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Sled Island Podcast
In each episode of the Sled Island Podcast, we will explore some of the 250+ incredible bands, comedy, film and art coming to the Sled Island 2017 Music & Arts Festival, taking place from June 21 - 25, 2017 in 35+ venues across Calgary, Canada.
Sled Island | Standard Podcast
Sled Island is an annual independent multi-venue music and arts festival in Calgary, Alberta. Entering its fourth year, it aims to celebrate, showcase and nurture the best emerging and established local talent alongside national and international independent music, comedy, film and art. This podcast will feature upcoming acts that will be performing at Sled Island along with news, commentary and events surrounding the festival. This is the standard feed for the podcast (MP3 files only, for m ...
SLED Talks sponsored by SAP
State and Local Governments need to develop forward thinking, citizen-centric programs and drive strategy, policymaking and operations for a data driven government. Please join former State of Indiana CFO and current SAP Vice-President of Digital Government Transformation, Chris Atkins as he speaks with leading experts on how state and local governments are digitizing to save money and increase efficiency.
The Podcast
Connecting you to the world of Linux! Join Brian Wagner, Joe Leuzzi, and Walt Jevack for the latest Linux news, reviews, and discussions!
Husky Talk
Join us as we sit down and talk with the many people involved in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. We will be interviewing mushers, volunteers, wives, parents, even an athlete who has biked the trail, and many more. Our show is broken down into segments; Who Inspires You? Q&A, and Musher Mount Rushmore. Sit back, relax, and learn about the Iditarod from the people who experience the race firsthand.
O Podcast
Monthly+ is a Talk Radio Show (Podcast) hosted by snowmobilers for snowmobilers. Join your hosts Dave (Krusty) Hunt and Paul (Yukon) Ineson weekly, as they provide you with current news from the snowmobiling world. They use our Facebook page, toll free message line (1-855-651-4401) and other sources to gather news and tips which they discuss on the show. So feel free to provide your input, share your ideas and let them know what you want to hear!
Sundays with James O'Loghlin
Sunday Evenings with James O'Loghlin explores the small and large moments in our lives. It also hears from people who do extraordinary things, such as sailing solo around the world, and pulling sleds across the Antarctic. Writers, musicians, adventurers - you never know who you might stumble across on a Sunday evening.
Call of the Wild, The by LONDON, Jack
In this novel (often mistakenly classified a children’s book) the main protagonist Buck, a St. Bernard/Collie mix, is abducted and sold to a trainer of sled dogs in Alaska. He adapts to the brutal conditions and is finally acquired by a loving man. When this new owner is killed, Buck follows the ‘call of the wild’ and joins a pack of wolves. (Summary written by Gesine)
Chronicles of Canada Volume 28 - The Fathers of Confederation: A Chronicle of the Birth of the Dominion by COLQUHOUN, A. H. U.
During and after the United States' War of Independence, Canada remained loyal to Great Britain. The upheavals of the 1830's and early 1840's led to a Popular Government and union of Upper and Lower Canada in 1841, but many still wanted confederation of the provinces into one centralized government. It would take over two decades for that to become a reality, "From Sea to Sea". This work chronicles the birth of the Dominion of Canada. (Summary by TriciaG)
Presence Audio Podcast
Techno DJ / Producer 'Sled' aka 'Masahiro Suzuki' will launch his new label named 'Presence Audio' in 2013, this podcast is released for pre-launch label.
The Call of the Wild by Jack London
Call of the Wild is an emotional rollercoaster of a novel set during the late 19th century Klondike Gold Rush. The central character is Buck, an Alaskan sled dog who is forced to adjust to the cruel climate in order to survive. If you have even a remote love of dogs then you will fall head over heels in love with this book. In fact, take away the fact that Buck is a dog and the story is the same, a struggle against greed and to live a life of freedom. London spent a year in Yokel researching ...
Jack and Jill by Louisa May Alcott
Louisa May Alcott, more famously known for her Little Women series, takes a familiar nursery rhyme and creates a whole novel out of it in one of her last books Jack and Jill: A Village Story. Though she continued to publish under the penname AM Barnard, this book probably marked the end of a particular writing phase in 1880. Jack and Jill is set in the fictional Harmony Village. On a December afternoon, the youngsters of the village are out enjoying the bracing cold and snow. The bright wint ...
Negro Explorer at the North Pole, A by HENSON, Matthew A.
In this fascinating memoir, Matthew Henson describes the incredibly dangerous, exhausting, and bone-chilling trip to what was until then the never-before reached point on earth, the North Pole. "Robert Peary is remembered as the intrepid explorer who successfully reached the North Pole in 1909. Far less celebrated is his companion, Matthew Henson, a black man from Maryland. Henson's gripping memoir, first published in 1912, tells this unsung hero's story in his own words. Henson...was indisp ...
