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Data Skeptic
Data Skeptic is a data science podcast exploring machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and other data topics through short tutorials and interviews with domain experts.
A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.
Examining Extraordinary Claims and Promoting Science
The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe is a weekly science podcast discussing the latest science news, critical thinking, bad science, conspiracies and controversies. -The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe: Your escape to reality - Produced by SGU Productions, LLC:
Skeptics with a K
Skeptics with a K is the podcast for science, reason and critical thinking from the Merseyside Skeptics Society.
Why do we believe weird things? What does feminine intuition really mean? How do you become an effective activist for science and reason? Are you ready for a fortnightly show that poses these questions and more? Tune into the Token Skeptic for a slightly more skeptical look at stories in the news, urban legends, good science, pseudoscience, and what makes popular culture pop. Hosted and produced by Kylie Sturgess.
The Skeptic Zone
The Podcast from Australia for Science and Reason. Join Richard Saunders and the crew for interviews and reports from around the world.
A skeptical look at conspiracy theories. Site:
MonsterTalk: The Science Show About Monsters is a free audio podcast that critically examines the science behind cryptozoological (and legendary) creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or werewolves.
Data Skeptic
Data Skeptic is a data science podcast exploring machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and other data topics through short tutorials and interviews with domain experts.
Skeptical discussion, critical thinking, science, and the de-bunking of the supernatural and psuedoscience.
The European Skeptics Podcast is a project in support of the skeptic movement across Europe. By providing a forum for all national and international organisations and initiatives, our goal is to become a real meeting place for skeptics and science enthusiasts.
Meet 'em, greet 'em, treat 'em and street 'em
Paul Loebe runs Sgt Skeptic. It used to be a humorous blog about atheism in the military. He now focuses on fantasy writing, D&D, and other nerdly crafts.
The Skeptic Wire
A skeptical look at the news of the day.
Skeptics with a K
Skeptics with a K is the podcast for science, reason and critical thinking from the Merseyside Skeptics Society.
Dr Tom Williamson, David James and Paul Hopwood talk about the skeptical issues of the day, usually joined by a special guest!
My Personal Exploration into the world of Conspiracy
Science and Critical Thinking in Manitoba
Schooling Paranormal "Experts"
Passionate skeptics Emery Emery and Heather Henderson talk with comedians, actors and friends about skepticism, conspiracies, urban legends and the effects of misinformation on us all. Guests of the show are a mix of skeptics, scientists, humanists and the occasional hard line, conspiracy nut. Discussions are deeply impassioned, mostly respectful and always funny.Skeptically Yours - Where Thinking Is Free!Listen LIVE Sundays 2-3 PM PST on
The Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics hosts two different podcast series. "The CVAAS Lecture Series", where guest speakers, lecturers, and CVAAS members speak or debate in public. And the podcast "Rational Horizon", where CVAAS members interview interesting people, discuss skepticism, religious apologetics, and events that impact secular and skeptical people in the San Joaquin Valley.
Amateur Skeptics
We here at Amateur Skeptics are not scientists. We are normal people who are trying to look at the world with an evidence-based approach. We strive to have open minds and change our opinions with new evidence.
Weekly science news and commentary from a skeptical and nerdy perspective.
For science, reason, and critical thinking
Extended and extra material for people that like Data Skeptic.
Skeptic Smash-Talk is a weekly podcast full of News from the world of Science, Religion and Politics. Skeptic, Humanist, Polymath, Philosopher & Autistic, Jason smash talks topics that need smashing. Find me on Twitter Facebook
My Personal Exploration into the world of Conspiracy
Where Irreverence and Skepticism Does the Nasty!
The world's greatest skeptical, freethought and pro-science podcasts all aggregated into a single feed for your listening pleasure. This feed is designed to give you a taste of some of the best of the genre - have a listen and then go subscribe to your favourite shows. Make sure you remember to leave a nice comment on iTunes.
Examining Extraordinary Claims and Promoting Science
Being Skeptical
Be Skeptical.
Extended and extra material for people that like Data Skeptic.
Skeptic's Brewpub
Politics, religion, conservatism, liberalism, nothing if sacred to the drunken philosophers
Welcome to the Edinburgh Skeptics Society podcast. We'll be bringing you talks from our guest speakers on a variety of topics in our Skeptics in the Pub podcast. There'll be talks from areas such as science, social issues, politics, and lots more, all with a view to promoting reason and critical thinking. You'll also be able to see what makes our guest speakers tick with our 10 Questions segment, and recordings of our Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Edinburgh International Science Festival eve ...
