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The Shetler Show
Professional skateboarder has amazing discussions with interesting people from all walks of
The Samaritan Women is a national nonprofit that specializes in long-term housing of survivors of human trafficking. Open since 2011, they have built one of the few long-term restoration programs for adult female survivors of sex trafficking in the country. Through their work, they have learned about what it takes to run a shelter, from security to programming and education to volunteer support. They are eager to share the world of shelter operations with those who may consider building thei ...
Why is it so expensive to live in California? And what can the state do about it? Every other week, Los Angeles Times housing reporter Liam Dillon and CALmatters' data reporter Matt Levin chat about the latest developments in California housing policy and interview a key housing newsmaker. Listen to this podcast and we promise your rent will drop in half instantly. You can also subscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher.
Sheltered Podcast
A little podcast about the big, scary world of real estate. Get real advice from real experts, hear real estate horror stories and play Horrible House Warming Gifts. There's a storm of bad advice out there. Get Sheltered.
Shelter is an ongoing conversation about house, home, and refuge: from where we find it and how we choose it—or perhaps how it chooses us—to how and where it is lost, and why it is a fundamental human need. Hosted by Erin Sweeny, this podcast looks beyond structures to explore more complex ideas related to our lives in a society that is more mobile and fluid, but arguably less rooted. In discussing great freedoms to stark realities, these conversations aim to shed light on issues related to ...
Janice Wolfe, the founder of Merlin’s Kids, and a cancer survivor, searched for a reason why she survived while so many others did not. As a result, she has dedicated herself to helping to provide and train service animals for special needs individuals.Janice is known as "The Lady" Dog Whisperer and "New Jersey's Dog Whisperer" for her unique abilities with dogs with behavioral issues. Janice has rehabilitated over 25,000 dogs. She travels around the country with Wyatt.
Sheltered is a comedy podcast about nobody in particular. Rusty and co. venture through the forests of Southern California. Listen and enjoy.
Bomb Shelter Radio
Bomb Shelter Radio travels across the United States setting up temporary radio stations. The team creates radio shows containing the best rock n roll, soul music from 45's collected along the way.
To lead every person into a life-changing relationship with Jesus!
Maple City Chapelcast
It's our prayer that you will receive a clear sense that Jesus is present whenever you visit us. We invite you to worship Him with a church family who loves God and loves you. Maple City Chapel is located in Goshen, Indiana.
The best selection of Tech-House and techno tunes by Paul Darey
Welcome to Skate to Create! The skateboard podcast that's devoted to connecting with creative people, and finding out what THEY learned from skateboarding. In each episode we are excited to bring you helpful resources, powerful conversations, and engaging stories to help inspire the creative, to take action. Whether you are a skateboarder or not, our show will bring you behind the scenes guest interviews from the skateboarding industry. Hear your favorite Pro Skaters like Manny Santiago, Ant ...
Project Pawsitive is a docu-soap that chronicles the rewarding, yet demanding, journey of four friends from New Hampshire as they construct awesome renovations for the most overwhelmed and under-equipped rescues around. With the help of community volunteers,cages transform into lush suites fit for a king, concrete floors become radiant-heated lounge areas, sparse outdoor play areas are reborn as green oasis’, and barks are calmed by Mozart piped through installed music systems. From dogs and ...
Join us for the weekly message from all three of our campuses in Manhasset, Syosset, and Westbury, Long Island, NY! Same theme...different preachers!
It's those guilty pleasures: the B-movies, exploitation films, the stuff we watch at the drive-in or at 2am. Jay and Kevin talk about those movies we love to love, but won't admit that we love.New episodes every second Tuesday of the month, as technology allows.Comments:
A living prophet and his friends discuss living out their predestined purpose in life of helping facilitate a paradigm shift that will wake people to their divine essence in mass. Topics include: metaphysics of the social, political, and cultural environment of today, nature of this dream reality, spiritual development, where the human race is headed, discovering your true Self, and much more that is relevant to what actually matters in this realm of existence ;) Learning to spread the almig ...
To be a place where the hurt and displaced can come and be healed. To be a place where the strong can grow and serve others as we represent Christ within our circles of influence.
The Shelter From The Storm podcast documents the complex, varied, compelling and often surprising stories of those who pass through the doors of their Islington-based homeless shelter.​ ​Each story – told in the words of the ​shelter ​guests themselves​ and set to original music – is about more than just the experience of homelessness. It’s about the often tragic but rarely uncommon circumstances that lead to it.Shelter from the Storm is an emergency night shelter, completely free to guests, ...
