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We are discussing your favorite Horror films weekly! And we want to hear from YOU! Your hosts Mikey Bonez, Corner Pocket & The Owl are bringing personality and insight into their reviews of these classic, as well as mixing in new, horror movies. We love this genre and we know how tight-knit the fans tend to be so we are looking to make our listener's voices strong for every show and get you in on the discussion. Watch these movies with us and send in things you have noticed or want to point ...
Slasher Studios
Join the Slasher Studios guys as they discuss horror filmmaking, horror production, and the greatest love of all, slasher films!
The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust.
A podcast dedicated to the most reviled of horror subgenres - the slasher movie.
Caretaker Troy takes you through the world of Horror Movies, TV, and Media.
The Outlaws of Horror are here! Listen as we discuss everything in the horror film world. We'll cover popular films but also dive into the annals of horror film's past to discover the hidden gems that may have been overlooked. Join the Evil Druid, Killbot and Pantsless Hillbilly as we take you on a weekly ride through the land of horror. Mount up and ride out!
An informative and humorous look at current and past horror films. Features: News, A Review Of The Week, Horror Recommendations, Topic Discussions and More! Give a listen would ya?
Hosts review each film in horror movie franchises one by one. To date we have covered Scream, The Exorcist, Pumpkinhead, Final Destination, The Prophecy and Sleepaway Camp.
We feature films running the gamut from Horror to Exploitation to Noir and Martial Arts and back. You know that random video you got on VHS from some random mom and pop video store when you were 12? Yeah, we covered it. So sit back and enjoy the OTC ride. Tune into our Live shows every Wednesday at 6pm EST over at
This is a podcast that focusses on horror movie franchises. The hosts give detailed breakdowns of each movie in a horror franchise followed by a wrap up for the franchise before moving onto the next horror franchise. Sometimes humorous, always entertaining, this is the podcast that goes bump in the night.
Join host Adam Peacock as he talks to the lesser known characters from your favorite horror films. Each week is an all new, fully improvised journey into the unknown featuring friends and luminaries from the worlds of comedy, horror, and beyond. The A.V. Club calls My Neighbors Are Dead "Comedic Gold," Dread Central says it's "The Best Horror Podcast You’re Not Listening To," and Rue Morgue says the show is "Exactly the comedic palate cleanser we need heading into 2018."
Vicis Interimo; 30 minutes to kill What lies in the spaces between and what invisible lines tie things together? If you have 30 minutes to kill let us help! A brief podcast review about a ‘horror’ movie, books and other junk. If you love H.P Lovecraft, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Clive Barker, download to our podcast. If you will watch any movie as long as it has a good story, download to our podcast. If you enjoy philosophy, magic, religion, myth, download to our podcast.
Richard, Brad, Jeffrey, and Simon talk about horror movies, the giallo genre, Euro-horror, and all kinds of other things and stuff. Check out Doomed Moviethon:http://doomedmoviethon.comRichard's Blog:http://cinemasomnambulist.comBrad's blog:http://yellowrazor.blogspot.comJeffrey's Blog:'s Blog: archives of the show can be found here:'re on YouTube as well! ...
Don't Split Up!
The horror film podcast for horror lovers. Stacey, Mo, Amanda and JR. subject themselves to the latest AND greatest horror films of all time to learn what truly scares us and why we love it so much.
1, 2, Freddy's coming for you! The reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street hits theaters April. You can start getting ready now with the hosts of Now Playing as we revisit and review all the films in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Listen now, and whatever you do...don't fall asleep!
The Bloodlust
We review horror movies. We tackle everything from the well-known blockbuster flicks, to the classics (with the occasional TV show thrown in). Nothing is too high or lowbrow, as we dissect everything from "Don’t Look Now" to "Leprechaun" with equal fervor. Join us, won’t you, as we revel in the blood and guts of the genre. Aficionados and noobs alike, everyone will find something to love about The Bloodlust.
The Creatures from Space discuss all things horror, including exclusive interviews. We also support Los Angeles horror and give weekly updates on horror happenings!