Skepticism Today
A podcast from New Zealand with a focus on both national and international science, skeptical and woo news.
Good Skeptic, Bad Skeptic is a fortnightly skeptical podcast brought to you by the Greater Manchester Skeptics.
Sacred Skeptics
What if C.S. Lewis and Jon Stewart had a love child? We like to think of our podcast as an attempt to embody the best that these men have to offer: uncommon insight and stinging wit. We engage current events, cultural issues and answer spiritual questions. If you don’t like sarcasm, this isn’t the podcast for you. New episodes drop every Wednesday and Thursday. Listen and subscribe.
Exploring the odd, the obscure, and the unexplainable. Somewhat Skeptical team: Elizabeth, Donta, and our producer Grace.
Thinking and drinking. That is the unlikely goal of our meeting. Each month we invite a speaker to talk about an area of belief and to invite critical debate. We encourage skeptical thought and we enjoy challenging discussions.
A podcast by the IT Skeptic. RealIT Radio applies a cold firehose of reality to the overheated IT industry, especially around IT management, ITSM, ITIL, DevOps, Agile...
Where Irreverence and Skepticism Does the Nasty!
The Mystic-Skeptic Podcast asks the tough questions and explores different alternatives to today’s pressing issues, theories or enigmas. The podcast is devoted to the exploration of all things mystical, philosophical, scientific, political conspiratorial, and cosmic. Join us in an exploration of the mystic-skeptic mind-space You can visit our Facebook page: or watch our youtube channel: ...
Token Skeptic
Yardie Skeptics
A lively talk show dealing with themes of skepticism, critical thinking, science, secularism, and public affairs from the perspective of two Jamaican "Yardies": Clive Forrester and Hilaire Sobers.
Video version of the the podcast
2 Skeptical Chaps
2 Skeptical Chaps Podcast
Science Salon is a series of conversations between Dr. Michael Shermer and leading scientists, scholars, and thinkers, about the most important issues of our time.
Cellar Door Skeptics is a podcast based out of Grand Rapids Michigan featuring hosts Christopher Tanner & Chris Hanna. Prepare for the revolution!
Birmingham Skeptics
Skeptics in the Pub (SitP) exists to provide an opportunity for people who are interested in science, skepticism, rationalism, critical thinking to socialise and discuss matters of interest. In this podcast we interview all kinds of people from the fields of science and skepticism.
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DO NOT MOCK GOD Yes, there will be yay sayer and nay sayers… I will defend my faith and stand firm in God's word. 1 Peter 3:15 But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, Every day, in every part ...…
Jay & Marie Yates stop in to discuss their Haunting and what they do as Ghost Hunters, Haunted Survivors, TV/Radio Personalities, Lecturers, Event Planners, & Owners The COPS Crew Haunted Case Files on Destination America. Bill Hartley’s introduction to the paranormal began during childhood, growing up in a house that was wrought with unusual p ...…
“What Happened There” Acts 2:1-21 Intro: Empowered to do the impossible Praise to You, O Christ. I. A New Phase in the Work of the Kingdom of God A. The gift of the Holy Spirit B. The gifts of the Holy Spirit for the disciples and for the Church C. Why tongues? 1. A powerful sign to the Jewish pilgrims in Jerusalem 2. Using their first language ...…
Is Mark Zuckerberg Lying? Introduction Andrew: “We need belief. Why do we need belief? Because if we do not believe in our pitch other people will not. “We as an audience are naturally super, uber, skeptical about anything anyone says to us when we do not know that person. We start out from a high level of skepticism, therefore any signal when ...…
Conspiracy News for the week ending May 20, 2018 – Episode #90 Conspiracy Theories Immediately Appear After Santa Fe School Shooting New documents suggest Las Vegas shooter was conspiracy theorist – what we know Author: The ‘Deep State’ is Real, But It Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Means | WDET Infowars’ attempt to hijack and exploit the wild ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Temple Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Stubbornness Of Thomas' Unbelief Subtitle: Christ Convinces The Skeptic Speaker: Eugene Krachenfels Broadcaster: Temple Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: John 20:24-29 Length: 30 min.…
Would it surprise you to know that the early followers of Jesus were just as skeptical of a resurrection as we are today? In fact, none of Jesus’ closest followers even believed that He would rise from the dead. Nobody expected that. We live in a day and age of understandable skepticism. We believe in what we can see today. Resurrection does no ...…
Acts 2:1-15, 22-24, 36-42 Acts 2:1-4 What was this like? How did it sound? -was it startling? -did it last the whole time? What did it look like? Was it hot--could you feel the flame? How did they feel? …fascinated? confused? scared? emboldened? What would you do with the gift of speaking other languages? Acts 2:5-13 See how loud the disturbanc ...…
2018-05-20 Prayer's of a Skeptic by Mentor Church
Mike Kelton (MTV) joins Dara & Betsy to discuss the three things he’s 100% done with: Facebook Live Gender Reveals, Standing At Airports, and Car Rentals. Later, the LEGENDARY Cipha Sounds joins the conversation, giving eager Zone 4 passengers a piece of his mind, illustrating the luxury of flying Jet Blue first class, and emphasizing that desp ...…
It seems there is but one thing between you and your dreams. One thing between you and all that you desire. One thing between you and all that is meant for you. It may not be the answer we would hope to hear but don’t worry, there are things that we can do. The one thing that is between you and your dreams, and it’s true for every human being o ...…
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Dakota Brandon and Trish Teran (Nightwalker Paranormal Investigations) are our guests this week. We had a great time talking about what they do on investigations, trade ghost stories, and get skeptical about if ghosts exist. This is part one and we will release the evidence episode very soon (we are trying to fix and clean up some audio problem ...…
The Music Modernization Act is supposed to be a fair shake for the songwriter. But why are most songwriters skeptical? And why does the bill seem to protect digital streaming services and corporations more than songwriters?