New podcast webloghe focus is too help the black community understand that that must obtain three key elements in life in order to become successful. So my show is about building the 3 key elements Food Clothing & Shelter. My key saying is (Logic over Tradition)
Ashley Benjamin is the founder and pastor of the vibrant Shelter House Church, Bangalore. His messages have been a blessing to the body of Christ. Go ahead!Taste the word of God and share it with the near and dear. For more info
We discuss a broad range of subjects within this kaupapa, including: animal exploitation, animal welfare, companion animals, and the divide between “native” and “introduced” species. Our programme is made up of feature interviews, discussions of prevalent issues in the media, film and book reviews, plant-based kai suggestions, and an eclectic mix of music. Haere mai – we hope you’ll tune in every second Monday at 5pm!Te Piringa Kararehe – The Animal Shelter is brought to you by:Kirsty Dunn K ...
The Smokey Shelter
We are two brothers from the South with way too much time on our we drink, chill and discuss movies in a buzzed comical fashion. Be warned this show if full of spoilers, harsh language and immature behavior. Listener discretion is advised.
Online access to our past sermons. Updated weekly.
"Awakening" boldly investigates the steps that heroic people everywhere are taking to meet the effects of the current economic and social crisis in daily life. These dynamic role models are feeding the homeless; retrieving parents from nursing homes; growing their own food; creating community; radically forgiving; and discovering the miraculous. The Western American author Louis Lamour has said that "There will come a time when you think that everything is ending. But that will be the beginn ...
Your source for all that wags, sniffs, barks and meows at the Evanston Animal Shelter.
All displaced people need some form of shelter. Whatever the type of shelter which is found, provided or built, it needs to answer multiple needs: protection from the elements, physical security, safety, comfort, emotional security, some mitigation of risk and unease, and even, as time passes, some semblance of home and community. This FMR looks at the complexity of approaches to shelter both as a physical object in a physical location and as a response to essential human needs. It also cont ...
FanSided NBA Podcast
FanSided editors Andrew Kennedy and Matt Shetler and the rest of the FanSided Network breaking down the NBA.
Our mission is to provide education, information and dialogue that will create a supportive environment empowering people to help cats in their community.
Convo By Design
Convo By Design is a podcast dedicated to promoting the ideas of architects, artists, designers, tastemakers and those making a difference in the way we live. Design is personal as is a good conversation. Copyright © 2013-2018 All rights reserved.
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Introducing Patte Shetler Patte started her WordPress business, Unique Site Helper, three years ago. She loves to figure things out and she loves the WordPress community. Show Notes Website | Unique Site Helper Twitter | @pshetler1 Episode Transcript Liam: This is Hallway Chats, where we talk with some of the unique people in and around WordPre ...…
In this episode I break down our recent All I Need skate trip to Surf Expo https://www.surfexpo.comThank you skateboarding!!! - AntSupport the podcastCheck out
In this episode of Skate Brain I have a conversation with pro skateboarder Anthony Shetler. Anthony has ridden for some of the biggest brands in skateboarding (Birdhouse, Spitfire, Zoo York, World Industries, 5boro) and has traveled the world skateboarding. His journey did not come easy however, Anthony had to overcome lots of adversity to get ...…
Imagine growing up in a world where your neighbors were Tennessee Williams, The Marx Brothers, Alan Jay Lerner, Noel Coward, Arthur Miller, and scores of others. For Michael Colby he did grow up in such a world because his grandparents owned New York’s famous Algonquin Hotel. Now, Michael swings by Shetler to discuss with Rob and Kevin his envi ...…
Deville Nunes made his name in skateboarding through shooting photos for all the top skateboarding magazines. Nowadays Deville is in charge of Powell's skate team, photography and video production.Please check out our awesome skateboarding creations
Rambling on........Please check out our awesome skateboarding creations
check out
Check out
Curtain up! Light the lights….literally, because this week’s guest is Tony Award winning lighting designer Ken Billington, Ken swings by Shetler Studios to discuss his over one hundred Broadway credits including Sweeney Todd, Chicago, and On the 20th Century. Ken pulls back the curtain on his career to discuss how he was the first to use moving ...…
check out
Mark made his name as a professional snowboarder. Nowadays Mark has teamed up with Brett (who is currently struggling with lyme disease) to create a skateboarding app titled "Street Kingpins" Check out All I Need skate http://allineedskate.comStreet Kingpins app…
Davey Rogers is a New England skateboarding legend!! Here about how he found skateboarding and where it has taken him!!!check out
Everything today is thoroughly Hal….Luftig, that is! Four time Tony Award winning producer Hal Luftig swings by Shetler Studios to look back on his career of hits including Thoroughly Modern Millie, Legally Blonde, and Kinky Boots. Hal pulls back the curtain on his career, including how Sutton Foster landed the role of a lifetime, what it is li ...…
On the latest episode of Cannonballs, three-time defending champion, Matt Shetler takes on the man that never lost HIS previous title, Josh Taylor. It's champion vs. champion! Will we see the continuation of a dynasty or will an old dog show the world that it's his yard?By
James Kelch is a product of SF skateboarding! He has ridden for some of the most icon skate brands. Nowadays James is building his own skate brand This was one of my favorite Episodes! Thank you James.check outhttp://allineedskate.com…
Legendary east coast skateboarder / cranberry bogger.
