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Sheriff David Clarke
Commentary on law enforcement and knowing your rights, current affairs involving racial issues, the 2nd Amendment and more... all with a focus on empowering individuals rather than "the state," this is David Clarke: The People's Sheriff!
Building Healthy Churches and Helping People Grow in Christ
John "Shrek" McPhee (aka The Sheriff of Baghdad) and his guests talk guns, tactics (both in the field and in life), as well as recent books, movies and television shows on related topics.
Official podcast of the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, featuring team broadcasters Shane Hnidy, Gary Lawless and Dave Goucher along with special guests. #SLGND
Omar Sheriff
Mufti Omar Sheriff Ibn Abdul Salam Kasimi – Darul Huda, Chennai
We are a community of professionals in the field of death investigation. Whether you’re a coroner, a member of local police or county law enforcement, an EMS professional, or medical examiner – or frankly, anyone in between, Coroner Talk™ is the right community for you. We provide training and resources to coroners and death investigators by and from professionals around the world, a peer to peer training environment. I recognized that the training available for coroners and small department ...
Dj Sheriff
Dj Sheriff начал свой творческий путь совсем недавно. Но благодаря своему фанатичному стремлению оттачивать навыки диджея, всего за полтора года достиг завидного уровня мастерства и теперь покоряет плодами своего творчества многие площадки столицы. Dj Sheriff амбициозен, целеустремлен и обладает хорошим музыкальным вкусом, поэтому его творчество не может оставить равнодушным ни любителя качественной стильной музыки, ни даже самого искушенного клаббера.
Sans Sheriff Radio
"Sans Sheriff Radio" is a sketch comedy podcast that showcases the best content from the past week of broadcasting at Sans Sheriff Radio (a completely not fictional radio station). Expect to hear clips from political advisor, Braxton Corwin; Love gurus Willson Smith and Kane Lynchberg; and Off The Record's Will and Elliot who will guide you through some of the most exciting, never-before-heard stories from behind the scenes in the music business.
Official podcast of the David Morgan for Escambia County, Florida Sheriff Campaign.
The music of our merciful robot overlords. We must always please them!
Updates and more from the Wayne County Sheriff's Office located in Wooster Ohio. Produced by Captain Doug Hunter.
Southern bred Sheryl Thomas and New Yorker Kenneth T. Jones using humor and the contrast of their personalities and experiences provide listeners upbeat, entertaining and careful analysis of the issues we all face on a national, state and local level.
A fantasy fable from west of the river
Love God Love People
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Shots Fired is a monthly feature in POLICE Magazine where the author takes real police reports involving shots fired and brings the scenarios to life.
Michael Scabs, Dreg and Ivan Russia, of the Chicago rock band SHERIFF SCABS, bring their rehearsal space banter to the digital airwaves, covering everything from music, movies, classic television, sex, adult beverages and the often hilarious stories that come with being on the midwest rock scene.FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.
KSL CrimeWatch
KSL CRIMEWATCH is a fast-paced show that puts you inside the top priorities of local law enforcement. Hosted by former chief of police in Salt Lake, Chris Burbank, the goal of KSL Crimewatch is simple: help keep Utahns safe. Episodes feature tips on how to protect you, and your family and give communities along the Wasatch Front opportunities to help authorities solve a crime. Designed from its inception to appeal to modern audiences, each episode is only a few minutes long and is heavily pr ...
The preeminent source for public safety labor and employment law issues.
Listen to these messages from the Plantation Community Church Pulpit
COPS - Podcast Series
The COPS Podcast Series is brought to you by the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs. Listen in to how you can become a Citizen Member and much more. Check back for new updates.
SEE the Wild West as Sheriff Burns does. WITHOUT SIGHT. The show brilliantly legitimizes the audio drama genre in it's use of a blind central character, allowing the listening audience to observe events as Sheriff Burns does; and tackles social and ethical issues still troubling America today, all is the guise of a classic radio Western.
American Police Officer UP! is a talk show about challenges facing Public Safety front line officers and Public Servants at home and at work.We also spend time every segment on Leadership Challenges, corruption/integrity issues, facing Sheriff Doug Gillespie and other Police Executives across the country and their negative impact on the Rights of Police women and men.
