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Each episode join Cali Lewis from Geekbrief TV, Share from Rock and Roll TV, KFC from the Podchick podcast, Anji Bee from the Chillcast, SoccerGirl from SoccerGirl Incorporated and Karla and Karen from Rumor Girls along with Franklin McMahon for insights on everything from world events, entertainment and technology as well as a behind the scenes look at what it takes to produce some of the most popular podcasts out there. Tune in for conversations, laughs and mayhem with some of the coolest ...
Boat Show Girl
Karen Maeby the Boat Show Girl
Thank You Show/Girls Laugh
Give thanks to those who have helped you throughout your life. Plus, I love a girls laugh.
Behind the Sash: Showgirl Stories
A fortnightly podcast where Elyse Hudson the 2015 Newcastle Showgirl, will chat with current and previous Showgirls from around NSW to hear their stories.
Sorrows of a Show Girl, The by MCGAFFEY, Kenneth
Originally printed in The Morning Telegraph in New York, this is the story of Miss Sabrina, the show girl, and her ups and downs with the unpredictable theatrical industry and the Great White Way, the lights and glamour of Broadway. "In order to set myself right with both the public and the vast army of Sabrinas that add youth and beauty to our stage, and brilliancy and gaiety to our well known cafes, I wish to say that she is all that she should be...”- Kenneth McGaffey (Summary by Amanda F ...
Best of Burlesque in Wales and UK
See the Best of Burlesque from Wales and the UK. In this video Podcast from Burlesque Cardiff & The Welsh Burlesque Festival
Boys on GIRLS
Two guys talk about the TV show GIRLS and whatever else comes up.
The chillcast with Anji Bee
Los Angeles born Anji Bee has spent the better part of her life immersed in music. Beginning in Junior High School, she founded, produced, and distributed a series of music ‘zines, writing features and reviews, as well as handling the design and layout. She also spent 3 years in college radio, hosting shows and working in station management — including a run as Music Director — at the notoriously avant-garde KUCI 88.9 fm. Anji has contributed lyrics and vocals to a number of bands over the y ...
Two Dudes Watch Girls
Two Dudes Watch Girls is a weekly podcast recapping and discussing the show "Girls." I checked out the show and as a fluke, Denny was over while I was watching an episode, we both ended up hooked. On a whim, we decided to start a podcast all about the show, being two dudes in our early 30s, we thought offering our perspective might add a little something. ...or not.
SisuGirls Canada
Sisu Girls Canada is an extension of the Sisu Girls (global). Sisu: determined, brave, & resilient. We encourage the development of sisu in girls through physical pursuits, education & awareness.SisuGirlsSupport gives girls in developing countries the same opportunity.Our mission is to show girls how determined, brave and resilient they are through participative adventure-based programs and inspiring content. We provide a safe, girls-only environment (online and in person) for girls aged 5 a ...
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Welcome to the 14th episode of CinemAbysmal: The Podcast, where the three writers of talk about what society would consider some of the worst of the worst media out there. Our friend Jared Munson, voted Spokane's Funniest Comedian, joins us as we talk about Showgirls & Old Dogs and get a little off topic most of the time.…
The biggest wedding in the history of Tumbleson County is turning out to be the biggest fiasco in the history of Tumbleson County. The bride's makeup has been stolen by a raccoon. The bride's brother has broken his arm. Horace and Sam have their hands full with the respective wedding parties. Zenobia has temporarily lost her mind while trying t ...…
** Special Interview** The internet has been losing it over Janelle Dunnaway's story of being injured while she was at a Spite show. Hear her take and some of the facts may surprise you. This was a laid back talk so focus on production and editing to the point of a normal interview wasn't done.
A DJ mix-set podcast of uplifting Pop hits, exclusive remixes, hard to find tracks and fresh euphoric beats. We’re well into Summer, and therefore Pride season, and the dance floor fillers just keep on coming. Calvin Harris‘ ‘Feels’, along with Justin Bieber‘s ‘Despacito’ are the true soundtracks to 2017’s hands-in-the-air feel-good music. Cedr ...…
The real media distraction is that woman’s eyebrows, who resembles a young Fox E. Kim early days in drag. Photos:, Fox E. Kim. This week on social media, Tennessee queen Aurora Sexton called out some RuPaul’s Drag Race girls for their unprofessional behavior for showing up late, forcing clubs to rearrange the show order to suit t ...…
Endgame Podcasts All Series Feed
Endgame Podcasts returns to Twin Peaks Part Ten Written by Mark Frost & David Lynch Directed by David Lynch Wherein violence and mayhem erupt in Twin Peaks, love blooms in South Dakota, Janey-E gets some, Dougie flaps his wings, Diane falls under suspicion, Ike steps on his dick, Albert has a sweet night out, the insurance business in Las Vegas ...…
Faces And Aces: Las Vegas
July 14, 2017 – We’re on a short break, but will be back on July 28! Instead of leaving you hangin’ without a new episode, here’s an episode from our friends at Las Vegas’ The Pod Bay Door podcast. Jamey interviews former Las Vegas showgirl Carla. They share stories about Vegas from a local’s perspective. The Pod Bay Door Podcast www.thepodbayd ...…
Task & Purpose Radio: The Warzone
This week on Task & Purpose Radio’s The Warzone, Patrick, Adam, and Matt ask coworkers to consider the impact of the beloved action-camp blockbuster Starship Troopers. The film, which debuted to poor reviews in 1997 and is now widely considered a cult masterpiece, chronicles the human race’s galactic struggle against a belligerent civilization ...…
Nina Pierson was a Wisconsin schoolteacher who became a Ziegfeld girl. She lived the carefree life of an international beauty unaware of a deadly curse that shadowed the lives of Florenz Ziegfeld's former showgirls.
