Best shocking podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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Shock Waves
Weekly presents Shock Waves: Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo (Senior Editor:, FEARnet, Icons Of Fright), Elric Kane (This Week In Horror, Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (Editor In Chief:, Fangoria) for a weekly discussion and analysis of all facets of the horror genre! Shock Waves puts the focus on the latest horror films, retrospectives on classic titles and welcomes very special guests for all aspects of the industry to tackle a variety of topics and gi ...
Shocks Of Sheba is a reggae show that has been heard on KBOO 90.7fm, in Portland Oregon, for over 20 years. Hosted by Michele and Teresa, we specialize in positive roots reggae both old and new. Shocks of Sheba hopes to inspire new reggae listeners to desire more reggae music, as well as keep the reggae veterans interested. Plenty of crunchy vinyl without apology.
Every week host Dan Zupansky will interview the authors that have written about the most shocking killers of all time.
Every week host Dan Zupansky will interview the authors that have written about the most shocking killers of all time.
Geek Shock
The Geek Shock Podcast covers the week in geek, including tv, movies, video games, dvds, comics, horror, sci-fi, and all things geek. Also check out the video show at!
Culture Shock!
A weekly show about Japanese culture.
Music for airplanes
Tattoo artist Gabriel Rodriguez talks about culture and life on the border in Laredo, Texas. Recorded live inside Por Vida Tattoos.
Future shock included some very original and sometimes disturbing contemporary Chinese Science Fiction from the award-winning author Chen Qiufan and translated by Ken Liu, the translator of The Three Body Problem (Hugo Award winner). You can see how Chinese younger generation imagine about the future, the technology and how they change the people physically and spiritually. To be continued...
Every week, Kai Chang and Forrest Sherman do a deep dive into the news, each bringing his own heterodox point of view.
Shock and Odd
Shock and odd is an oddcast discussing horror, lore and everything in between hosted By Samjamfx and Blake
Culture Shocks
A daily radio show hosted by the Rev. Barry Lynn. You never know what you will hear. The show discusses how America is in the middle of a real, not imaginary, \"culture war.\" It pits people who want to maximize freedom — freedom to believe, freedom to speak, freedom to make intimate moral decisions — against those who want to use government power to push their religious, moral and cultural beliefs on everyone. It is also a battle over which role governments should have in seeing to the need ...
Every week host Dan Zupansky will interview the authors that have written about the most shocking killers of all time.
The Shock Doctrine retells the story of the most dominant ideology of our time, Milton Friedman's free market economic revolution. In contrast to the popular myth of this movement s peaceful global victory, Klein shows how it has exploited moments of shock and extreme violence in order to implement its economic policies in so many parts of the world from Latin America and Eastern Europe to South Africa, Russia, and Iraq. At the core of disaster capitalism is the use of cataclysmic events to ...
This is the one and only radioshow hosted by the Puppetmastaz themselves
Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan, beatboxer from The Electric Company and Freestyle Love Supreme, interviews comedians, singer/songwriters, rappers and other musical guests to get to the bottom of their creative inspirations. Expect original music, deep thoughts, dumb laughter and tons of awesome.
Shock The World
"Shock The World" is a Podcast dedicated to University Of Houston Sports. Rightously Opinionated, Politically Incorrect Smack Talk At Its Finest
Shock your Senses is a Hardstyle-driven podcast brought to you by Unsenses. Rythmic vibes, banging kicks and euphoric melodies are the main ingredients of this monthly show. Open your ears, open your heart. The music you hear is selected with love for the hard. This, will Shock your Senses.
Shock Therapy Made a Mess of Me!
Totem Traxx is an organization that quality dance music, adores a great party based in Japan.Started in 2010 by artist with DO SHOCK BOOZE. A totem is any species of plants, animals and music thought to possess supernatural powers. Each group within the society may have its own totem, including associated ceremonies. The journey to discover new energy in wonders of the world of music which reaches beyond the borders of all living things form will never end....Demo and Licensing requests : in ...