Call of the Wild (Version 3), The by LONDON, Jack
Buck is living a happy life in California until he is sold to pay a gambling debt. Taken to the Klondike to become a sled dog, Buck must toughen up and learn the harsher rules of survival in the North. One of the first of these is how to deal with being harnessed in the same team as a dog that wants to kill him. Large, strong and smart, Buck toughens to his new life. But even the toughest dog can be worn down by constant work, and after 3,000 miles of pulling sleds, Buck nears the end of his ...
Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (Dramatic Reading), An by ALCOTT, Louisa May
When a neighbor brings word that Grandma is sick, Mr. and Mrs. Bassett hurry off to tend to her, leaving their seven children to prepare for Thanksgiving on their own. The story of the adventures of Eph, Tilly, Prue, Seth, Sol, Roxy, and Rhody Bassett as they go sledding, face bears, tell old stories, and wrestle with plum puddings is a holiday treat fit to make anyone stop and count their own blessings. (Summary by Eden Rea-Hedrick) Cast: Narrator: Maria Therese Mrs. Bassett: Elizabeth Klet ...
Dog Works Radio Shows
The Dog Works Radio Network is a collection of shows about our favorite canine companions. We host our flagship show, Dog Works Radio that gives dog training advice and interviews guests around the world. We also produce The Sibe Vibe with host Dorothy Wills-Raftery. The Gypsy Musher show is hosted by Iditarod veteran Hugh Neff. We also host Mushing Radio which interviews the top names in the sport of dog sledding along with our annual nightly coverage of the Iditarod each March. All shows a ...
Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus (version 3) by SHELLEY, Mary Wollstonecraft
Frankenstein begins in epistolary form, documenting the correspondence between Captain Robert Walton and his sister, Margaret Walton Saville. Walton sets out to explore the North Pole and expand his scientific knowledge in hopes of achieving fame and friendship. The ship becomes trapped in ice, and, one day, the crew sees a dog sled in the distance, on which there is the figure of a giant man. Hours later, the crew finds a frozen and emaciated man, Victor Frankenstein, in desperate need of s ...
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CBS Evening News -- Full Audio
The North East is celebrating the first official day of Spring -- by having snowball fights, shoveling, and sledding. The identity of the Austin serial-bomber has been released. And -- did President Trump ignore his aides by congratulating Vladimir Putin on his election win? These stories and more on the CBS Evening News.…
Famed disc jockey, Eddie Winters is back with a high octane episode of The Rock and Roll Coup Dètat! In this episode, Eddie kicks off the program digging deep into rock history with “This Day in Rock”. Put on your thinking cap as Eddie digs up some real facts on “Real American Headlines” Fox News edition. Don’t get confused by those other news ...…
Listen to New Releases Free Audiobooks of Kids, Ages 8-10
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Balto of the Blue DawnAuthor: Mary Pope OsborneNarrator: Mary Pope OsborneFormat: UnabridgedLength: 1 hr and 43 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-05-16Publisher: Listening LibraryRatings: 5 of 5 out of 40 votesGenres: Kids, Ages 8-10Publisher's Summary:Pack your sno ...…
Mix-Minus with Matthew McQueeny
Matt talks sledding, Atlantic City, spring training, YouTube TV, cable television, Netflix comedy specials, and Mindhunter.
NPR Programs: Weekend Edition Saturday (in order aired)
The uniquely Alaskan sled dog race now draws scrutiny, protest and even allegations of doping and sabotage.
Fizzle Like a Flood
It's March! Here's a new episode so hopefully none of you gave up this podcast for Lent. Please enjoy responsibly. Contents: - Doug sledding/destroying his body - They had these crazy jet heaters at Haunticon ( - More sledding. This time Megan goes. Drink every time she says 'okay.' - Destroyer playing a song live at ...…
Enjoy an episode with 2017 Jr. Iditarod musher, Hannah Mahoney, as she talks with us about her journey to the Jr. Iditarod. Join us as we sit down and talk with the many people involved in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. We will be interviewing mushers, volunteers, wives, parents, even an athlete who has biked the trail, and many more. Our show is ...…
Olympic Size Podcast
The final special bonus episode about the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, in which we discuss the problem with ice dancing siblings, the mysteries of ice, and finally explain where the points come from in curling.
