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Hello Shite
Welcome to Hello Shite — the podcast that attempts to polish culture's biggest turds. Or, if it can't do that, at least spray them liberally with Febreeze Mist and present them in a slightly jaunty hat.
Red Shite and Boo
Each week, comedians Mike Mulloy (America) and Daniel Sloss (UK) sit down and discuss the best, the dumbest, and the most evil persons from their respective country.
This is a podcast about Orphan Black with weekly discussions about your favourite show. Each week, your hosts, Tara and Ashlee will analyse and share their feelings about episodes, characters and themes.
View from the Shite Seats with your hosts @therealrobbo, @rammlet and @mattypnufc
For all Things LIverpool FC Watch & Listen to Pass & Move The Independent Liverpool PodcastA Mixture of Insightful Comment, Banter, Comedy, Gossip, Breaking News and much more.Hosted by Brian "Nasher" Nash.. That Bloke from Frankie Goes To HollywoodBroadcast from the Anfield South Studios in London.Regular Guests include Tony Evans of The Times, Neil "Razor" Ruddock, Pop Stars, DJ's, Journalists, Legends, Writers, TV & Movie Stars, and even the Occasional Moose.Voted Best Liverpool Podcast C ...
Movie Page Podcast
James, Matt and Tom discuss the films they've seen this week and movies in general
Three morons from Lurgan talk shite for an hour.SHARE US WITH YER MATES! us onTwitter: new episodes from itunes:
Wolf Power
Some Lads talking shite.
The Roundabout Crew Podcast may well be the worst piece of garbage in existence to some, but to others, it's 40 minutes of pure wizardry. So strap yourself in, as Tom, Elliot, Ken and Alana discuss current events, tell stories that are of some interest, but most of all... talk absolute shite.Professional, sophisticated, and inspirational... these are three descriptions that in no way have any relevance to this podcast.Subscribe, like, comment and share!Our social media:YouTube: TheRoundabout ...
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Yeezy, Sleazy, Ginger'n'Lemon Squeezy!This week the news gets Spicy and Shaggy, weird musical history fact things proves a source of inspiration, there's a new challenger in the fight for the shite lyric crown and we get Spaced out with a funky review of Troy Kingi's album 'Shake that Skinny Ass all the way to Zygertron'!Available on Soundcloud ...…
In this weeks brand new episode we bring on Darrel from Retro Movie Geek. Things happen to GCR’s internets causing a nationwide power outage. Shite gets weird and the whole thing is why we pay fealty to our robot overlords. Hes sorry. Also we talk about Batman. Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out The Movie Podcast Network @ Movie Podcast Network ...…
Vulkan 1.1 is out! Rocket Cars hits the links, Vive Pro support comes to Linux and we’re giving away a copy of the indirect god sim Crest. All this plus your hate mail. Special thanks: Minijack (latest patreon) Subscribe: Listen: Download: //
x=: “(In)Dignity of Work” (Symbols, 2018) Special Interest: “Service” (Spiraling, 2018) Marrah: “Pingpong Punerssss” (Singkat, Padat, Gak Ada Isinya!, 2018) TV Slime: “Marbled” (Slime Demon, 2018) Filthy: “Cure It” (Cure it EP, 2016) Scrambled Limbs: “Ticture” (Portmanteau, 2018) The Creachies: “No It Couldn’t Be” (The Creachies, 2017) Violence ...…
We're right back in the saddle on our way to the saloon with our comedian friends Chris Ivey and Daniel Sheffield to cut the shite and drunkenly fight in good faith. Many laughs are laughed and boos and booed and there's more than a splash of booyakasha in the mix. Keep up with Chris Ivey on Facebook and help support the Birmingham comedy scene ...…
Aired on March 19, 2011Well here it is, after all the delays and setbacks, Episode 1 is finally here.Join us for an adventure (so mediocre) you will never forget!This weeks episode features:Man of Steel - opinions and views on Superman's latest big screen effort, plus discussions on the recently outed sequel which will feature a certain caped c ...…
Holy poop, 2017 was busy year in film. From the death of DC, to the heights of Indie-Horror, we saw some great stuff - and some absolute shite. In this ep we re-cap the year that was, and cast an eye ahead to 2018 - which has the potential to be just as big as 2017 was.
Here we are - back in the swap of shite, the mire of meh, the quagmire of crap (that alliteration is close enough, ok), as Robert Zemeckis brings us some of the worst animated films ever for our gluttonous consumption. Why would the talented director deconstruct an epic poem and a childhood classic to a ‘hyper realistic’ mo-cap mess? Join us as ...…
GO BIG OR GO HOME. Lovecraftian nightmare. Jimmy Savile jazz hands. We need to talk about Colin. Perry Mason was good at this. Creepy little bastards. Is this the motherlode of shite Doctor Who? Find out and join us in a journey into insanity, hysteria and catastrophically poor taste as Paul Kirkley attempts to defend THE TWIN DILEMMA.…
Respects to Lauren #ellismaina8, UFC News, kill em with kindness, current events, karma gets is kiss, 50 shades of shite, customers of the week, I'm on holiday. music: Wonderboy by Tenacious D, Halftime by Ying Yang Twins, kill em with kindness by selena gomez, Twilight of the thunder god by amon amarth, Guardians of Asguard by Amon Amarth, cav ...…
It's that time again guys. The Wilson brothers are back. This week we talk about some questionable addition to the toy hall of fame. A car eating donkey and a load more shite. Leave us a 5 star written review folks and visit the website to leave us some feedback.
