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Selected Shorts
Spellbinding short stories by established and emerging writers take on a new life when they are performed by stars of the stage and screen.
Short Cuts
Short documentaries and adventures in sound presented by Josie Long
Morning Short
Enjoy a new, curated short story every episode. We hand-pick 15-25 minute short stories from a pool of award-winning fiction writers. Then we turn them into to mini audiobooks that improve any commute, workout, or walk in the park. Read by professional narrators.Every day is a different story. One morning we might bring you a sci-fi thriller by the legendary Ray Bradbury, and the next morning might be a Sherlock Holmes detective story by Arthur Conan Doyle. Romance? We’ve got it. Narrative p ...
Piano Jazz Shorts
A preview of upcoming conversations and improvisations with Marian McPartland and the brightest stars from the world of jazz.
The Short Game
A podcast about video games that respect your time
Over the years, Selected Shorts has had to say no to some amazing stories that, due to language issues or content advisories were, well, too hot for radio. But no more!
Short Story
Your weekly fix of brand new stories written specially by today’s best writers. Brought to you by BBC Radio 4, home of the Modern Short Story.
Broadcasts from the amazing and intense world of medical school.
NOCTURNAL TRANSMISSIONS is a fortnightly podcast featuring performances of dark, short stories, both contemporary and classic, by voice actor Kristin Holland. You'll hear works of creepy fiction from the likes of Lovecraft, Poe and even Shakespeare as well as horror stories from contemporary writers; both emerging and renowned. Our humble narrator already appears in the world of horror podcasting as a featured voice artist on the 'Simply Scary Podcast', performing Creepypasta and chilling ta ...
Bound Off is a monthly literary audio magazine, broadcasting literary short fiction with the new podcasting technology. We aspire to showcase work that is compelling and driven by narrative, with a force that keeps the listener listening. We are dedicated to publishing stories by both the established and emerging writer. Visit our website at for information about our broadcasts and how to submit your stories.
The Short Stories of H. P. Lovecraft, narrated by Adam G. Linder. Produced by Bespoken Podcasting.
Short & Curly
A fast-paced fun-filled ethics podcast for kids and their parents that asks those curly questions. From banning lollies to trusting robots, and from colonising other planets to eating pets, Short & Curly covers it all.
Expand your horizons with this collection of hand-picked classic short stories and tales from writers like Jack London, Guy de Maupassant, Louisa May Alcott, Hans Christian Anderson, Ambrose Bierce, and many others. These fast-paced stories are chosen for their unique flavor and suitable for all ages and tastes, and provide a window to a time when writers knew how to tell great stories using descriptive words and phrases. Now part of our new app 1001 STORIES NETWORK at Apple App Store.
Edited by bestselling, award-winning anthologist John Joseph Adams, NIGHTMARE is a digital magazine of horror and dark fantasy. In its pages, you will find all kinds of horror and dark fantasy, from zombie stories and haunted house tales, to visceral psychological horror. Every month NIGHTMARE will bring you a mix of original fiction and reprints, and featuring a variety of authors: from the bestsellers and award-winners you already know to the best new voices you haven't heard of yet. When ...
Ordinary stories that reveal an extraordinary God
We are a diverse group of readers who have a rowdy old time discussing a wide diversity of short literary fiction.
A shy and dowdy country girl, Berenice feels socially inept beside her vivacious and sophisticated cousin, Marjorie. But Marjorie decides to groom her and when Berenice turns out better than she expected, Marjorie is delighted, till Berenice catches the eye of one of Marjorie's own faithful admirers. Will Berenice remain the timid and diffident country girl, or will her newfound success give her courage? Lois, a young girl engaged to be married, suddenly becomes unsure about the relationship ...
Edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams, LIGHTSPEED is a Hugo Award-winning, critically-acclaimed digital magazine. In its pages, you'll find science fiction from near-future stories and sociological SF to far-future, star-spanning SF. Plus there's fantasy from epic sword-and-sorcery and contemporary urban tales to magical realism, science-fantasy, and folk tales. Each month, LIGHTSPEED brings you a mix of originals and reprints featuring a variety of authors, from the bestseller ...