Officers Justin Mossman and John DeCosta field and answer their most asked questions about law enforcement, police officers, crime investigation, traffic stops and citations, and much more.
K9 Radio presented by Project Paws Alive: Where the focus is on Law Enforcement, Fire, Search & Rescue, and Military K9 Units.
An investigative podcast that explores the unsolved disappearance of the University of New Mexico student, Tara Calico, a 29 year-old mystery that is hailed by Investigative Discovery Magazine as one of their top ten unsolved cases. Come along with host Melinda Esquibel, a former classmate to Tara Calico & a filmmaker turned amateur investigator, as we examine the old case files from the Sheriff's office. Follow us on Twitter @VanishedPodcast on Facebook @Vanished: The Tara Calico Story on I ...
This radio show is the source of news and information about the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE).
In late January of 2014, the Colorado Sheriff’s Department investigated a murder scene at a remote ranch with almost a dozen dead bodies. To their shock, they discovered one woman was still alive. Host Tara Bay investigates the mystery of the woman known as Jane Doe - who she was, how she survived, and how justice is not yet served.
A sheriff's deputy. His 10-year-old son. A bitter custody battle. A haunting death. Was it suicide? Or something more sinister? Twenty-five years later, authorities decided to take a closer look. So did Mercury News reporter Julia Prodis Sulek. Join her on a whirlwind journey from Silicon Valley to Oklahoma’s cowboy country as she explores a brutal question: How did a 10-year-old boy end up hanging on the family farm?
The Best in Blue(BiB) is a podcast and video show that provides a platform for Memphis Police Department leaders to enhance the department's brand equity and build a more transparent relationship with the Memphis community. BiB will highlight various aspects of the work of MPD, i.e. community policing, gang task force, narcotics, etc.
Rams Showcase
Joe Branham AKA Sheriff Joe Bags keeps you current with YOUR Los Angeles Rams. All the news and updates you can handle. All Rams all the time. HORNS UP!
Donnie, a tattoo artist and Jerry, a retired sheriff's deputy, Eric Welsh, a pro bow hunter, and Mike, a comedian, talk current events and interview people from all walks of life. A comedy show from a man's perspective. Unedited, uncensored, unfiltered. Listener Discretion Advised
Goober Says Hey
A podcast about The Andy Griffith Show and all things Mayberry.
Law Enforcement Social Media. It's the most powerful community policing, marketing and communication tool available to law enforcement today. With the LESM Podcast, social media managers from police, sheriff, highway patrol, and other law enforcement and other government organizations can learn new tools and techniques, as well as the latest trends and news, surrounding law enforcement social media.
Future Quake is a two hour, intelligent interview and talk show that intends to eduate it listeners, and even sometimes warn them, about issues that could negatively impact them if they are not informed, and prepared properly. We cover all aspects of societal concerns, including developments in technology, medicine and health, transportation, economics, a little politics, social and particularly spiritual issues, from a Biblical, Christian world view and mindset. While we cover very weighty ...
Mayor Gia
I'm the Mayor of my own Crazy Town. Sheriff, too.
2 Guys, 1 Brain
Two like minded regular guys who work for the Sheriff's office discuss topics that are interesting, relevant, and funny, to them.
Don’t Fear the Wasteland is a bimonthly podcast created by Joie Hall, chronicling Sheriff’s journey in the apocalypse, broadcast as a radio show from the Last Hurrah in Alabama. It is an oasis for survivors in the blasted remains of the Old World, or Earth as we know it now.All are welcome, but remember, no funny business.
Jenny Kane, who covers marijuana for the USA TODAY Network, examines America's shift toward legalizing marijuana by telling the stories of the people who are living it: pot farmers, rural sheriffs, a professional mountain biker, a Cordon Bleu cannabis chef. In each episode, Jenny talks to them about how their jobs, lives and dreams have changed as more of America is legalizing the country's most controversial herb. You don't have to be a stoner to listen. We're not. We're just interested in ...
A modern day legend, Robin Hood is an archetypal hero of the common people who goes to great lengths to famously take from the rich and give to the poor. Luckily he is not alone in his mission, as his righteous views are shared by his band of Merry Men, a group of yeomen, and together they pursue an end to injustice and oppression. Set in medieval England, the tale begins with the introduction of a young archer, who is provoked into conflict and committing a crime against the formidable Sher ...
