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Amud Yomi Masechta Shabbos
A daily Gemorah Shiur given at Valley Torah High School by Rabbi Stulberger
Shas Illuminated - Shabbos
Hilchos Shabbos with Ari Goldwag
The laws and customs of the Seventh day
Rabbi Cohen's Sunday Morning Hilchos Shabbos Shiur
Rabbi Cohen's Sunday Morning Hilchos Shabbos Shiur
Learn Shabbat
Lost during shabbat services? Or want to say your own prayers? Now you can...
Parsha Pod
Divrei Torah on the weekly parsha, zmanim for shabbos.Each poscast is about 5 minutes long. First podcast will begin January 1st, 2007.
Parsha Themes
Parsha Themes is for inspired people like you who are looking for engaging and relevant parsha and moadim thoughts. Our weekly discussions focus on uplifting thoughts and actionable ideas that will upgrade your avodas Hashem and enhance your Shabbos and yom tov table. I’m your host Rabbi Yosef Tropper and it’s an honor to have you here with me today.
Sefer Ben Ish Chai with the Halachos of the Mishnah Brurah
Using the Sefer Ben Ish Chai as a source text, Rabbi Tagger elucidates the complex halachos of Shabbos. Coupled with the Mishnah Berurah and other contemporary Poskim, Rabbi Tagger sheds light on the halacha for both Sefardim and Ashkenazim.
SouledNYC Class Podcast
"Souled" is a program designed for young Jewish women who are looking to stay connected while living and working in New York City. Souled is a vibrant and expanding community of incredible women who value growing together in their Judaism. Souled provides inspiring teachers, classes, and Shabbos placements. The minimum is at least a prior learning trip to Israel and/or some Jewish learning. This podcast consists of recorded classes from the Souled program. For more information, visit SouledN ...
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R' Ari Bergmann: Megaleh Amukos
Shabbos 120b(10)
Shabbos 120b(9)
Shabbos 120b(8)
Shabbos 120b(7)
Shabbos 120b(6)
Shabbos 120b(5)
Shabbos 120b(4)
Shabbos 120b(3)
Shabbos 120b(2)
YUTORAH: R' Gedaliah Jaffe -- Recent Shiurim
Daf Yomi Sanhedrin 59 (Shabbos and Learning Torah) - Sep 13, 2017 -
Shabbos 120a(8)
Shabbos 120a(12) - 120b(1)
Shabbos 120a(11)
Shabbos 120a(10)
Shabbos 120a(9)
Shabbos 119b(11) - 120a(1)
Shabbos 119b(10)
Shabbos 119b(9)
Shabbos 119b(8)
Shabbos 119b(7)
Shabbos 119b(6)
Shabbos 119b(5)
Shabbos 119b(4)
Shabbos 119b(3)
Shabbos 119b(2)
Shabbos 119b(1)
Shabbos 119a(7)
Shabbos 119a(6)
Shabbos 119a(5)
Shabbos 119a(4)
Hashem offers us a consolation deeper than the assurance that we will be redeemed. By Rabbi Mendel Kessin Synopsis is not necesarrily in Rabbi Kessin's own words The Jews ask why The medrash says that at the end of time the Jews will ask Hashem why they had to go through the tremendous suffering, persecutions and desolation of galus.Hashem will ...…
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