The Boys in Short Pants is Canada's newish political podcast, taking a second look at the goings-on of Canadian politics.
Short Circuit
The Supreme Court decides a few dozen cases every year; federal appellate courts decide thousands. So if you love constitutional law, the circuit courts are where it’s at. Join us as we break down some of the week’s most intriguing appellate decisions with a unique brand of insight, wit, and passion for judicial engagement and the rule of law.
Short Story Long
Young & Reckless Founder/Entrepreneur Chris “Drama” Pfaff catches up with friends and individuals who have made a name for themselves and overcame obstacles to reach their level of achievements. You can’t google the keys to success, but you can be inspired by talking to people who have been through it.
This podcast gives you a 14 day relaxation course. Each short relaxation hypnosis session is different. ONLY LISTEN WHEN YOU CAN SAFELY CLOSE YOUR EYES AS IT MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS.All Hypnosis Sessions recorded by Jason Newland. = ...
SHORT Stories
Showtime is home to some of the most original series on TV and now we're home to some of the most original shorts on the web. We gathered our favorite cutting-edge content creators from across the internet and gave each of them a deceptively simple mission - tell a short story in an innovative way.
Author and novelist David Wallace Fleming publishes original humor, science fiction and fantasy short stories. Subscribe for a variety of free, serialized audiobooks of short fiction. For more info on the author, visit
Science fiction (abbreviated SF or sci-fi with varying punctuation and case) is a broad genre of fiction that often involves sociological and technical speculations based on current or future science or technology. This is a reader-selected collection of short stories originally published between 1931 and 1963, that entered the US public domain when their copyright was not renewed. Summary by Cori Samuel, with Wikipedia input.
"In honor of the tenth year of Solomon, son of David, the beloved of the Lord, king in Jerusalem, I have been commissioned to record the chronicles of those warriors known as the Mighty Men for you, great king. They were the men who came to your father in his hour of need. They were the men who fought with him. They were men, and that is the highest that can be written of them..." Before he came to David at the caves of Adullam, Benaiah the son of Jehoiada was a mercenary in Egypt. In the ex ...
A walk through the best bits of Japanese history with a focus on the key people, best stories and the funny little mistakes that created Japan
A slim volume podcast collection of eleven classic short stories read by Mike Bennett. This podcast features six stories from Saki (H.H. Munro), including Gabriel-Ernest, The Open Window, and Sredni Vashtar. Also included are tales from H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, and a rarely-heard gem from Mark Twain, The Cannibalism in the Cars. These stories were originally recorded and presented on the Mike Bennett Sometimes podcast between 2008 and 2010.
Reduce your Chronic Pain with this 14 day hypnosis course. ONLY LISTEN WHEN YOU CAN SAFELY CLOSE YOUR EYES AS IT MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS.All Hypnosis Sessions recorded by Jason Newland. =
Piano Jazz Shorts
Jazz legend Marian McPartland, hosted NPR's "Piano Jazz" for over 30 years. Today, the program continues to showcase the world's top musicians of all time through these podcasts taken from archived broadcast. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.
Christian perspective news analysis and worldview apologetics. Connecting the dots within geopolitics, economics, religion and education. Hosted by John Loeffler. The Short Show is just a part of our comprehensive 2 hour weekly program. Join us at for more!
The Short Ghost Story Collection contains ten classic spooky tales written by such master craftsmen as Algernon Blackwood, Charles Dickens, Bram Stoker and Saki among others. The stories range from haunted houses to reincarnation (as a predatory otter), ancient curses in which marble statues come alive and wreak a horrible revenge and a long narrative poem that describes a dialog between a ghost and a human being. This anthology features authors like Lewis Carroll and E Nesbit who are tradit ...
