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Smyth Radio
Saving America one mind at a time. From a small town to a big city we will give you all the facts from top to bottom National and International alike. Saving bodies one mind at a time.
“We exist to inspire people to passionately follow Jesus”
Peter Smythe's Podcast
This Librivox reading consists of selections from depositions in a lawsuit brought after the end of the American Civil War by some businessmen of the former Confederacy. This reading focuses on the sworn statements of General William Tecumseh Sherman who commanded the Carolinas campaign and General Oliver O. Howard who was one of Sherman’s subordinate commanders. The subject is the still-controversial burning of Columbia, capital of South Carolina, toward the end of the Civil War.“Official D ...
The author, a British journalist and novelist, is interested in the feel of the places he visits. He describes at length a visit he has made to Egypt, with emphasis on the emotional response the places generate.
The Green Carnation, first published anonymously in 1894, was a scandalous novel by Robert Hichens whose lead characters are closely based on Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas - also known as 'Bosie', whom the author personally knew. It was an instant succès de scandale on both sides of the Atlantic. The book features the characters of 'Esmé Amarinth' (Wilde), and 'Lord Reginald (Reggie) Hastings' (Douglas). The words put in the mouths of the hero and his young friend in the story are most ...
Connecting entrepreneurs Globally. Networking, tech, human interest, music.
This podcast covers topics and information that is useful in everyday life to new and existing home owners who are interested in keeping there home on top condition.
Political columnist Michael Smyth reports from the heart of British Columbia’s politics
Hosted by Smyth Automotive’s Andrew Rosen and B-105’s Jason “Stattman” Statt, Sockets and Cylinders is all about the pride of working on your vehicle. Learn tips and tricks from experts in the automotive field, hear Stattman’s creative solutions to truck troubles, and get your parts and repair questions answered.
The author, a British journalist and novelist, is interested in the feel of the places he visits. He describes at length a visit he has made to Egypt, with emphasis on the emotional response the places generate. (summary by Sibella)
Can the soul of the dead come back to haunt the one who was responsible for its death? What would happen if the responsible one did not believe it could be so, and yet was in love with the returned soul? The Return of the Soul is a horror story of a man who is visited by the returning soul of a deceased, and who has some very perplexing issues to deal with upon that return. (Introduction by Roger Melin)
The Irish Times' unrivalled foreign affairs coverage, now brought to you in weekly podcast form. Hosted by Chris Dooley with regular contributors Patrick Smyth, Denis Staunton, Simon Carswell, Lara Marlowe, Suzanne Lynch, Derek Scally, Tom Hennigan, Clifford Coonan and Ruadhan Mac Cormaic.
Sermons from Covenant Life Church
Hoge 'n' Smith
A Podcrastination on all matters nonsensical
Human Resources Law by Authors: John Remington, Richard T. Heiser, Cyrus Smythe, Kenneth Sovereign
Nessun Dorma will take you back to the time when football had smaller shorts, diving headers, pitches covered with sand and Elton Welsby on the TV. Come for the nostalgia, stay for the stories and some analysis as well.Featuring journalist and proper old football lovers Rob Smyth (The Guardian) plus plenty of other 80s & 90s tragics. If you're like us then this is pod for you.
The Colonel Radioshow
Colonel Crabtree-Smythe breaks his silence for the first time in over twenty years. In these weekly comedy radio interviews with Sage McCorkadale he discusses his involvement in some of the most interesting and bizarre events in history.
This collection of podcasts is called "Talking Heads" and includes interviews of various celebrities and genuinely interesting people. You can find more details on my website:
Welcome to Podfathers, the weekly podcast about fatherhood. Hosted by UK Dad's Andrew Tregoning and Graham Smyth.
Adam Smyth hosts a series of discussions by Oxford and visiting researchers presenting current research on the material history of the book.
Alex Venegas, Teyhou Smyth and blogger Winter White discuss politics, current events and today's issues through the prism of their ethnic backgrounds.
Hosts Curtis Wagner and Carol Smyth are siblings who love anything 80s and 90s. Hear their anecdotes as they relive growing up with just enough dysfunction to be entertaining. Follow along episode by episode as they revisit their favourite decades year by year. Join in as they rewatch the iconic TV show, Fame, and enjoy Curtis's fabulous top 10 lists.
Welcome to Podfathers, the podcast about fatherhood, hosted by dads Andrew Tregoning and Graham Smyth.