Piff launches his newest project straight from the newly adorned Piff Pod studios, it's The Piff Pod. Come learn about Piff's weekly whereabouts and shenanigans. On this premiere episode Piff the Magic Dragon and his team, the World's Only Magic Performing Chihuhua: Mr Piffles, snazzy showgirl Jade Simone and socially inept Francis the Squire d ...…
Actress Allison Williams says she doesn’t like to get political – a feature, she claims, of being the daughter of NBC News anchor Brian Williams. But she has some distinct opinions about how President Donald Trump would have knocked her hit HBO show “Girls” in a dramatically different direction. In the latest episode of "Women Rule," Williams t ...…
Meredith Walker is on a mission to create support for the younger generation to be their true authentic self. She is a Peabody award winning journalist and producer who is the founder and co-executive producer of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Online Community and Digital Network. She worked with Amy at SNL, and that is where they came up with the i ...…
Trigger warnings: mental health, racism, #notastripper controversy Listen in below to my deep dive with veteran showgirl Amber Ray, then have a look at all the links to keep up with her on her burlesque journeys! Grab your FREE 30-day trial and FREE audiobook from Audible here – and thanks to Audible for supporting the show! (Don’t forget, if y ...…
Trigger warnings: mental health, racism, #notastripper controversy Listen in below to my deep dive with veteran showgirl Amber Ray, then have a look at all the links to keep up with her on her burlesque journeys! Grab your FREE 30-day trial and FREE audiobook from Audible here – and thanks to Audible for supporting the show! (Don’t forget, if y ...…
Carolina Fiber Girls
Episode 126 MDSW happened and was awesome! Nurse’s Day happened and Ann got a gift certificate for Knit Picks from the PTO. FOs Janis- Amazing Friends- Flyway Twist by Veera Välimäki Yarn: Lollipop Yarn Color: Almost Paradise & sunshine Needles: Chia Goo twist Needle Size: US 6dc Ann – Patronus Shawl Yarn: QCY NoDa sock Colors: Pixie Dust and B ...…
Kendall talk about her recent "Showgirl of the Year" win! #z93 #z93morningafter #unqualifiedloveadvice #kendalljade
Grindbin Podcast - Grindhouse and Exploitation Films
The episode that literally sent us to Hell and back trying to record it is finally here! A group of Las Vegas showgirls are hired to kill random Arabs in an attempt to save an ambassador's son. Hell Squad is a movie filled with bathtubs, bad foreign accents, terrible sets, and everything else you could ever want from an exploitation movie. This ...…
George Perez Stories
Twenty One I have to spell this one out since its my favorite number, gonna make this one a special one! I got the old homie Buddha the General Manager at the House of Eden to cruise thru to the studio. We hit blackjack with this one we find out 2 strippers were on the A&E show Intervention that worked for him and not to mention the pornstars t ...…
This week on Vegas Never Sleeps with Steven Maggi, we cover two topics that all Vegas visitors are familiar with: showgirls and music. You'll meet Grant Phillipo, CEO and Curator of the Las Vegas... Experience the excitement and energy of Las Vegas each weekend on VEGAS NEVER SLEEPS with Steven Maggi.…
Proudly sponsored by smartCAT — a free online CAT tool and a marketplace to get you new translation jobs. Learn more: friends!Join us for another episode of Translators On Air with Judy Jenner.About JudyJudy Jenner runs Twin Translations, a boutique translation and interpretation business, with her business partner and ...…
This week we talk to Claire Nandory to talk about Lena Dunham's show Girls. What do these boys think of girls? Are they icky? Are they cool? Are they insufferable hipsters? Only one way to find out!
