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The Morning Skate
The Morning Skate is a podcast where hockey players and fans can go to sit back and have some laughs. Ked and Hal keep you updated with NHL in the news and keep you engaged with segments like Twitter Questions and the Patty B. Hotline.
Rental Skates
Paul Driscoll and Tyler Moore are Tampa Bay Lightning fans who talk hockey, food, and pretty much anything else that pop into their heads.
Welcome to Skate to Create! The skateboard podcast that's devoted to connecting with creative people, and finding out what THEY learned from skateboarding. In each episode we are excited to bring you helpful resources, powerful conversations, and engaging stories to help inspire the creative, to take action. Whether you are a skateboarder or not, our show will bring you behind the scenes guest interviews from the skateboarding industry. Hear your favorite Pro Skaters like Manny Santiago, Ant ...
My Skating Podcast
Comedian, RSA Keynote Speaker, Author and Roller Skating advocate Scotty Gunther talks all things skating and skate culture past and present.
I've decided to do audio-podcasts here and put my video up at description: There may be some audio podcasts eventually, but probably not. There will be skateboarding videos. And whatever else I damn well want!
Join 1981-1984 U.S. national champion and 1984 Olympic silver medalist Peter Carruthers for his inside perspective on the sport of figure skating.
Ladies Skate Only
A showcase for all of the talented ladies out there, each episode puts a spotlight on the female artists we can't get enough of.
The past can inspire and encourage the future.
Hosoi Skates
Video Clips of Christian Hosoi and the Hosoi Skates Team
Speedskating is an incredible sport requiring both physical and mental prowess. Skate Talk with Boomer and the Coach is a way of growing the sport, to let people know what speedskating is all about!
Skate The River
Podcast by Skate The River
Podcast about style skaters. We discuss all things related to roller skating.
Skate The Podcast
My name is Skate and this a podcast where my friends, Kirstin, Jill, and I talk about boys we're dating, things we're hating, and mistakes we're making.
Skate To Create
Together we blend conversation and interviews with today’s most inspirational pro skateboarders, pro filmers, entrepreneurs and freelancers. It features stories from skateboarders such as Anthony Shetler and Manny Santiago, Brandon Westgate, Cody McEntire; Cinematographers including Chris Ray, Adrian Hodge, Ricki Bedenbaugh, Kyle Camarillo, Chase Gabor, Chris Thiessen. Business owners and fellow pod caster's such as Chris Cerrone and Brett Bumeter. Social Media expert Andrew Mucci, Skatepark ...
A Skate video Vidcast.
Pocket Pistols is a skateboarding company dedicated to keeping skateboarding fun. Skateboarding is what you make it, so make it good. Live Fast -x- Skate Faster
Hal and Mabel's Daddy knows everything - how a thermometer works, what makes a car go, why we get warm when we run. It's a cold and icy evening after school and Daddy has a secret but what is it? And what is in the mysterious packages he has for the children? The "Daddy" stories were originally published as part of the 'bedtime stories' of the Newark News. - Summary by Lynne Thompson
Marina's Morning Skate is a hockey podcast brought to you by Boston Bruins blogger Marina Molnar.
The Nine Club is the show that has skaters talking. Each weekly episode hosted by Chris Roberts with co-hosts Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart invites you into fun and intimate conversations with professional and amateur skateboarders, musicians, actors and artists that share a common passion for skateboarding. New episodes every Monday. Also, watch every episode on YouTube at:
Sunday Skateshop's videos, clips and montages. Filmed and edited by Bill Bottriell.
Skate Brain is created and founded by Riley Shaw. Skate Brain captures the stories of different skateboarders' experiences and travels. Our guests include: filmers, shop employees, pros, local dudes, people in the industry, and all around people who love skateboarding!To follow the podcast on Instagram go to @skatebrainpodcastTo reach out to the host of the show you can do that @rshaw78 on Instagram or through email:
Podcast by Blue Line Sports Management
A show hosted by Jayson Sweet and co-hosted by Jason Cantrell all about skateboarding/music, and everything in-between, but mostly skateboarding. Its all for the love, well and maybe sometimes the the hate. but you gotta take the good with the bad.