The Horror Cast is a group of 4 friends....Walshy, Marknado, HorrorGal Susan and Revenant Vin who review horror cinema old and new. Check out one of the best horror movie podcasts on the web!Scary terror films spooky creepy ghosts haunted demons vampires werewolf Frankenstein monsters maniacs creatures carpenter craven hooper cronenberg Spielberg argento fulci bava giallo annabelle conjuring insidious Jason vorhees micheal Myers Freddy Krueger leatherface slasher thriller pennywise Stephen k ...
Two guys talking about all of the horror movies they love
AllHorror.Net's, All Horror Radio has quickly become one of the most popular horror radio shows on the web. Co-hosts Robin and Jaci explore the horror genre & industry via celebrity interviews, horror reviews and news. Previous interviews include such guests as the cast members of AMC's "The Walking Dead", "VH1's Scream Queens", "SAW 3D", "The Human Centipede", "Hostel III" & "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", among many others. All horror discussions live here including foreign, mainstream, cult c ...
In 1974 Tobe Hooper unleashed into theaters horror unlike any seen before and started the modern slasher genre with the seminal horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Audiences watched in terror as Sally and Franklin Hardesty and their three friends travel through a rural Texas town and pick up a hitchhiker, beginning their terrifying encounter with a crazed, cannibalistic family. This story then continued through three sequels, a remake, and a prequel. Join Now Playing hosts Arnie, Brock, ...
Gore Gab
Welcome to Gore Gab! The podcast that shoves awesome horror movies directly into your earholes! Listen to us dissect the greatest that the horror world has to offer. If you don't want to watch them, we will!
The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust.
Horrified Chicken
Horror movie enthusiast lightheartedly reviews horror films with her non horror fan husband.
Chunky Larry loves watching horror movies and then talking to his favorite podcasters about them. Every episode features Chunk and a rotating cohost dissecting horror movies and getting to the heart of what makes them scary.
Mr. Dastardly presents a killer double feature every week for horror fans!
Sirens of Scream
3 lady geeks explore the dark side of comics, games, film and tv. The spooky and sinister, the gory and gross; nothing is off limits.
With the release of the latest movie in the Saw franchise, Saw VI, the hosts of Now Playing look back at Jigsaw's greatest traps and tricks, watching all six of the Saw movies in order and reviewing them for you!
Video Nasties Podcast
Horror writing, reviews, ideas and essays
It's the holiday season once again, and to get you in the spirit of the season join Now Playing as we review all six films in the Silent Night, Deadly Night retrospective including the 2012 remake!
Kill By Kill
In each episode, Patrick Hamilton and Gena Radcliffe unpack all the gory details of horror cinema's least appreciated element: the characters. And we're starting with the 1980 slasher classic, Friday the 13th!Our mission: to survive all the way through the entire Friday franchise, one hack, slash and decapitation at a time, since every camper's untimely end is just the beginning of the jokes we can make about them.
Four-Eyed Horror
Nerdy. Horror. Goodness.
with your host Uncle Yah-Yah...
Without Your Head Horror Radio is a biweekly podcast devoted to the horror genre. We also regularly talk about other films and forms of entertainment. We usually interview an actors, director etc and then talk about the news of the week in the Newscreep segment.The free archives, live show, chat room and forums can be found at:www.WithoutYourHead.comCome on by, and listen live Thursdays at 9PM EST. Call in 1-508-644-8503
A monthly adventure into the best and worst of the horror genre. We'll bring the popcorn, you bring the chainsaws.
Slaughter Film
The Horror Duo, Cory & Forest, review the films that are legendary, even in HELL with their weekly podcast recorded LIVE on the MOON! Whether the films are bone chilling classics or no-budget schlock, they'll watch it and review it. They're also film submission judges for the Eerie Horror Film Festival & total geniuses! So tune in today to the Slaughter Film Podcast for all of you horror news and reviews!