Quickie Podcast
A quick wrap up about all things Quickie as I muse on my journey to and from the 2017 Sydney Writers' Festival. You can listen back to the episodes with New York Times bestselling author of The Mothers, Brit Bennett, Guardian data editor and BBC present Mona Chalabi, and dazzling showgirl and author Jenieveve Chang. I'm so excited to be speakin ...…
Today’s episode of Stand Up Break Free is especially close to my heart. I met today’s guest, Anna Ward, when she was a teacher at my son’s preschool. Over the years, she and I have worked together in so many ways. She’s one of my all-time favorite mentoring alums. She’s the magic behind the photo that is featured on the cover of my book and so ...…
The Marto, Ed & Robin Catch Up - 104.5 Triple M Brisbane - Greg Martin, Ed Kavalee, Robin Bailey
Marto’s party blockage Gavin Grey - London Terror Attack Mick Molloy's parenting fails Robin at Beaudesert Showgirls Dog jackets History of Hi Vis Marvel expo Gorden Tallis
5 Minute Biographies
“I am not a victim of emotional conflicts. I am human.” – Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe Biography Norma Jeane Mortensen, better known to the rest of the world as legendary Hollywood actress, Marilyn Monroe, was born on 1 June 1926 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She could be considered to be born into the film industry as her mother, Gladys Pe ...…
My guest this week is the effervescent Jenevieve Chang; actor, writer, movement director and recovering showgirl. This dazzler shares the journey of her memoir 'The Good Girl of Chinatown', which took her from Shanghai, to Sydney, London and all the way back again. We discuss the difficult relationships the different places have with their art ...…
Lemme Listen Podcasts
Steve and Jason hitchhike to Vegas!
This week, Kath and Kae chat about the Titanic with their dearest friend Paul - did you know it was an ACTUAL boat that ACTUALLY sank? We read an article that shakes us to our core, and recap a movie so horrifically bad that the 3 of us have never been the same after. Enjoy!
In this episode, we give "after the endings" to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) and Showgirls (1995). We also share our top 10 films from 2001! Is that a V or a U?
We're back at it and while we strive to offer variety, our Commander in Chief just won't allow it. Out of the frying pan and into the fire for you know who. Special Counsel may finally help us get to the bottom of all this Russian Madness. Steve talks about Netflix's new show, Girl Boss, while Al looks into the season finale of The Black List.…
The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are celebrating Mother's Day by pitching movies about parent/sibling adventures, also in honor of Amy Schumer/Goldie Hawn's comedy vehicle, "Snatched." The guys wax over a bevy of topics and attempt to play a game of "Re-Cast It" with the mother/daughter team in "Snatched." Episode 176 includes: -More Hellboys and mo ...…
The Pod Bay Door-Podcast
Join Jamey and his Co-Host Carla this week for an in-depth and frank discussion on being a Las Vegas Entertainer. Topics include getting started as a showgirl, the pitfalls of being in the entertainment industry and how being topless on stage really feels. Also covered is what it is like to be an talent agent, the strange things people ask you ...…
The Pod Bay Door-Podcast
Join Jamey and his Co-Host Carla this week for an in-depth and frank discussion on being a Las Vegas Entertainer. Topics include getting started as a showgirl, the pitfalls of being in the entertainment industry and how being topless on stage really feels. Also covered is what it is like to be an talent agent, the strange things people ask you ...…
Showtime is bringing back the classic cult television series TWIN PEAKS with 18 new episodes. We thought it would be a great time to look back at some of the films the cast of the series made shortly after the show went off the air in 1991, and the films of the series' creator David Lynch. Films discussed include: Lynch's BLUE VELVET (1986), ER ...…
This week the guys decide to get all touchy-feely in maybe too literal a sense as they were "convinced" (read: brainwashed) by Justin from the So I Married a Movie Geek podcast @MovieGeekCast to countdown their Top 10 Sexiest ever movie scenes. Of course, Justin was only too happy to put himself through the same exercise, so sexiness gets redef ...…
The GASP! With Geo Andy & Sam Pancake!
This week on The GASP! we welcome a true Renaissance woman, Calpernia Addams! Soldier, musician, actress, producer, showgirl, activist and hero: this lady has lived many lives and is a genius and a delight to boot. Enjoy, darlings!
The Entreneato Podcast with Matt Neff
Today’s bonus interview is with Claire Coder from Aunt Flow is a buy-one, give-one subscription box for 100% cotton tampons and pads. People helping people. Period. Claire is also featured on the new show ‘Girl Starter’ on TLC! This was recorded at The Vue in Columbus during Columbus Start Up Week! Thanks to everyone who made it p ...…
Schlock or Not
SoN Episode 38: Doc and Steve discuss the movie “Showgirls”
In this fan made documentary, learn the story behind how the TV show: Girl Meets World came to be, featuring insightful interviews with show creator: Michael Jacobs, along with actors Rider Strong and Sabrina Carpenter, as found in clips from previously released but not widely seen interviews. In this documentary: learn how the show almost didn ...…
When the Liq Hits Podcast
Movie Review:King Arthur Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2For Bachelor and bachelorette parties should you be heavy on social media or just have fun?Show girl bossBow wow challenge Amber rose antics. Is it ok to change the meaning of words?Lil B, is he the pioneer of bullshit music?Miley Cyrus hip hop controversy Did y'all talk about spirit airlin ...…
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