The Short Mystery Story Collection by Various is a real treat for intrigue enthusiasts! This volume features such greats as Ambrose Bierce, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Anton Chekov. Some unexpected names like P G Wodehouse and Kate Chopin also crop up, bending their prodigious talents to the genre. The ten stories contained in this volume range from events as diverse as the mysterious death of a sea-captain in a seedy boarding house, a group of women who deal with a crime committed by a frien ...
Use the poetry to practise your pronunciation by copying the reader's rhythm, pace, emphasis, intonation, etc. The meaning relayed through the feeling portrayed by the voice is very important as it is not only used in poetry but in everyday conversation too.I have added a few notes/tasks for each poem. Feel free to submit writing to me about your feelings regarding the poem, the imagery you see, the different poetic devices you find etc. If you're really brave, write an English poem and subm ...
Short Stories
Famous and well-known short stories, novels and poetry read by Robert Orzanna.
Listen to the fiction and lore of the Star Citizen universe wherever you go.
Short Course
A Podcast about Practicing, USPSA, and Practical Shooting
Selected Shorts
Spellbinding short stories by established and emerging writers take on a new life when they are performed by stars of the stage and screen.
Collected Shorts
Nineteen short stories cover the gamut from humor to horror. Meet ghosts, ghouls and goofballs in this expansive collection of tales ranging from religious to ridiculous. - An event from Colonial history haunts contemporary citizens of a small American town. - The family cat reports on life and death with humans. - A man comes to terms with his wife’s death with the help of his guardian angel. - There is more going on in the town of Snow than many people realize. - A family’s annual ritual o ...
UnHerd Shorts
Podcast by UnHerd Shorts
A collection of twenty stories featuring ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night. Expect shivers up your spine, the stench of human flesh, and the occasional touch of wonder.
In this collection of Russian stories, editor and compiler Thomas Seltzer selects from a range of the best examples of 19th and early 20th century Russian literature. As a survey of famous authors at the height of the powers, as well as some writers who have been unjustly neglected, this anthology is indispensable. (Summary by Nullifidian)"Everything is subordinated to two main requirements--humanitarian ideals and fidelity to life. This is the secret of the marvellous simplicity of Russian ...
Timothy Plain and Alrik Bursell discuss independent filmmaking, everything from writing, producing and directing to working as crew. But this is not just a podcast about "making it," it's also about struggling with rejection, self-doubt and everything else that comes with pursuing a career in film. Follow along as we forge our own way through the industry and talk to guests who are also making it happen.
This is a collection of short stories by Fyodor Dostoevsky, the Russian novelist and short story writer. (Summary by sidhu177)
This is the Goggles Optional, Shorts Feed! On Goggles Optional, scientists from Stanford University provide their professional yet humorous takes from the world of science. Join us as our hosts explore the significant news and discoveries of the week using a combin…
A collection of Christmas-themed short stories, intended to warm the heart and share with the family. Each story or poem in this collection is unique: some make us pause to consider the meaning of Christmas, others entertain and make us smile. So curl up in front of a blazing fire and be transported back to Christmases past. (Summary by Lynne Thompson)
Aloha Shorts
Bamboo Ridge Press and Hawaii Public Radio's Aloha Shorts hosted by Cedric Yamanaka.
Author and editor Darren Todd delves into the often-treacherous world of short fiction, with a focus on editing and rewriting.
Lung Story Short
Each week tune in to hear about different subjects spanning from Cystic Fibrosis, transplant, outdoors, sisterhood, friendships and more.
