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Sober Speak
This is a podcast that shares experience, strength, and hope centered around the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 steps of recovery. Visit the site at to learn more and to give to help keep the podcast going.
Stone Cold Sober Podcast features Sandy and Reza sitting down to discuss what it's like to be growing up in today's society and culture. Sandy and Reza bring two different sets of views and experiences to the Stone Cold Sober Podcast; Sandy is a single 28 year old in the tech industry living in the big city, while Reza is a happily married PhD student in bioinformatics. Together, they discuss life events they're going through, funny and emotional stories they have, and their feelings about t ...
An AA meeting in a Podcast. An (unofficial) Alcoholics Anonymous podcast featuring AA speaker meetings and workshops. This is not a discussion podcast, simply speaker meetings and workshops in a podcast format.
Sober Guy Radio focuses on living a positive, healthy, sober lifestyle free from alcohol and drugs. As a person who has seen and personally experienced the effects of addiction first hand, founder and host Shane Ramer is dedicated to bring awareness to mental health, addiction, and substance abuse. Find more information at
The Sobering
Hosted by one half of Vaal rap duo Fratpack, Kitso Moremi and producer Javas Skolo, The Sobering is the most authentically South African hip-hop podcast on the internet today. Follow @TheSoberingPod on Twitter. Search our hashtag #theSOBERINGpodcast. Featuring a 100 percent local hip-hop playlist and interviews with prominent figures in the local scene, the monthly show features an eclectic mix of exciting personalities, good conversation and an excellent blend of the best and most current t ...
Sober Senses
A transatlantic podcast hosted by two Marxists who, with sober senses, explain the real conditions of life. Or at least attempt to.
Sober Life Coach
It's more than sobriety, it's a way of life.
This Sober Life
Podcast by This Sober Life
Busy Living Sober
We provide unique programming in the form of podcasts, videos, taped shows, call-in shows and live meetings, which are available online and soon on the radio. This programming is designed to support the broad ecosystem of people impacted by addiction – from the addict themselves to their friends, families and co-workers. Our goal is to make our content readily available online and on-demand, allowing anyone to access relevant programming from anywhere, at any time.
Lets talk recovery in an open honest down to earth way
Whether alcoholic, junky, tweaker, stoner, drunk, smack head, dope fiend, coke whore, pill borrower, We Are Addicts. Recovery is the only option.This is an honest look into the lives of the addicted as well as those who have been affected by addicts in their normal lives. We may break your heart, we may make you sick, we might even make you laugh. Our goal is to prove that you CAN be happy living as, or living with, an addict in recovery.
Planet Sober Radio Podcast is for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Join us in recovery with stories from your hosts Brandon and Sober Joe and co-host Jade. Addiction, Alcoholism, Recovery, Quit Drinking and Stop Using Drugs
Mean and Sober
John Gregory (a large bully) and Ethan Moore (a medium-size recovering addict) are comedians in Miami who are decidedly un-PC. They give you a no-holds-barred anarchist take on politics, the culture wars, the alt-right, and the alt-left. Cucks welcome!
Struggling with the Wine Witch? Is your wine habit having a negative impact on your life? If you want to get sober, or improve your relationship with booze - listen in for help, advice and support for you to start a Sober Sassy Lifestyle!
All of us are directly connected to addiction whether it be personally, family or friends. Sober Conversations is real talk about America’s number 1 health challenge: Addiction. Join Dr.’s Herby Bell and Chris Harrison as they host interesting, provocative and hopeful conversations with addiction and wellness experts to Mom’s, Dad’s, daughters and sons of this systemic problem in our culture. Sober Conversations is about getting addiction,
Audio version of blog articles from Author and Sobriety Coach: Mark Tuschel. Mark presents alternative ideas to make the best out of living clean and sober. Expand your mind, expand your body, learn to enjoy life as a sober person. Discover your own new sober lifestyle.
An exploration of addiction...and the steps we take towards sobriety.
Sober in the City
Sober In The City - Real Addiction, Real Recovery. Hosted by Debbie Strand.
Served Up Sober the podcast examines life after drugs and alcohol. Sober enthusiast, Shari Hampton offers an unfiltered and unapologetic view of life and the challenges we face.
