Best shark podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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Pierce Marrs and co-host Steven Hayes discuss the presentation of the entrepreneurs, viability of their product and the shark's reaction as they present their ideas and try to get the sharks to invest in their business.
Champagne Sharks
A distinguished but vicious podcast about culture, politics, and race by Champagne Sharks.
Don't Jump The Shark
Good Films That Go Too Far
An awesome podcast about farming, agriculture
Weekly in-season, out-of-the-box analysis and entertainment courtesy of the award-winning experts at - home of the best darn fantasy football projections, rankings, and articles on the web.
Starring Bill and Fro, both men watch and review every episode of South Park ever done. Plus, a special episode will sneak up every once in a while for your listening ears!!!
Champagne Sharks
A PowerPress site
Shark Dropper
An improv based comedy discussion with the personalities behind all of your favorite Shark Dropper shows.
There are two types of Fantasy Owners. Sharks and Chum?Which are you?
Shark Bone Podcast
A Feeding Frenzy of RPG Ideas!
Join Alex, James and Lewis as they attempt to establish the Northern Powerhouse of the rugby-podcasting world.
The ‘LetsTalkShark’ podcast offers thoughts and answers to all kinds of topics dealing with sharks, especially aspects on shark-human interaction. Some of the categories are e.g., 'Bite Affairs' where every aspect of an incident is discussed; 'Anything but Bites' highlights topics like how an approaching shark can be interpreted, or what to look for during an interaction and so on; 'Back in Time' deals with e.g., movies like JAWS and why they had such an impact on the populations or when peo ...
With a focus on the BJJ lifestyle, the Shark Tank BJJ Podcast is a family-friendly look at the experience of training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the positive benefits on the people doing it.
An instant replay podcast of the Sharks game's highlights and radio calls by Sharks Radio Play-by-Play Broadcaster Dan Rusanowsky.
The official podcast of the San Jose Sharks. This podcast is a collection of the Sharks Game Highlights Podcast, the Sharks Breaking News Podcast and the Sharks Tank Talk Podcast.
Party Shark Music
Tune In & Turn Up! Music for All!
Are you ready for a photography podcast which breaks the mold and will not put you to sleep? Are you ready to actually have fun while learning? Are you ready to learn from an award-winning photojournalist with decades of experience you can benefit from? Join thousands of photographers from around the world who enjoy Sharky's weekly podcast where you'll have fun, improve your photography and solve those pesky problems you've been having. Leave voicemails, send in your questions and get answers!
Shark Bone Podcast
A Feeding Frenzy of RPG Ideas!
Shark Task Force
Everything you wanted to know about sharks and ocean conservation.
Champagne Sharks
A distinguished but vicious podcast about culture, politics, and race by Champagne Sharks.
Daily Fantasy Football Meets Las Vegas
A humorous show reviewing real ale and craft beer with pub like banter.
A geek culture podcast where two best friends discuss TV and movies; past, present, future, and non-existent.
The Shark Dropper crew countdown random subjects such as cocktails, movies, or bands they hate from 5 to 1. New subject matter each week
Shark Liver Oil
We read books, then talk about them in chunks - listen to us get to grips with some of your favourite old classics or pick up something new and read along with us!
This New England sports talk podcast is hosted by John Murphy, Dave Nardella and Matt Kovach. Each week these three New England natives break down everything that's going on in the world of Boston sports. Music, pop culture and politics also find their way into the discussion from time to time.
The first ever podcast dedicated to the Cronulla Sharks NRL club, hosted by Adam Newman and Sam Shinazzi.
The award-winning podcast from The world's most accurate fantasy football site.
This audio series explores the sounds you hear in movies, television, and radio--from Star Wars to Shark Week! For more, visit
A film review and discussion podcast.
A topical panel show that looks at the absurd comments posted on news articles.
Shark Interviews
Sink your teeth into these Alternative Shark band interviews! #biteme
Beer Shark
We've got stuff to say and no wives to talk to. You could be our wives.Thanks to Ari Padilla for the logo and James Walmsley for the theme song.
TV Sharks
2 chill dudes talkin' bout television.
Shark Podcast
Everything about sharks, from the people whose lives evolve around them
Shark Jumping
Three guys and a series of occasional guests, drinking and covering the important topics. With a microphone.
Shark Week
Comedians and Sharks fans Mitch Garling and Ethan Andrews sit down to talk everything Cronulla Sharks and the NRL.
Shark Tsunami
No one is safe in this tsunami. Either a shark will eat you or you will drown? Who will survive?