Guns & Dog Cloning. The Saga of Balto and Togo...Dog Sledding Legends, if not friends. The Media is so smart (Especially Lawrence O'Donnell)! Avoiding Terror on The Rails - ABC's Aaron Katersky. serves up some hot takes on dog sledding as an olympic sport, after the USA's dominant run to curling gold, in South Korea. Then, we focus on the potential solutions to clean up NCAA men's basketball. Finally, we take a look at how the Stoneman Douglas aftermath is unfolding differently than similar tragedies have in the ...…
Did you watch LUGE at the Winter Olympics? Curious to know more about the sport. This is a talk story I had with John Porter 4 years ago on my ESPN Hawaii Emily T Gail Show. I listened to the show again last week after watching LUGE to refresh what John, who has been involved in the sport of LUGE for many years had shared with us. It was so int ...…
The Teesside Business Podcast
We sat down with Ben from CrossFit Ulysses to find out his views on fitness, Nutrition, starting his business and his plans for the future.Here is a little bit more about Bens business, Community is at the heart of CrossFit Ulysses. Our goal is to offer a welcoming and supportive environment. An environment where you want to spend time, work ou ...…
Going For Bronze!!! (with Joel and Maggie)
It's Episode 5 and we're here with the history of bob sledding, some notable bob sledders, Cool Runnings talk (obviously!) and...maybe we invented a new sport called towelling...? BUT REAL TALK - it's the best time of the year!!! We've got our live reactions to the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Pyeongchang! ROCK AND ROLLERS! ROGUE ...…
Hit the trails in this episode of Bayfield County Wild, as Co-hosts Nancy Christopher and Mary Motiff, director of Bayfield County Tourism, talk to Ron Bergin, publisher and editor of Cross Country Skier Magazine and an outdoor sports enthusiast, about Bayfield County’s highly-rated trail system for cross country skiing and mountain biking, as ...…
Welcome to our Hallmark movie podcast where a friend and I watch one of these ridiculous movies, get together and proceed to dismantle them trope by trope and stereotype upon stereotype...until there is nothing left. Oh, while we drink. This time, we bring you Frozen in Love to close out our Hallmark Winterfest recaps. Rachel Leigh Cook – remem ...…
Anti-Social Engineering
In our 20th episode we talk with the 2013 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail. Listen as she tells us about her experience as the Teacher on the Trail and how she uses the Iditarod as a tool in her... Join us as we sit down and talk with the many people involved in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. We will be interviewing mushers, volunteers, wives, parent ...…
Humans of Stubbins Point
Episode 02: Porpoise sledding, polar dives, and a peculiar hand wound: it must be Squuunder’s Day! Listen now!!!
Josh Pauls, Captain of the two-time gold-medal-winning US Sled Hockey team teaches us a thing or two about classifcation, explains why training on his own as a young player helped his development, and what it was like being a 16-year-old on a World Championship team. We also ask him about the fight that many people say is the gnarliest hockey f ...…
The interior of the Antarctic is among the most inhospitable places on the planet. The air is fierce, thin (10,000 feet) and lethally cold. Thirty years ago, Robert Swan walked across this icy desert to the South Pole. He tried again, departing November 2017, this time with his twenty-three-year-old son, Barney. Their goal was to highlight the ...…
Big Billy Kinder Outdoors
• Chukar in Winter Months • FLW Update • FLW College Update • NRA Great American Outdoor Show • How Do Alligators Survive Cold Snaps • Listener Email • BBKO Braggin Board • New Pup & Gun-Bob West, Pro Staff • New Pup-Ronnie Smith, Pro Staff • Sled Dogging & Dogs • Bird Dog Health-Dr. Brian Zanghi • • LIKE Big Bill ...…
Louisville First with Howie Lindsey
Howie and Katie George share some sledding stories. Plus, Paul Rogers.
Louisville First with Howie Lindsey
Howie and Katie George share some sledding stories. Plus, Paul Rogers.
Transparency is a Super Power. In this episode we talk about transparency in business, partnership, marriage, parenting, and life. As Executive Director of Super Power Experts, Tonya Dawn Recla spends her days convincing people Super Powers are real and recruiting other powerful mutants. During her career as a government Special Agent, she expl ...…
This week the party licks their mental wounds, and gets a sled!
Mikey and Benji shred the epic February conditions in Whistler, and photographer Brian Hockenstein smashes up his sled, then limps it 40 km out of the Callaghan.By (Latest Snow stuff from Skuff TV).
Mikey and Benji shred the epic February conditions in Whistler, and photographer Brian Hockenstein smashes up his sled, then limps it 40 km out of the Callaghan.By Skuff TV.
Segment 1: NFL Wild Card Weekend and the Alabama vs Georgia CFP showdown! Dap for Jimmy G in San Fran. A Rose Bowl for the ages – Georgia takes out Oklahoma in a thriller. The two team running back showcase, the infamous squib kick of fail, and the legend of Rodrigo Blankenship. Hellafied game flow and timely defense in the midst of an offensiv ...…
George Stinsman, owner of Chaos Cycles builds custom bikes for the mean streets of NYC. They run on the pockmarked streets of the Big Apple with out destroying themselves--- a testiment to Stinsman's ability to create tough & cool sleds. Chaos Cycle has proven to be a leader in the motorcycle industry, from everyday repairs, performance mods an ...…
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