Skate Motivation is a podcast dedicated to helping skateboarders fulfill their life goals and dreams. Each episode, host STOKED Steve, interviews the most inspiring and motivating professional skateboarders and people in various industries who skateboard in hopes to get skateboarders worldwide to be their best on and off the skateboard. The Skate Motivation podcast came from the #1 Skateboard Motivation Instagram account
Mary Mapes Dodge created an instant bestseller with "Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates." She wanted the book to be partly a book of travels and partly a domestic story. It is a tale written for children that adults also find interesting and uplifting. Dodge writes as if she is sending a series of letters from Holland to children in America, and her you-are-there perspective is aided by a nice attention to detail and vivid imagery.The Brinkers are a poor but stoic family under a dark cloud - ...
Talkin' turkey with your favorite pros and listening to the music that gets them hyped. Thrasher Radio, putting the rad back in radio. Turn on, tune out, drop in.
Mostly Skateboarding brings you first person narrative stories from professional skateboarders and industry insiders.
The Shetler Show
Professional skateboarder has amazing discussions with interesting people from all walks of
Motus V with Nick 'The Tooth' Gullo is a deep dive into the five pillars of optimum health: Mental Wellness, Exercise, Diet, Recovery, and Tribe
The Brothers Grim Punkcast is available on and iTunes. Punk rock, hardcore, and everything in between. Send us your gripes and requests to, listen to us on on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. (both PST).
Rollerblading is an interesting thing to talk about.
A hockey podcast where the outliers matter.
Needle Drop Radio
Each week I play a bunch of songs from punk and indie bands from all over the world. You'll hear new, old, rare tracks, unsigned bands, classic tracks, forgotten gems and lots more. I also pick a "Cover Song of The Week" every episode and drop some fun movie clips throughout!Go to for more info.
Andy Picarro and Collin Chamberlin, two overweight comedians, talk NHL hockey. Seriously, these guys are skating 4th line minutes in a beer league and give their opinions on the best athletes in the world. If you like hockey, you'll probably like this. If not, don't tell anybody.
Tara and Johnny
Figure skating legends, turned commentators, now pop culture icons but more importantly, best friends. Enjoy the ride with Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir on NBC.
Brooklyn Surfer's Surf team captain JT, rips the African Coast.
Long Weekend
An endless bummer of degenerate surf punk, garage rock, psych, and shoegaze perfect for skating pools, tapping kegs, and doing dirty things on the beach.
Your source for everything New York Islanders. Hosts Alex and Steve fill you in on the latest on the ice and off the ice news from Long Island's only major sports team.
Surf writer, Neil Pearlberg, and skateboarding afficianado, Terry Campion, host "Off The Lip" radio show in the #1 surf city in the United States, Santa Cruz, CA.
Ice Talk
Icenetwork contributors Nick McCarvel and Jackie Wong talk to athletes, coaches, choreographers and other skating personalities about their experiences in the sport. Nick and Jackie are also joined by fellow members of the media to discuss the latest happenings in the always-entertaining world of figure skating.
Each week we will discuss the mystery that is Lost.With hosts: The Smiley-Faced Balloon and KittyLili.Edited by: scocubGuest Stars have been: scocub (2), PseuMdoYnym (1)
Tic Tac Talk
Beloved Comedians/Actors/Li'l Sweeties Pat Babbitt and Mort Burke discuss their love of skateboarding part by part in this 'cast. Just two adults who love a 4-wheeled toy talking about love, life and loss. Just kidding about the loss part. Also it's funny as shit. Part of the Hello, LionFace podcast network.
Podcasts - Megasequin
We like skating and we like stories, so naturally we like skating stories. But we like certain kinds of skating stories. Not so much the comeback kid stories or the "I worked really hard and then did really well" stories, but more the stories we hear told around our skating community, in reflection, maybe after a few glasses of wine. Why you ask? Because they are often weird and hilarious. Why else? Because they remind us that we are part of a pretty funny community, this skating community o ...
A podcast series dedicated to exploring and educating ourselves and listeners on the cumbersome process of advocating for the development of public skateparks.
Talk Derby To Me
ENDdustries Skateboarding Co. is a company that owned and operated by Skateboarder.The core products is Skateboard parts and accessories that sells only through SkateShop.
High Dias
Amari Indigo and Charmosa spark together post Burrito Assassin Skate Squad sessions, and drift into the world of ideas. Here they meander through the DamNations of the Internet, and pass through the Collective Vapours of Humanity to find what is Real. In other words: they get high, and have ideas. They have amazing guests. The structure is loose, meandering and conversational. Things have been known to get trippy. Music is shared. Personal stories are shared. Philosophy and dreams are shared ...