Pasha Shock
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Culture Shock
MY RADIO1ST Is the platform for EVERY UNSIGNED ARTIST IN THE WORLD, EVERY TALENT. My Radio 1st supports the everyday artist who can get past making a record off his laptop. we have the place just for you. look no further. My Radio1st takes donations towards Suicide Awareness and Prevention Programs across the world
Shocking Awake
Shocking Awake' is about talking about seemingly normal experiences, and revealing the paranormal reality, that was the hidden easter egg. The truth reveal.
Shock Radio
Podcast by Ricky Rigters
Culture Shock
Five eager young adults ready to shock you with our knowledge, opinions, & conversation ?You don't wanna miss this wave ? Welcome to Culture Shock⚡️
Miscellaneous conversations with no real end point in mind and no knowledge of how to get there.
Culture Shock
Culture Shock
Focusing on the various aspects of health and wellness, to include: mental, physical, spiritual, financial, and social health and wellness.
The weekly podcast looking into the history of metal
Self-involved local idiots talking about obscure news items that tickle their twisted fancies.
SHOCK! is an edgy and bold communications agency emotionally targeting audiences in the U.S.
Pop Culture Shock
Nerd Shock is the host of the 2 podcast, Once Upon a Podcast & Pop Culture Shock Podcast. Topics range from Movies, TV, Video & Video games.
Business podcast focusing on excellence in leadership, sales and customer experiences.
Shock Network Tv
Welcome to the Shock Network Tv podcast, where amazing things happen.
The Culture Shock Podcast is a series of short digital stories created by people from the North East of England. The stories have been inspired by museums and galleries and their collections.To see other stories, visit
Different podcast strands from Shock Radio.
Cell Shock Podcast
The Cell Shock Podcast, giving you a shock to your system with discussion about the lastest games to the obscurest movies and shows as Rob and friends discuss it all!
Horror audio plays.
Shock & Awe EP7
Shock and Awe: The Fusion Music Radio Show #7Professor P-Soop presents Shock and Awe: The FusionMusic Radio Show – with music by Sarah Tonin, KimGuthrie, The Vanilla Milkshakes, Whitworth, ProjectOctane, Leona X and Special Guest CharlotteBlanchard...
A Podcast about all things media and internet related. Stay tuned for podcasts related to games, movies and much more.
A podcast of culture/lifestyle, giving your ears a backstage pass to what's happening around you. Brought to you by hosts Feddi Brosevelt, Slimothy McVain & DJ Protege, collectively known as The Rat Bastards.
Podcast by Shock The World Podcast
Welcome to Shell Shock! This is an audio podcast written and created by Stephan and Tabz in a dialogue format. It consists of things that send shivers down our backbone, keep us up at night, things that set fire to our soul and leave a cinnamon taste in our mouth, things that we can hold in the palm of our hands and those we cannot even agree exist. We discuss the oxford comma and the position of grammar in everyday life as passionately as totalitarianism, memes, death of socrates and the ma ...
Subshock proudly presents his monthly radio show: The Shock Show. Expect the most fresh songs of each month, exclusive previews and the best guests mixes by DJs from all around the world! Subscribe to get shocked !
Made from sound grabs of Summer of Fear (Stranger in Our House) directed by Wes Craven 1978
DEZINER brings you the hottest EDM, House, Electro, Trance tracks with some exclusive extras.
Encourage. Enlighten. Empower.
Shock and Awe: The Fusion Music Radio Show #6Luis Drayton presents Shock and Awe: The FusionMusic Radio Show – with music by Trendlaser, ProjectOctane, Subterranean Pink, Cryin' Queerwolf, The Contacts, Mak Bullak and Special Guest Linus Sams...
Shock & Awe EP 8
Shock and Awe: The Fusion Music Radio Show #8Luis Drayton presents Shock and Awe: The FusionMusic Radio Show – with music by Taser Puppets, The Kin'dred, Second Player Score, Luis Drayton and Special Guest Sick Robot...
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I-70 runs through the Heartland of America. In 1992 it became a trail of blood. In this episode I will investigate the I-70 killer. Be prepared for a shocking look at a serial killer, who still remains at large. Music: Amdient Background music: Sounds from the Abbey CO.AG music Sources: ...…
Chris Chan, author of the Sonichu comic series is an amazing author. Join BasedShaman for a Sonichu comic reading, as we read through the Sonichu comic together and learn about Sonichu, Rosechu, Chris Chan and friends. Enjoy this basedshaman sonichu reading as an audiobook or follow along with the art that chris chan provided in the official so ...…
Bill and Patrick preview tonight’s game Six of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as touch on the Red Sox shocking move of designating Hanley Ramirez for assignment.
