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The Ship Show
A twice-montly podcast covering the finer points of build engineering, devops, & release management, including discussions, interviews, reviews, and coverage of important release engineering news and happenings.
A podcast dedicated to celebrating TV's best couples.
Listen to literary agents Bridget Smith and Jennifer Udden discuss the latest in publishing, writing, fandom, books and beyond over wine.
Taking Ship
Taking Ship is a voyage through the morass of dumbest timeline America. It's the kind of podcast that believes you can take politics and culture seriously while laughing at both. It's hosted by Elie Jacobs and Frank Spring, two political hacks who've run out of f***s to give. Each week, they'll take a look at the political landscape, condone and condemn those who deserve it and be joined by a guest who is smarter and cooler than they are - writers, activists, politicos, bad hombres, nasty wo ...
The Last Ship Podcast
The Number 1 Fan Podcast about the hit TNT series The Last Ship
Three morons from Lurgan talk shite for an hour.SHARE US WITH YER MATES! us onTwitter: new episodes from itunes:
The shipping industry is the backbone of international trade, contributing to the globalisation and development of the world, but it's the shipping people who make the world go around. Listen to the maritime professionals sharing their passion for shipping and how they see the future.
A Free Trader rocket ship heads for the remote planet, Sargol, which is blessed with immense natural wealth and precious gemstones. The ship is manned by the heroic Dane Thorson and his crew of intrepid space traders. On Sargol, they enter into complicated negotiations with the inhabitants of this strange planet. These feline people, the Salariki, are reluctant to enter into a business partnership with the free traders till they discover that the ship carries a small amount of catnip on boar ...
The Best Damn Those Guys with Ships podcast in the Verse!
The online way to study commercial shipping
Raquel and Krystal discusses relationships from teen shows in their varying levels of complexity and obsession.
The sequel to Plague Ship, Voodoo Planet finds the Solar Queen banned from trade and starting her supposed quiet two-year stint as an interstellar mail carrier. But instead her crew accepts a visit to the safari planet of Khatka, where they find themselves caught in a battle between the forces of reason and the powers of Khatka’s mind-controlling wizard.
Ghost Ship
Podcast by Fantasy Football Maniax
Going Down with the Ship is a queer shipping comedy podcast about finding love in places you wouldn't expect, and shouldn't expect, and probably shouldn't be in in the first place. Every week, apologetic queers Eden and Fin put together a cross-universe ship of fictional characters and improvise the next great fanfiction about it.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Prepare to explore the deepest, sexiest regions of fandom with the pop culture obsessives of SAME DAY SHIPPING! Kelly Nugent, Patrick Ehlers, Colin J. Morris, and Ryan Mogge get alarmingly personal whether debating intergalactic trysts or calling out problematic Disney Princess relationships. Movies, TV shows, comic books, video games – nothing’s off limits…not even real life!
A maritime podcast
Shipping and Logistics
A podcast with Erin and Jessica celebrating powerful LGBTQ relationships on and off screen through the eyes of two awkward 80's kids.
Ships are a pretty clever invention… have you ever wondered how they actually work or what the very first boats were like? Sean’s exploring the history and science behind ships!
This book intentionally veers in and out of the supernatural, as the title implies. The officers get more and more bewildered as they work out their position, and yet again encounter the same vessel going in an impossible direction. Having warned you of this, I must say that it is a well-written book about life aboard an ocean-going steamer at about the end of the nineteenth century. (Summary by N.H)
Ship It Show
Are you a tech leader trying to implement DevOps and Continuous Delivery at your organization?The Ship On Day One framework empowers you to align your team, set clear goals, bag quick wins, and sell your plan to any audience. And the videos you’ll find here will offer tips, tactics, and tools to help get DevOps done.
The Ship Report
Columbia River Ship schedule, Maritime Interviews, Marine Weather
Ships & Canon
Come listen to 1 indulgent GM run a game for 2 fan girls
Shipped High In Transit: a podcast, the aim of which is to prove wrong commonly believed myths and urban legends spread by misinformation on the internet.