Q's Tips on WDRBY
Elektra Q Tion from the Carolina Rollergirls is here to answer your questions about the sport of Roller Derby. Whether it's questions about teams, fitness, equipment, practice, or anything else related to the sport, Q does her best to answer any and all questions with help from her friends of course! This show should be on any Derby Girls list!Submit questions to
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John Cardiel is a rare breed of skater who is known for a fast, loose, and powerful style that will never get old. He was Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year at 19, had a long skate career, was paralyzed, amazed Dr's by moving again and now bikes like a madman. If you don't know about him, you should. This is a story about a guy who puts eve ...…
Fathers Day Special! After talking about the Ottawa drama, John Tavares and more, Keds old man hops on the podcast to talk Rangers. We take Twitter Questions, Voicemails with a twist, the boys give their Heroes and Zeros of the week and finish with the Top 3 Things to look forward too about being a hockey dad!…
Moonbear's in Dallas, the 2nd city of her movie tour with The Skate Kitchen.
Aphex Twin – Untitled ? – Ain’t No Grave (third song played on first Timber episode) Boy’s Chorus – Maskal Ritual Song Noah Lewis – Devil in the Woodpile Shannon Shaw – Golden Frames The Instant Automatons – No Identifiable Sign of Life Laurel Halo - -Out Haruomi Hosono – Mercuric Dance Moon Tides – Skating Erik Wøllo – Little Dream in Turquois ...…
This week, @Scarfinger & @lasberry discuss E3 2018, and more on episode 126 of Facetious! Let's get it!1:00 - Oil Prices7:00 - Prayers for Syd Bolton’s, Jay Simms’(grandfather passed), Anthony Bourdain, and Kate Spade’s family & friends E3 Conferences15:00 - Electronic Arts - EA15:30 - Unravel19:00 - Anthem moving goalposts23:00 - Microsoft Hal ...…
"Madness" (Original Air Date August 21, 2015) Includes "Tighty Whities Review", "Generational Robots" and "Myth Manglers Werewolf"."Wrapped Up In Skating" (Original Air Date August 28, 2015) Includes "Rainbow Sherbet Skating" and "Myth Manglers Mummy"."Iceberg Bowling" (Original Air Date September 1, 2015) Includes "Space Case Iceberg" and "Sli ...…
Shana Nissenbaum is an educator, a builder, a community organizer, and a non-profit founder…and that’s just the start of a long list of the many ways she spends her time to make Richmond a better place. In this conversation we cover a lot of ground including Shana’s work empowering women through power tools via Women’s Workshop Richmond, how sh ...…
Tony B tries to teach Bradley D the true language of The Planet of the Rolling Skating Bees. Enjoy!
After stumbling off the grid we're back and fully operational. Upon returning we find ourselves harassed by skate punks, pitting infants against one another and discussing surreal German comedies and the power of drag race.By Malcolm Foster.
Craig Button disputes heartily that Evan Bouchard's skating is an issue, and says Oliver Wahlstrom and Brady Tkachuk are not centres, despite what some are saying
Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough (historian, hiker, knitter, faffer) peruses popular pastimes from history - from mandatory archery and feminist roller-skating right through to, um, sponsored Morris dancing.
On This Episode: Computer Issues / Ice Skating / Tennis / Cheating / Biscuit Boy / Brandon Shares Used Food / Jordan Gives A Stupid Article To Discuss / Texts From JarrodBy (Motherboard Cali Guys - Jordan | Jarrod | Brandon | Sean | John).
@lasberry & @Scarfinger talk the 2018 Microsoft E3 Presser. Microsoft Showcase: 50 Games, 18 Exclusives, 15 World Premieres - Sunday 10 June 1:00 Halo Infinite Ori & the Will of the Wisps Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Fallout 4 on Gamepass today Fallout 76 Adventures of Captain Spirit: LIfe is Strange Universe Crackdown 3 - Feb 2019 Nier Automata - ...…
Matt, Dom, and Dylan are back and they kick off #SixersSummer. The guys break down some Sixers draft info and news from around the league, and of course, #LeBronToPhilly. Then Dylan chimes in with what the Flyers may do as their options to the fans continue to grow and nobody truly knows what the team is doing or plans to do in the draft or fre ...…
In this engaging episode, the Hardwick crew returns to The Dump to discuss crocheted lions, non-sanctified chicken, and annoyingly-friendly mechanics. Meanwhile, Caleb goes ice skating and shares other exciting news; Seth brings home some new Lego accolades; Noah reviews another unmentionable movie; and Miz Carla struggles to give Seth a birthd ...…
E3 2018 has passed us by. So as a follow up to last weeks episode, I figured we'd talk about some of the announcements that grabbed my interest. From three new Gears of War games, Devil May Cry 5 and a lack of Jak and Daxter/Skate 4... we talk about it all. If you want more Squeesquare, check out the channel on YouTube of the same name.…
Olympic figure skating champion Meagan Duhamel shares stories about skating, dogs and her eating habits.