Two Sober Chicks, both licensed therapists talk addiction, mental health, parenting and everything in between!
Veronica Valli and Chip Somers are experts on recovery. Chip Somers was most recently described by Russell Brand in his book 'Recovery' as a 'right social liability.' Together they have been sober for almost 50 years and have a LOT of stories, messes, experience and occasionally helpful advice to share on living in sobriety. They bring all of that (and more) to the Soberful podcast. This podcast is for anyone who wants to live an alcohol-free life, is struggling to get sober or who is in lon ...
Welcome to the Drunk Mind Sober Thoughts podcast!! Join @DJBrainstorm4u, @Blkpaco, and @Playboydadj weekly as they bring you their take on life, relationships, culture, music and more on a weekly basis. Everything presented from the black male's point of view. At times offensive...At times off the wall...At times crazy...But always 100% real. When other podcasts talk sh*t we talk real life!! Rock with us!!
Brent Clark is a 32 year old recovering alcoholic and drug addict. Through his podcast Sober for Life, he shares his experiences, support, and advice with those struggling to find a new sober life.
Sober Courage Pod
Podcast by Sober Courage Pod
Completely Sober
Completely Sober is a podcast created by two college students who have nothing better to do with their time. This radio program is devoted to nothing and is only a recording of real conversations between two less than average college students and sometimes with additional guest speakers. The show is committed to releasing episodes on a weekly basis for each season.
Recovery Innovators Radio is where I check in with innovative experts and individuals in the addiction recovery industry, related fields or just “regular folks” who have had some incredible experiences so we can hear directly from them what is working today for alcoholics and addicts in recovery, for their families and for their friends. Recovery Innovators Radio is also a learning tool for professionals in the addiction recovery field, a place where ideas can be nurtured and spread, where n ...
Welcome to The Sober Sherpa Podcast. I have used the last 11 years studying the harsh life lessons why some people find success in sobriety and addiction recovery while others continue to struggle despite their good intentions. Byron TGI Friday aka The Sober Sherpa
Clean and Sober Radio is dedicated to promoting a lifetime free of alcohol and drugs. Our mission is to inform, share, and discuss, across multiple media platforms, the story of addiction and the road to recovery.
A podcast ran by childhood friends giving you honest opinions on day to day topics. Follow the podcast on IG and Twitter @dwstpodcast. Follow the hosts on Twitter @RobbyVeliDaDon @Tee_Meekss
Sober Grind is dedicated to bringing you the most intriguing guests and polarizing discussions about recovery and the sober journey!
Sober Ventures is for anyone in recovery from any substance or alcohol abuse. We feature stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and individuals making wonderful things happen in their life and for others in their sobriety. We are listener powered, so if you'd like to share your story, just send an email to and we'll get your story out to the world. We are all stronger in this together.
An AA meeting in a Podcast. An (unofficial) Alcoholics Anonymous podcast featuring AA speaker meetings and workshops. This is not a discussion podcast, simply speaker meetings and workshops in a podcast format.
The Young Sober Voices Podcast is brought to you by the Pennsylvania Bid for the 61st ICYPAA (The International Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous). Through this podcast, we hope to bring the message of recovery through the program and fellowship of AA (especially YPAA) from young people that are sober all over the world. Not only can young people get sober, but they can stay sober too and we want to bring you their stories.
Highly Sober
Inspiration. Motivation. Music & Comedy. Life Discovery. Stories. Discussions. Helping Your Passion Set Sail. | This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit
Daily Sober
A podcast for recovering addicts to share real life experience, strength and hope. By addicts, for addicts.
Sober Together
Get comfy, pour yourself a non-alcoholic drink and enjoy hosts Evelyn & Francesca talk about an array of different topics! Join the conversation and reach out to us! Insta: sobertogetherpodcasttwitter:soberpodcastgmail:
Sober Cinema
A movie podcast that's late... but still too early.
Daily Sober
Daily Sober is a recovery blog and podcast that is focused on gratitude in sobriety. We feature a daily post covering physical wellness, spiritual fitness and mental health to encourage addicts to achieve a daily balance while recovering from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.