For the highs and lows of Solo: A Star Wars Story's production, the chance of success was not unlike successfully navigating an asteroid field. But just like Han Solo himself, somehow this scappy film pulled through and surprised us all. The movie we didn't want, the story we were convinced didn't need telling, is top shelf Star Wars. We offer ...…
With Dayne back in the Heartland of America, where marriages are grown on trees, Chuck and Evan take the reins. With news across almost the entire sporting world, the cover the UFC's monster deal with ESPN, the NFL's Anthem stance, Sterling Brown's shocking police encounter, a little golf, then they wrap things up talking' puck.…
Larry Snow with the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Friday, May 25th, 2018. In Vehicle News From the Huffington Post Man Discovers Handgun Impaled In Front Bumper Of Car This brings new meaning to the term “gunning your engine.” A driver on Interstate 5 in Washington state’s South Puget Sound area discovered something sh ...…
Hot Date has reached 70 and you know what that means: A Top Ten episode! For this one, we take a shocking trip around the world for our favorite foreign horror films. We'll make stops in France, Japan, Spain and Norway to name a few and play clips that'll make your skin crawl. Get a dose of international zombies, slashers, monsters and ghosts a ...…
In this episode of, Simply Living Wellness, Donna Abreu speaks with guest Gina Vance, from Mind Body Journeys, about going inward to get the answers to physical or emotional pain, and to release old traumas, stuck energy, and to embody more of your best self. If you are battling with any physical pain, or emotional issue including stress, or wo ...…
ITV's Vidar Hjardeng reviews the audio described performance of Love From A Stranger, which he watched recently at Birmingham's New Alexandria theatre. Vidar is talking to RNIB Connect Radio's Simon Pauley. Love From A Stranger synopsis: A whirlwind romance with a handsome and charming stranger sweeps Cecily Harrington off her feet and she reck ...…
In this week's "Would you rather?" aka "This or that?" Sarah faces a conundrum so shocking, she apologises to her grandma before answering the question! You can hear Sarah, Joel and Adam every Friday morning from 10am on Brisbane Youth Radio 1197AM and DAB+ digital radio, as well as Phoenix Radio on TuneIn and at…
Rick and Cris are back spoiling the hell out of Solo: A Star Wars Story. It's seriously pretty damn good.
Once again Lyman and Kevin find themselves driving to LAX. Shocking, we know. Lyman discusses his displeasure for the renovations being done at LAX and their new policies. Kevin promotes his guest appearance on Zack Albetta’s Working Drummer Podcast, ( and Lyman has a new CD along with singer Renee Myara. It’s a m ...…
Dr. Christy Huff is a cardiologist who has her own personal story, as a patient, with a class of drugs called benzodiazepines that is both eye opening, shocking and candid. Listen to what she has to say and find out what she's doing to help millions in order to prevent further injury and devastation from these drugs that are being taken as pres ...…
1 Thessalonians 5:2 – For you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. (NIV) There are rules for living in the city, just as there are rules for living in the country. For instance, city dwellers keep their doors locked. When we moved from the city to a farm where our nearest neighbour was a ten-minute walk f ...…
Trevor fills the host shoes again, and funny stuff happens. We talk Star Wars (SHOCKING), school plays and talent shows, as well as 30 year olds still living in their parent’s basements. Plus we have some ridiculous difficulties sharing an email.
Michael and Matthew review the newest Star Wars film! On a Star Wars podcast! Shocking!
we invite you to come and listen to reality radio. its deep, straight forward and hard hitting. we do not pull any punches or try and butter up the story. we just give you the hard core facts as we see them from our years of experience in life and living. much of what we cover is beyond shocking and can make folks afraid, but that is the way we ...…
We discuss Jim's shock and awe at his two brothers-in-law leaving their wives and kids for a guys weekend in Myrtle Beach over Mother's Day! We also share our thoughts on Jacqueline Ades, stalking and the tale of 65,000 text messages.