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A third patent for a flexible display for possible future Apple Watch, Spring Bands in short supply, app developers ask more from Apple and we discuss the upcoming WWDC 2018, our predictions and wish list for the Apple Watch. Patent for flexible display Spring Watch Bands in short supply New summer Coach bands Media invite for WWDC - (possible ...…
The Reel Thing for May 22, 2018 Happy World Goth Day! (Shut up. So, we got some stuff we want to talk about or whatever. Pssh, we hate everything…) The Game of Thrones experience abroad in northern Ireland as told by Mark, and the reviews of Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2. Short, sweet and to the point this time around the sun. Thank you ...…
When his wealthy aunt dies after buying a painting that predicts the death of its owner, a man finds out that her death wasn't an accident... Adapted for SUSPENSE by John C. Alsedek & Dana Perry-Hayes from the short story by Harold Lawlor, it stars Charles Rahi Chun, Susan Eisenberg, Catherine Kamei, and Rick Federman.…
The Listener emails continue this week! We find out a bit more about the Team's opinion on equality, cheating and all the bullshizzles.(31:17) Audio Player will be updated shortly. Opening/closing theme: "Naraina" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License…
Erman Bradi & Brandon Waiters are former Hollywood interns and co-founders of entertainment event series MixKnowledgy, and The Film Empire, a unique filmmaking contest. The Film Empire provides a grand prize winner the invaluable opportunity of mentorships and meetings with industry professionals embodying the entire filmmaking process, from de ...…
"Leadership makes a difference especially when the world is changing." Mike UseemHaving a long academic career teaching in the fields of Leadership and Change Management, Michael Useem has a great deal of wisdom, knowledge and insight to share as it relates to what makes world-class leaders. The interview begins with Mike explaining why leaders ...…
On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Tara Bowen-Biggs and Danny Marang discuss all the news that came out of the NBA Combine, Blazers send a psychologist for interviews, combine measurements, a quick look at who the Blazers have talked to, Neil Olshey’s comments on the state of the franchise, adding playoff caliber players, compa ...…
On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Tara Bowen-Biggs and Danny Marang discuss all the news that came out of the NBA Combine, Blazers send a psychologist for interviews, combine measurements, a quick look at who the Blazers have talked to, Neil Olshey’s comments on the state of the franchise, adding playoff caliber players, compa ...…
On today’s show, The World’s Mayor interviews Adam Farfan! Adam started with a simple internship at the age of 16. Shortly after turning age 18, he opened his 1st company–Brandman Financial. Adam’s premium company consulted for businesses globally by re-engineering their financial services sales divisions, including his own. Well-known for exem ...…
After a short detour into the land of sleep, our four "heroes" are ready to get what they rightfully deserve. Treasure. But magic items come at a price, and when one plucky plunderer makes a questionable choice, mild panic ensues. Imbued with confidence and loot, Natalia, Nerium, Taro, and Findex unearth Dekza Atanas' mysterious plans concernin ...…
On tonight’s show: Jim Tretow has the Aderson’s Pure Maple Syrup NASCAR Report. Dean Strom has the Bonafide Security Solutions Short Track Report and the Schlaefer Auto Body Open Wheel Report. Jason Schultz Dirt Kings Tour discusses the past races and some upcoming events including this Friday’s event in Spring Lake. Appr ...…
Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! The worst millennial ever is evicted from his parents’ house, John Waite joins us, Pubix says no to “cum”, Margot Kidder’s final days, Miss USA Q&A never disappoints, Maz has another terrible separated at birth & Drew can’t stop gushing about Hugh Grant. McDonalds had a bad ...…
Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! The worst millennial ever is evicted from his parents’ house, John Waite joins us, Pubix says no to “cum”, Margot Kidder’s final days, Miss USA Q&A never disappoints, Maz has another terrible separated at birth & Drew can’t stop gushing about Hugh Grant. McDonalds had a bad ...…
Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! The worst millennial ever is evicted from his parents’ house, John Waite joins us, Pubix says no to “cum”, Margot Kidder’s final days, Miss USA Q&A never disappoints, Maz has another terrible separated at birth & Drew can’t stop gushing about Hugh Grant. McDonalds had a bad ...…
Winding down after a long day at work can be challenging, that is why we feel grateful to be able to share with you this short relaxation practice created by Liz Stillwell to help you chill out and recalibrate after work. (more…)
Podcast highlights: 09:36 Where do you find energy for your passions? -- Everyone needs something that can keep them awake at 2:00am. At the end of the day these communities are people in flesh and bone. Serving them is a wonderful thing. 14:48 Why do so many women have a complicated relationship to money in business? -- This is ironic because ...…
On this month’s episode we have a feature interview with international novelist Tom Rachman, talking about his new book, The Italian Teacher, a short story by Calgary writer Mike Thorn, and news about the Brenda Strathern Writing Prize.