KMA 628
KMA 628 is the official podcast of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Join hosts Norm Pattiz, Reserve News Room Unit, and Mike Leum, Assistant Director of the Reserve Forces Bureau, as they provide a unique, inside view of law enforcement from the perspective of the nation's largest sheriff's department.
Sir Thomas More is a collaborative Elizabethan play by Anthony Munday and others depicting the life and death of Thomas More. It survives only in a single manuscript, now owned by the British Library. The manuscript is notable because three pages of it are considered to be in the hand of William Shakespeare and for the light it sheds on the collaborative nature of Elizabethan drama and the theatrical censorship of the era. The play dramatizes events in More's life, both real and legendary, i ...
This podcast is discussing a potential killer let go by the San Diego County Sheriff's Office!
Fables Radio
"Fables Radio" is an unofficial, fan-made audio adaptation of the graphic novel series "Fables" by Bill Willingham and DC Vertigo Comics, about a secret community of fairy-tale characters living in New York City, in hiding from a great evil that exiled them from their homelands. This six-part audiodrama series (with full voice cast, music, and sound effects) tells the first story in the "Fables" saga, "Legends in Exile", which follows Sheriff Bigby Wolf and Deputy Mayor Snow White and their ...
Beyond the Badge
KSL's Beyond the Badge recognizes the good work that Utah's public safety officers do every day to make each of our lives better. Featured officers come from state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies and must be POST certified. Officers nominated by their respective police chiefs, sheriffs and supervisors, and those featured are selected by a committee composed of representatives from KSL, the Lieutenant Governor and the ULCT.
About the Walking Dead: The Walking Dead takes place after the onset of a worldwide zombie apocalypse. The zombies, colloquially referred to as "walkers", shamble towards living humans and other creatures to eat them; humans that they bite or scratch become infected and slowly turn into walkers as well. It is revealed early in the series that all living humans carry this pathogen, so that if they die from any other cause, they will also turn into walkers. The only way to permanently kill a w ...
It is not impossible that some useful information may be conveyed by this book. Should these pages prove of such service, their cost in labor is most cheerfully donated.This volume is composed of a series of articles which appeared in a Trade Journal, covering a period of two years from 1887 to 1889. It must be accepted as but a brief history of an industry long identified with Baltimore.Thanks are due the Librarian of the Maryland Historical Society and Mr. B. R. Sheriff for favors in lendi ...
A cowboy outlaw whose youthful daring has never been equalled in the annals of criminal history.When a bullet pierced his heart he was less than twenty-two years of age, and had killed twenty-one men, Indians not included.The author feels that he is capable of writing a true and unvarnished history of "Billy the Kid," as he was personally acquainted with him, and assisted in his capture, by furnishing Sheriff Pat Garrett with three of his fighting cowboys--Jas. H. East, Lee Hall and Lon Cham ...
The Gumshoe Show presents its debut podcast––Deconstructed Detective––a podcast about solving crime in real time with less than modern devices. Join Marty Stanbaugh, private-eye detective, as she navigates the complex concrete jungle of New York City with Stino—her trusty best friend and crime-solving side kick. Marty’s arch-nemesis, the Drug Lord Mary Jane, continues to elude her as thoughts of Sheriff Brad distract her at every turn. Contact: Twitter: @MartyStanbaug ...
DEAD AIR /// Join DeeDee from, along with panel regulars and weekly guests, as we talk about Eric Northman, our Viking vampire sheriff from HBO's True Blood and Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries.
