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Spiritual Group Cultivation (SGC) - Short puja, short meditation and not so short Dharma sharings by Ven Chuan Guan that may make you laugh, cry or get enlightened and be crazy happy! ^.^
Sovereign Grace Church, located in Bellbrook, OH, is one of the many churches associated with Sovereign Grace Churches, a family of churches that has been around since 1981. We are passionate about God receiving the glory he alone deserves. We are committed to his Word, his gospel, his church, and his mission.
Seriousless Gaming Community is a host of many gaming related features such as Online Radio, Fully Featured Website with chat room and Podcasts as well as being a multi gaming community.
Sermons from Sovereign Grace Church of Cleveland
The SGC Apex podcast contains all of the sermons and recorded teachings at Sovereign Grace Church of Apex, which is a reformed charismatic church in Apex, North Carolina. Visit our site at
The Strategic Growth Concepts for Small Business show provides discussion, tips, and expert advice from SGC associates, as well as many outside experts, on ways to grow your business.Strategic Growth Concepts provides Consulting and Training in the areas of Marketing, Operations, HR and Strategic Planning for Start-up, Small & Mid-sized Businesses.SGC's network of highly-experienced business growth professionals are ready to help you grow your business and position it for on-going success in ...
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Weekly Spiritual Group Cultivation (SGC) on 20 May 2018 Vesak – The Celebration of Awakening Buddhists celebrate Vesak Day to remind ourselves of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and mahaparinibbana. Listen to what Ven Chuan Guan has to share on the importance of this day. Catch the full Youtube video at Come join ...…
Weekly Spiritual Group Cultivation (SGC) on 13 May 2018 Qualities of a Mother that make one worthy of Mother’s Day celebration Even if a person were to carry one’s father and mother on his shoulders for a hundred years and offer them treasures, such a person cannot repay their kindness. Ven Chuan Guan shares from the Pali Canon, how we can repa ...…
Stargate SG1 - Solitudes As SG1 come under fire soon after arriving on a new world their gate travel is interrupted, Teal'c and Daniel find themselves crashing into the gate room under Cheyenne Mountain while Sam and a seriously injured Jack are in an ice cavern at an unknown location. On the upside gravity and the atmosphere seem conducive to ...…
True belief is the foundation for loving, unified fellowship.
Weekly Spiritual Group Cultivation (SGC) on 29 April 2018 Acceptance and Getting Used To Our acceptance or non-acceptance of something does not change the fact that it has happened. Learn more from Ven Chuan Guan on how to deal with unexpected events in our lives. Catch the full Youtube video at Come join us every S ...…
Weekly Spiritual Group Cultivation (SGC) on 1 April 2018 Ask Me Anything: Qing Ming and Buddhism What significance does Qing Ming hold for you? Are the customary prayers in line with Buddhist teachings? Catch the full Youtube video at Come join us every Sunday 1pm to 3pm. FOLLOW US IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Faceb ...…
These words that John is writing to us are meant to give us assurance. To help us be evaluated by the word of God and to repent and believe and gain fresh assurance that we are part of the family of God.
We will find rest as we know and abide in the breadth of God’s love
Sam Allberry answers questions from the audience.
'How the gospel of Jesus inform our mission to those struggling with Same-Sex Attraction and the LGBT community around us” - Many people, including Christians, are same-sex attracted and are hard-pressed to find hope, friendship & support in the midst of it. How do we care for our Same-Sex attracted brother or sister? Yet many of our Gay neighb ...…
‘How the Gospel of Jesus informs our sexuality’ - There is perhaps no more contentious issue in our modern culture than that of what the Bible teaches about sexuality. But even more, how does the gracious gospel of Jesus affect our own sexual beliefs and practices? Sam Allberry equips us to understand and answer these questions lovingly, confid ...…
Our Sacrificial Love for One Another Confirms God's Abiding Presence in Our Lives
Central to the Assurance of our Faith is the Ability to Discern Truth from Error
Assurance of faith is found in the genuineness of our love for one another.
In this mini-episode, Rachel Harding (creator of the open notebook LabScribbles, discussed in episode 5) and Aled Edwards (CEO of the SGC ) discuss the launch of the SGC's Extreme Open Science Unit.As part of the SGC's ongoing plans to push the boundaries of open science, ~15 brave early career researchers funded by various disease and research ...…
The assurance of eternal life hangs on the very hope we are compelled to proclaim to all peoples.
The Foundation of Life is Entirely Set Upon the Biblical Revelation of Jesus Christ
Considering and coming to terms with two misunderstood gifts that the Sovereign Spirit wills for some to have for the common good of the church and for the empowerment of the mission we’re on together with the risen Christ.
In Episode 54 I got to speak with Darwin and Snuggles while they sat in their car outside a coffee shop in Flagstaff Arizona on Facetime. You see they've designed a really cool life and document it on their very popular YouTube channel called Darwin On The Trail. They are a couple that in 2014 sold everything to live their dream life on the roa ...…
Just as a shepherd cares for his sheep, God has called pastors to shepherd and care for God’s people, the church.
We are a family of interdependent churches united in fellowship, mission, and governance.
The church is Reformed and always [in need of] being reformed according to the Word of God.
He calls the church, those who have been saved by the grace of God through the means of the gospel of Jesus Christ to walk, that is – to continue walking - in a manner worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to which we have been called by God.
We as a church family will only experience and maintain true unity if we are beholding and emulating our humble Savior.
Distinctives | Reformed Theology | Ephesians 1:3-14
We exist to glorify God by maturing and multiplying disciples who enjoy and declare the good news of Jesus Christ for the joy of all peoples.
SGC-A Call to War by Pastor Matt Mager Sovereign Grace Chapel is our newest local church partner to join the G220 Radio Network. We hope you will be blessed and encouraged by the ministry of Sovereign Grace Chapel, here on the G220 Radio Network we understand the importance of the local church and seek to connect you with good solid biblical lo ...…
Living for the Kingdom of God is primarily about having found a treasure so valuable that you drop everything else to get it.
Knowing our hope in light of the Holiness of God is vital to the mission we are on to mature and multiply disciples.
Stargate Atlantis Midway The IOA are flexing their bureaucratic muscles as Teyla and Ronon are forced to undergo interviews and debriefings to validate their commitment to Stargate Command despite their past endeavours. Teyla returns to Atlantis after two days in interviews and reveals to Sam and John that she may not return to field duty after ...…
Our contentment is deeply rooted in God’s desire to make much of his name.
This month we're exploring the fascinating and strange world of Duqesne Island, as shown by the newly released 1970s CBC documentary The Neddeaus of Duqesne Island. This never-before-seen footage depicts an absolutely definitely real family living on an isolated island in northern Ontario, immersed in a culture all their own. The Neddeaus provi ...…
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