Mystery Ship: Escape Room Channel - Transmissions PodcastNew episodes every Wednesday featuring segments on Escape Rooms.
A podcast featuring shorts stories from the ports visited by Logos Hope.
Sailing Stories
Presented by Forbes Horton Yachts. Tales from the high seas, told week by week. Hosted by Lee Cumberland & narrated by Duncan Hood. Produced by 59 North, Ltd.
Join host Mikhail Iossel every week for conversations with some of the world's most prominent writers and publishers. Mikhail's unique method of interview means you're not just hearing the same old tired answers. HLS gets right to the key questions and reveals something new about each guest.
FullBlast Radio is an American online radio station based in New York & Georgia. The station's primary music genre is 80s and 90s Hip Hop, Neosoul, classic club, old school r&b and today's Underground Hip Hop music.
No Ship Network listener commissioned podcasts and other musings.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of A Burnt Ship by John Donne. This was the Weekly Poetry project for September 17th, 2010.
Julia and Liz ship Shakespeare characters. Forsooth!
Sinking Ship
We are a podcast of twenty-somethings who like to sit around in front of a mic and pretend to know about stuff. Hosted by four friends who collectively share a repulsive need to counter self-deprecation through exhibitionism.
Ship Full of Bombs
Bringing you the very best music across the board - We are not limited to genre, the only rule is that the music is good. NOT play-listed and never will be.
Ships are a pretty clever invention… have you ever wondered how they actually work or what the very first boats were like? Sean’s exploring the history and science behind ships!
Maritime Podcasts
The Cruz Ship
Welcome to The Cruz Ship,if you're an entrepreneur this Podcast is for you. Where I share my entrepreneurial journey through the ups and downs, so you too see that you're not the only who goes through them. Learn from my experiences along the way,from the bottom to the top.
Best Ships' Podcast
Jaime and Justin sit down with old friends
A podcast trying to bring different perspectives to our everyday lives courtesy of two comedians and an actor!
Recent maritime forum podcasts
Artists Who Ship
Podcast by Duncan Trevithick
Right The Ship
Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans Mike & Julian cover and preview every game. New episodes Saturdays.
Why you should utilize our website
Deep Ship Podcast
Join Scott and Stephanie as they talk relationships, dating, and everything else that comes up. Get into some Deep Ship.
V and A Shipping
V&A Shipping What happens when Star Wars crashes head long into Smokey and the Bandit? An Intergalatic Beer run! Vic and Argmon are just trying to make a simple delivery, albeit while being chased by the local fuzz. They pick up an unexpected stowaway on their planet to planet run. Joey, the unwitting stowaway, is thrust into space and must deal with not only being in space, but with all the alien creatures aboard the SS Acid Rat. Once the delivery is complete, Vic, Argmon, and their new cre ...
We offer tips and information regarding the auto transport process.
Radio Z0MB136 Men on a boat, striving to remain sane.
Freak Ship Radio
Spencer Blair and David Lopez talk music, film, comics, horror and video games in the context of atheism and skepticism. Interviews with creative, funny and unique people abound!
It's a ship. It's going to sink. Every. Single. Time. but HOW?
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Fun and exciting takeaways from Ray Dalio's book "Principles" brought to you by Kay & Shi!
We're back! (Yes, again. And yes, for real.) We've been gone for over a year now, and there are going to be some changes. Untethered has a new look, new art, new music, a new co-host and, most importantly, a new mission. As Taylor and Nick set out on their new journey of full-time RV living, they hope to help you learn through their experiences ...…
Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig talks with reporter Hadley Barndollar about the meaning of the naming of the Navy littoral combat ship for her city ahead of the commissioniong ceremony to be held May 26 in Portsmouth.