SpookyBean Podcast
Natalie is on a quest to become a truly horror-literate fan. Tag along while she watches and reviews movies, books, and basically thinks out loud about important topics in the horror genre. Email her at or follow Spookybean on twitter!
Dread Media
From reviews to interviews to news, Dread Media is your source for the best, the worst and weirdest the horror genre has to offer. Every week Desmond Reddick casts a shadow over all aspects of the genre. Movies, books, television, comic books, music... nothing is safe. It's horror geek Mecca! Look for new episodes of Dread Media every Monday, and listen with the lights on!
Welcome to Hack and Slash, a horror-themed podcast. Join your hosts, Campbell and Jonn, as they hack into what makes a good slasher.
Meet Your Monsters
Meet Your Monsters is a podcast in which I show My friends horror movies that I love and then find out if they love them too, or if they just think my taste in movies sucks.
Horror de Podcast
Horror De Facto is a blog focusing on posting the strange, disturbing, gory, and creepy findings across the internet. What makes us different is that we will not shy away from showing you any of these images or videos. Viewer be ware, this site is not safe for work or for many, and we tend to keep it that way. Our podcast, aptly titled "Horror De Podcast" has us taking out favorite films and running commentary over them. So pick an episode and fire up the corresponding film, sync it up and h ...
Rabbit In Red is your #1 horror talk radio show on the net. We bring you the interviews and news that you want to hear,when you want to hear it. Featured on and
Horror Movie conversation show, discussing all the various slashers that keeps us geeks from truly living our lives.
An informative and humorous look at current and past horror films. Features: News, A Review Of The Week, Horror Recommendations, Topic Discussions and More! Give a listen would ya?
Horror News Radio host Thomas Mariani invites co-hosts on a bi-weekly journey to discuss classic – or not so classic – horror, sci-fi and fantasy genre pieces from the 1990s to the present. Decades of Horror 1990s and Beyond will look at films like The Sixth Sense, Ginger Snaps, Blair Witch Project, Black Swan, Candyman, Saw and many more. Everything from meta slashers to mind splitting sci-fi to twisty ghost stories!
Welcome to the Deathlocker, your podcast for all thing horror related. We'll discuss the latest film releases, old classics, conventions, art and of course any and all rumors and gossip within the industry. We encourage comments and feedback. Hit us up at is brought you by Nerlocker.
Dead Air Radio
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Live On Three is dedicated to bringing you the professional gaming coverage and commentary you want every week. Join our hosts djWHEAT, Slasher, and SirScoots for a behind-the-scenes look and in-depth discussion on the state of pro-gaming, without the fluff!
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show series
Happy Monday the 23rd to all the listeners out there! On tonight’s episode we head to Campanack Lodge as we continue our coverage of the classic slasher series with Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981). Once again we are joined by Mr. Short Shorts himself, Jimmy Dymond. We also head into the OASIS as Matty throws out his favourites cameos in Ready Pla ...…
Out of ideas of the next show to binge? Well you have come to the right podcast!
Its game time and this week we bring you a new game This one is called Overkill Halloween Slasher Party Game by Ultra ProOverkill is a card game where you compete to come up with the most ridiculous or creative horror moviethemed kill Players take on the roles of various monsters from horror movie lore and compete for the most prized victims wh ...…
The year is 2455, over 400 years from now, and the Squirms have discovered that only one of the major slasher icons has dared to probe the ridiculousness of this premise. So to celebrate this Friday the 13th, they've decided to thaw out the much derided JASON X! Does Jason chopping up people in space hold as much entertainment as intended? Jump ...…
We talk about a version of Moana where its mostly about explaining what dancing is, pitch some more slasher movies and discuss slasher movies in general!This is episode is brought to you thanks to our amazing patronsRoss_OriginalsMy Waste of TalentBrandon "Spanky" MillsJoe HegartyBrent BlackSpicy BoiMihir TrivedyAlex KeenSteven Douglas ThomasIf ...…
Seven years after the unsatisfying absence of Michael Myers, John Carpenter and Debra Hill were coming back to write and produce a new Halloween film with a surprising spin (listen to the episode to find out what it is!)...except Moustapha Akkad didn't like it. With Carpenter and Hill exiting the franchise (seemingly for good...until 30 years l ...…
It's our first ever Horrified Podcast Classic, and we're starting things off right with Halloween. In 1978, the horror genre was redefined by John Carpenter and co., but how does Michael Myers hold up today? Get the story from Tom, Lisa and Joe on this acclaimed slasher.