In this episode I just marvel at the fact that so many people do so many dangerous things on skates... and survive. And do it again — for years and years and years.
When I interviewed Sir Alan Parker he kept saying ‘take that out, take this out!’. I tried to explain that these ads were part of his journey, they shed a little light on his journey from the mailroom to Hollywood. He was having none of it ‘I’m a less is more guy, you’re a more is never enough guy’. He’s right, well, in terms of ads I’m definit ...…
Today I got to sit and chat about a new prototype called THUNDRBLADE! An electric frame that reaches 25mph and has the potential imo to be the next 'Big Wheel Commuter'.Would you make use of an electric frame?You can check out the campaign via the link below.…
This week on Last Lives…JBone returns just in time to dive into the PS3. In part one of a two part epic, the gang talks the launch and turbulent first year of the PS3’s life. The Boomerang, The Cell Processor, Frame Drops, and of course the PRICE! Plus Dad’s take on WATCHING Detroit: Become Human and JBone goes mobile! — NOTE: RECORDED BEFORE E ...…
In this episode of In The Loop, Gina (@jinawasseo), Tilda (@tequilda), Yogeeta (@liliorum), and Red (@ironicbirbb) discuss all the goings on at the 2018 ISU Congress, as well as explaining all the important proposals that were accepted at the event.Full transcript available here: ...…
What up fam. Hope ya'll been enjoying some of this summertime weather goodness. This week we politic with our man Christ Gentile (@pilgrimsurfsupply) about growing up skating, skim boards, surfing in Florida, the Brooklyn we love and where the surf scene is in NYC. I also give my #25Cents on hydrofoil boards and wrap it up with short takes on t ...…
Bobby Sanguinetti’s grandmother bribed him to take medicine as a child. Bobby used that money to buy his first pieces of hockey equipment, and he hasn’t stopped skating since. Playing professionally around the world gave him the chance to play for the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team in 2018. Bobby talks about his career, the support of his family and ...…
Hector and Andy talk about Hot as Hell and review the Envy from The Hockey Arsenal. Beer League Blunder: Not showing up for a skate after saying you'll be there. Tip of the week: how to cope with life getting in the way of hockey.
Jenn and Kyle are so animated! Jenn goes through puberty again on Big Mouth! Kyle experiences the fashion and drama of an anime figure skating extravaganza!
Time to talk coaching on this episode of Skate Talk with Boomer and the Coach! We talk with Bob about his background, how he incorporates principles of cycling training into skating and some of his favorite drills. Thank you so much for all the support. And big thanks to Jimmy Blair and Pinnacle Racing for all they do for Skate Talk with Boomer ...…
DiscoDaze show broadcasted on Open Tempo FM on Friday 8th June, 2018. www.opentempofm.comTracklisting1. Antton - Back 4 More2. O.R.S. - Body To Body Boogie (Sould Out & The Funk District Edit)3. J.B. Boogie - Wanna Dance4. Frank Virgilio - Seven Swords5. J&M Brothers - Moving Theory6. Le Visiteur - Let The Sunshine (Original Mix)7. Bertrand Bur ...…
On show #4, Justin talks hockey and life with Philadelphia Flyer great Reggie Leach! “The Rifle” was one of the greatest “snipers” in the history of the NHL. Join me on my skate with Reggie as he tells us about his career, his challenges and how his amazing work with First Nation youth makes him a Hall of Fame man!Reginald Joseph Leach OM (born ...…
During the summer, there are hazards associated with being out having fun. Apart from the always needed sun screen, there are other tips to avoid more uncommon pains like a skate sting. The post Types of summer time hazards to be aware of on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman appeared first on Sarasota Memorial HealthCasts.…
Welcome to our 59th Episode of WDEK Podcast. Justin the intern starts the live show on a Tuesday night at the Red Room in NYC! Christian just returned from father's retirement party in Chicago. Shonali just returned from Nashville where she kept up with the news about a racist crazy tv star and her tweets. What's it like to have your creative w ...…
