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Joan is joined by the one and only Daniel Silva and Adam Platt.
Based on Andrew Soloman's book, Far From the Tree explores the difficulties and rewards of raising and being a child whose experience is vastly different from that of his or her parents. It follows families coping with the challenges presented by Down syndrome, dwarfism, autism, and having a child in prison. It is truly eye……
George shares stories from his childhood that are engraved in his mind to this day due to the hilarity of the situations he gets himself into. Moe takes us on a ride during a huge sales meeting where he inadvertently put himself in a do-or-die circumstance and his career depends on it.Happy Listening Burgers🍔!P.S. You can find us on any of your ...…
How does a 41 year-old woman, who has spent most of her life feeling rejected, suddenly reach over 59 million people on Facebook? Hear Melissa Radke's, soon to be star of her own reality show, story.
Connecting with people is needed now more than ever. Dr. Ruth emphasizes that no one wants to be alone and sometimes you need to reach out of your comfort zone to find the person for you. Her new book, From You to Two teaches how singles can find commitment.
The People of Jesus’ World www.ZionsChurch.orgBy (Zion's Church, 770 Zion's Church Rd, Hamburg PA 19526).
Joan has a fun summer show ahead! She is joined by Susan Buckley, Jon Haggins, and Aileen Bordman.
Welcome to HAMBURG NIGHTLINE Track List HNL#017: Num. Artist Title all Techno 01 ANNA - Hidden Beauties 02 Aitor Ronda — Tweezer (Original Mix) 03 Claude VonStroke, EPROM - Grenade (Original Mix) 04 DJ Boris - Jump Around 05 Fur Coat - Inner Circle (Original Mix) 06 Gregor Tresher - Neon (Butch Remix) 07 Luigi Madonna, Roberto Capuano - Midfiel ...…
The best steakhouse in NY - the hottest new food trends, square pizza among others, Korean BBQ and hidden Chinese restaurants. All that and more with the one and only, NY Magazines, Adam Platt.
How do you change your life and make a go of it? Former top fashion designer, Jon Haggins, tells the secret behind his new adventures.
What happens when you marry a larger than life man, who lives to eat. A passion that takes him and his bride on rollicking adventures throughout the world.
How is Your Relationship Going? www.ZionsChurch.orgBy (Zion's Church, 770 Zion's Church Rd, Hamburg PA 19526).
Joan is joined by Dan Abrams, Marilyn Michaels and Dr. Ian Smith!
Welcome to HAMBURG NIGHTLINE Track List HNL#016: Num. Artist Title all Progessive House 01 Nora En Pure- On the Beach (Original Mix) 02 Stylo - Feel the Vibe (Original Mix) 03 Julian Wassermann - Polydo (Original Mix) 04 A.M.R - Orchids (Extended Mix) 05 Stan Kolev - Meraki 06 Basil OGlue - Everyone has a story 07 Blancah - Talus (Hernan Cattan ...…
Joan is joined by Jon Meacham talking about his profound new book, "The Soul of America". It is the perfect book to bring our spirits up and have faith in America!
A Bad Prayer www.ZionsChurch.orgBy (Zion's Church, 770 Zion's Church Rd, Hamburg PA 19526).
Welcome to HAMBURG NIGHTLINE Track List HNL#015: Artist Title Genre 01 Markus Enochson — YES (Original Mix) 02 Mason Maynard, Eli Brown - Do Ya Feel Alright (Original Mix) 03 Mihalis Safras - Love Away 04 Natch - Normal Kids (Original Mix) 05 Nick Curly - Bad Blood (Original Mix) 06 Piem - Love Commandments - 7 Ramon Tapia - Manipulate (Origina ...…
One of our favorite guests is back! With the holiday upon us we need our mouths to water with delicious recipes! Arthur Schwartz was called The Schwartz Who Ate New York and nowadays, he is best known as The Food Maven, the name of his website. Whatever the sobriquet, he is acknowledged as one of the country’s foremost experts on food, cooking,……
Isra, Moe and Jamil reminisce some of their memorably hilarious school stories. Isra kicks us off with her story about a group of girls that approached her (1:29), Moe shares a story from his school year in Canada (8:45) and a mishap with a USB in Dubai (14:55). Finally, Jamil tells his story of a tight spot and a tough decision he had to take ...…
If you're lucky enough to go to Paris, take an excursion to visit famous impressionist painter, Claude Monet's home and gardens at Giverny. If you can't go, Aileen's new book, Everyday Monet, shares Monet's lifestyle.
Dan Abrams, Chief legal affairs anchor for ABC News and the host of A&E Live PD reveals a side of Lincoln, the young lawyer, that few of us knew. His new book, Lincoln's Last Trial shows us inside how he won the presidency.
Spiritual Spontaneity www.ZionsChurch.orgBy (Zion's Church, 770 Zion's Church Rd, Hamburg PA 19526).
Joan speaks to the final two guests from our Pre-Tony show, Katrina Lenk & Taylor Louderman. She is also joined by Renee Taylor!
