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Throwing Shade
Throwing Shade is the political comedy podcast hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi who deliver their fresh takes on pop culture, women’s rights, and LGBT rights with hilarity and vulgarity. Spend your Thursdays with the podcast called "the perfect combination of silly, intelligent, cynical and charming" by Entertainment Weekly and "Oprah's #1 pick" by an iTunes reviewer who is not Oprah.Find the full archive of Throwing Shade plus exclusive bonus episodes only on Stitcher Premium. And make ...
Green Diva Meg, host of 50 Shades of Green Divas (formerly The Green Divas Radio Show), takes a light-hearted approach to sustainable living. She hosts this informative and entertaining one-hour radio show along with Maxine Margo and a variety of Green Divas and Green Dudes. Listen to great interviews with high-profile celebrities and leaders in the green living movement. Enjoy informative and fun segments/podcasts like Greenpeace GDs, Green Divas Foodie-Philes; Green Divas Eco-Sexy; Green D ...
16 year running weekly Deep House Radio Show "Deeper Shades of House" hosted by DJ and Producer Lars Behrenroth featuring brand new soulful, afro, disco, techy and chunky Deep House tunes and house music classics plus guest mixes by international DJs like Ben Watt, Jimpster, MKL, Jamie Thinnes, Jesus Gonsev, Lay-Far, Glenn Astro, Abicah Soul Project, DJ Jus-Ed, Keith Worthy, Patrice Scott, Brothers Vibe, Kai Alce, Boddhi Satva, Carlos Mena, Brendon Moeller, Jazzuelle, Dairmount, 2lani The Wa ...
16 year running weekly Deep House Radio Show "Deeper Shades of House" hosted by DJ and Producer Lars Behrenroth featuring brand new soulful, afro, disco, techy and chunky Deep House tunes and house music classics plus guest mixes by international DJs like Ben Watt, Jimpster, MKL, Jamie Thinnes, Jesus Gonsev, Lay-Far, Glenn Astro, Abicah Soul Project, DJ Jus-Ed, Keith Worthy, Patrice Scott, Brothers Vibe, Kai Alce, Boddhi Satva, Carlos Mena, Brendon Moeller, Jazzuelle, Dairmount, 2lani The Wa ...
A podcast by fans for fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey Series. Discussing topics related to Fifty Shades of Grey each week.
Reality TV...A Little Bit Culty.
No Shade
No Shade is a podcast by three women trying to navigate the minefield of social constructs and identity politics that regularly go unchecked. We take a look at pop culture and discuss its wider socio-political implications and meaning. From Brexit to the latest Kardashian nudes- everything is political and holds cultural significance. Sassy, sarcastic and very unbothered- we scrutinise the zeitgeist, shift through the BS and call out the privilege. Expect conversations on race, feminism, LGB ...
Shades of Migraine
We dive deep into the mysterious subject of migraine disease. Hear from physicians who specialize in migraine disease as well as patients, scientists, researchers, and advocates. Each will share their unique shade of migraine.
Comedians Katie Compa, Kyle-Steven Porter and Sharron Paul have a kiki each week to spill some tea over the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race and all things SHADE.
http://bhadpodcast.tumblr.comWelcome to Beacon Hills: After Dark. A Teen Wolf haven where grown folk (way too grown) pontificate our way through teenaged werewolves, Stiles Stilinski, workout montages, sassy Peter retorts, Jeff Davis fatigue and so much more. So come and join us and tell a friend!
UPENN Professor Dr. Anthea Butler breaks down the latest in race, religion and pop-culture on this weekly show where the shade is plentiful and knowledge is dropped on the regular.
Get into the shade full throttle with LC and Kels with their overly opinionated and witty rundown of all things hip hop, pop culture, politics and everything in between on this weekly podcast. New shows uploaded every
Sermons from Shades Mountain Independent Church in Hoover, Alabama. Most of these sermons are the preaching of Pastor Rick Goertzen.
Booka Shade latest Mix
The Read
Join bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle for their weekly podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture's most trying stars. Throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude, no star is safe from Fury and Crissle unless their name is Beyoncé. (Or Blue Ivy.)As transplants to New York City (Kid Fury from Miami and Crissle from Oklahoma City), The Read also serves as an on-air therapy session for two friends trying to adjust to life (and rats) in the big city.The Read is part of the L ...