Ben and Erik reimagine the 80s classic Tron as a teen slasher movie! Can Flynn and his friends survive the attacks of an overpowered assassin as they try to escape a video game world?
The slasher flick from 2001 got a lot of flack for how derivative it was thought to be at the time.But if you love the genre I think it is at least worth checking out .A plus is that you get to see izzie and Robbins before they were Izzie and Robbins
We conclude our coroner’s report on the film that spawned the slasher craze of the 1980s, filling out Laurie’s Final Girl scorecard and grading Michael Myers’ uncanny impression of P.J. Soles’ bespectacled boyfriend.
It took them 10 movies but they finally did it, they put the most notorious slasher in space. forget the first man landing on the moon, this is the only thing important that's happened in space. Join the guys as they rip through this masterpiece in an extra long episode!
Slasher Radio is being preyed upon! Damian Maffei sits with the hosts of your favorite Horror podcast to discuss his star role as Man In The Mask in the 2018 box office hit The Strangers: Prey At Night. We had a ton of fun talking with Damian about topics like behind the scenes of the film, creating his character and so much more! So much in fa ...…
Throw on your leotards listeners! I found this great 80s slasher and decided to I just had to do a fun, schlocky commentary for it! [...] The post The R-rated Horror Commentary Podcast Episode #30 KillerWorkout/AerobiCide, 1987! – Video appeared first on Horrorphilia.
On this episode, we talk about the 1980 slasher classic, New Year's Evil, with Bobby Asea, bassist for Made In Japan. New Year's Evil is fairly amazing, because it's pretty nasty in terms of tone, but it also manages to be a really punk rock kind of film. It's thanks in no small part to the fact that two L.A. area bands, Shadow and Made In Japa ...…
There’s lots to do and see this week in the realm of horror… First up, in theaters this week we have the giant robot/monster battle royale known as Pacific Rim Uprising. We also have the long-touted arrival of the slasher favorite Terrifier. And there’s a whole lot more so get your ears on! On Watch This Weekly we’ll be giving you some brief re ...…
This week I’ve got my first return guest, Matt Miner. I had previously spoken with him about his work on Gwar: Orgasmageddon and This Nightmare Kills Fascists. This time around, Matt’s here to talk about his new slasher comic, Poser, available now from Waxwork Comics. It’s a unique comic in that it comes with its own soundtrack on vinyl which r ...…
On this episode, we step outside the remake box to review the first "STONER SLASHER" 4/20 MASSACRE and conduct a phone interview with writer/director Dylan Reynolds. We also explore some 4/20 lore. For more information on the film, please check the links below.4/20 Massacre links:BUY DVD: ...…
Nancy, you are going to listen to this podcast tonight if it kills me. It is now twelve midnight and this is station KRGR leaving the air and making room for this week’s sub-par attempt at a credible horror show. Yes, it’s What Lurks Behind Podcast Zero, where your host Paul will rant and rave like a lunatic about the news and this week’s speci ...…
Jerry, Kenneth, and Jay sit down with The Man Behind The Mask Nathan "Leslie Vernon" Baesel himself to talk past present and future of a horror icon and how an actor brings that to life. With a new bluray coming out from Scream Factory it is the perfect time to find out more about the man behind the slasher. Pick up the Scream Factory bluray he ...…
Welcome to The Kidmanifesto, the first and only podcast devoted to the films, wigs and accents of our most important actress: Nicole Kidman! This week, special guest Russell Falcon (@RussellFalcon) joins host Sam Herbst (@mrsamherbst) to discuss Rabbit Hole! In a fun self-imposed challenge, Russell attempts to rebuke paternity as a concept and ...…
