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Shin Megami Tensei Network is the number one podcast for all things Shin Megami Tensei and Persona related.
A game-by-game journey through the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series.
Shin Fujiyama is a CNN Hero and the Executive Director of Students Helping Honduras. He lives with 30 former street children in Honduras where he runs a school and international NGO out of a tree house. In each episode Shin will be interviewing a proven social entrepreneur or NGO leader in the nonprofit or international development aid industry-- including several CNN Heroes and bestselling authors. They’re going to deconstruct their journey to explain HOW they built up their organizations. ...
DJ Shin
By day, he introduces contemporary music through the airwaves but by night, he turns up the beats behind the mixer and morphemes into a whole new persona. DJ Shin is the resident DJ at Room18, and G5 Party the most popular night club over 3 years in Taipei and Funky Lounge Bar in Beijing. He is a regular headliner for important events like the ‘2010 Xinbei City International Arts Festival’, ‘2011 Coca Cola’s 125years Celebration’ and is regularly invited to major cities like Shanghai [Angle ...
Shin Splints Podcast
Jane Shin
Audio by Jane Shin
Giwon Shin
Giwon Shin
An anime review podcast hosted by the Kokugenius, Fauxtaku, and friends. Recorded at Warning! We will spoil every show we review!
Shin 2 Chin MMA
Be sure to take our audience survey and tell us what you think!
Shin Anime Pulp
This Podcast Is Not About Anime
A weekly show talking about wrestling.
A weekly show talking about wrestling.
Hi! I'm Rovel and this is my brand new show, the evolution of Shinning Melodies Sessions, now through this podcast I'll presenting you the newest and most exclusive best top house music, every episode will have a different expierence. You will listen the top radio music of the most popular djs and producers around the world. I'm really excited for make this unbelievable, I hope you enjoy it! Rovel is On Air!
Dj Shin Podcast
You Want Taste An Experience ⁉️ Welcome To My World❗️Contact : deejayshin971@gmail.comInstagram / Twitter : iamdjshin
This is the Sub Pop Podcast, a product of Sub Pop Records, the Seattle-based record label since 1988. Hear stories from inside, outside, and adjacent to Sub Pop, straight from the horse's mouth. Season 3 begins May 23, 2017 with a new episode out every other Tuesday. Absolutely nothing sounds better.
Awesome Music and Music Videos Created by echno Freak Films & Shin Entertainment.
A weekly podcast discussing Sporting Kansas City, MLS, EPL, and anything and everything involving soccer.
the DharmaRealm
a shin buddhist podcast
An digital archive of public events, lectures and dharma talks
Each Thursday we podcast video of one song from a live music performance filmed by WBEZ Music.
the DharmaRealm
a shin buddhist podcast
Podcasting, Leveled Up
Crypto assets and blockchain technology are about to transform every trust-based interaction of our lives, from financial services to identity to the Internet of Things. In this podcast, host Laura Shin, an independent journalist covering all things crypto, talks with industry pioneers about how crypto assets and blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money. Tune in to find out how Web 3.0, the decentralized web, will revolutionize our world. Disclosure: I own Bitcoin ...
Welcome to the RPG! RPG! Podcast, featuring Ai-Phuong and Haven. The show is concerned with with the ancient art of role-playing (game) and the hosts vow to take you on a journey across lands both familiar and perhaps undiscovered. So, kick back and feel free to join in the discussion below as the pair discuss JRPGs, Western RPGs, MMORPGs and anything else with distinct traces of RPG in its variants and assorted flavours.If you have something you'd like us to discuss please feel free to send ...
Events in crypto take place at warp speed. This weekly crypto podcast reveals how the marquee names in crypto are reacting to the week’s top headlines. With host Laura Shin, the guests also discuss what they’re thinking about these days and reveal what they believe is on the horizon in crypto. Disclosure: I own Bitcoin and Ether.
Mark David Christenson and Connie Shin watch and discuss movies that their guests suggest they should see for various reasons. Music by Timm Sharp and Logo designed by James Mulholland
RISD's Student Podcast run byBrielle CurveyHayon Shin
A mix of different types of great music [and sometimes not so great] and blah blah blah by Shin Oliva Suzuki
Sermons & Events from Bridge of Life Church in Sacramento, CA. Sermons by Pastor David Lindner, Teen/Worship Leader Roy Shin, and guests.
What happens when you get a few educated black girls who attend an HBCU in one room? Conversation sparks. Diving deeper than gossip, analyzing their lives and and the world around them, while shinning a light on their spiritual and intellectual growth. YOU MUST LISTEN. This podcast gives so many perspectives and introduces beautiful concepts and new ways of thinking about the world.
listening sessions for the third ear ~ cut-up collage edits & free-format mixtape compilations eclectic selective assemblage ~ ranging from difficult to easy listeningvarious genres ~ various artistsinstrumentals . songs . spoken_word oddly modified - modly oddifiedmerging into medleys of metapsyphonicaCustomer Review: "Constantly Unfolding""AgentA mixes together a wide assortment of music, clips of commercials and television audio into a smooth moving assemblage that both challenges and gro ...