Presented by The CSPN… Welcome back to another exciting episode of The KLIQ Nation Comic Book Chronicles! This week, PCN_DiRT and Roddykat man the ship and Agent_70 may have been kidnapped by the release of Deadpool 2 and Tim is on his Tim-batical (it’s a real word if you believe it hard enough). Speaking of... Read More…
Tonight Jay played a selection of soundtracks and library music. The playlist included: At The Sign of The Swinging Cymbal - Brass Incorporated Stingray - Gary Miller Theme from The Persuaders - John Barry The Real Thing - Ivor Raymond Orchestra Fun Buggy - The Poets John Dalton Street - from the soundtrack of Living Dead at Manchester Morgue P ...…
In episode #11, Craig predicts and analyzes this weekend’s UFC Fight Night in Chile, ONE Championship Unstoppable Dreams, Fight Nights Global 87, ACB 87 and the Stevenson-Jack, Russell Jr.-Diaz fights. Our featured up and comer from this Monday, Kharun “Predator” Atlangeriev, fighting on today’s ONE Championship card lost his fight by decision ...…
While attending the 2018 Toronto Comic Arts Festival, I dropped in on the Small Press Publishers Unite! panel session. The intimate gathering focused on the process of starting and growing as small press publishers, including how books are selected and approved, as well as the topics of finances, distribution, and marketing. The panel organized ...…
Legendary musician Steve Hackett joins us for this lengthy interview upon completion of his North and South America tour, which mixed songs from his vast solo repertoire with selections from Genesis’ history. Steve continues to create new music at a steady pace, releasing studio and live albums to much acclaim and success. He just released the ...…
Boomer & Gio were all over the Mets plight Friday morning, as they implored the team they root for to start thinking about the future. After jumping out to a 12-2 start, the Mets now sit at 20-19, sit in 4th place in the NL East and haven’t shown any signs of righting the ship anytime soon. So here we are, on May 18th and the guys were forced t ...…
politics piss you off. Fans of ‘News and Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy’ hosted by celebrity global mobile DJ Roy O’Dell Gray Sr are experiencing a 15 second delay when loading episodes, because our esteemed broadcast partners are generating more webs ...…
There are some technical issues because we've become so great that everything is trying to take us down but we won't let it happen. The first 20ish minutes are rough but full of greatness regardless. Hear about how Slim got literal poop in the mail, puking in cars and on guitars, the first successful penis transplant, new liquor decisions and a ...…
Tam Lowe served as a volunteer nurse onboard our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. She saw remarkable transformations in her patients’ lives.
You hang in there! You've been doing great this week! Previously on Where The Banter Roams... The crews ship crash landed due to a lack of acid. Philosopy flies shamelessly and wildly. Small sticks of laughter burst into flames of story of the strange case of chameleon accent syndrome. Cut to Ryan wont leave his guns at home. Now flash forward ...…
Wandering Earl is anything but boring! He has been traveling the world fulltime for 17 years now! He shares what, where, why, and some stories along the way in this podcast. Also, we spend a great deal of time talking about what it was like to work and live on massive cruise ships. "On December 25th, 1999, I left the USA for a three-month, post ...…
Do you ever use a product without realizing you have no clue how it’s made? Take the stuff we read, for instance, like a book. Someone writes it and a publisher puts it on paper and then it’s probably put in a box and shipped somewhere, right? But there’s so much more to it. There are plenty of details in between that are just as essential as t ...…
This week its Brad Carter from the Snow Plow show and Phone Losers of America. Brad is an internet sensation and when it comes to prank calls nobody is better. We sit down with him in studio and get to know him a little better and of course we have prank calls. The Facebook Live was full and very active and we thank everyone that watched, and t ...…
IndieDwell is repurposing shipping containers into habitable homes for a fraction of the price of a traditional brick-and-mortar home and they leave a substantially smaller environmental footprint. Could shipping containers help solve the pending housing crunch facing the Treasure Valley?By (richardcopeland).
Cult Movie Review: Jaws (1975) & the USS Indianapolis (New segment) Real Life Mutants: The Spleen! Recorded: 5/12/2018 Favorite quote: "Don't put his glasses in your mouth, gross!" (Sooper) This episode is our first so-called cult movie review. We will try to divide our shows between new releases and great, older films. With the summer blockbus ...…
Reporter Joseph Gallivan interviews attendees at the trade fair for the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME) and visits the cruise ship Legend as it is refitted in dry dock at the Vigor Shipyard.