And here it is, everyone's favorite Bible passage, the part that you couldn't wait to analyze: THE CURSE. We finally get a glimpse of the outcome of the human's disobedience. And today, this passage is relentlessly pointed at by atheists/skeptics as evidence that we need to ditch the Bible (it's so savage and primitive!) and by fundamentalist C ...…
Ken Ma has been translating Kim’s books into Chinese and helping spread the message of Prosperity Economics with the Eastern culture. Together Kim and Ken talk about how the Chinese think differently than Western culture when it comes to finances and why honor, integrity and precision is important for them. Tune in with Kim D. H. Butler and Spe ...…
Wherein previous to going live, we rehearsed for our Crowded House tribute show on the Tuesday May 22nd. Here: We discuss Perth being far, PeeWee Herman, Richie Jarvis, Bon Jovial, Matt’s spot(s), Big Cats, medicine vs health, skeptic tanks, poo trucks, colonic irrigation. Also; white dog poo (a ...…
In this episode Jim and Chuck talk about the upcoming Han Solo film. Find out what one Star Wars fanatic and one skeptical fan feel about the upcoming Solo film. It wouldn't be an Active Geek episode if Jim didn't bring up Donald Glover however this time it's part of the conversation as Jim and Chuck spend a lot of time talking about Lando.…
Our guest today is Tony Palmucci, the owner of Thinking Without Restrictions. His clients call him Coach Tony. It’s Coach Tony’s mission in life to take the top performers in business to the next level, and on today’s show he tells how he does just that with some of Intelisys' Platinum Partners including Steve Gerhardt, Danny Passacantilli, Ang ...…
After recent developer events and posts in the press I’ve been thinking about how much of the tech shown is completely truthful. Is some of it hype, or are they 100% compleatly real? I guess we will never know. Duplex Skepticism Apple Watch Series 3 Google photos removes fence
Become a Patron! On this Episode: This week we interviewed Italian skeptic and podcaster Enrico Zabeo, who’s one of the founders and hosts of Radio CICAP, the official podcast for the Italian skeptical organisation CICAP. Please also check out our event page at Segments: Intro; Greetings; Interview; Farewell; O ...…
The Kansas Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on whether or not the legislature’s decision to provide $500 million for K-12 schools over the next five years meets the test of adequate and equitable funding. Also, the legislature has not yet devised a formula for guiding the funding of schools for future years. I remain skeptical that the in ...…
Ali had an interesting status update on his Facebook profile awhile ago that seemed pretty interesting. He asked if people had issues with interracial relationships. Overall, the comments on his status were overwhelmingly positive, but I wondered if that was actually the case in today's society. I being the skeptic wanted to explore this idea a ...…
Another side story Star Wars movie is upon us and this time its focused on the early days of Han Solo. Early on when this film was announced, there was big time skepticism on whether this film could work. Well worry no more cause Disney has done it again. What we have is a well crafted story that elaborates on the lore of the Star Wars Universe ...…
Recorded 2018-05-15 19:06:54 Tracklisting: * DJ Die - Slide Away * Camo & Krooked - The Sloth (DLR Remix) * Zero T - The Question (Feel) * Artificial Intelligence - Is This Real (Zero T Remix) * Amoss, MCJC - Bleed It * DLR - A - DLR & Script - Electronic Heroin * Verdikt - Brutality * Alix Perez, Skeptical - Room 667 * Bou - Keep Away * Skepti ...…
“With so much drama in the LBC, it’s kind of hard being Snoop D-O-double G…” The same man who popularized Gin & Juice has topped the Billboard gospel charts with an album curated in Love. Snoop’s entry into the gospel realm has brought out many a skeptic. In this episode, Dr. Shante breaks down the […] The post S5 E12: The Gospel According to S ...…
Showers, flowers, and the month of May means that spring is upon us. In the spirit of the season, we decided to do some spring cleaning of our own and take a look into the latest tech headlines and trends. Today, Skip welcomes back our resident white hat hacker, Bill Gardner for the seventh installment of Headlines with a Hacker. Ransomware, ma ...…
By (Spence Shelton and Mercy Church).