Té Time
A couple of girls with strong opinions on life issues, relationships, pop culture and everything between. No matter if right or wrong and shinning light on up and coming entrepreneur.
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Your Austin Music Minute maven is often asked how the saying “Don’t behave,” life’s golden anti-rule and the closing quip of DJ El Gee’s weekday afternoon show, came about. Well, you’ll read it here first: The White Ghost Shivers were a huge inspiration behind it. There are delightfully huge portions of double entendre going on in many of the S ...…
While ive talked about live action films in the past. Usally they are more tangentally related to anime but, Hideki Annos take on Godzilla is diffrent. Bringing all the talent and ability he always puts tword anime he managed to do somthing amazing with Shin Godzilla that had me wide eyed and awe struck from the first frame.…
Your humble Austin Music Minute host calls this one a major “family night.” These Austin artists are on the the AMM list of faves that you need to have on your own must-see list. The party’s goin’ down tonight at Hole In the Wall, 2538 Guadalupe. Hearts a-flutter: -A few months ago, Star Parks performed at a Black Fret event at the Blanton, and ...…
On this week’s episode games editor Rishi Alwani and friend of the podcast Mikhail Madnani join host Pranay Parab to talk about the big Walmart Canada leak that hinted at several games which may be announced at E3 2018, and our impressions of State of Decay 2. In the second part pop culture nerds Akhil Arora, Roydon Cerejo, and Pranay Parab tal ...…
We are very excited to launch Nintendo Dispatch to the world and to kick things off right we're having an amazing contest with glorious prizes! Win a Waterfield Switch Cityslicker case or amazing Nintendo Switch games! We discuss the new details recently released about Nintendo Switch Online. Cover game news on Monster Hunter Generations Ultima ...…
What kind of Rockstar gamer are you? Do you beeline from story quest to story quest until the end or do you go for every sidequest, collectible, and achievement? Or do you just see how many cars you can steal and people you can murder before you’re caught? With Red Dead Redemption 2 on the way out, we were wondering. And we also played some Red ...…
First of all, what are shin splints? The large shin bone in the lower leg is called the tibia. Increased activity, stress, or overuse of this bone can cause it to become irritated or aggravated. Shin splints are most commonly experienced by runners and the pain can be strong enough to inhibit sustained exercise. Shin splints are most commonly e ...…
(Recorded on 03-MAY-2018) Social Justice Bards Facebook: Random Encounters Group Page RavenCon Westworld (2016-2018) Verne Troyer, 'Mini-Me' in Austin Powers films, dies at 49 Avicii tributes pour in following Swedish DJ's death Bob Dorough, Writer and singer for 'Schoolhouse Rock' dies at 94 MoviePass restores its movie-per-day promise. Reddit ...…
I can't fucking believe I forgot it. Jesus Christ. Anyways, this is the Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair episode. Gwen is frazzled, and Ryan is deeply in love with a creamy-haired gentleman. Experience Ultimate Kibo.Follow us at
My very special guest today was the amazing Sacha Dekker. Sacha has experienced so many life changing events but she still continues to achieve above and beyond her life ambitions. Sacha was an extremely successful young woman till life threw her an other curl ball. In 2015 Sacha experienced an Acquired Brain Injury but like everything else in ...…
Guests: Tanner Oliver & Reese Leonard
Guests: Tanner Oliver, Reese Leonard, & Christian Royce.
Guests: Tanner Oliver & Reese Leonard
Listen to the full audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Money's New Operating SystemAuthor: Laura ShinNarrator: Ken BorgersFormat: UnabridgedLength: 26 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 09-14-15Publisher: ForbesGenres: Business, Commerce & EconomyPublisher's Summary:Bitcoin isnt about enabling libertari ...…
Ben Sims Presents Run It Red 039(tracklist below) Fresh new heat from Oliver Way, Skee Mask, Gerd, DJ Haus, Nyra and more. Next show goes out on NTS Radio on 23rd June at midnight (here and Soundcloud shortly after). Thanks to everyone who listened to the show this month and to all the people who sent over music - as always, please send any mus ...…
We look at a different kind of ArMAYgeddon disaster this week with a review of Shin Godzilla. While Tokyo still gets stomped, this film focuses on the crisis management side of things. Does it work? Tune in to find out. We also chat about Icarus, For The Love of Spock and Doctor Thorne.…
This week I am doing things a little differently than what I had been doing them. Instead of the normal podcast, Today I am sharing a story I wrote called Today. A friend of mine who is familiar with the fact that I mostly write horror type short stories told me I should try to write some inspirational stories, and this is my first attempt at a ...…
With tracks from Pino Donaggio, Vasco Rossi, Swami, Center of the Universe, Credit 00, Ilya Santana, Pino Daniele, Talking Drums, The Shinning, SHMLSS, Asa Moto, Rollover DJs, V & Funky Junkie, Casino Times, and Francisco
Gwen & Ryan convene once more to gush about Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Don't fuckin' listen to this episode if you haven't played the game. I'll know.Gwen is quiet in this episode because the audio thing she tried didn't work. Next week it'll be better.Follow us at…
May 6, 2018 Pastor Jeff Struecker Sermon Notes On April of 1818, a businessman by the name of Henry Brooks opened up a clothing store on St. Catherine Street in Manhattan. Henry Brooks’ simple goal was trying to make clothes for businessmen. Money and businessmen were moving into lower Manhattan, and Henry Brooks found this as an opportunity. H ...…
Your long journey is near its end. You’ve spent months taking on the orcs and goblins, and now you think you’re ready to slay the dragon. Until it incinerates you with an open-ended essay question. Wrap up your semester the right way with Judge and Crow as they discuss five boss fights that left lasting impressions on them. Other topics include ...…
Mike Cain might be as OG as it gets in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. This man has fought, judged, reffed, and is even now the Deputy Athletic Commissioner in the state of Mississippi. This man has some incredible stories to tell!