Open Forum Facebook Live Tuesday May 22, 2018. Anything is up for discussion on open forum. Join the TCP Boys for some good fun and good company. TCP dynasty league start up draft is discussed. Its time for some Dynasty Football talk… Or not. Breaking Down Team Situations Player Value: Short & Long Term Trades, Tv Shows, Movies Offseason Strate ...…
Thanks to TSN690 Play by Play announcer Dan Robertson for joining us. Vegas is going to the Cup! Cowboys, Broncos, Lions, and Packers outlook. World Cup preview!
For this episode of Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Connor Haley. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Alta Fox Capital Management, a long/short hedge fund based in Fort Worth, Texas. Connor also is currently the #1 ranked investor on Having just launched Alta Fox this year, I thought this would be a great time to s ...…
In this Podcast Episode, The Gang discuss The Renaissance of Marvel Comics, and all the INCREDIBLE comic book characters that came out of it. Also in this episode, Donald drinks a bottle of Scotch!
Today, the Kicking the Seat Podcast and David Fowlie of Keeping it Reel pull off what may be a podcasting first: recording a movie-review show from the set of an entirely different movie! Yes, the guys pulled up a booth in Hackney's bar last week to talk about the bawdy blockbuster sensation, Deadpool 2--just as the cast and crew of Michael Glo ...…
Welcome to the Spain preview for the 2018 World Cup. This is part of our 32 team preview. We keep them short so that you can learn a little bit about each team to look smart in front of your friends at the bar. Cheers and enjoy.
This is a good one! We are discussing a new feature as well as a preview of the next podcast. This is a short one, about 7 minutes. You won't want to miss this.
This episode is short but needed . I took about leaning to be empathic for myself and wanting to grow . TTA
For this sunny (at least at Apple World Today HQ) day in May, we have four short news items that you'll find interesting: Apple has announced the date and time of the annual Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote. Expect to see new versions of every Apple operating system, as well as announcements of some other surprises... Dropbo ...…
In Episode 4, Tom speaks with top physio James Cruickshank about injury prevention and his recent marathon training, the guys discuss Scottish performances at 10K races across the UK including the BHGE Aberdeen 10K and their own training and racing from the last week.
Over the next few weeks, the Parkway Politics crew will post short yet informative monologues on the individual districts of New Jersey. In this episode, Brian goes over the 9th district: the district's location, demographics, current representative and the primary candidates, or lack thereof, for the 2018 Congressional Election.…
Pat Dooley talks to Robbie Andreu from The Gainesville Sun. As Dooley Noted take a short break. Pat will be back with you in a few weeks, ready to talk football and all things Gators.
Short Story co-founder William Du subscribes to the adage that “if fear is the only thing stopping you, then you should do it.” It echoes Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words, “What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do.” They have a nice ring to it, but others will still steer clear of challenges. Not William though. William has pack ...…
Top 5 Instructional Habits to Kick: Can We Talk?by Suzy Pepper RollinsSlightly irreverent but good natured in intent, here’s the “Top 5” list of instructional habits we might just want to rethink. Sure, the brain needs habits; otherwise, it may get overloaded. But which of these habits are working for our kids…and which should get kicked to the ...…
The weekly podcast looking around the Short Film community.follow/share/live/review etc @ShortFilmPod on Twitter/Facebook/Instagrame- mail me at shortfilmpodcast@gmail.comProduced & Present by @ronanfromcork** All feedback would be gratefully accepted**Music throughout the podcast by Esbjörn Svensson TrioFestivals mentioned… Belfast Film Festiv ...…
Disclaimer: most research is shorter term. No studies in athletes with several months / years of fat-adaptation under their belt. Let’s remember epigenetics. What is metabolic flexibility? Ability to burn carbs or fat efficiently. Many lean professional athletes can do both. Partly due to genetics. Partly due to diet and training. Ideally you w ...…
We’re taking a short break to get the studio moved and updated. We’ll be back June 5th!!!