"A Shock to the System" Written by Diablo CodyRead by Katie Rich Directed and Produced by James MontañoMusic: "Inspiring and Upbeat" by Scott Holmes…ing_and_UpbeatArticle originally appeared in the A.R.T. Guide April-July 2018
We'll ask Chris if he's ever experienced a situation where a client came to him completely fed up with how much they were paying in taxes. Was their frustration justified? Were there solutions to the problem? We'll find out, plus give you some tips on how to make sure you're not overpaying in taxes when it comes time to retire. Click here for C ...…
Teams from Greenpeace in New Zealand are behind a global operation that has exposed shocking incidents of human trafficking, slavery and abuse at sea aboard international fishing fleets. Former police detective Tim McKinnel spent years campaigning on behalf of Teina Pora, before turning his attention to trafficking, helping to produce the new r ...…
Where do you stack up against the average Joe's finances? I hope better. Much better. Today, we take a look at some shocking headlines in the news and what you can do to avoid being financially average. Also, I share with you an insight I use to become more successful in my career.
Let's talk about the shooters we love in particular, following our recent list of the top 50 first-person shooters. Matt loves the backstabbing spy of Team Fortress 2. John adores Dark Forces and immersive sims like Prey. And Brendan has been playing Unreal Gold, which celebrates its 20th birthday this week. Also, we’ve got another patch notes ...…
We talk about what happens when our boss needs to talk to us. Jason relates an incredible work story that will leave all of you shocked. We talk about the ways people pronounce words that drives us crazy. We finish the episode talking about some big movies.
Hello Poddies! You called in to share the weird stuff you've seen on peoples CV's Harry had a damning confession on the show that genuinely shocked Pricey. Pricey stuffed up a phonecall with our BIG BIG Boss We also learnt about Harry's weird childhood obsession with a commercial that resulted him in buying a canoe. WEIRD We remember the Manche ...…
TVNZ's new streaming service has one key aim: to increase the amount of Kiwi content available to kids. Chris Schulz and Karl Puschmann investigate.Ask Amie Mills why Kiwi kids need to see themselves on TV, and she'll pause, apologise for pausing, then say this: "I lose words when I think about how important it is."Mills, the children's commiss ...…
Lyle and Justin (Nick was field reporting) are back at it again with one huge show. We talk World News (3:00). We go indepth on Hockey, YES HOCKEY!!!! (21:45) We give respect up to JJ Watt (34:15. We kick around champions league predictions and some world cup roster shocks (36:38). We dive into baseball with an interview with a 35 year long fan ...…
Drew, Roth and Lauren Theisen explore the most SHOCKING conspiracy theory yet! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In Ep 11, Bradley and Kiersen take a look GE, the current campaign and talk about how Kiersten was in a Verizon commerical, Bradley was shocked at a random breast feeding moment and they both had a fight right before shooting. Awesome. Catch the show:
Damon continues to dissect and discuss what happened to the Warriors to lose Game 4 at home in such a shocking fashion last night, talks about the new NFL National Anthem rules, is joined by Ryen Russillo of ESPN Radio, and John Dickinson checks in live from Houston.By (95.7 The GAME).
The EU is in big trouble with Eurosceptics set to form the Italian government tonight. They have pledged to deport 500,000 illegal immigrants, ignore EU austerity rules, go on a big spending programme & setup the possibility of quitting the Euro. It is a rejection of the EU & everything it stands for. BREXIT is already damaging Spanish exports ...…
The EU is in big trouble with Eurosceptics set to form the Italian government tonight. They have pledged to deport 500,000 illegal immigrants, ignore EU austerity rules, go on a big spending programme & setup the possibility of quitting the Euro. It is a rejection of the EU & everything it stands for. BREXIT is already damaging Spanish exports ...…
The song “Rocket Queen” is one of a number of infamous, salacious, and shocking tunes from the controversial rock n roll band Guns N Roses. It's the last track off of their first metahit album, Appetite for Destruction.
