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Deepti Sirohi's Podcast
This is my first attempt at podcasting.
Cirque Du Sirois
The Sirois’ left their homeland in the late 1980’s to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. The brothers wandered the United States separately, barely speaking, for years.Then in the Fall of 2009, Cash came to the Metroplex in search of a lock of hair from Bobby Carpenter, whom he still views as a deity.Mike had met Norm Hitzges, who fed him, gave him clothes, and taught him a passible level of social etiquette. It was he who now had to be the voice of reason for the brothers.As the ...
Dear Sir or Madam Podcast
Advice you don't need, when you need it most. Hosted by Kirsten Henning & Emily Johnson
GBI Kebon Sirih Video Podcast
MP4 video Pastor Message and Preaching
From the Spirit World (An Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra Podcast)
Join us at FTSW as we discuss everything The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender! FTSW has been going strong since 2007 and features in-depth discussion on Korra from longtime, knowledgeable fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender and longtime fandom members.
IONA Masjid
This New Evangelization
A brief weekly exhortation to live the New Evangelization - Kindling for the New Evangelist! Proclaim Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God!
Wine Booty
A high-seas vino-centric video series showcasing a wide variety of Napa Valley's saltiest characters including vintners, brewers, distillers, restaurateurs, mixologists and other interesting wine & food personalities expounding insider tales of the treasures and bounty found within the Napa valley. Directed by Judd Finkelstein. Music by Gordon Lustig.
Judd's Enormous Wine Show
An offbeat series presented by Judd's Hill Winery of Napa Valley, which looks at the world of wine through the eyes of an eccentric Napa Valley winemaker. Directed by Rudolf N. McClain, Music by Gordon Lustig.
Dragon Brag
Dragon Brag is about the HBO series Game of Thrones and is not interested in covering the books by George RR Martin. This is a podcast for show watchers that book readers may also enjoy. It is a part of the Blowout Podcast Network that you can find on itunes. Dragon Brag is hosted by Mike Marshall (@machinesports) and Mike Sirois (@mikesirois). If you enjoy Dragon Brag feel free to review and subscribe via itunes.
Hamlet by SHAKESPEARE, William
Hamlet is commonly regarded as one of the greatest plays ever written. Drawing on Danish chronicles and the Elizabethan vogue for revenge tragedy, Shakespeare created a play that is at once a philosophic treatise, a family drama, and a supernatural thriller. In the wake of his father's death, Prince Hamlet finds that his Uncle Claudius has swiftly taken the throne and married his mother, Queen Gertrude. The ghost of the dead king then appears and charges Claudius with 'murder most foul.' Ham ...
Dusukuna siri kere kere Ni Allah ye O Now Bara la Ani Bara kela la
Dusukuna siri Be Bara sara Boyan, Abe Bara Barika Heli Na dokoyora, Aba to Ibe Bara sara soro Heli Nima A barake, Abe Itanka kabo Cheitana ka Malasali Ma.
Goodbye Yellow Brick Toad
Welcome to Goodbye Yellow Brick Toad! A Bi-Weekly Nintendo Podcast by Siro and Wiggy. We'll talk about how strong Mario is, Luigi's sins, and if Waluigi can ever forgive himself. It's a comedy podcast.
Qaqhiidat yabta cadiisitte
1- yallih inkittiinoo kee qaqhiidat maqaane kullimik naharat taniimiy , faxe qibaadak naharah elle angiicilleh meqe kinniimit yabta duruusuk naharsi exxa tamah.2- yallih inkittiinoo kee qaqhiidat maqaane kullimik naharat taniimiy , faxe qibaadak naharah elle angiicilleh meqe kinniimit yabta duruusuk nammay hattoh exxa tamah.3- yallih inkittiinoo kee qaqhiidat maqaane kullimik naharat taniimiy , faxe qibaadak naharah elle angiicilleh meqe kinniimit yabta duruusuk sidoh hattoh exxa tamah.4- ya ...