Three Utah based sports fans rant and ramble through the weeks headlines. We cover the Utah Utes, BYU Cougars, Utah Jazz and all other news local and national. Join us weekly. Do it!
Sexual Empowerment and Freedom of Speach type podcast! These two not so 'good' girls want you to know EXACTLY whats on their mind. Sex, relationships, drunken adventures, the list goes on! Be careful, this is not a PG podcast, are you ready? HIT PLAY.
Join Jason and Jennie each week as they train, teach, tell and set the stage for people to experience their own growth within their relationships and families. Reaching the depths couples intuitively know is possible but have no clue how to get there is what they are committed too. Shades of Intimacy will give you the tools to start or continue your journey and continue to move forward in your relationship. It's time to get connected and build your tribe.
Shades of Green
Shades of Green is Austin's local environmental talk radio show. Each week cohosts John Hoffner, Stacy Savage, Reed Sternberg, and Amy Stansbury come together to interview guests on a whole host of topics ... all centered around Austin and the environment. We hope you listen and enjoy!
The Read
Join bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle for their weekly podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture's most trying stars. Throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude, no star is safe from Fury and Crissle unless their name is Beyoncé. (Or Blue Ivy.)As transplants to New York City (Kid Fury from Miami and Crissle from Oklahoma City), The Read also serves as an on-air therapy session for two friends trying to adjust to life (and rats) in the big city.The Read is part of the L ...
Just another Lineup Media Group Sites site
"The Shades of the Wilderness" is the seventh book of the Civil War Series by Joseph A. Altsheler. Picking up where "The Star of Gettysburg" left off, this story continues the Civil War experiences of Harry Kenton and his friends in the Southern army, from the retreat after Gettygurg, to Richmond, and then through the battles of the Wilderness and Spottsylvania, to Robert E. Lee's heroic stand during the siege of Petersburg.Other books in the Civil War series are: "The Guns of Bull Run," "Th ...
A recap of the previous week's events from a Black perspective
A Four-Dude Fifty Shades of Grey Podcast
The Sexy Librarian presents an adventurous show that will simultaneously provoke the mind and arouse the senses. Experience erotica with a range of emotions as Rose Caraway regales you with astonishing tales that will delight, thrill, and at times horrify. This show is intended for mature audiences only.
Shades Recordings is the monthly podcast from London-based label Shades. Featuring guest mixes from friends and in-house artists along with selections from Shades crew themselves.
Podcast for all the people that have two jobs because there’s never a time the hustle wasn’t necessary. Two different views, two amazing, G ass women taking on pop culture and life while always holding it down for the culture.
Shades of Blue
Covering all the soccer news in the Kansas City region
Everyone's favourite Korean Football Podcast.
Shades Of Shonda J
These conversations are my attempts to understand the dynamics of life through marriage, parenting, womanhood, black life, and community.
Shade & Shenanigans
Sassy back talk from your fave soul sista
All Tea, No Shade
Funny Podcast for everyone
Shades of Grey's: A Dark and Twisty Podcast is a journey through the world of Grey's Anatomy one episode at a time.
Shades Of Brown
A podcast on computers and culture. By Sadiq Saif and Cristian Colocho.
My show where I talk about any and EVERYTHING !! Relationship advice, life advice included!
Podcast by DJ DIZA
A Rupaul's Drag Race Review Podcast. Where two Good Judies, Matthew and Alix, spill the tea and throw shade on each episode of Rupaul's Drag Race. Check us out on iTunes for every episode!
Tastes Like Shade
Tastes Like Shade is a podcast that explores music, culture, technology, and current events. Tune in every Friday as cohosts Just Jay and KV unwrap and digest the pop in pop culture.
Shades of Brown
podcast by Yetty B and Tiny Terror
No Tea No Shade
welcome to No tea no shade podcast I'm tricky T and I'll be talking about current events in music, social media and other outlets enjoy this ride of raw realness!
Hosted by ODM from 90's Hip Hop group A Lighter Shade of Brown LSORadio brings everything from Old School Funk, Hip Hop to Freestyle artists. LIVE mixing with DJ Cre-8 inside the Radio Active Mix
Podcast by DJ DIZA
Recordings of sermons and programs recorded at Shade Mountain Christian Fellowship in Juniata County, Pennsylvania.