We like to talk nerdy to you. From current events, to recent movies, and even D&D, we will give you our take, whether you like it or... well hopefully you like it.EXPLICIT
The Premier Pop Culture Podcast
Mr. Shark Attack
Home of The Mr. Shark Attack and Lady Starfish Show ...
Narc and the Shark
Narc and the Shark Podcast. Talking about the world, our perspective, and Pusha T.
The official site for Sharky James of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast
This monthly podcast gets to the core of what’s on the horizon for digital marketing to help brands stand out in a hyper-crowded digital marketplace. Combining discussion in the worlds of creative, business, strategy and technology. The hosts of the show bring dynamic interaction, that is a touch of rawness, a dash of humor and all realness required to make sense of the digital marketing universe available to brands today.
Talking about games, geeky stuff, nerd culture, and other oddities! Sharks Insider Kevin Kurz brings you comprehensive NHL coverage of all things San Jose Sharks. Don't miss weekly in-depth interviews all year long with players, coaches, front office personnel, alumni and fellow media members. The Sharks Insider Podcast...
Hi! I'm Shark! And this is basically a Podcast about me going down to do the dirty work and learn how to actually meet and seduce women. As i'm just starting out myself, i'll be your personal Crashest-Dummy! Once a Week I'll share with you all the knowledge, experiences and thoughts i gather right from the field, from books and from courses too. Also you will find interviews with the Gurus of PUA, Masters in their Territory of Seduction. My goal is to keep you inspired and motivated to go ou ...
There are two types of Fantasy Owners. Sharks and Chum? Which are you?
Shark Tooth Podcast
Inappropriate at its best
2 Hungry Sharks
Fish are friends, and food
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We have the details and our thoughts on the latest high school shooting, why doctors are syaing kids shouldn't be watching the hit Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, Shark attacks at a popular vacation destination, and our thoughts on the Royal Wedding.
This week's show is one of the funniest, most off the wall, good-time of a show we have done in a LONG time! You're going to love it! We have an exciting show tonight folks… we have Chrys Starr, from ADTS, as special guest co-host… we have an interview with Arturo, the lead vocalist for an alternative rock band called Marila Voe out of San Anto ...…
In this episode Andrew and the Rev discuss Casablanca and they ask the real questions: Like is Claude Rains gay? Is Casablanca really purgatory? Do all dogs really go to heaven even though they're voiced by Burt Reynolds? And also...surprise, surprise Power Rangers and TMNT are both brought up because...Casablanca. Check out our Patreon: ...…
They’re at the top of the food chain, they can't get cancer, and they’re out to eat us – or maybe not. UQ alumnus and adjunct fellow marine biologist Dr Blake Chapman takes the bite out of shark myths and explains how important sharks are to our environment.
Growing up, my parents moved a lot and I remember living in several houses in Lodi, California; Sacramento, California, and Winnipeg, Canada. When we lived in Canada, there was a house on McGill Ave that I remember most vividly. There was a kid named Greg across the street whose parents had a pool table. We had a lot of fun with that pool table ...…
It was a close encounter between the Sharks and the Bulldogs to round out round 11 as the Sharks win 22-16 in front of over 14,000 fans. Here is how our team of Russell Barwick, Scott Sattler and Laurie Daley saw the action.
When you realize the thing that pisses you off is something you yourself need to work on.
AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on crazy stories from the past week. With Florida or Not there is a lot of dumb criminals and crazy stories that now get their hilarious attention on the show, but a few from this week were so nuts that they needed a little extra time to really dive in to. AJ & McCall unleash on three of the most ridiculous and hilariou ...…
In this week's Shark Bites, Chief Brody and Bad Hat Harry head to Harlem for Barry Shear's Across 110th Street. Also in this week's show, we mourn the impending demise of an old friend.
Luis Drayton and Professor P-Soop present the latest edition of "Butterflies and Hurricanes" on Fusion Music Radio! With Special Guest Linda Gambino, music from Ronald Humphrey, Desiree Million, Mark tha Shark, Miss Nina, Octane, Geoff Pellant, Professor P-Soop - plus "The Week In Lulz", "My Life In The Bush Of Static" and more! And don't forge ...…
Shawna and LaLa discuss the big "Tormato" that hit the area and discuss their baby segment and the winner and the girls talk about their love of Shark/Ninja and the companies latest awesome products!
