Best sf podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Odyssey is an intensive six-week workshop for writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror held each summer on the campus of Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. Top authors, editors, and agents serve as guest lecturers. These podcasts are excerpts from guest lectures. For more information, visit
All about starting stand up comedy and other stuff.
SF Signal Podcast
A Hugo Award-winning science fiction and fantasy blog featuring news, interviews, reviews, points of view and fun stuff.
SF Squeecast
A periodic podcast of vague positivity about all things SF
The indieHouse podcast is a series of interviews featuring the San Francisco Bay area's independent filmmakers.
Cornerstone Church of San Francisco weekly message audio podcast. For more information visit
r/SF Radio
We break down the week of /StreetFighter to keep you up to date on the latest Street Fighter news.
SF-podden *Et liv, en by, et lag*, er en podcast for deg som liker Sandefjord Fotball. Vi har som mål å lage en ukentlig podcast. Medvirkende i SF-Podden: Leif-Tore Markman Ken Skalleberg Jørn W. Horntvedt
Shipwreck SF
Shipwreck is a San Francisco-based erotic fanfiction competition that pits six great writers against one great book each month. Fics are performed to a live audience by our resident thespian, that we might preserve author anonymity till the votes are tallied. Hosted by Amy Stephenson and Casey Childers.
Sounds of Oakland Underground of the San Francisco Bay Area. We are talking some serious house music such as Garage, Deep house, Tech House and minimal techno. You will also find sprinkles of downtempo, funk and rare soul. Actually anything that sounds good can be found here. Believe that!Come on into the Suga Shack where beautiful music lives and thrives!
FanSided's Sound the Foghorn Podcast discusses the latest San Francisco Giants news, analysis and more from the staff at
SF MusicTech Summit
Podcast by SF MusicTech Summit
Everything Giants Baseball is in this show: talk, analysis, and prospect watch, as well as a fantasy baseball section. MLB from a Giants perspective.
SF in Translation
SF in Translation is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror podcast dedicated to the exploration of the translation of speculative fiction. Each episode features news and interviews about translated works and the job of translation. SF in Translation is part of The Skiffy and Fanty Show podcast network. If you want to find out more about us and our other shows, go to
A Hugo Award-winning science fiction and fantasy blog featuring news, interviews, reviews, points of view and fun stuff.
The Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) showcases the history, art and the cultural richness that resulted from the dispersal of Africans throughout the world. By realizing our mission MoAD connects all people through our shared African heritage.
House SF
We are a church of Jesus following, coffee drinking, music loving people who are passionate about building HIS HOUSE in San Francisco. The only thing that's missing is YOU!
Sermons from Christ Church SF
Weekly message video podcast from Cornerstone Church of San Francisco. For more information visit
for more resources please visit
The SF Show
The SF show is a premium online source for some of the very best in electronic dance music delivered fortnightly via subscribable podcasts or downloadable MP3s. The show promotes the different sounds of house music with the progressive sound being given a place of pride. Each fortnightly episode now alternatives between a one hour mix by either of the two residents and a one hour guest mix from some of the best DJs/Producers from across the world.The show is hosted by Tanseer and Praveen Ach ...
A collaboration of four unique individuals on the quest to navigate the current world while hosting an entertaining podcast. Check us out on Social Media: Instagram: @educatedguesssfFacebook: Educated Guess SFHashtag: #educatedguesssf
The Podcast from Science Fiction in San Francisco – A perfect fit. Located in the City, we host a monthly series of author readings from the science fiction, fantasy, horror, and genre literary fields, hosted by Terry Bisson. In partnership with the Balboa Theatre, we also host a monthly movie, the last Wed. of the month.
SF EDITION MOTOR 4K29 is an editorial video feed for the San Francisco motor enthusiast crowd with short video segments that cover all aspects of the automotive realm. Stories about cars, trucks, and gives a short glimpse at all the machines that transverse the countless roads and tracks.
Broken Toys is a weekly podcast featuring Bay Area stand up comedians Adam Pearlstein & Joe Gorman. Each week we feature local up and coming and established comedians and discuss the days events, the state of the scene, and hella s*** about other people
SF Dojo
Everything you need to learn about street fighter, tips and tricks on how to play better. Questions are also answered on this show
A Kids Podcast! Your host Beatrice interviews kids about growing up in San Francisco.
Weekly sermons from San Francisco Lighthouse Church
Condo Weekly SF
A weekly podcast detailing the movement of San Francisco's condo market with deep level analysis, interviews and predictions.
Literature as bloodsport. Prize money to charity.
SF Station presents, "What's Up, SF?" a weekly Podcast featuring the best events of the San Francisco Bay Area, brought to you by SF Station and Energy 92.7 FM!
Canvas SF
Canvas is a church in San Francisco that exists to point creatives to their Creator, that they would become fully alive followers of Jesus.