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Kirby Delauter, Republican candidate for County Executive and current Frederick County Councilman, joined host Colin McGuire and News-Post political reporter Danielle E. Gaines to discuss his aspirations for higher office as well as how public office has changed him over the years. He referenced unflattering coverage such as the 2015 #KirbyDela ...…
Opening: We Care A Lot (Faith No More) Worshipful Bro.^2 joins us again after surviving the Pancakes for Puppies event Bruce says "your Lodge kind of sucks" How can a development company behind two bridge collapses stay in business?! The fallout from Pancakes for Puppies Another video game tangeant Harlan completed the big political convention, ...…
Show Notes Thanks to Joe's Place Deli for their always warm and friendly hospitality! 3 Things We're Thinkin' About Starbucks Bias Training HCEA Endorsements Surgeon General's rare advisory: more people should carry opioid overdose antidote Howard County Sheriff Bill McMahon Opioids Roles of Sheriff in HoCo Vision for Sheriff's Office Bill's Ra ...…
From foxes to forests, the guys turn this classic character on his head. Whether it's proposing that Robin Hood originated from the son of the Sheriff of Nottingham to Maid Marian going dark and usurping the throne of England, join Tyler, Logan, & Riley as they discuss what Robin Hood should look like.Don't forget to leave us those sweet sweet ...…
Spencer Cannon-Utah County Sheriff's Department-Discussed the timeline of an ongoing high-profile murder investigation, as well as where things currently stand.
We welcome the fantabulous Kirk Fletcher to That Pedal Shed. Kirk is a supremely talented solo artist, sideman and all-round wonderful human being from Los Angeles, California. But heavens, he is in dire need of a pedalboard upgrade! This episode first aired on YouTube January 12 2018. We start by having a look at t ...…
In this episode we welcome the wonderful, enigmatic and popular-music-changing Graham Coxon to the show. This first aired March 9 2018. Graham is a founding member of legendary British band, Blur who reigned alongside Oasis at the top of the 1990s Britpop scene. They’ve sold millions of records and go down as one of ...…
RHOZ Podcast - 2018-4-13 [00:00:00] 12:01 pm - RHOZ [00:00:34] Dire Straits - Two Young Lovers [00:01:09] The Tragically Hip - Cemetery Sideroad [00:04:28] Advertisement [00:04:46] Advertisement [00:05:11] Advertisement [00:05:51] Bedouin Soundclash - When The Night Feels My Song [00:09:05] Joss Stone - All the King's Horses [00:12:16] Advertis ...…
A detention deputy with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office was arrested Tuesday after investigators say he neglected to care for a horse, leading to its death. John Rutherford, who had been with the agency for 14 years, was arrested Tuesday and charged with one felony count of aggravated animal cruelty, Sheriff Bob Johnson said at a news co ...…
*clip clop clip clop clip clop*WHOAH there whoah now who might you be? Dont you know if you wander into town after dark sheriff Keizer might make you listen to her Jerry Seinfeld impression? Ive seen it tan the hide right off a horse cross my heart its true! Why dont you climb on to the back of ole Jasper here and we can head on over to the pod ...…
Being able to think on our feet and course correct as necessary when we are on the hot seat in a meeting or presentation, are skills many of us clamor to be better at. Improv is a form of theater where most content is created and performed in the moment, with little or no pre-planning. Join Liz West and Garth Sheriff as they discuss how strateg ...…
Whether you are speaking in front of a full auditorium, in a team meeting, with clients or with your leadership, conveying your message in a clear, concise, and well-structured manner is key to gaining buy-in. There is also, however, tremendous power in integrating personal stories and metaphors into your messages. In this Future Forward episod ...…
Being heard and understood are skills many of us strive to improve. As Jerry Seinfeld once mused, at a funeral, many of us would prefer to be in the casket than giving the eulogy. Most of us feel at least some degree of anxiety when speaking in front of others, regardless of the venue or group size. Fortunately, there are specific skills that y ...…
Stress can be a demotivating factor for our personal and professional lives and undermine our motivation to succeed. We know that we need to find time to relax, but actually carving out that time from our busy schedules can be easier said than done. In this Future Forward episode, Liz West and Garth Sheriff explore current research on stress, a ...…
What do great teams have that dysfunctional teams lack? What can you do to ensure your team works collaboratively, while each team member remains self-reliant and motivated to produce their best work? Join Liz West and Garth Sheriff as they discuss the habits of effective teams and key factors to consider in developing a culture of participatio ...…
Today on The Neil Haley Show, The Total Tutor The Neil Haley will interview Brandon Alston of Den of Thieves. Brandon Alston is an actor, known for Den of Thieves (2018) and Insatiable (2017). A gritty crime saga which follows the lives of an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff's Dept. and the state's most successful bank robbery crew as the ou ...…
In which Sheriff starts her story.