Kurs rreth dispozitave të Zekatit
Shumë dijetarë kur flasin për Zekatin e preferojnë muajin e Ramazanit si kohë shumë të vlefshme për pikënisjen dhe nxjerrjen e tij. Mu për këtë kemi shkoqitur nga kursi Islam për tregtarë pjesën ku flitet për vlerën dhe dispozitat e Zekatit me shpresën se do të ndihmojë në njohjen e zbatimin e shtyllës së tretë të Islamit – Zekatit. Dhe pasi që nga urtësitë e agjërimit është solidariteti me të varfërit dhe të mjerët, atëherë kjo do të na ndihmojë të solidarizohemi me ta edhe nëpërmjet ndarje ...
Richard II by SHAKESPEARE, William
Richard II by William Shakespeare is the first of eight plays that portray a historically-informed version of the War of the Roses - beginning in about 1365 and ending with Richard III's death in 1485. Edited by J. M. Smallheer and John Gonzalez. (Summary by Cori) Characters: Narration, Keeper, and Lord - read by Annie Coleman King Richard II and First Servant - read by Peter Yearsley Northumberland and Gaunt - read by Chip Bolingbroke - read by Kayvan Sylvan Aumerle - read by John Gonzalez ...
Robin Hood. by CRESWICK, Paul
"Well, Robin, on what folly do you employ yourself? Do you cut sticks for our fire o' mornings?" Thus spoke Master Hugh Fitzooth, King's Ranger of the Forest at Locksley, as he entered his house. Robin flushed a little. "These are arrows, sir," he announced, holding one up for inspection. Dame Fitzooth smiled upon the boy as she rose to meet her lord. "What fortune do you bring us to-day, father?" asked she, cheerily. Fitzooth's face was a mask of discontent. "I bring myself, dame," answered ...
Jew of Malta, The by MARLOWE, Christopher
Christopher “Kit” Marlowe (baptised 26 February 1564 – 30 May 1593) was an English dramatist, poet, and translator of the Elizabethan era. The foremost Elizabethan tragedian before William Shakespeare, he is known for his magnificent blank verse, his overreaching protagonists, and his own untimely death. The Jew of Malta (1589) is an original story of religious conflict, intrigue, and revenge, set against a backdrop of the struggle for supremacy between Spain and the Ottoman Empire in the Me ...
F News
Monthly news of tracks distributed by feiyr.comJayC Ft. Nathan Thomas, Slavaki vs Hara K, dj shop, feiyr, Swen Weber, Basti Grub, David Amani ft. John Davis, Mr. Jay & T, Gil Dagan, Heerhorst & Meissner, Ronald van Norden, Torben Boswich, Afrilounge & Der Thal, Hanz S., Rekardo Rivalo, Matt & Ale, The Therapists, Peter Brown, Mikalogic, Martijn Kuilema, Andrea Belluzzi, Supergalva, Timmo, Pierre Deutschmann, Pierre Deutschmann, Andreja Z, Pierre Deutschmann, Rick Siron, Andy Tau, Lollo, Reza ...
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TalentCast - Independent music podcast
Music: JoosTVD - Everything is a-okay, Julia Marcell - Tarantino, Lunic - Hope, Amycanbe - Grano, Kardemimmit - Stiinan polska, Elizabeth Geyer - The bridge, Writersday - Get back, VanderLinde - When you walk on by, Rebecca Hosking - Loving you has been too hard on me, RazzMaTazz Music - Signs, Clive Barratt - Don't be a stranger, Broken Sun - ...…
TalentCast - Independent music podcast
Music: Cris Tanzi - Enough, North-Going Zax - Caught in a moment, Starry Knights - Cold rains, The Koniac Net - Bricks, The Trending - Breathe in the ash, No Chance Milly! - Out in style, J. Whitman - Sign of the times, Burning Table - Silence, Johnno Casson - Love vibration, El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila - On the edge, Mister Sir - Oh, th ...…
Smells Like Human Spirit | Dan Carlin | Noam Chomsky | Dave Zirin | Lee Camp | Sibel Edmonds | Rob Ford coverage
[ORIGINALLY BROADCAST ON 4/3/2013] Dr. Michael Parenti is an internationally-renowned lecturer and author, most recently of ‘The Face of Imperialism’. In this interview, he discusses the use of entertainment media as propaganda, and the relationship between government agencies and the production of such content. Later on in the talk, Dr. Parent ...…
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