At age 3, Jason enrolled in his first skating class, and by age 6, he was playing in the youth hockey league. “It didn’t take long for everyone to notice – I was one of the fastest skaters on the team, and after seeing my sister come home with handful’s of shiny speed skating medals, I was inspired to try the sport myself.” Jason finished his f ...…
This week on Last Lives…Justin Harris and Sam G hop in a prop plane and head for the skies to talk about Flight based games while JBone is on hiatus. The Gilded Age finale with the PS3 will come next week, but for now please enjoy these BONELESS WINGS! Memory Card Pilotwings SNES and 64 Wing Commander Series (SNES and PC w/Mark Hamill) Star Tre ...…
Kieno Kammies speaks to Marc Baker Co-founder of The Shred It's been great to see the City of Cape Town putting up skate parks in various suburbs for skaters to make use of
The latest upfront soulful house mixtape. Your weekly one-stop shop for all that's new and good for you! This week's hot new cuts presented by DJ Simon Andrews of Troubled Soul, including the weekly time machine slot where we turn the clock back to a random year and play a classic, yet possibly unheard? This week plays Dee Dee brave - My My Lov ...…
Brennan Bast, known as Bassi to skaters, is one of the fastest skaters in the world and the nicest bloke you will ever meet. Everyone's mate, a gentlemen to the core. I have been wanting to interview him for a long time, because he was in that legendary IDF World Cup final at Mt Keira in 2016. He was on the podium at Arirang Hill and Kozakov in ...…
Listen to Jimmy talk about his father and marijuana kingpin, Jamiel "Jimmy" Alexander Chagra, Sr., who was implicated in the assassination of United States District Judge John H. Wood Jr. (May 1979). Jimmy Chagra, Sr. was accused and acquitted of hiring hitman Charles Harrelson (actor Woody Harrelson's father) to kill Wood. We also talk about r ...…
Tag Team, back again! This episode, the Damned crew looks at not one, but two blockbuster franchise entries with the X-Men series’ bad boy in Deadpool 2, and another kinda anti-hero getting the kid gloves treatment in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Surprise! Kent and Bryan actually disagree on these; a lot in some cases. Meanwhile, we also take a loo ...…
Tag Team, back again! This episode, the Damned crew looks at not one, but two blockbuster franchise entries with the X-Men series’ bad boy in Deadpool 2, and another kinda anti-hero getting the kid gloves treatment in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Surprise! Kent and Bryan actually disagree on these; a lot in some cases. Meanwhile, we also take a loo ...…
The lads discuss the NHL, the Stanley Cup, trophies in general, and the intricacies of skating. Nic makes Tom speculate on how the big four American sports will do in the future, and reveals why he is a bad Swede. The grand finale of the episode is an appreciation of professional athletes from two men who certainly are not that. In a curve ball ...…
Trends have always been a dominant force in skateboarding. Some stick and last forever, while some fade into the sunset ever so gracefully. This week, J and Ted discuss trends that attracted them to skating, which trends these days they love/hate, and how the skateboarding community analyzes trends in general.…
If you’re going to start your own business, tie it to your passions. Today, I chatted with apparel/skate shop business owner, sneakerhead, & entrepreneur Justin Pryse. From working as a kid at the local skating rink, to high school jobs, he learned that he’s great with people & wants to be his own boss. Join our chat, as he schools me on the hi ...…
Meet Amit Kanfi, creator of LAMA?, a skate and surf inspired streetwear brand based in Tel Aviv, Israel, that isn’t afraid to ask the question “why?” or, in Hebrew, “LAMA?” During his time serving in Israel’s army, Amit took to drawing to cope with his PTSD. Whenever he had a chance, he would draw. At first, his illustrations weren’t meant for ...…
Skate fan (Malta) gives her views on relationship goals and expectations.
In this episode of In The Loop, Kite (@mossyzinc), Iman (@I7manI7), Kat (@katherineya0), and Lo (@letsgocrazysp) discuss commentary and it’s impacts on the sport of figure skating, as well as their favourite iconic programs from 2000 and beyond.Full transcript of this episode:Playlist of iconic programs:News discussed in today’s episode: Yuna K ...…
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