Alex Villanueva is a long time reformer and activist. He also happens to be a long time deputy who is running for Los Angeles County Sheriff. Alex holds a Doctorate in Public Administration. His dissertation is on the impact of diversity on law enforcement leadership. Alex discusses police reform, fixing corruption, race bias in the department- ...…
033018 Sheriff Full by Marc Bernier
Matt and ChrisX discuss 400 sheriffs asking the Congress to get tough on Immigration. Former Trump advisor Rob Wasinger talks about the Omnibus bill vs. Budget.
On this edition of Good Morning Orlando Bud, Alan, and Yaffee talk about the latest news!Florida short of funds for armed school resource officers. Budman has the solution!!AND Budman's believe it or not file! Nikolas Cruz adoring fans?!ALSO 380 Sheriffs demand Congress fund Trump's wall! PLUS Does Florida need a free range parenting law like t ...…
G-Man Impersonates his Mother's Voice + Fla. Sheriff Israel No Accountability + Rick Hendrick Auto helps LC Food Bank Easter Diner + Trump vs Amazon + Chinese Space Lab Crashing to Earth #BigFailFriday
Teenage girls and sheriffs are insecure. Dawson finds a moment of clarity. Pacey is destined for fishing and darts. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to everyone.
Peter Navarro - Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Industrial Policy for the White House Bernie Giusto - retired Multnomah County SheriffMichael Sullivan - Managng Editor, VC ReporterDavid Cross - Criminal Alien of the Week Report
Finally after a long hiatus the game is back on, the group is back to their old tricks.. as George greets William, who is back from his research project recapping him (and you from what we lost) as to what’s going on. Listen in as the Chaos begins! This game takes place in Dallas Texas. Characters include: John – Outcast kid in high school, has ...…
More national publications are writing articles about repealing the Second Amendment. California claims the 2020 census is a tactic to scare away minority voters. We go live to the President speaking on in infrastructure in Ohio. Former VA Secretary Shulkin lashes out at the Administration after being fired. Broward County Sheriff Israel backs ...…
Jeff Pledger-Weber County Sheriff's Office-Discussed the program run by his office to instruct teachers in proper firearm use in order to protect their classes, as well as how to behave in the event of a school shooting.
Attorney Joshua Prince joined discussing the Bucks County sheriff's attempt to boost background checks.
As the opioid epidemic has taken hold in Bay County, Sheriff Ford has introduced new programs and dedicated more resources to tackling the issue for all angles.
Sheriff Scott Carey rounds up his two deputies in David Price and Henry Burrell for a quick-fire two topic pod. Apple launched a new cheaper iPad this week based around its education play - but can schools afford them and are Chromebooks a better option? Then we discuss the new Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. Notches, three cameras but competitive pric ...…
Sheriff Kathy Witt and Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers join Jack.
The Walton County Sheriff's Office arrested 27-year-old Matthew James Reynolds of Fort Walton Beach after an investigation revealed he was attempting to meet up with a 15-year-old girl for sex.
The Walton County Sheriff's Office is investigating a "suspicious" fire after two bodies were found inside a charred home early Thursday morning. Read more here.
Two Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office deputies paid an 87-year-old woman's taxi cab fare after she was the victim of an unusually elaborate phone scam.
Broward Sheriff, Scott Israel *Follow him on Twitter: @ScottJIsrael
Got to show off some of my gymnast skillsBeing threatened for moneyUpdate on debt progress
Hey everyone and welcome back to another crazy episode! This one starts off with the classic love story, a tale of a man and his....angler fish? STOMACH?!? Okay then. We then get into a list of common items at a Chinese Walmart, and detail a story from Australia that includes possibly the most gross and offensive display of a sexual act in publ ...…
On this week's episode, Brad and Sarah are joined by fellow RedStater Sarah Rumpf, who explains exactly what happened with her David Hogg post and correction yesterday. Also a review of Chappaquiddick, an update on Sheriff Scott Israel and the gun control march, the impending release of "Ready Player One" and this week's hilarious Twitter momen ...…
Daily News reporter Jennie McKeon talks with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Rich Aloy about how spring break is different in the county compared to surrounding areas.
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