​ Welp. I often get tired of Jared not listening to me. So this time I decided to screw up his mic feed. In all seriousness, sorry about the audio quality. I didn't realize my error until we had wrapped the whole thing. But the content's still worth a listen. Just don't try it while mowing your lawn. Jared and I have gotten through our initial ...…
This episode of the Song Soldier Podcast joins Rinat Arinos, founder of Pink Shark Music, a full service provider for film, tv, and new media. She talks about The many different roads she’s walked in the music business Her company Pink Shark Music and the recent projects they are working with The philosophy behind her music career Her upcoming ...…
The boys are joined by dafloreslava, aka tattoo Dave, in #LilReno to answer the question “has craft beer jumped the shark”. This came up after a local craft brewery released a bud light lime rip off, just awful.
Are you one of the people who truly wants to catch a MONSTA-Sized Goal or reach a lifelong dream? One of mine was to catch a Shark. Today, I’m joined by Michael “Captain Sharky” Marquez, founder of Outcast Charters and MonstaFishin Apparel. Fresh off just catching four sharks in my first-time ever fishing trip, I learned a lot about sharks and ...…
East Coast Radio — The Cell C Sharks take on the Chiefs in Durban - coach Rob du Preez says his team cant afford to drop anymore points this season
This week, Isa tries to tell her Ketchup but we go all over the place in between.We drank LUCIEN ET MARCEL PAR GRAND SUD VERMENTINO COLOMBARD and gave it a 4/5 (super good) and Georges Duboeuf Saint-Véran for another great rating of 3.8/5 We also talk about bad things we've done while drunk.IN THE NEWS ...…
We all know Dr Glen Richards as the founder of Greencross Vets, not to mention he is also one of the Sharks on the TV show “Shark Tank”. Glen’s entrepreneurial journey is inspiring and impressive and probably why we all know him so well. My conversation with Glen delves slightly from his conventional story. We start our chat taste testing a Mon ...…
Today on Funhundred Percent!We play the slot machines!Bad things happen to tables!And Tommy gets involved with someone he shouldn't!Special Thanks to Kevin Cole!Hopefully you won't need this as much as us!
The airtight space survival film "Gravity" (2013) gets sequels - one, a hilarious shark-jumping adventure, the other a suspenseful paranoia thriller - and then Richard and Robert get producer notes that make their films more...lively...
Cult Movie Review: Jaws (1975) & the USS Indianapolis (New segment) Real Life Mutants: The Spleen! Recorded: 5/12/2018 Favorite quote: "Don't put his glasses in your mouth, gross!" (Sooper) This episode is our first so-called cult movie review. We will try to divide our shows between new releases and great, older films. With the summer blockbus ...…
John and I discuss Richard Branson’s second autobiography, and what it means for aviation sales and marketing professionals. Book Club – Finding My Virginity by Richard Branson from Paula Anderson Williams This is the first time we’ve read an autobiography (or autobiography) in our Book Club! Things our members have said about biographies: “The ...…
Both California teams are now out, so at least the time of stress is over. Other than discussing the Sharks’ upcoming offseason, Joey and Penn talk about Snoop Dogg, Gary Bettman, Brad Marchand’s dexterous tongue, and… oh yeah, I guess the rest of the playoffs too. -Intro: ...…
The BRA project for women who have undergone a mastectomy, John Reid on his new book Shark in the Bath, Judith McFadden on a new radio wellness series on English Time and Janet Anscombe on the stories of the week...
This week on The Shark Attack, Sean Williams will be talking about Money in the Bank as well as Roman vs Jinder, Reports of Vince McMahon upset that fans walked out on the Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe match at Backlash. ALso questions like who will be the next to go to WWE from ROH and who will be the one to take the ROH tile from Dalton Castle an ...…
Charlie LeDuff (@CharlieLeDuff) & Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) are here today! Charlie LeDuff brings his “Sh*tShow” to the studio, a lady leaves her sh*tshow at Tim Hortons in Canada, Good Morning America’s Detroit broadcast was sh*tshow this AM, Yanny vs. Laurel is the biggest argument & best distraction in the world. Charlie LeDuff’s “Sh*tshow!: ...…
In this episode Ryan and Erin talk about cats (dead and alive), new game called “Is This From Buffalo?”, Conspiracy Theories, Shark AND Space News, and don’t try to upsell me.By (Ryan Conner).
East Coast Radio — In your 16h30 update - Sharks hooker Chiliboy Ralepelle says he's grateful to have played 100 Super Rugby caps.