From The Thinker's Shade brings you witty and different commentary on relevant and near-trivial matters, giving you a nuanced and better understanding of the world around you. Hosted by Abduelwahab Hussein
Welcome to 'A Shade Of Grey' Podcast. Where UK based couple Claira Hermet and Nathan Toole discuss, debate and sometimes argue about the the things that really matter, topics in the GREY area of society and anything else that pops up.
SVCC exists to glorify God by making disciples among all peoples through the gospel. Weekly SVCC sermons are distributed via this channel to help equip the church for its disciple making mission.
Tea in the Shade
Listen to Petty Kash and Shadee Nae discuss all things pop culture with an (uncensored) Southern Belle twist....
Turn up the volume and get ready for a big dose of some heavy bangers!
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Jonah learns that God is: a God of second chances a God of singleminded focus a God to be feared and obeyed a God of miraculous mercy JONAH TALK 3 Chapter 3 begins; 1 Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah a second time: 2 “Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you.” The word of the lord came to Jonah the first ...…
Sporting Kansas City draws Minnesota United and the big news is not a road point but that Khiry Shelton scores his first goal for KC. Robert, Aly, Cody and Thad talk about the Khiry goal, Yohan Croizet's play and the goal Sporting gave up. Peter Vermes substitutions (or lack of) was a topic. The substiution of Jimmy Medranda and whether it was ...…
'Sharing Grace' is the last message (05/20/2018) in the '50 Shades of Grace' series from the Alto area United Methodist Churches (A. Frank Smith UMC and Cold Springs UMC).afsumc.orgJohn R. Black1 Peter 4:7b-11#afsumc #christianity #50-shades-of-grace #sharing-grace #1-peter-4
1Dubble Problematik (Original Mix) by Tomas Andersson 2Prana by Toucán 3Force (Alkalino Remix) by Technasia 4Your Love (Supernoava Dirty Mix) by Tapesh & Dayne S 5Chicago (Original Mix) by Apres 6Maguma (Original Mix) by Deetron 7Hom (Original Mix) by M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade 8Faded (Original Mix) by Zhu 9Tickless (Original Mix) by Giorgos Gatz ...…
From Jerusalem to Toronto Police Week to Windsor Castle, the shade just is what it is. Is our education system failing kids of colour? Maple flavoured views on the fabrication queen aka Rachel D.
We're back from our week off and we have a lot to pray and laugh about. For the Sick and Shut In List, we have as many praise reports as we do prayer requests. Daniel joins us once again to give a male perspective during Shadee Opinions, and it randomly leads to a discussion on sexual preferences and time limits. Later, Relli joins us during Pr ...…
1 Satoshi Tomiie - Bassline2 Tom Hades - Stability3 Rhyw - Clickbait4 Pan-Pot - Spitzer5 Marco Faraone & Hertz Collision - Solar Shade6 Amotik - Chaubis7 Coyu & Antonio Pocai - Transportador (Coyu Raw Mix)8 Regal - Fenix (Amelie Lens Remix)9 Rudosa - Evolvement10 Slam - Chimera11 Roll Dann - Deuda12 Diarmaid O Meara - 0201 (Emotionless Edit)13 ...…
So why is the Order of the Phoenix my favorite Harry Potter novel? The rich, imaginative descriptions of new places in the Wizarding World are part of it, sure, but it’s more. It’s the delicious, immensely satisfying way that evil gets its comeuppance by the end of the book. This chapter gives a little foreshadowing of that. At the hearing, Har ...…
politics piss you off. Fans of ‘News and Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy’ hosted by celebrity global mobile DJ Roy O’Dell Gray Sr are experiencing a 15 second delay when loading episodes, because our esteemed broadcast partners are generating more website traffi ...…
Joined by Vivian Chan, Co-chair of Vancouver Startup Week, Sam and Shade discuss what happened to Wavefront Accelerator, it's impact on the Vancouver Tech Ecosystem, and what will happen going forward. Join us every other Friday live on Facebook!Listen on Anchor: on Apple Podcasts: ...…
You're reading the description. Huh that's weird. Just for you were gonna add another second to The Bits.Angry Jonathan gets a soap box. This isn't the last episode of The Bits. Amethyst gets thrown shade. Samuel continues to ignore Ronaldo while taking notes. All in this episode of The Bits: A Steven Universe Podcast. Episodes Discussed:Can't ...…
Hello everyone, this is the TechArtJam microcast from Rigging Dojo, I’m your host, Chad Moore. What’s new at Rigging Dojo Our interview with Isabella Cheng… Really interesting to hear her talk about the balence of reusing animations via in-engine retargeting versus uniqness of multiple characters movements. This is ...…
Carmen Gray is back to talk about the week's ups and mostly downs. #TeairraMari is has retained #LisaBlume as her attorney and somehow #50Cent has been tossed into the mix, #BBQBecky learned to hard way to mind her damn business as #Oakland clapped back in a phenomenal fashion, #Spotify and other streaming services are getting the social devian ...…