We all know Psycho is a masterpiece, but what’s better than a masterpiece? A completely unnecessary, yet highly entertaining sequel to a masterpiece! And what’s better than a completely unnecessary, yet highly entertaining sequel to a masterpiece? Three completely unnecessary, yet highly entertaining sequels to a masterpiece! We wear our love f ...…
Do you like scary movies? An abundance of rules*, Drew Barrymore in a bad wig and the Fonz. What do these three things have in common? Why, it's Scream of course, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s trope busting, self aware slasher from 1996. Springing from their twisted minds like a masked assailant from the bushes, the film helped to revitaliz ...…
Join Marknado, Revenant Vin and Mr. Venom as we give our lists of the most under-appreciated, under-seen and under-rated horror films. Get ready to take some notes as we mention over 60 films in this episode!! Email us Interact with us on Twitter at: @thehcast Join our active Facebook group at: https://www.facebook ...…
In this episode, Bee realizes she loves television more than Ryan and Ryan knows he watches more movies than Bee. They also open the curtains on CURTAINS (it's a bad pun and WE'RE KEEPING IT) and explore the weird world of the Canadian slasher that neither had ever seen!
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Another Day in ParadiseAuthor: Nick PooleNarrator: S.J. SlatteryFormat: UnabridgedLength: 19 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 08-31-15Publisher: Nick PooleGenres: Mysteries & Thrillers, SuspensePublisher's Summary:Being a rock star comes with a dash ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Wish You Were DeadAuthor: Todd StrasserNarrator: Emily BauerFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 44 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 02-22-10Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 4 of 5 out of 9 votesGenres: Teens, Ages 11-13Publisher's Summary:I'll beg ...…
If your ideal birthday celebration is to relax with loved ones in the warm glow of your favorite films, then you've come to the right place! On a special Horrigins episode of Corpse Club, co-hosts Patrick Bromley and Heather Wixson program the movie lineups that would be perfect for their respective birthdays, including plenty of slasher films ...…
March 2018 is Scream Month on the Saw Something Scary Podcast! That's right - we're going back to the quintessential 90's horror slasher movie, the mother to A New Nightmare's father of meta-horror, 1996's Scream. On the way we'll talk about the [insert adjective] shenanigans with The Shape of Water and Get Out at the 2018 Academy Awards after ...…
Tyler and Chris discuss a slasher.By
In this raucous live recording contestants pitch a comedic slasher movie and the film version of Jiffy Bones: fastest man dead. Starring: Andie Main, Alex Falcone, Whitney Streed & Chris Khatami Created & Hosted by Carolyn Main Produced by Randall Lawrence
Episode 36 of One Minute With Blood Lake And Iced! Dan wrestles with the 36th minutes of these two late-1980s direct-to-video slashers.Blood Lake - Lunch!Iced - Unpacking!The thrills never stop. Please, listen and enjoy.
Welcome to Episode 34 of One Minute With Blood Lake And Iced!Join Dan as he covers the 34th minute of these wonderful slasher films.Over in Blood Lake, Susan has been screaming. The Terror Is Here!*On Iced, Jeanette is thinking about Eddie? But, really, aren't we all?Please, listen and enjoy.*Not The Terror from The Tick. And, not a promise of ...…
Welcome to Episode 33 of One Minute with Blood Lake and Iced!Dan continues his journey through these two wonderful late-1980s slashers.In Blood Lake, Susan gets scared by something! Has the terror started? Will the lake become filled with blood?*In Iced, everyone has finally arrived at the lodge/ cabin/ chalet! Hooray! But, how distracted can L ...…
It's Episode 31 of One Minute With Blood Lake and Iced!More water-skiing? More skiing? More... slasher film action? (Any slasher film action? At all?)Listen to Dan talk about the 31st minutes of Blood Lake and Iced and find out where we are now. Please, listen and enjoy.