The boys saw Deadpool 2 this weekend. Guess what?! They have opinions about it. Shocking, I know. The boys delve deep into the film and do their best to break down what works, what doesn't, and what you can expect from the future of the franchise. Follow us on Twitter for a shoutout on the show: @RMRouletteYou can send us questions on Twitter o ...…
We're down to the final four in the NHL & NBA, and Mitch recaps all the action with a pair of guests. Joe Crisalli joins to talk about the improbable Vegas Golden Knights, how they advanced to the Stanley Cup Final in their first year, & what to expect in the Game 7 showdown between the Capitals & Lightning. And Ryan Soles breaks down the Cavs/ ...…
A podcast talking about Star Wars?! Imagine my shock! But, in seriousness, you'll hear a little bit of Star Wars dissection from recovering old fans of the series. We might also talk about the state of other franchises, and how this all might related to the health of our society. Only one way to find out...If you want more Coach & Benway episod ...…
This time last year Sundara and I finally got the keys to our new house. We’d been waiting several months already but it had been worth it. We were buying not just a new home for our family, but also Jellyfish, a community art gallery and event space adjacent to the house which we had both fallen in love with and which seemed the perfect projec ...…
That is right we have chimichanga's by the truckload, we have high wind advisories and Kyle has assembled his X-Force to cover all that is Deadpool 2. Joined by Kevin (The Vanisher) Reitzel, Alex (Baby Driver) Autrey and of course if we are covering anything Deadpool here at the Fandom Podcast Network we have to include are own "Catpool" Mr. Ca ...…
Hilarity ensues as we hear the thrilling conclusion of the Ultimate Summer Blockbuster Movie Draft. Shocking picks, distasteful jokes, and general Shawshankiness.
Sometimes the Lord says something so shocking that it is hard to understand and put into practice. Loving our enemies is one of those things. Join pastor Richard as he talks about love being one of the greatest markings we bear of our heavenly Designer.
Click on the link below to view the Number 1 skill in Internet Marketing!, today I want to talk about what does authority mean and how it can be used with influencing someone! Right now for some reason I'm interested in influence and persuasion. One of the most powerful forces when it comes to influencing someone really ...…
The new Malaysian Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, says the search for missing flight MH370 will end on May 29. Voice 370, a group representing the relatives of those aboard the flight, says they are "utterly shocked" and "disappointed" by that announcement. Grace explains what's next for the loved ones of the MH370 victims.…
Gotham Front Page - 5/23/2018Panel - Andrew Claudio, Steve AngelovichHeadlines:- Rockets Shock The World- (NOT)Welcome To Queens, Jose!- Poor Hunter Henry- NFL Has No Idea What They Are Doing- Happy Birthday. Drew Carey!- Wait... His Net Worth Is HOW MUCH?!?SUPPORT US ON PATREON:…
Recap time! Ashley (host not Challenger) is pissed, Nick (host not TV show for kids) makes a shocking revelation, and the Champs and Stars struggle to dominate the game. Who will be victorious on this week’s The Challenge: Champs Vs Stars? Tune in to find out! Enjoy and don’t forget to rate, review, and ...…
The HOBI Gang has a few less people in the BOB Studios this week but they do have Scab Blake stepping up! Jason is thrilled Westworld finally went to Shogun World, Scab Blake gives Jason some facial hair tips, and everyone is surprised by a NHL prospect that can't get enough video games! The guys dive into Patton Oswalt's Joker theory, rank fas ...…
we invite you to come and listen to reality radio. its deep, straight forward and hard hitting. we do not pull any punches or try and butter up the story. we just give you the hard core facts as we see them from our years of experience in life and living. much of what we cover is beyond shocking and can make folks afraid, but that is the way we ...…
Highlights Include: - Magic Mushrooms and other Science - Deadpool, Comic Books, and Reading - Writing a Star Wars Script - No "Cum" on this Cake - Taking Danny DeVito to Prom
What's more shocking...the curb scene OR Ed Norton winning that basketball game and dunking? Who edited this movie? Was black & white a little hacky? Who is better, Norton OR the supporting cast? Did Derek go backwards after the ending of the film Steve and guest Calvin Murata answer all these questions and more in this week's episode. Plus The ...…
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