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Shamoozal Radio
Shamoozal Radio gives you an inside look at what is going on behind the scenes at, as well as offering a comedic look at Video Games, Movies, Comics, Technology and Nerd Culture in general
One game store clerk takes on the world, one customer at a time.
The Yiddish Book Center's podcast includes conversations with Jewish culture makers, plus news and stories related to Yiddish literature, language, and culture.
Born Again Casual
Phil Summers and Steve Wilkinson of the Staff talk about games in this interactive audio/video podcast. The podcast occurs weekly on Tuesdays at 9 PM EST on ustream and has an emphasis on viewer interaction. Check out more info at
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We return after a nearly full year hiatus. We play a round of P90S, and just go over the things that have happened in our lives in the meantime.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Hey everyone. This is just a short message to let you know that the Game Glub has moved over to Elder Geek dot com. We’re not going to be posting any more episodes on this feed, so please head over there and subscribe. That is We’ll also have a new feed up on itunes in about a week. So please be sure to look us up and leave some ...…
This time on the Game Club we're talking about Cybernator, a Konami side scroller for the Super Nintendo. We also play three songs from the Cybernator original soundtrack.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
On this episode of Shamoozal's Game Club we dug into the retro-style RPG Cthulhu Saves the World from Zeboyd Games. We break it down in the way that we are now known to do. We also feature three fine tracks from the CStW original soundtrack by Gordon McNiel.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
On our most challenging episode yet, we welcome Randy from Elder-Geek to the show as our new '3rd Chair'. This time the Game Club played 'A Game About My Cat' an Xbox Live Indie title developed by thelostone.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
In this edition of the Shamoozal Game Club we're talking Streets of Rage 2 (1992).By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
In the very first episode of the Shamoozal Game Club we take a look at the original Rayman(1995).By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
The gang got together last weekend and we put together this episode which features our yearly Summer Movie Preview (in which we sort of hate on most of the choices this year), play a game about surviving what was supposed to be a post apocalyptic world, and in our Final Thoughts hit topics like the death of Macho Man Randy Savage, LA Noire, and ...…
Man discovers his online girlfriend of 2 years was a fake, ice cream made out of human breast milk, old woman almost burning in a fire thanks to Verizon, Steve and Jim celebrate their 10th Anniversary as bros, Steve loves Spencer from iCarly, Phil complains about his heater again, Frank fiddles with his Phoenix Wright Droid app, and more in thi ...…
It's our annual Christmas Podcast! After a Zobek filled introduction, the crew talks about their favorite Christmas moments to get into the holiday spirit. Afterward we move onto our Shocker News segment with such amazing stories about a dude that made a pot Christmas tree, and a guy that got caught choking the chicken in the WalMart toy isle. ...…
After an whole summer hiatus Shamoozal Radio is back! The episode begins with a batch of Shocker News including the UN's new Alien Ambassador, and a Father and Son's awful scheme to make big bucks in prison. Joe brings us a new game called Baby Bites where we need to guess the words that Joe's baby girl is saying. That brings us to Shamoozal ne ...…
Our fourth Anniversary starts out with a bit of an SRP shake up. The Shamoozal News segment gets pushed behind our regular news updates, and the Whore Daddy/Clutch turns into an ending thoughts of sorts. We hit up topics like the Star Wars Kid turning into a lawyer, drunk birds, and kidnapped kids found through Facebook. Sithlord brings with hi ...…
It's our yearly summer movie preview! We go through a quick list of movies coming out and offer up some thoughts. Nintendo Vs Apple? Craigslist gone bad? The Human Centipede? Are Jim's game punishments too much? It's all in here.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
John joins us after a two month break. I talk about an episode that got put on the side lines, we play a new trivia game from Jim called David Caruso's One Liner Trivia, and there is the usual break down of Nerd News and Whore Daddies.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
A word on Shamoozal's plans for the year, a mean game of 24 Trivia where the loser gets their hand zapped, and a large helping of Nerd News.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
A Shamoozal news segment followed up with a new game from Sithlord himself about some of the stuff he finds in Trenton.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
A ton of news about the site involving plans for the rest of the year, the second "Shamoozal Warrior" game, a large Nerd News section, a quick glance at some Fall TV stuff and of course our always present Whore Daddies and ClutchesBy (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
The We Talk Games ConTour! The WTG Cast of Regulars, Wiggly, Kyle, John, Eric, Trap Door Charmed (Chiz), Kirby, TT and Stinky all Talk Games. The opening, on-location segment from the King Khan Corn Con with live (as they happened) interviews with Island Officials Games, Jagazine, Magicink Gaming, Shamoozal, Halolz, Last Action Gamer, Eric "The ...…
The crew gets together for the first time in two months for one of the craziest episodes yet. We talk lots about GFG: How to Hook Up the NES, move onto some Nerd news, and then play a round of Slap Chop Trivia.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
The usual Shamoozal news and nerd news breakdown.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
The gang gets together and spends a large amount of time going over a huge list of summer movies. Wolverine impressions, Star Trek hype, Up love, Transformers love and hate, and lots more!By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Updates on the next GFGames, hints at another ManBot and more on the site in general. From there it's "Pointless Trivia", a helping of Nerd News, talk about Bruno, Mortal Kombat's future, and much more.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
We talk about the new site design, a bit about the next GFG, and then launch into the normal ridiculous stories. Watchmen film impressions, love for Retro Game Challenge, and DMV rants are all inside.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
We go over our outline for the year including the future of GFG and the site. Dive into upcoming TV shows, share thoughts on the end of EGM, and then get attacked by internet muscles.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Special post NES Marathon wrap-up podcast. We look back over the 12 hour marathon and discuss highlights. Also features looks at the PS3's Home, OJ and some other funny tidbits.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Reflections on the Frankensteiner Mario Paint marathon, and loads of video game talk now that the holiday season is hitting.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
A three year anniversary trivia game, GFG#3 La Tragedie thoughts, all during a ridiculous game that Jim forced us to play.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
What is life without pain?By (Shamoozal).