Phil Smyth Produces/Presents a weekly mix "SoundWave"that provides Music fans with a blend of tasty new tunes.
Jean Smyth presents a regular podcast detailing the Laureus Sport for Good initiatives in South Africa and around the world.
How can French cooking methods improve the safety of your car? Why can’t you just settle on what movie to watch on Netflix? Why do you have to sign a credit card receipt for a pack of gum? This is Ideate. A podcast about the user experience of items we use every day. Hosted by The Smyth Group design team: Hiromi, Aaron, Paul and Rob.
This satire on the U.S.A.'s myth of being the "Home of the Oppressed, where all men are free and equal", is unrelenting in its pursuit of justice through exposure. It draws a scathingly shameful portrait of how Chinese immigrants were treated in 19th century San Francisco. (Introduction by John Greenman)
The latest Notre Dame Softball news, analysis and updates with Irish Softball Coach Deanna Gumpf, featuring hosts Hunter Bivin, Mike McGlinchey and Durham Smythe.
The only way to save the future is to decode the past. The only way to decode the past is to save the future. Archaeologist Sheppard Smyth has staked his career and the honorable memory of his wife and partner on proving his widely panned theory: Cleopatra VII, the last sovereign pharaoh of Egypt, was not a victim of suicide as history suggests, but of a well-concealed murder. When a statue of the doomed Queen is unearthed in a pre-Columbian excavation site in Mexico, Shep rushes to investig ...
The Team Podcast
Nash (@Nash_TheTeam), Wells (@Veepin52) and Smythe (@SmytheDawonder) are 3 guys that love sports. They talks sports like no one else in this podcast. They also want to hear your opinions. This is The Team Podcast.
Art Talk Nelson
Ginnette Smythe speaks with Nelson Artists about their work, ideas and inspiration. Fortnightly Tuesday at 11.00am, repeated Wednesday 12.40am and Sunday 1.40pm. Kindly supported by Park Life Brewing Co.
Grass Seeds
Hosted by Richard Smyth, Grass Seeds is a show focusing on issues social, environmental, and economic justice. Our purpose is to educate the public on such issues, and to prepare people for taking grassroots action.
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In the episode I speak with Dr. Conor ward about spine health and the five pillars of modern health. Highly interesting discussion. Chef Raymond McCardle winner of the Great British Menu & Hugh McGivern Chef to the King of jordan talk simple delicious summer recipes to impress your guests.
Do you even wet shave bro? Douglas Smythe from Phoenix Shaving is teaching me why every man - and woman - should ditch multi-blade razors in favor of traditional shaving. Douglas broke down why those multi-blade disposable razors are bad for your skin and how we all got tricked into thinking they were the best thing since sliced bread. We also ...…
Episode 14 times1:20 Vegas Advances to Stanley Cup Finals6:30 Caps and Tampa Game 6 preview, Can Ovi and the Caps force 7?18:00 With Sports Gambling set to become legal how will it impact the NHL and injury announcements?23:11 Stanley Cup Predictions and Potential Scenarios 32:46 Early Conn Smythe Predictions and more…
This weeks podcast focuses on interviews from guests and speakers alike at Donna Kennedys fantastic event WE Summit. Special thanks to Yemi Adenuga, Martina Finnerty, Joanne Callaghan, Catherine Macklin, Tanya Cannon, Marie Nugent, Danny Gaskin and everyone who contributed to the podcast.
In this episode we deep dive into human behaviour and psychology with a special guest, Darcy J Smyth. We talk about how some companies are leveraging generosity and completely changing up their business model to stay well and truly ahead of the pack. We talk why fear is holding you back from making change and how you can position yourself to wi ...…
In Lebanon’s first parliamentary elections in a decade, Hezbollah won a plurality of the seats and is poised to form a government. Phillip Smyth, Soref Fellow at The Washington Institute, talks with Jason about what led to their victory and what their governance means for Lebanon, Hezbollah itself, and the region.…
In Lebanon’s first parliamentary elections in a decade, Hezbollah won a plurality of the seats and is poised to form a government. Phillip Smyth, Soref Fellow at The Washington Institute, talks with Jason about what led to their victory and what their governance means for Lebanon, Hezbollah itself, and the region.…
Did you know Cincinnati is one of the top Hot-Rod cities in America? Andrew Rosen & StattMan talk with the organizer, John Bailey, for this years 48th Cincy Street Rods-Rod Run, Car & Motorcycle Show. Cincy Street Rods Cruise In Saturday, May 19, 2018 | 5:00pm - 9:00pmCincy Street RodsLocation: Butler County Fair Grounds, Route 4, Hamilton, Ohi ...…
Our guest tonight is Douglas Smythe Are we are talking ufo:s and what been going on! Since WW ll Going to be a killer show!