Welcome to HAMBURG NIGHTLINE Tracklist HNL#014: Title Artist Genre 01 People Talking About (Original Mix) - Bassel Darwish DeepTech 02 Monophone (Original Mix) - Danniel Selfmade DeepTech 03 Cookies (Original Mix) - Dennis Cruz DeepTech 04 My Original Life (Emanuele Inga Remix) - Francesco Parente DeepTech 05 Delirium - Ivan Pica DeepTech 06 Co ...…
Joan wraps up the Tony's with Katrina Lenk & Taylor Lauderman. She also sits down with well-known, Renee Taylor! Enjoy a laugh and some incredible stories.
Renee is an American actress/writer and is known for playing Fran Drescher's title character's outspoken mother, Sylvia Fine, on the TV series The Nanny. She has taken on another role ina off-broadway play “My Life on a Diet".
Joe is Gurrera is the owner of fabulous Citarella,the most- respected neighborhood seafood shops in New York. “Joe Knows Fish: Taking The Intimidation Out of Cooking Seafood” allows people to enjoy cooking fish and making it absolutely delicious.
Marilyn is a comedian, singer, actress, impressionist, and an author. What she is not - is a cook. Her light-hearted and very enjoyable book, “How Not To Cook: For The Rest of Your Life” is out now!
Never Finished – Always Expanding www.ZionsChurch.orgBy (Zion's Church, 770 Zion's Church Rd, Hamburg PA 19526).
Part 2 of our Pre-Tony Luncheon, Joan is joined by Laurie Metcalf, Ethan Slater & Gavin Lee, and Lauren Ambrose & Harry Hadden Pedden!
Welcome to HAMBURG NIGHTLINE Tracklist HNL#013: Title Artist 01 MCMXCVIII (Original Mix) - ArcAnum 02 Penfield Setting (Original Mix) - Musumecil 03 Mirror Walk (Khen Remix)- Nick Muir 04 Voight Kampff (Cid Inc. Remix) - Nick Warren, Tripswitch 05 Voight Kampff (Original Mix)- Nick Warren, Tripswitch 06 The Cycle -Proff 07 Kangiten (Original Mi ...…
Joan is joined by some of our Tony nominees for the part 2 of Joan's Tony Luncheon. This features Laurie Metcalf, Ethan Slater & Gavin Lee, and Lauren Ambrose & Harry Haden Pedden!
Going back into history, through the worst of times, we have also came out stronger. "Soul of America" by Jon Meacham, puts everything in perspective and will open your eyes to a brighter future.
There are a lot of diets out there, some are so crazy and impossible to maintain! That is whyw e turned to our friend, Dr. Ian Smith, who was the former medical correspondent for NBC News network and currently a best selling author! His new book, The Clean 20.
What Does God Think? www.ZionsChurch.orgBy (Zion's Church, 770 Zion's Church Rd, Hamburg PA 19526).
God Really? Is This Idea from You? www.ZionsChurch.orgBy (Zion's Church, 770 Zion's Church Rd, Hamburg PA 19526).
Joan had her Pre-Tony Luncheon and we are sharing some of her guests! She is joined by Renee Fleming, Ari'el Stachel, Alan Alda, and Condola Rashad.
Joan is joined by amazing Broadway stars to kick of the Tony's. Welcome Renee Fleming, Alan Alda, Condola Rashad, and Ari'el Stachel.
Nancy and Isra curiously visit a Spiritual Healer in Mirdif, UAE and they recount their experience with Jamil.
Joan is joined by Laurie Burrows Grad and Joanne Lipman!
Tina Brown is going to visit Joan to talk about her fascinating book ,The Vanity Fair Diaries.
Everyone handles grief differently. How do you cope? What do you say to people? Laurie Burrows is a grief blogger, a James Beard Award-nominated cookbook author, a television chef, and the Editor-in-Chief of Her newest book, "The Joke’s Over, You Can Come Back Now: How This Widow Plowed Through Grief and Survived" allows people……
One of America's top designers and hosts, shares the secrets to creating a beautiful home, as well as his favorite recipes and tricks for entertaining.
The most relatable book in today's world. Joanne Lipman reaches out to everyone and delivers a must read message. Joan and Joanne talk all about her book, "That's What She Said: What Men Need to Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together"
Gossip about the Royals, gossip about President Trump, you name it - Tina Brown covers it all in the "The Vanity Fair Diaries."
Increase Our Territory www.ZionsChurch.orgBy (Zion's Church, 770 Zion's Church Rd, Hamburg PA 19526).
Joan is joined by Betty Buckley, Joanna Coles, and Nina Collins!
What happens when writer and entertainer, Nina Collins, starts having a difficult time dealing with aging and life's obstacles? It started as a Facebook group and turned into an ever changing life experience. Joan and Nina sit down and have a genuine conversation about aging and the revelations along the way.…
From music to TV, to stage Betty Buckley is probably best known as the quintessential musical theatre actress. She joins Joan to talk about everything she is up to and her exciting Joe’s Pub shows Jun 5 to 8 before she starts rehearsal for the national tour of Hello, Dolly! She will also be starring in the third season of the AMC……
Dating, love, relationships, and all inbetween has changed overtime. Joanna Coles is the chief content officer of Hearst Magazines, sits on the board of directors of Snapchat, as well as the board of Women Entrepreneurs New York City, an initiative to expand female entrepreneurship, with a focus on underserved women and communities. Her new book,……
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