With Today’s Meet announcing that they are shutting down as of June 16, 2018, a lot of teachers and educational conference presenters might be looking for alternatives to replace this great back-channel tool. Tozzl is one that should be considered.
“At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.”—von Goethe. Every movement is intentional and creates an intended result. Are you running up life's escalator or are you standing still? Intention is the difference between accomplishing everything you desire or simply living a life of regret. There is no middle ground. ...…
Efforts in Maryland state capital to reform policing have fallen short for three consecutive years. In episode we talk to Adam Jackson CEO of the activist group Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle about the formidable power the state's various police unions, and how they exert far-reaching influence over the state's legislative process.…
On the May 22, 2018 First Thing podcast, host Ryan Pfeil reads a story in full. Written by Kaylee Tornay, it's a follow up story about the three Eagle Point High School students who died in a car crash over the weekend.
Brad Stevens cut short a recent media teleconference when he got pranked by several members of the “press.” Barack and Michelle Obama sign a production agreement with Netflix. The boys brainstorm some potential programming concepts for the Obamas. Most of the ideas are very good. Did your high school have a graduation lock-in party? Black Sheep ...…
Check out this short five minute clip showing the upcoming Donkey Kong DLC for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in action.
In the conclusion to our adventure, our ninjas learn the motivations behind the gathering of families and guilds in Noboribetsu, but a surprise arrival cuts the assembly short. Starring Chelsey Broussard as Narusei Hanami Kevin Broussard as Manabe Saburo David McFarland as Matsumoto Makoto Cristi Oldfield as Arima Jun Roxy Thompson as Kurayami ...…
DaLyah talks sex, black, Southern identity, life advice for those 20-somethings and how to not get fired from Burger King with her own mom in this short bonus episode.
Unconscious Bias Training – Why it almost always falls short.
Shortly after arriving at Chult our adventures find themselves looking for information on the Death Curse. They are connected with a Guide named ... well he has a lot of 'SSS" in his name and are lead on an adventure which had them racing dinosaurs and fighting in an arena against what was not a formidable opponents... here is what happened nex ...…
21 Wade Wilson Today we talk about Wade Wilson A.K.A. Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth, he's most well known for gratuitous violence, making jokes, breaking the fourth wall, and being played by Ryan Reynolds in the hit movie franchise Deadpool and Deadpool 2. Media specifically mentioned in today's episode: Fabian Nicieza helped create Deadpoo ...…
There are some jobs it seems like no one would ever want. Who wants to pump a septic tank, why on earth would you ever work in a restaurant dish tank, who in the world would ever deal with dead people? Us humans are infatuated with rationalizing our place in the world by comparing it with those who have it worse. But the concept of “those who h ...…
If you had to create a personal statement that sums up your philosophy, what would that statement be? How can you better motivate yourself to find more value in your daily efforts to do well? What does loving-kindness mean and how can we practice it more in our lives? What role does human connection play in your life, especially with people you ...…
In this lesson I teach you word examples with the short 'I' /ɪ/ sound in English. You will learn advanced vocabulary, spelling patterns and phrases that include the short 'I' sound in English. Here are a few example words taken from the lesson: icky inspirational individual villain risky crystal business women Get the full lesson notes [...]…
In this episode, escapism stalks Jeff as he tries to lead his family out of debt. Listen as he seeks accountability to stay the course despite circumstantial pressure to look for short cuts.
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