross - Bethel MusicHere's M ...…
Chegamos mais uma semana de Ska, com lançamento, essa semana temos “Paginas en Blanco” dos mexicanos do Inspector. Colamos com o programa 58, e dessa vez abrimos com o Inspector. Uma das maiores bandas de Ska do México, que chegam com um disco de inéditas depois de 7 anos, após o excelente “Ska a la carta”. Depois vamos com less than Jake, refl ...…
Jason Marx presents "In The Mix"
Tesla, COEO & Ki Creighton have new music in the show, unreleased music from Jesse Para & inner city, carl cox & Layo & Bushwacka feature in the setlist.
Welcome to Karaok Big E! This week, Big E and Kebmo are joined by the creator of Karaoke Big E, and idea-man extraordinaire, The Bottlecap Kid, Jason! All hands are on deck for this episode, so grab onto an object close to you and use it as a microphone and join us! SETLIST: 11:17 Jason Song 20:25 All Song 39:24 All Song 49:26 All SURPRISE Song ...…
Masters of Unlocking: A Video Game Podcast
No shortage of news this week as we discuss the Overwatch League debut, CES video game announcements, Nintendo unveiling cardboard Legos, and a business look at the YouTube demonetization drama. Show Notes Gaming Archaeology: Caleb and VGCollectaholic recap their recent game pickups Epic Set List: Discussion of what we’ve been playing recently ...…
Our hope is that you would join us in person at Resonance and become part of our community! Get all the information you need at, or download the app at Set List for this week: You Make Me Brave - Bethel MusicYou Came (Lazarus) - Bethel MusicThe War Is Over - Bethel MusicGod I L ...…
MTRS - Maximum Threshold Radio Show - (Hard Rock - Metal - Comedy - News - Entertainment)
2017 Show in Review. Played some of the killer tunes that came out this year. Will definitely have to do a part II. In the setlist tonight: Hollentor, Municipal Waste, Accept, Body Count, Prong, MourningWagon,...
This week on the show Jagan, Miqueas and Jackson run through their top three games of the year of 2017. There were plenty of great games this year so this was a tough one!Check out this week's set list at: 10, 2018
Welcome to Karaok Big E! This week, Big E and Kebmo are joined by one of the two First Ladies of Karaoke Big E, Kevin’s wife Steph. SETLIST: 08:10 Steph Song 20:00 Big E Song 32:23 Steph Song 39:45 ALL Song Thanks for listening, and we hope to have you back again next week! In the meantime, you can get in touch with us, suggest a song for us to ...…
Onstage with Jim & Tom welcomes Resilience to the stage at the Phoenix Theater for an interview and performance on 10/24/17. This wide-ranging 70 minute conversation explores combatting hate, media narratives, racism, activism, freedom, oppression, the elite, the band’s 18 year history and much more more in this wide-ranging conversation. Setli ...…
Welcome to Karaok Big E! On the very special first episode, Big E and Kebmo are joined by podcasting deity, hero, and all around great guy Blake Clayton. SETLIST: 09:30 Blake Song 23:17 Big E/Kebmo Song 37:28 Blake Song 46:55 ALL Song Thanks for listening to our maiden voyage episode, and we hope to have you back again next week! In the meantim ...…
It’s panto season right now, and last Friday Happy Mondays found themselves playing Kilmarnock’s Grand Hall, right through the wall from the conjoined Palace Theatre where an assortment of bit-part actors and actresses more accustomed to the outer reaches of Scottish television productions were hamming their way through an innuendo-packed Dick ...…
Masters of Unlocking: A Video Game Podcast
It’s that time of year – Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and Final Fantasy’s birthday. Want to feel old? The Final Fantasy franchise turns 30 years old this month. We discuss some of our memories from the landmark franchise. Show Notes Gaming Archaeology: Caleb and VGCollectaholic recap their recent game pickups, including Soedesco indy games a ...…
DC We need a director’s cutHammMan? BatHamm? Resist the Fascists, 21st Century-Style [Resist Bot] to easily send real letters to your representatives( Marvel Jennifer Lawrence talks about coming back to the X-Men franchise for “Dark Phoenix”Our first look at Sansa Stark as Dark PhoenixDisney and Fox are said to have resumed ...…
The second episode of The JamBase Podcast features The Art Of The Setlist with Chris Robinson, Tour Stories with Grahame Lesh and more.