Rom is off to Starfleet Academy and Quark uses the trip as an excuse to smuggle some explosive gas that well exploded and sends the ship back to 1947 New Mexico. That’s the Smuggle’s blues
NO KO should ship nukes? 5 dead in TX and Bannon going for voter supression.
We're back with another culture-focused episode. This time we bring you a conversation with Honest Company co-founder and CPO (that's Chief Purpose Officer) Christopher Gavigan. Believe it or not, Christopher doesn’t run a CPG brand. That’s because the energetic co-founder considers Honest – the makers of beautifully designed, environmentally f ...…
Take those VR goggles of your dog before you melt his feeble gourd. This week Matt ships the beach to you, Austin brings ride-sharing to emergencies, and Taylor brings a full-on pet based assault to the podcast.Catch us on for more business action!If you have a business you would like to hear send us a tweet @welcometobiz…
This week Collin recounts the sad state of his bank account. Jac gives his best practices for getting out of speeding tickets as a minority in America. We curse the newly announced Monster Hunter movie, and go over recent games played. In lieu of gaming news, we explore our unpopular video game opinions and watch the hilarity ensue. Hell yeah, ...…
This week Alex, Sean, and Tim recap the Draft Lottery results and their Free Agency implications. Also, is Alex ready to jump the Houston ship after Golden State ate their lunch in Game One? And what's got Tim so upset in the Eastern Conference Finals? Be sure to subscribe to us on your podcast service of choice so you never miss an episode! Gi ...…
Tom and Ann-Marie serve as volunteers on our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. In a blog entry, they described a special wall of photos onboard the ship.
Gav and Jonny Rob sit down with their good friend and unbelievably talented drummer Greenie Green. Having toured the world with bands like Little Comets, Detroit Social Club and VANT, Greenie tells us some fantastic stories from the road. We also find out how he approaches life as a working session drummer based in London and how he separates h ...…
A’hoy Mateys! Ye be enterin’ dangerous waters, so you best not be doing so alone! Join Jocelyn and Siv as they tell you all you need to know about Sea of Thieves, the ultimate online, multiplayer, PvP pirate experience. This week Joce and Siv talk about the future of the show, the newly released patches, and about the future of the game. They a ...…
Who's ready for a 20 minute discussion on "Girls"??? Because we're here to break down the events of last week. Plus, find out what potato chip we are!Go to and use code CWC to get 50% off just about any item, 3 free adult dvds, a free mystery gift, and free shipping!Check out to get a free trial and 1 FREE au ...…
Gary tortures Pat with more Steven Spielberg. Listen Sunday nights at 8PM EST on Breakin' Ballz Radio. Follow the show: Facebook: The 80/20 Movie Show YouTube: The 80/20 Movie Show Pat on Twitter Gary on Twitter Breakin' Ballz on Twitter Please visit our sponsor, Everything funny and otherwise unique. A ...…
Followup Sam was inconsistent Ryan got more things wrong about Predator Predator and Foxic, together in perfect harmony Robogames livestream Accompanying Twitch VOD Upcoming livestream: 26th May 2018 at 7pm UK time (BST) Ryan's libellous angry front matter Plagiarism Firefox WEdgE FlIppErS aRE AlL THe sAmE!! 'Soaring Shell' Visual comparison wi ...…
Once again I do not have the Epic Film Guys on the show and it's totally my fault this time. My brain is all over the place this week. From Livestream For The Cure, to wanting to get into podcast editing and voiceover work, to home plumbing issues. It's been a busy week. I've got an SMF news break from Mike Jolitz, beer that's not beer, a pizza ...…
The Oldest Person on Earth hasn't had a single enjoyable day. No one knows why paper plates cost $1,000 to ship. Lucas Glover's wife is a handful.