Episode 7 of Cannonballs features two-time defending champion, Matt Shetler taking on our fearless leader, Jason Rollison. Things get heated as Jason attempts to take down the man on the hottest streak in Cannonballs history. Wil a new champion be crowned or will we see the birth of a dynasty? Found out on the latest episode of Cannonballs!…
Derek and Erin run The High Rise Co. a brand based around fun and smoking weed! twist one with us as we talk about how it all began!!! http://allineedskate.bigcartel.comhttps://worldindustries.com
Episode 6 of Cannonballs features defending champion, Matt Shetler taking on the hip newcomer, Ethan Obstarczyk. Will we see a new champion? Or will Matt continue his reign on top of the Cannonballs mountain? Only Steve Kubitz can decide the fate of these two Pirates Breakdown warriors!!By
Kevin Klemme is a up n coming east coast amateur skateboarder. Nowadays kevin is riding for the newly resurrected World Industries!!!support the show http://allineedskate.bigcartel.com
On Episode 5 of Cannonballs, we see two new competitors make their debut as Sean Riley takes on Matt Shetler. Who will reign supreme in this explosive episode of Cannonballs? Find out NOW!!!By
Conrad is a lifetime surfer and sales rep. We sit down to talk about skateboarding, surfing, business, family and more!All I Need skateboards, apparel, vlogs, podcast and more... http://allineedskate.comSubscribe to
Cody Davis is one of the gnarliest amateur skateboarders on the planet. We talk about his upbringing and his adventures while riding for World Industries.http://allineedskate.com Sumner is a City Pastor at Branches Church in Huntington Beach, California.Born in Liverpool England, but transplanted to America at age 15 to become a Professional Skateboarder where he traveled the world riding for Tony Hawks Birdhouse, along with Adio, Volcom, Analog, Independent and the likes.All ...…
Mike York is a legendary pro skateboarder!!! We explore his upbringing and skateboard history. All I Need skate shop: Subscribe YOUTUBE Follow All I Need on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter here https://www.instag ...…
All I Need skate shop: Subscribe YOUTUBE Follow All I Need on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter here Anthony Shetler: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account https://www.facebook ...…
All I Need skate shop: Subscribe YOUTUBE Follow All I Need on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter here Anthony Shetler: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account https://www.facebook ...…
All I Need skate shop: Subscribe http://thehighriseco.comFollow All I Need on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter here Anthony Shetler: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account http ...…
All I Need skate shop: Subscribe Follow All I Need on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter here Anthony Shetler: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account ...…
All I Need skate shop: Subscribe Check outhttp://www.officialgorillagriptape.comFollow All I Need on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter here Anthony Shetler: Facebook/Instagr ...…
It “Don’t Take Too Much” to be excited that Tony Award winner Chuck Cooper swings by Shetler Studios to talk to Rob and Kevin about his forty plus year career onstage in shows like The Life, Passion, and Caroline, or Change. Chuck pulls back the curtain on his career, including how he survived Getting Away With Murder, what was so magical about ...…
All I Need skate shop: Subscribe Follow All I Need on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter here Anthony Shetler: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account ...…
All I Need skate shop: www.allineedskate.comSubscribe All I Need on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter here Shetler: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account ...…
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TWISTA Co-host Claire Connelly in conversation with Paul Shetler, the former chief of the Digital Transformation Office (now the Digital Transformation Agency). With more than 20 years experience, Shetler has worked in digital transformation for both the UK government’s Cabinet Office and the UK's Ministry of Justice, as well as in the US priva ...…
check out the #show#allineed #skateboards & #apparelhttp://allineedskate.bigcartel.comThe #Shetler #Shoe
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel here All I Need skate here All I Need on Facebook here World Industries http://worldindustries.comphoto credit…
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