WOW - another Dream Warriors jumped the Shark. Moving forward here are some general show updates and some thoughts on Infinity War and the upcoming Solo, and Deadpool 2.IG: AKAPAD13SNAP: AKAPAD TWITTER: AKAPAD SITE: AKAPAD.COM
DDYH S2 EIV THE BOWELS OF DOOM Andy is on a dangerous journey at the cusp of the Marsh of Confusion, when he falls through a conveniently plotted hole and is left to his own devices. Meanwhile Dave desperately searches for truth. Fortunately, Dave has the tools to save Andy from annihilation with a well-timed DDYH. Trapped for over 8 weeks the ...…
A red ocean means there is blood in the water. It’s where all the sharks are competing for market share with their various products. Blue Ocean is totally different. It’s opening up an entire new horizon with the normal competitors. Think of Cirque Du Soleil. They weren’t competing against Barnum—nobody had every seen anything like Cirque! www. ...…
A red ocean means there is blood in the water. It’s where all the sharks are competing for market share with their various products. Blue Ocean is totally different. It’s opening up an entire new horizon with the normal competitors. Think of Cirque Du Soleil. They weren’t competing against Barnum—nobody had every seen anything like Cirque! www. ...…
Even though they spend an entire weekend fishing, Jamey and Matthew only manage to put together a 22-minute podcast. Because of technical problems mainly, if we’re honest. Highlights of the epic saltwater fishing trip to Matagoda include a veritable swarm of hardhead catfish and an involuntary education into their venomous barbs. A bonnethead s ...…
Recorded 2018-05-15 19:06:54 Tracklisting: * DJ Die - Slide Away * Camo & Krooked - The Sloth (DLR Remix) * Zero T - The Question (Feel) * Artificial Intelligence - Is This Real (Zero T Remix) * Amoss, MCJC - Bleed It * DLR - A - DLR & Script - Electronic Heroin * Verdikt - Brutality * Alix Perez, Skeptical - Room 667 * Bou - Keep Away * Skepti ...…
Today's guest on this episode of the Boomtank Business Show Podcast is Stephen Woessner. Stephen is Founder and CEO of Predictive ROI, a leading, multi-million dollar digital marketing agency and the host of the top rated daily podcast Onward Nation, for learning how today’s top business owners think, act and achieve. Onward Nation is listened ...…
This is the true story of what happens when two people cut to the chase, and go straight to dessert. What if you decided to be in a "relationship" on day one? No matching on an app, no texting, no first date... you just take a gamble and jump on the next plane to California. This is one story of how it happened... It was St. Patrick's Day and I ...…
East Coast Radio — In your 16h30 update - Sharks flyhalf Rob du Preez says the Chiefs are not to be taken lightly, with or without their All Blacks players.
Episode 59: Jason’s been diving in Bonaire and James is back from Rome after driving the Lamborghini Urus. With more dives and drives on the horizon, the guys take a few minutes to catch up over camera gear, a new Vancouver-themed LE from Halios, and diving around Socorro. For the main topic, Jason and James discus how they approach the idea of ...…
Sharks defenceman Brenden Dillon joins. Todd Halpen to talk golf.By (Sportsnet 960 The FAN).
Nowadays, everyone is big on “empowerment,” but how many people and organizations actually make true Progress? There’s a difference. Today, I’m joined by Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Jasmin Brand, to discuss identifying opportunities to create real progress in your life, business, and brand. In this episode, we’ll cover: The difference in “hustl ...…
Weekly spoiler reaction to the hit HBO series Westworld with "Sir Cussalott" Travis Pointer, Mara "The Shark" Watkins. and Jonny "Jums" Grutzius.
In this episode Andrew and the Rev talk about the movie that kickstarted the MCU. But mostly they talk about the weird relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper, and probably Power Rangers. Check out our Patreon: And follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@theSharkPod)!…
Who are the guys blaming for the Carolina Cobras loss to the Columbus Lions? Don’t miss their theory on the Cobras, either! Also, will the Pirates get an upset win in Carolina next week under Sean Brackett? What is Stephen’s big expectation for the Maine Mammoths against the Jacksonville Sharks? Plus SO MUCH MORE! Don’t miss the latest exciting ...…
Matman caught up with Entrepreneur and Founder of 'Boost Juice' - Janine Allis ahead of tonights Season return of Shark Tank. We chat about tonights episode and wether Boost Juice is coming to Mildura.
Music from 7 Years Past and Sharon Lia Band, Love Bugs, Shark Fishing, Tatort, Music Report, Kasperle Theater...
RHOZ Podcast - 2018-5-14 [00:00:00] 3:00 pm - RHOZ [00:00:34] Blues Traveler - regarding steven [00:03:40] Buddy Guy & Junior Wells - Hoodoo Man [00:07:08] RHOZ TD With Banner 2 Label [00:07:32] Test1-female-es4 LABEL [00:08:12] Arcade Fire - Suburban War [00:12:54] The Tragically Hip - Sharks [00:17:17] Bob Marley & the Wailers - I Shot the Sh ...…
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