SESSION 35 - FEB 18, 2018End of July 1941 The members of Network N handle the fallout of the ghouls mission. A new team member shares a startling bit of information. A sub trip to Malta. A briefing from Cpt. Frost. Hew Warner-Smyth - GeoffRobert Marshall - DuckAndre Lannes - RexHarry Cahill - KyleGerald Clark - GershKeeper of Arcane Lore -Ty…
Trump - North Korea- Announced to the world that it will tear down the nuclear test cite June 12 ahead of summit - ’10 times larger than Hiroshima': How North Korea's huge nuclear blast caused a mountain to collapse. Beneath Mt. Mantap in the northern part of the country on Sept. 3, 2017, causing the mountain to collapse. Such was the force of ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Ballymena Free Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Submission Speaker: Rev Nigel Smyth Broadcaster: Ballymena Free Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday - PM Date: 5/13/2018 Bible: Romans 10 Length: 51 min.
A new MP3 sermon from Ballymena Free Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Powerlessness: Cause and Cure Speaker: Rev Nigel Smyth Broadcaster: Ballymena Free Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 5/13/2018 Bible: Matthew 17:14-21 Length: 40 min.…
Here’s In Case You Missed It for Sunday May 13, 2018 The West Coast Book Prize Society announced that The Nameless City: The Stone Heart by Faith Erin Hicks won the Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize Boom Studios announced Black Badge a new monthly series wil ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Ballymena Free Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Truth of Christ Against Gnosticism Speaker: Rev Nigel Smyth Broadcaster: Ballymena Free Presbyterian Church Event: Bible Study Date: 5/13/2018 Bible: 1 John 1 Length: 43 min.…
CEO Speaker and elite Coach speaks about starting out in life, being entrepreneurial and making it big in business.Foody section this week includes:Guinness Wheaten Bread From Raymond McCardle, winner of the Great British Menu.Trinity recipe with Chicken Satay, lean protein dish with Hugh McGivern, Chef to the Royals, and this week Hugh has an ...…
In this episode I speak with the amazing Judy Sahagian about growing up in the Bronx, learning valuable entrepreneurial lessons early in life to becoming a real estate Giant. Judy is the founder and president of Judy Networks, Founding partner, Real Estate Subway Series and senior Managing director, L.D. Banks & Associates.…
In the newest episode of SRDPod Will and Joe discuss their current favorites for the Conn Smythe whether or not LeBron can lead his Cavs to an upset of the topranked Raptors and who they see winning the Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year awards in this years NFL Draft class Also they peek into the baseball world and create lineups of th ...…
In this episode I speak with talented young entrepreneur Lorenzo Escobal about starting a business with 200 dollars cash and then securing tesla as a client. Our resident chefs Raymond McCardle winner of the great British Menu on the BBC and Hugh McGivern chef to the king of Jordan talk Banana & walnut bread and delicious Salmon starter.…
Smyth Automotive Sockets & Cylinders with StattMan and Andrew Rosen is proud to talk with World Record Racecar Driver Clay Millican! He dominates in NHRA Drag Racing in the Parts Plus Car. His path to Top Fuel champion carries a fairy tale style story. And he does all his own work on his personal cars. This is just the final part of a series wi ...…
On today's podcast, Mark Paul talks to Ciarán Hancock about Irish-owned Smyths Toys €79 million European expansion. Conor Pope reports on two consumer scandals involving Irish Ferries and Ulster Bank. But first, Eoin Burke-Kennedy has a roundup of some of the week’s other stories, including the latest developments in the tracker mortgage scanda ...…
In this Episode, Sean talks to Aaron Smyth who is one of the best Personal Trainers in the Dublin Region. He gets some insight into being a top PT & Disucsses all about the fitness industry. Aaron goes into depth about how other countries (for example the US ) are miles ahead of the Irish industry in training athletes, their different methods i ...…
Ten days after news broke of an alleged data breach at Independent News and Media, the story rumbles on. Last night, the company wrote to people who may have had their emails and documents searched. Journalist Sam Smyth and Lynn Boylan, Sinn Fein MEP discussed this with the programme.
