Best skeptizismus podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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Noch ein weiterer skeptischer Wissenschafts, Technik, Literatur und Gesellschaftspodcast.Und ein bischen Reise.Es geht um:Religion, Christentum,Spiritualität,Reisen, Atheismus, Szientismus,Gesellschaft, Literatur, Religionskritik, Atheismuskritik, Skeptizismus,Konstruktivismus, Wissenschaftskritik.
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Do you have strong views on climate change, taxes, health care, or gun control? Do you think the evidence and reason support your side of the debate? How do you know you’re right? David and Tamler discuss a recent paper by Dan Kahan and colleagues showing how prone people are to make errors in processing information to favor positions they are ...…
Dave and Tamler try their best to do a show without guests--we talk about moral persuasion, motivated reasoning, and whether it's legitimate to use emotionally charged rhetoric in a philosophical argument. Plus, we describe how students proceed through the "Stages-of-Singer," and Tamler finally defends himself against Dave's slanderous accusati ...…
Do you ever question things? Have you ever wondered about the validity of particular claim? Ever cried "Bullshit"? Then you may be a skeptic. This week, on REASON Podcast, we will be asking ourselves (skeptically) what that actually means. Where does this skepticism come from? What types are there? What can we believe? And why? Tune in this wee ...…
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