Talking about whats coming up in the Shamoozal pipeline. 'Are you smarter than an idiot?' and musings on the upcoming Fall 2008 TV Season.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
We reflect on the NES Marathon and GFG#3. Talk about movie remakes/sequels such as Friday the 13th and Tron 2. Plus, Steve gives us a great Locke impression.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
GFGames asks the hard questions... why is the last copy always open?By (Shamoozal).
Man-bot has a special message for his fans.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Our favorite moments, MGS4 is in the house, Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls chatter, and Whore Daddies make up our 2 year anniversary.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
The General Johnny Manfre joins the crew as our special guest host. Talking about all the upcoming summer movies, the GFGames #3 Progress report and all that stuff.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Talking about GFGames #2 'Tactical Espionage Retail Simulation', Metal Gear Solid 4, Battlestar Galactica, Jericho and we each divulge our secret 'Bro-mance'.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
While Grey has his hands full with a pushy customer, a mysterious figure moves in for the kill. Remember... this is a sneaking mission!By (Shamoozal).
Lucky #13 goes off without a hitch as we move into our new recording space. We respond to some negative comments about GFGames #1 and talk a whole lotta nerd talk.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Get ready for our longest Shamoozal news segment, join in as we guess the viral video in the game "What's Happenin' Now?" and get our thoughts on Cloverfield, Rambo, No More Heroes, Endless Ocean, and our huge Whore Daddy segment. It's 93 minutes you don't want to miss.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
The first episode of GFGames finds Grey faced with a moral dilmena: Make the sale, or stand your ground?By (Shamoozal).
A Holiday blast: Shittiest Pollyana ever, Angry Video Game Nerd Interview, more nerdiness than you can throw a dead cat at.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Shamoozal Radio Podcast turns 10 and takes it to the streets with Bling-Bling Trivia, Ten Tons of Video Game banter, True love in WoW and so much more... it's insane we're not getting paid to do this.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Five brave warriors accept the nerdiest challenge of all time. Find out who can turn on an old NES the quickest, can enter the Konami code with lightening speed, has the best luck with a 20 sided die against Dragon breath, and down a can of Red Bull with the greatest of ease.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Technical difficulties can't keep us down: Wizard World Philly, Man-Bot calls in, Nerdy goodness all around.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Shamoozal Radio celebrates it's 1 year anniversary with some big announcements and some wiffle-ball bat beatings.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
We go insane in our longest podcast ever. It's loaded with Shamoozal news, the team talks 300, GDC, and plays a really mean game of Movie Trivia. It's amazing.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
We get loose as a goose with reactions to Ninja 'reviews', 8-bit music Trivia, more whore daddies and the new segment we're calling "Nerd News". Nearly an hour and half of Nerdy bliss.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
It's our longest podcast ever, just for Christmas! Shamoozal News including talk about Ninja, we go over the Holiday thread from the Smorg, we play the game "Santa's Salami", tell stories and impressions about Wii, talk way to much about video games, and go over our own person Whore Daddies.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Shamoozal Trivia with Nosehair Bouquet, Wii launch talk, Dog the Bounty Hunter, among loads of other dorky topics.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
Frank joins the crew as we talk about Superman, DS Lite, Portal, TMNT, and nerds like us going to the beach. Phil sounds off on the Guitar Zero haters.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
The Shamoozal gang tries to get used to the whole podcast thing. Topics include WoW, X3, Transformers, M. Knight in his own movies, and lots more.By (Phil Summers and the Shamoozal Team).
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