The snow is falling, so let's hit the slopes! This week we're talking about the 1988 ski slasher Iced. A group of friends are terrorized at a resort by a skiing serial killer after a fatal accident four years prior. Topics include tiny male ponytails, why skiing with a flare is a bad idea, "Baby On Board" signs, and Ben's cosmic connection to l ...…
In a much anticipated episode, Corey and The Doctor chat with John and Noah of Cranial Engorgement. They review the cult slasher, Curtains(1983) Blu ray courtesy of Synapse Films.By (Stage Diver Radio).
Christian "Hot Takes" Butner and Spencer discuss Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Celeste. Along the way, Christian becomes the world's first serial killer sponsored by Downy, Spencer is Mondo Mega Double Tired, and a new review is read.Our intro music is a remix of "Bramble" by Aaron Ewing. Aaron is a nice young man with a love for beats. We appr ...…
Dark Sky Films has announced the official release date of VICTOR CROWLEY, the surprise fourth film in the fan-favorite Hatchet franchise. The film will be released on VOD, Digital and Blu-ray and DVD on February 6, 2018. Kept tightly under wraps for over two years, the slasher reboot unexpectedly debuted this past August. The highly anticipated ...…
In celebration of Women In Horror Month 2018, it’s an episode full of female-powered tracks to brighten your day while darkening the skies with horror, doom and destruction. Get the party started with such soul-stealin’ rock n’ roll from DEAD BY DAWN, VILLAINZ, THE TRASWOMEN, MAD MONSTERZ, and more. Monstermatt Patterson will pop up for a MONST ...…
A review of the suspense/slasher film Happy Death Day.
A New Years Eve special episode of IN THE PIT aired on Sunday 31st December 2017 via Midlands Metalheads Radio and included a selection of the best hardcore, punk, rock and metal releases from 2017. Tracklist: Mastodon – Steambreather Mutoid Man – Kiss Of Death Power Trip – Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe) Code Orange – Forever Converge – I ...…
The boys are back to discuss the slasher classic Nightmare on Elm Street as well as its 2010 remake and the meta-sequel New Nightmare.
Today’s podcast was commissioned by Rylan, by virtue of his victory in the famed Bald Move Fantasy Football league. To the victor go the spoils, and Rylan has claimed the 2000 slasher/satire/thriller, American Psycho. Directed by Mary Harron and starring Christian Bale, the movie is dark, disturbing, hilarious in places, and provoked a lot of t ...…
In our 34th episode……….In our 34th episode……….In our 34th episode and our least structured episode yet, we attempt to give a review of the 2017 surprisingly good and fun film Happy Death Day which is now out on blu-ray. Directed by Christopher B. Landon this film is a fun slasher take on the film Groundhog Day. We also discuss the episode of Th ...…
This time we sit down and hammer out some hazy details on the 80's slasher wonder piece, Blood rage. We also dive a bit into the awesome concept of Ghost Party Picture's short film titled 'Foxwood'. It seems me may have hit a case of short term memory loss????
Gary's back! And what better way to welcome him back than with a film we know he's going to want to argue about!?This week, we take a look at LOOPER, director Rian Johnson's first foray into science fiction before moving on to a galaxy far, far away...SYNOPSIS: In this futuristic action thrille, time travel will be invented but it will be illeg ...…
Time for a supermarket stab-a-thon! This week we're talking about the 1989 slasher flick Intruder with our bud Ryan, one of Ben's film partners in BPO Films. After hours, a night crew at a supermarket are picked off one by one in grisly fashion by a mysterious killer. Topics include the merit of high-waisted pants, cassingles (look em up, young ...…
The true episode 19! Travis is back with Hilary and comic book artist Chris McJunkin to ring in the new year with a classic and a cringer at Cinema Chop Shop. First up the gang get ready for their close-up for the noir classic Sunset Boulevard (1950). After the break, the decidedly inferior, but no less enjoyable slasher flick New Year's Evil ( ...…
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