This week, Andy hosted AND STREAMED?! MAD! This episode: Andy has been playing Super Mario Odyssey, PUBG and.... Yakuza 0?! While Antonio South Park: The Fractures But Whole, Clone Hero and Rocket League. We then had a loooong chat about anime pirates. Then chatted shite for ages. Enjoy!!!!!!!
This week, Andy hosted AND STREAMED?! MAD! This episode: Andy has been playing Super Mario Odyssey, PUBG and.... Yakuza 0?! While Antonio South Park: The Fractures But Whole, Clone Hero and Rocket League. We then had a loooong chat about anime pirates. Then chatted shite for ages. Enjoy!!!!!!!
The first of our Halloween specials: in which Edward and Marc fondly remember Stephen Volk's remarkable 1992 mockumentary Ghostwatch – on its 25th anniversary!Expect shell suits, Ade Edmondson impressions, gloryholes, professional Yorkshiremen, curtain lurking, drawn-on willies, cupboard capering – and, of course, scattered dog foetuses! Mr. Pi ...…
This week we are joined by special guest, Iron Witch guitarist Mark Hughes live in the studio to help the DUR lads chat through the latest and greatest news, clickbait and shite lyrics!Plus a review of Liam Gallagher's new album and some disturbing new jingles. Enjoy!
The boys are back for #29 to tackle more of your questions including updates on Gary's Chickens, Scott's trip to Paris, Mall's Tomowhawk Steak, Sectarian Hurricaines, Shite on your finger, Live#5, The George Michael Documentary ALL mixed into an eclectic mix of music from Elvis Costello, Fleetwood Mac, Yazz, T-Rex, Rage Against The Machine, Mor ...…
The lads are back, talking shite as always. Topics include all the weekends premier league results, world cup play off draw, champions league games. Listen and enjoy
Fergie's album Double Dutchess gets the DUR treatment this week, the lads discuss feuds, news and rubbin' on your boobs. We ask ourselves which decade was the best for music plus some mouthwateringly shite lyrics and some excellent album recommendations!
High on coffee today we talk about :- Durga Puja- Goa becoming healthy- Toys R US- Family Whatsapp Groups- Shiting your pants at school Recorded on : 22nd September 2017Social Link/other streams :
This week recorded with a live studio audience the Destroy Ugly Radio team brings you all the latest news, clickbait and shite lyrics PLUS a review of the Foo Fighter's new album Concrete & Gold.
A thoroughly alcohol infused foray into the latest inconsequential music news, a passionate review of The Script's new album Freedom Child and the usual Shite Lyrics, recommends and musical chattery from the Destroy Ugly Radio lads.
3 weeks away and back with a bang answer questions and talking shite
Everything You Need to Know to Speak Japanese Fluently My speaking fluent Japanese…sort of… One of the most common questions I get at Learn Japanese Pod is “How do I learn to speak Japanese fluently?”. The usual problem I hear is that although students study lots of vocabulary and grammar, they can’t seem to put it together to hold even a simpl ...…
In the fifth installment of DUR the lads look at the latest and greatest inconsequential music news and clickbait headlines, a review of the new QOTSA album 'Villains' and the usual shite lyrics and other INCREDIBLE features you've been craving for.
this is my first ever remix of prince's batdance/200baloons in memoriam btw, I encoded this in top quality mp3 VBR - big mistake VBR is shite!!!By Arthur Phillips.
Oh Boy! Its time for the big one! The one Tom's been hanging out for all year! And its not far Actually its been really good. Defenders Season 1 Ep1-4
On August 12th, 2017, a massive alt-right and neo-Nazi rally took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. While a large counter-demonstration successfully confronted the fascists, one drove a car into a crowd of protestors, killing at least one and injuring many more. In this special report from the Ex-Worker, we hear the story of the Charlottesvil ...…
Lots of people love Doctor Who - but just as many people hate it. So is Doctor Who great - or is it shite? We find out by putting a story on trial each episode. This time, we are joined by Jim Thompson who defends the God Complex from 2011. Warning: You may never look at John Hurt the same way again.…
Lots of people love Doctor Who - but just as many people hate it. So is Doctor Who great - or is it shite? We find out by putting a story on trial each episode. This time, we are joined byMiles Ivan Hamer who defends Arc of Infinity from 1983. Warning: contains mentions of Adric's sexual pecadillos.
Mike is joining by Saints Jon and Leeds Phil to talk about Sintellins' stirring win over Cas, Leeds gelling and shite Gelling, bleary-eyed nostalgia about the demise of old school rugby league stadia and answer the question that you've all been asking: ju
In which the lads abandon Jimmy, Alan and Ian to cobble together a podcast from pre-season friendlies and pop-tarts. Possibly features the penultimate entries into the emporium of shite, maybe.
Durag Dev- @thirdeyedshite
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