In this week's episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Adam Fields, founder and CEO of ARTA, returns to the podcast to update us on the latest in the fine art shipping and logistics marketplace. First, we discuss ARTA receiving investments from notable art companies, including Sotheby's, and how ARTA has integrated with them. Then, Adam reflects on F ...…
Crater's Edgeby Lucy AndrewsReview by Barry BoyCrater's Edge is a well-edited novel written in the third person in the genre of futuristic, off-world, fantasy or science-fiction.The main protagonist is Kalen Trinner, an experienced mining engineer-cum-troubleshooter, who is sent to a mine at Area 20, which is in Three Craters on a planet called ...…
Crater's Edgeby Lucy AndrewsReview by Barry BoyCrater's Edge is a well-edited novel written in the third person in the genre of futuristic, off-world, fantasy or science-fiction.The main protagonist is Kalen Trinner, an experienced mining engineer-cum-troubleshooter, who is sent to a mine at Area 20, which is in Three Craters on a planet called ...…
It's been emotional... A Change Is Gonna Come- Sam Cooke Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers Lovin' You - Minnie Ripperton Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Rose Royce How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - Al Green I'd Rather Go Blind - Etta James Many Rivers To Cross - Jimmy Cliff First Time I Ever Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack Pink Moon - Nick Drake (G ...…
Baby mama drama Responsible parenting Security clearance The rickety ship Rare blood Stem cells Dating, what these bitches want?? Overgrown lawn Mason and the Ju at the bar Exploiting the passive income market Worldwide languageBy Malcolm Fitzhugh.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Sh!t Show. Tune in this week to hear Broc's first attempt at hosting the Gamescast (he may have a knack for this sort of thing). Broc and Corey go through the last week's news before diving into Walmart Canada's possible E3 leak. Is it true? Is it fake? Maybe both? Find out their opinions for yourself. To wr ...…
What do CrossFit, powerlifting, triathlons, and rock climbing all have in common? Sean Chua does them all.There are few people I know of who are more dedicated in developing competence in as many areas in life as Sean Chua, and in this conversation we explore Sean’s life and experience with fitness. In the process we learn about Sean’s 80% Rule ...…
This was our design and animation for the Commodore's ship Grandmaster hologram that pops on while Bruce Banner is flying the ship over Sakaar.-------Other movies featuring PERCEPTION design work include:Feature Film Montage: Man 2: Avengers: Report: ...…
This was our design and animation for the Commodore's ship communication projector which Thor uses flying over Sakaar.-------Other movies featuring PERCEPTION design work include:Feature Film Montage: Man 2: Avengers: Report: in Black III: ht ...…
This is the Warsong HUD shutdown sequence final composite. The Warsong is heavily featured during the chase on Sakaar where Valkyrie shows up to help Thor by taking down several of Topaz's security forces.-------Other movies featuring PERCEPTION design work include:Feature Film Montage: Man 2: ...…
Topaz is the Grandmaster's general, personal bodyguard and head of his security. This is the final design for her ship called Torana. This User Interface (UI) is the final over black. The Torana is heavily featured in a chase sequence against The Warsong over Sakaar.-------Other movies featuring PERCEPTION design work include:Feature Film Monta ...…
The battle continues to rage as The Bulldogs fight with Schuyler and his cronies. Will the tides turn against our heroes four? Or will a talking crowbar save the day? And once the dust of battle settles, will Brube, Hobe, Orlando and Stuart be able to pull the NPC Inc. shipping department back together, or is it too late for the workers? Find o ...…
People are still listening? JT chimes in with a cheeky motivational quote; Dane talks Cairns8s, Snook's Interview after Couplelode; drop the mike and get on the bike - Hugheys back; Waz rambles; activity shout outs for Africa; another email from a Concerned Crew member about the Pirate Ship; competition prize winners announced; Blackbird coffee ...…
Richard Syrett speaks with an author/researcher about evidence that several races of little people inhabited pre- Columbian North America and may still dwell among us. She reveals conversations with former construction workers who discovered networks of tiny, square-cut tunnels and skeletal remains while working on an expansion of Western Carol ...…
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