GUESTS Segment 1 - 2: Donald Johnson Topic: How to Talk to a Skeptic Segment 3 - 4: Dennis Rainey, FamilyLife Today Topic: Passport to Purity
GUESTS Segment 1 - 3: Mark Oestreicher Topic: Hopecasting Segment 4: Donald Johnson Topic: How to Talk to a Skeptic
Conspiracy News for the week ending May 13, 2018 – Episode #89 Conspiracy theory mayor booted from office by voters | NJ. Ginni Thomas shares a Soros conspiracy meme, creates more of a mess for Clarence. World War 3 WARNING: Claim Reptilian aliens trigger war in Ukraine | Weird | News | 12 Million Americans Believe Lizard People R ...…
“True professionals rehearse so much that it looks like they didn’t rehearse at all.” - Jordan Harbinger (click to tweet) Starting over requires channeling frustration into focus. Instead of thinking of “the past” as a object to cast aside, remembering the struggle can enhance performance—to create something bigger and better. On today’s episod ...…
How can you take what might be a decent-enough company culture, which you might call of a Culture of OK, and transform it into a Culture of Good that makes a long-lasting impact on the business, the employees, the customers and the surrounding communities? That’s the unlikely story of TCC, a thriving telecommunications retailer with more than 8 ...…
Chicago Theological Seminary is located just south of the Midway Plaisance in Hyde Park. Many of you probably know that this stretch of green space, stretching more than a mile from Jackson Park and Lake Michigan on the east to Washington Park on the west, was created as part of the World’s Fair, the Colombian Exposition, held in 1893 and attra ...…
2018-05-13 Prayers of a Skeptic... by Mentor Church
What are miracles? What is Skepticism? How can Christians respond to those who deny the reality of miracles? Join apologists Perseus Poku and Lee Strobel as they discuss the reality and function of Godly miracles. Many in today’s culture deny the existence of miracles. This episode will help you to better understand this topic as […]…
Biological Time Travel: Organ Regeneration & Brain Reanimation – Turning back time in cells and tissues with the new medical techniques of bio-logics, simulating “t = 1” in the human body… This week’s guest is Ira Pastor, CEO of the revolutionary biomedical firm BioQuark in Philadelphia. I had no idea who these people were until Ira messaged me ...…
George Hansen is an almost mythical figure amongst those who have a deep interest in the issues discussed on this show. His groundbreaking book The Trickster and the Paranormal is required reading for anyone who wishes to tackle these subjects in a meaningful way. What Hansen proposes is what we call “paranormal” is so fraught with forces and t ...…
Episode 6 - You are in a dark room surrounded by artists. How safe is this space? Theatre stories and skeptical conversations.Spoken and produced by Roly Skender. Additional voice performances by Anonymous man and Joobilant Grande. Bad jazz music by Roly Skender.
ON THIS EPISODE On this weeks Podcast we sit down with Spiritual Psychologist, Christie Batt as she enlightens us about past life regression. Honeysuckle and Bach flowers might just do the trick, but Christie digs deeper to find the meaning behind a spiritual approach to relationship transformation. Spiritual skeptics might have a different vie ...…
U.S. relations with North Korea seem to be going well. So why are some people still skeptical?
Discussing a bit of Ye and conservative double standards. We get into the left's left turn on Russia. Skeptics not being skeptical enough. A tiny bit of objectivism. But, we definitely don't talk about man crushes. Also, did Marcus keep his promise?
In this episode Gabby, KT and Joy are joined with Kim and Darnell of Talkin' Greasy Podcast ( discusses her disappointment in the way Gabby described their opinions on a TalkitOut episode.-They debate whether black issues should be discussed on social media-Darnell explains why he's skeptical of Black Li ...…
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