What 3D Movies, 3DS Games and 3D Blu-Ray movies are coming in May of 2018? Well we have a solo 3d movie, and a pair of 3DS games and not a single 3D Blu-Ray. Scroll down to see it all. Watch the Video version of this podcast via YouTube link below: Go to and see this article : ...…
Elwood and Stephen checkout Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers, a unique Japanese comedy (of sorts) as a mild mannered housewife finds herself being recruited to be spy.Stephen also gives us an overview of the career of the films of leading lady Juri Ueno, while we also name our favourite titles from the Third Window Film's catalogue. All t ...…
Prepare for a complete, surgical evisceration of the mind as Gwen and Ryan enter the realm of Tease. How you gonna do me like that, Takagi-san!?Follow us at n Sour Man To The Rescue
South Korea is one of the strongest crypto markets on the globe, but this tight-knit community is difficult to enter. In today’s episode, Alex Shin, Partner and Chief Business Officer at Hashed, shares his insight into the Korean market by explaining the elements of its development, how it’s continuing to flourish, and the contributing factors ...…
In this episode, Mom and I review Shin Godzilla -- quite possibly the Greatest Movie EVER!
In this episode, Mom and I review Shin Godzilla -- quite possibly the Greatest Movie EVER!
This week Tommy dared Paco to watch Truth or Dare knowing full well he'd hate it. We also review Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's new mindless CGI fest Rampage as well as monster movie Shin Godzilla.
Stephany Tlalka is a lifelong fan of cinematic monsters. Carsten Knox speaks to her about Pacific Rim, the film's recent sequel, and the various iterations of "Gojira", including the excellent Shin Godzilla. 버지니아 매릴랜드 지역에서 아름다운 barn 결혼식을 즐길수 있는 최고의 기회!!! 매니저 Chloe Shin 을 찾으세요!!!!
Graduated from Chengdu TCM University Registered TCM Practitioner Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master In 2011, Master Stanley was invited by Guangxi TCM University in China to help perform western research to prove the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in healing a wide range of conditions. During this time, he amassed invaluable data a ...…
Jo and Alek sit down to recap the V3 Fights 67 in Memphis, TN.
Robert Sullivan is a 32nd degree Freemason and author of several books on Freemason Ritual and Cinema Symbolism.We discuss many movies including Eyes Wide Shut, The Shinning, Mother, Black Swan, Harry Potter, a little Star Wars, The Warriors, National Treasure,The Matrix and Back to the Future. We also discuss the Royal Arch of Enonh, Freemason ...…
In an effort to marginally increase our Brand Legitimacy and eventually launch a self-help pyramid scheme, Shin Anime Pulp has elected to release an episode every week, when we're able. Sorry about that. This week, Gwen is dour and Ryan is sour. We talk about Sprite.Follow us at…
Food Alchemy...Listening to YOU! Connecting deeper to food, others and our world system. During this segment, we will explore spring time and check into how to listen to your body and identify if your liver energy is moving in harmony to support your daily life. Shinning a Light on Download a Free Audio Book (Click Here) Banyan Bota ...…
Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) was envied by every girl and desired by every boy in high school as the Daejeon Venus because of her pretty face and killer figure. But she has let herself go over the years and is now overweight and often disregarded and overlooked by society and her coworkers. Yeong Ho (So Ji-sub) is a celebrity personal trainer who ...…
Surve Interview at KE 2018 SXSW in Austin, TX!Exclusive interview with your hosts Dre Coop!!! and Shemaiah Reed Yah KiksAs a believer of the almighty king, our walk of life is more than just going to church or confessing that we are believe ...…
Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) was envied by every girl and desired by every boy in high school as the Daejeon Venus because of her pretty face and killer figure. But she has let herself go over the years and is now overweight and often disregarded and overlooked by society and her coworkers. Yeong Ho (So Ji-sub) is a celebrity personal trainer who ...…
Chris, Kinnon, and Tim talk the Switch itch, old games no one plays anymore, and using expired drugs. ----more---- Chris:Games:-Vostok Inc. demo (Switch)-Kirby Star Allies (Switch)-Beatmania: Distorted (PS2)-10 Second Run Returns (Switch)-Dragon Ball FighterZMovie:-Muppets (2011)-Threads (BBC doc)-Retroactive (1997)Tim:Games:-Monster Hunter Wor ...…
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