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Towny and Urbs team up to give their thoughts on the Warriors 1st Round pick Jacob Evans. The Dubs have quietly been eyeing him for quite some time and fits the mold very well. The boys marvel in Draymond's involvement in the draft process. Connor Letourneau of the SF Chronicle checks in to give Golden State an A plus for their pick. Urbs ponde ...…
H turns up the heat on Google and reflects on Bozoma Saint John’s brief tenure at Uber. He then dives into the SF Mayors race and Denny Sanford’s $100M donation to National University. In this special episode, Tech Coast Angels Executive Director Ashok Kamal joins H. for a conversation from the front lines with the hottest VC in the game and 5- ...…
This month’s episode features a guest mix from one of SF’s rising talents, Kudeki. A resident DJ of San Francisco’s Noctuary, Kudeki has been leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes. Seemlessly weaving through whatever the dancefloor calls for, it is easy to see why she is becoming one of the fastest growing names out of San Francisco. T ...…
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Episode 31 of The Big Event podcast inducts the 2008 film “Milk” into the San Francisco Cinema Greatest of All Time. The film was first proposed in the 1990s with Robin Williams starring, and eventually won an Academy Award for Sean Penn in the title role. Hosted by Peter Hartlaub. Chronicle editor in chief Audrey Cooper and City Hall columnist ...…
Aired Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 5:00 PM ESTComedy as “Sacred Space” and Cartoons on the Radio – How Levity Uplifts Us in Unfunny TimesA Conversation with Comedian Alicia Dattner and Cartoonist Brian Narelle“Why humor and politics? Because there’s definitely something funny going on.” — Swami BeyondanandaWhat is the state of satire when “reality” i ...…
Damon talks about Hunter Strickland's broken hand and how SF Giants his injury is, then discusses Susan Slusser's article on the future of the A's front office & managerial position, we hear from Bob Myers for pre-draft information from earlier today, a "hot head" Tuesday Trifecta, and is joined by the author of the big A's story of the week, S ...…
SF Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper talks about Joey Bart, Giant's slump, and re-caps their late-inning loss to the Marlins.
Not since 2007 has this metric been at these levels.Article referenced: support the Silver Fortune Channel through my sponsor, SD Bullion - 10 oz. Silver Bar at Spot! Silver Fortune through Patreon: content within this video or ...…
Dodging the SF poop. Manafort Pardon? - Legal Expert Loretta Powers. One California is quite enough, thank you. Illinois Jailbreak - ABC's Ryan Burrow.
Mitch Dorhout comes on and shares his life growning up in the Sioux Falls area. If you love to golf or are like us, and almost never golf this episode is for you! Mitch is a big golf guy so our SF Favs segment and Sioux Falls news was golf related. We cover a lot more than golf but please enjoy this VERY hilarious episode.…
Episode 286 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 - Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS! Featured: Tenba Australia and Spider Holster Ambassador, Hanna Saba In This Episode If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to rate and review us and help us move up in the rankings so o ...…
[…] Ivre morte, la bouche pleine de bêtises, l’estomac plein d’alcool, le sarcasme inepte chevillé au corps, la Salle 101 se délocalise le temps d’une émission, dans laquelle elle parle de choses bizarres, voire cheloues. Hildegarde, anti-roman conceptuel, mais fascinant, de Léo Henry, The Vorrh, chose bizarrobarrée fantasyesque, mais sublime, ...…
Caleb Ferguson gets his 1st MLB hit
Evangelistarium pres. Anton Evangelon: Dreamstate SF Edition by Evangelistarium Records
What is the future of stacking, and what does it mean for numismatics?Help support the Silver Fortune Channel through my sponsor, SD Bullion - 10 oz. Silver Bar at Spot! Silver Fortune through Patreon: content within this video or any other video by the Silver Fortune chan ...…
We got to SF & learn about science, see homeless people & discover the world of sea lions.
David de la Torre is the Curator of Exhibitions at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco and a Senior Museum Associate at Community Arts International. In this episode of Filibustering Museology, we discuss David’s career, the development of museology over the past four decades, and the ways that students can enter museum-related careers ...…
SF Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow talks about the bullpen, injuries and more.
SF Giants manager Bruce Bochy talks about the Giants current road trip.
English poet and children's book author A F Harrold reveals how libraries have shaped him; writers Melanie Cheng, Felicity Castagna and Claire G Coleman discuss how fiction might illuminate the most difficult aspects of our national life; and sci-fi and fantasy author Jay Kristoff reflects on the bookshelves that made him.…
Yo whats up guys its Kevin, Im now interning for Anthony so I’ll be giving the intro to this episode!For todays guest we got Chris Trembley, a long time friend of Anthony’s and is an amazing skateboarder. We discussed him getting hooked up by Delux, some injuries including breaking his cheekbone, Skateboarding in the olympics, traveling to SF w ...…
Inside the G-Base Podcast is a conversation with Green Berets hosted by D & J. Both D & J are combat experienced Special Forces Green Berets with tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, and other locations where America's foreign policy is carried out by silent professionals. In the SF team room, all topics are on the table, from politics and relig ...…
Aiaiaiai. Martì Cifuentes er ukens gjest i podden! Sandefjord nye trener snakker om sin filosofi, sine tanker om Sandefjord og hvordan han og guttene skal berge plassen. Vi snakker om soneforsvar mot Haugesunds dødballer, vi snakker om ballinnehav og press, vi snakker om Bodø Glimt og forventninger. 35-åringen fra Katalonia leverer virkelig var ...…
World Cup to North America - WKRD's Howie Lindsey. Marvin/Yarmuth Mash-Up. Spaceship Loos in SF. Trouble at The Baptist Convention? - ABC's Jim Ryan.
World Cup to North America - WKRD's Howie Lindsey. Marvin/Yarmuth Mash-Up. Spaceship Loos in SF. Trouble at The Baptist Convention? - ABC's Jim Ryan.
***DASS 32: TURBO*** (59:09)June 5th & 12th, 2018(Ryu’s Theme Metal)*Street Fighter 30th Anniversary- My Experience, My SF Memories, & I Might Be The Best Ryu IN THE WORLD(Judas Priest- Turbo Love)*Comments- CF Says Hi, Swingle Becomes A Die Hard Sony Pony & Hates My Waifu Ronda Rousey*Another E3 Is Here Whoop-Dee-Sh*t, Fallout 76 Will Be Here ...…
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