Latest episode of let's talk business with Susan Smyth. In this episode I speak with Peter about growing up in a small mining town to overcoming adversity and becoming hugely successful.
In this episode i have my presenter Demo and some music, tune in for my brand new show "Let's talk business with Susan Smyth" where I will inerview entrepreneurs and business people from around the world, there will also be some music, tech section for gamers and chefs recipes.
Lana and Brittany discuss if following your passion is the right advice, or is it something else we should be following? How to come back from disappointment and reframing your expectations. Brittany has recently launch two successful businesses, one is the service industry and one product, she has so many tips and tools for success to share. C ...…
What a night! The Laureus World Sports Awards, yet again, wowed all with Roger Federer taking top honours. Power of Sport host Jean Smyth goes 'behind the scenes' to bring you this Special Edition featuring unique insights into one of the sporting world's most high-profile events. Hear from Federer at his majestic best, as well as Bryan Habana, ...…
Episode two of POPSUGAR Australia’s podcast, POPCAST, sees host Tim Dormer interview controversial Big Brother housemate Tully Smyth. In 2013 the nation watched her fall in love with fellow housemate Drew while she was still romantically linked to her girlfriend on the outside. Emotional, honest and self-depreciating, Tully doesn’t hold back re ...…
Dr. Emily Smythe is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Chicago. After graduating from the University of Maryland Dental School, she returned to her hometown of Chicago for residency. After graduation, she pursued an OMFS specialty at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She is currently buying into a busy practice nea ...…
The F-1Shifty is a Ford Truck with Jeep wheels, a Dodge bumper and the most ridiculous modifications. Andrew Rosen from Smyth Automotive and B-105 StattMan have a special guest on this episode of Sockets & Cylinders. StattMan's brother Tom aka "The Guy with the Unusual Truck" talks about all of the repairs and upgrades they've done to a 1992 Fo ...…
1. Hello & Welcome 2. What happened to the Crows in the last quarter!? (Calls) 3. Johan Absalonsen (ADL United Striker) 4. Cricket Chat 5. Will Richie Douglas be Suspended? (Calls) 6. Matt Crouch (AFC Midfielder) 7. At Home with the Legends 8. DSL Q&A 9. Phil Smyth (36ers Legend) 10. Port V Fremantle Preview…
1. Hello & Welcome 2. Would an AFL Reserves Comp Destroy the SANFL? (Calls) 3. Justin Langer (Former AUS Test Batsman) 4. At Home with the Legends 5. 2018 AFL Crystal Ball Predictions' 6. What happened to the Redbacks this season Blewey? 7. DSL Q&A 8. Rabada Suspended for 2 games... Good call? 9. New AFL Club Songs 10. Would an AFL Reserves Com ...…
The Judge in the Belfast rape trial has completed the first stage of her address to the jury today. Speaking to the eleven member jury, Judge Patricia Smyth said "Sympathy or prejudice have no role to play in the case." The Irish Times' Conor Gallagher has been in court today and he spoke to Drivetime.…
Muscle Cars and Babies don't go together very well. Most dads have to trade their dream 2-door car for a family friendly car or worse a mini-van. You won't believe the sacrifices some dads have made for their kids. We call Andrew Rosens dad up to hear about his 1969 Camero and talk about StattMan's 95' Mustang GT. It's a New Episode of Sockets ...…
March Madness is upon us, Brackets will be broken (obviously) Wells really doesn't like Tiger Woods, Nash sits a bit too close to Smythe and the NFL has gone cray in this latest episode!!!
Pastor Wayne continues the series “Above” with a message on the purpose for our lives. What did God place me on planet earth for? Does my life have meaning? These are questions we all have had to grapple with.By Cheri Newman.
Welcome to the first episode of Don't Stop Repealin', a weekly podcast series in the run-up to the referendum. This week, we get a state of the nation from Coalition Convener Ailbhe Smyth and run through the top five tips for staying sane during the campaign. Find all our socials and more on this podcast, we're using ...…
Child spychologist Mark Smyth wants parents to step up and set boundaries, as he talks with Ciara about children becoming more sleep deprived.
In this episode Springbok record try-scorer and Laureus Ambassador Bryan Habana gives the strongest hint yet that he’s on the verge of retiring from the sport. We also gain an insight into South African production house T&W whose founder Gareth Whittaker talks about the emotions he has watching work produced by his company at the Laureus Awards ...…
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