May '18, Artful Badger's LOVE AFFAIRS with DJ OLIVER BARNETTIt is with huge gratitude that we present this mix from DJ and visual artist Oliver Barnett, to celebrate this years pick of the bunch. It was recorded during his recent set at BAZIQUE festival in South Africa, organised by the much loved Nick Ladd who co-organised The Glade festival i ...…
TOW twice the recording sessions equals twice the fun! We’re discussing “TOW the Blackout,” so we’re drinking Blackout Cocktails: a delightful blend of gin, blackberry brandy, and lime juice. FOOD: Mummy mugs. Butter wine. The worldwide epidemic of gum falling out of people’s mouths. HD’s driveway dining adventures. Double the pleasure, double ...…
What happens when you take four of the funniest, most talented actresses from the 20th century and put them in a movie together? Probably something different than what happens when you do it in the 21st century. Diane Keaton, Candace Bergen, Jane Fonda, and Mary Steenburgen are old friends who meet up regularly to drink wine, talk about books, ...…
In this dialogue with the first woman Legal Counsel of the African Union, we learn more about her role, her work in creating more opportunities for African counsel on the continent, lessons to be learned from African countries regarding representation in arbitration, whether or not we will have an African investment court and so much more. Tune ...…
Discussion Episode: 50 Shades of Grey Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen star in Bill Holderman’s Book Club, mostly because there aren’t great roles for women over 50. In Book Club, our ladies spice up their lives by reading 50 Shades of Grey, so Dave and I have decided to do the same for your lives by discussing Sam ...…
The boys are back to discuss the weekend's Kleague, the ACL last 16 and the Korean World Cup squad.
Re-live the magic of our latest Radio show on Music Box Radio. Packed with more techno than you can shake a stick at including some unreleased gems. Catch us the first Tuesday of every month 9-11pm GMT where we will showcase the best in underground techno and electronica. Live audio – Live video – ...…
This week Under The Mango Tree we have the "nicest person" of the Shade Corner quartet Noble Ezeala! He joins us to really understand how lazy (or not) Nigerian youths really are following President Buhari's statements (2:57). We also talk about the "most interesting" thing we have come across this week (25;25). Don't forget to subscribe and ra ...…
Listen to the Show Right Click to Save Guests City Theatre All My Sons Harry Connick Jr What We Talked About 23 Tony Portraits Long Days Journey To Kill a Mocking Bird Austin Critics Circle Jim Parsons injured – Shows cancelled Greatest Showman – Broadway Zilker Hillside.. all shook up Bush 41 get private concert Some Like it Hot Audience Getti ...…
Raquel and Ana, talk Fifty Shades Freed. In order to fully understand this episode, you will need to watch the UNRATED Version of Fifty Shades of Freed with us. Hit play at the 4 min mark. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did recording it. Don’t own the UNRATED copy of Fifty Shades Freed? Look no further. Purchase your copy today: https://a ...…
Teenagers Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold had everything they ever wanted. They were highly intelligent. They came from wealthy families. Life was so great that they felt certain they were above the law. So they decided to test that theory by committing the perfect crime. Turns out they weren’t so smart after all. The pair were quickly question ...…
This week, we take the show on the road! We’re at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center to speak with some of the businesses represented on the floor of the Pittsburgh Business Show, where none of the booths has been prepped to be on the show. Scot speaks with seven different businesses, from food tech to coworking, to hear seven dif ...…
It was never supposed to be this way. Says Who, the little eight-episode podcast, is now on its 50th EPISODE! FIFTY! Dan has returned from Disney and has tales of Dole Whip and the Haunted Mansion. Maureen did not go to Disney and has tales of being at home watching the news, which mostly means watching Rudy Giuliani do whatever it is Rudy Giul ...…
Back at it again, Aly, Cody, Bob and Thad get together to discuss the anazing Atlanta game. Sporting KC was the first to hold Atlanta scorless but what did it all mean? We cover the first third of the season for SKC and also take a quick look at the salaries. Who was the MVP forthe first third of the season, SKC does not stink but we question C ...…
Human ingenuity without barriers. It's almost annoying. A screaming maniac under the Bee Shade. High on NRE or limerence. The baby is being put to sleep. Go to a hot spring outside of Paisley. The White Dragon Udon Bowl. Air mattresses are the worst idea. The Human Shit Podcast. My tent is huge. "Intervention: The Musical" is a work in-progress ...…
The boys talk about the burden of Movie Pass, Camilo watching 50 Shades of Grey, and a new video game called Detroit: Becoming Human.