Happy Holidays from High Scores!This week Jackson brings you some chilly tunes to enjoy this holiday! Songs from games like Super Mario World, Animal Crossing and Donkey Kong Country are played.Check out this week's set list at: 20, 2017
Overnight Sensations Live
Father, son, and holy smokes! Birds Bees & Cooties came up for their only second ever live performance and sounded like seasoned veterans of the road. Set list: “Fransong” “Juice Box” “Polvo” “Ahead” “You’re Fired” “Fight Fire” “Noise Improv” Originally aired: December 15, 2017
Our hope is that you would join us in person at Resonance and become part of our community! Get all the information you need at, or download the app at Set List for this week: Joy To The World (Unspeakable Joy) - Chris TomlinLet Us Adore - Elevation WorshipWhat A Beautiful Name ...…
I'm Not Listening Podcast
Philadelphia Live Music Review podcast for Wednesday December 13, 2017. On this new episode from I'm Not Listening, Matt and Steve discuss Cut/Copy. @cutcopy is a DJ experimental project turned pop and dance powerhouse. We were genuinely very excited to go to this show at Union Transfer on November 28, 2017. We have no shortage of good things t ...…
Award-winning Winnipeg-based musician and producer Murray Pulver comes on the show today to talk about his beginnings in the Winnipeg community, and how it's grown around him over the years. He also shares his story about how he moved into producing and his songwriting tips and tricks as well as what to prepare before approaching a producer or ...…
Our hope is that you would join us in person at Resonance and become part of our community! Get all the information you need at, or download the app at Set List for this week: Never Gonna Stop Singing - Jesus CultureYou Came (Lazarus) - Bethel MusicFaithful To The End - Bethel ...…
Revival Life Church Podcast
Sunday Morning Praise and Worship from Revival Life Church on 12/10/17. Setlist; No Other Name, Cornerstone, The Stand, Never Lost
Today on #TheCruzShow, we’re talking Cruz Cares and some big names in hip-hop are donating to a great cause! Eminem’s new album’s set list is out and we’re a little shocked at some of the features on the album. Listener plays Miguel in a New “Hip-Hop Know It All 2.0” for floor seats for Cali Christmas! We’re talking about kids and how long pare ...…
Ronnie Ladobruk from Ronnie Ladobruk & The Electric came onto the show today to promote his Hard blues rock music and upcoming show on at Nashvilles on Friday december 8th at 9:00pm (cover 10$). Listen to him talk about his beginnings as a musician and his songwriting/composing style. Tickets for the Harlequin Show Set List Ronnie Ladobruk & Th ...…
Masters of Unlocking: A Video Game Podcast
We compare the Power Pak and Everdrive N8 Nintendo flash carts, discuss a slew of microtransaction-related news, and then dive into our thoughts on the 2017 Game Awards! Show Notes FREE GAME Contest Announcement Win a free game, details here: Want a chance to win a FREE video game and help out a new gaming podcast all at the same time!?! Follow ...…
SET LIST: --FOLK Nov 7 - Gentleman Ghost (Troy Rayner) "Devils" from Demo*lition Day (2:56) | FACEBOOK BANDCAMP Nov 23 - The Famous Sandhogs "Aforesaid Sko" from Theia's Mammon: The Confessions of Ruxha Fo-Rakundra (2:40) | BANDCAMP FACEBOOK Nov 25 - Jess Reimer, Jeremy Hamm, Douglas Reimer "I Want to Believe" from Jess Reimer and Jeremy Hamm " ...…
Bradley Laird's Grass Talk Radio - Bluegrass Episode 045 Crafting a Good Set List - The set list is the script for your performance. Poorly thought out set lists, or just wingin' it, may lead to less than great performances. In this episode I share my thoughts on putting together good sets. If you enjoy the show you can support what I am doing by visiting my online stor ...…
Overnight Sensations Live
Only 75% of The Clydes made it to the studio, but they brought 100% of the rock! And they’re yet ANOTHER Mint 400 Records band with a new record out!!! Set list: “Holly Speaks” “Broken Boy” “Never Swim” “The Fate of California” “The Vampire of Hanover” “Jueves” “Daddy’s On the Milkbox” Originally aired: November 17, 2017…
This week Jagan is taking over again with a music-packed episode, where he talks about a recent news event and plays music from games like Fortnite, Battlefront 2, Sora, Nioh, and more!Check out the set list at: 15, 2017
Bluest Tape
Lawrence, Kansas 1993-1997 This episode is an ode to Lawrence, Kansas, a city that is home to the University of Kansas, the third-to-fifth best college basketball program in history, an 1863 Civil War massacre, and six stellar Widespread Panic concerts from 1993 to 1997. While we discuss all of these topics, plus talk about European bootlegs of ...…
Overnight Sensations Live
Glazer is too awesome for words, so listen to this podcast NOW! Set list: “Trim Your Limbs” “Making This Shithole a Shithome” “Working Man’s Dog” “Disaster Footage” “Structured Lifestyle” “Made of Meat” Originally aired: November 10, 2017
The Best Setlist EVER on KISS Kruise VII Episode 253, November 14, 2017. We kick off the show this week discussing the the AMAZING sail away setlist by Bruce and Bob Kulick! A discussion about doing a Three Sides of the Coin Cruise next year in Minnesota on Lake Minnetonka. We then get deep into another hit and run show, this is the first time ...…
CMU’s Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review key events in music and the music business from the last week, including Taylor Swift's cease-and-desist to a blog that published an article discussing the alt-right’s love of her music, why Bristol's floating venue Thekla is under threat of closure, and how Tidal is leading the way in telling you who play ...…
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Elton John Podcast
This is the story of the band that Elton essentially sacked, live on stage, entirely out of the blue. 40 years ago, Elton played a charity gig at Wembley Pool. The band were expecting him to announce that he was going out on tour again, with them as his backing band. A very different announcement was made. In this episode we work out what led E ...…
VibeMore Music
VibeMore Show 24Created & hosted by Koala KhoolArt & graphics by Koala KhoolSet List:Koala Khool - untitled(unreleased) beat 1Planet Giza - Domina ft. KaytranadaKoala Khool - Borderline With My AtmanOrdnry Yngstr - NeedsEvil Needle - Light It Up ft. Aleisha LeeMonte Booker - SILVERKoala Khool - Process of NatureSmino - Anita remix ft. T-PainD. ...…
Melanie and Rodney put together a 2017 version of The Scream Tour, pick their order of performances and choose their setlist. Respect was finally put on Shad Moss' name.If you're interested in advertising with On My Grown: The Podcast contact us via email at for our rates. Follow us on social media @OnMyGrownTPEmai ...…
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