Inside Running 28: Virginia Moloney Brought to you by RunnersTribe, your number one source for comprehensive running news from around the world. Show your support for the Inside Running Podcast via our Patreon, where patrons can help keep the show running and receive different tiers of rewards in return. ...…
Fresh from the MotoGP round in Austin, the guys talk about the very cool Kramer HKR EVO2 R motorcycle, the declining motorcycle sales in the USA, and the future of manufacturing.
The Culture Cap Podcast is a millennial talk show hosted by Rachel Marie.On this episode of the Culture Cap, host Rachel Marie and interim co-host Tristan talk with a few of their doctor friends while they are home on their breaks from clinicals. We break down what it means to be "grown", when parents start taking their kids seriously and why b ...…
Has the American dream changed from what it use to be? Do you still believe in the American dream? Tony, Elle & Jay tackle those questions and more in episode 17.
In the second hour, the guys talked about fifty shades of Gray
James Robinson’s Starman is one of DC comics’ legendary runs, so of course, we have to read “Starman: Sins of the Father” for our legacy character discussion. In this comic, Jack Knight reluctantly picks up the mantle of Starman from his father to defend Opal City from The Mist. We talk about the rich family dynamic of the Knights, the self-mot ...…
Mary Steenburgen talks about her latest film Book Club, about four friends in their 60s who pick up Fifty Shades of Grey.
Edified Equity Podcast Episode 3: Impact Investing & Your “Why”Show Notes & Links-All Associated Links:Edified Equity Podcast iTunes: Equity Podcast Stitcher: Equity Facebook Group: ...…
This week on a very special Damaged Goods...The entire network, no, The ENTIRE World is celebrating THC's Birthday and have lined up to take their shots at him. Join us as we roast the man who refers to himself as The Golden God. Listen in as T is shredded by the comedic stylings of Fireball Jesus, The Sith Lord, Sho-Nuff, Shade & Lilly Bongwat ...…
Hollywood in Color is a new podcast telling the stories of the stars usually left out of entertainment history — the people of color in front of and behind the camera who have been representing for over a century. Host Diana Martinez has a PhD in film and media studies and has written for Slate, The Atlantic, and Women in Hollywood. Every seaso ...…
It’s the 36th episode of the podcast! This week we discuss trailers for the following films: American Animals -- Dog Days -- Loving Pablo -- Never Goin’ Back -- Alex Strangelove -- The Predator -- Searching -- China Salesman -- The Death of Superman -- The Little Mermaid -- The Vault: Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue Find us on Stitcher, Libs ...…
Renewal and Reform Episode 7 Renewal and reform has become somewhat stagnant. The times have changed, for some, the initial enthusiasm has waned or has been lost by a return to past weaknesses, or a more lethargic spiritual life in a very secularized society. The business, distractions, distress, and fatigue of modern life can easily draw peopl ...…
Great choices for Hip & Cool Garden Plants are covered in this 8 part series designed to add a little zip to your summer garden! Dovecote is the teaching garden design lab and home to The Garden Talk Salon at Dargan Landscape Architects. Topics in this episode: . Deciduous benefits for summer shade and winter sun . Flamingo Box Elder Acer negun ...…
Starting last week, I said that we were going to talk a little bit about family, and we’ve titled this brief series “Shade for the Children.&rdquBy (Web News).
God often has a perspective that is different than ours, something we can solve by receiving truth and getting healing. Unhealed wounds and false beliefs can blind us, making it easy to head in destructive directions. Find out how you can abandon the Dirt Perspective and adopt the Peak Perspective
Celebrity podcasters often recap tales of their exotic vacations and glamorous tours. So why shouldn’t Christie and Nicole!? The dynamic duo went on the very anticipated one-day vacation to the capital of the free world- Washington DC! They visited no historic sights (unless you count the hotel wallpaper) and walked into zero museums- there sim ...…
it's episode 4 and we are coming for more
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