Sober Startup
Wild Journey into the crazy World of Sobriety
This is the podcast where life is seen through a 12 step recovery lens. This is a podcast about men and women who have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. We have discovered a solution, we have a way out. We have leaned how to live sober and happy. Join us on this journey called life. Email -
Life Sober - Its Not Over. A Podcast about life sober. Looking back on the dumb things with a little humor and insight. All about giving back and doing our best to learn from the past.
Still Sobering Up
Bad-decision-in-a-bottle headquarters… A one stop shop for all decisions steeped in regret. We have been sobering up longer than you’ve been laughing at recycled memes on the internet, so leave all the debauchery to us while you play Monday morning quarterback without any of the regret.***nothing that is discussed on the show is real and at no point was financial advice given***BTC Wallet: 1PS1L2kEKsF6j4wATMV3QDrvDaVjzo4UwZETH Wallet: 0x81Fed808e90843617015f098be22eab5c34671d7LTC Wallet: LXC ...
A PowerPress site
Life doesn't always make sense. We're often so drunk on our experiences and stumbling around to find the answers. Well let us sober you up with ideas and stories that remind you. You're not alone in this life. And frankly we know how mess this can get. Halfway Sober is stories from both sides of the spectrum whether you're drunk or figuring out how to be sober on life.
Drunk & Sober
Streetz is the host of Drunk & Sober. Join him each week as he gives raw & unfiltered takes on sports, as well as anything else that might come up!
A podcast about the trials of being 20-something.
This is a podcast the that goes along with another podcast about staying sober We will have insight from different point of use of other people such as counselors and people that have to live and deal with Addicts and alcoholics
Be Ye Sober
Be Ye Sober
A collection of songs that we mix together on a monthly basis
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Necrot – BLOOD OFFERING- “Beneath” – – First listen/First Thoughts: not distracting like some black metal can be. Most bands or a few more than some, try to bludgeon you to death with drums going a thousand beats per or with low growled vocals. I like what Necrot is dishing out. Clean vocals, swaggering beat with all the heavines ...…
On the fourth week of May, in the year of the Dog, Will, Matthew, and Chris are now back for a slog through the movie a 5th time (for Chris, 32!) So to make it through this time, they knew what to do! They wanted to make their brains go straight ker-plank! So they drank and they drank and they drank and they drank! They drank til it ended and t ...…
Gerard Powell is the personification of the American success story who realized, as do many people in his position, that money does not necessarily buy happiness. Instead, he opted to try anything available to hide from himself and his “perfect” life. Most of his existence he suffered from addiction and depression, incessantly trying to fill th ...…
When trying to get sober never compare
I got a chance to speak with Scott Strode and I was blown away with how such a seemingly simple idea could have such a huge impact on recovery. And it makes sense, right? We were created for community and that's what he's created with The Phoenix. I'm looking forward to checking it out next time I'm in Denver or Boston! Scott is the founder and ...…
Ever since I was a teenager, I haven't liked having my picture taken. I do, however, like taking pictures of nature — birds, flowers, scenery — and especially of my family. So, for many years, I was the official picture taker. The downside was that in our family scrapbooks, there were very few pictures of me — until I got my selfie stick. Now, ...…
The reason why I went sober
In this episode, Leticia is speaking with Laurie McAllister who is the author of the blog, Girl & Tonic about her experience giving up alcohol, living alcohol-free, dating sober, self-care, boundaries, entrepreneurship and so much more!
This week, we have our first sober guest on Love Drunk! Aaron Bicart and I drink Coke and Brut Rosé respectively and discuss being on the hook, dream weddings, and just how long it's appropriate to wallow in your feels. FOLLOW THESE: Instagram: @lovedrunkpod, @ohcharlotterose Twitter: @lovedrunkpod, @ohcharrose, @rebapod @aaronbicart…
Lars Freeman used to be known as Laura Freeman. He’s never been happier now that he’s the Freeman he always wanted to be. Lars graciously shares details about his transition from female to male and the life he’s building with his wife, in one of the most conservative cities in Colorado. Lars lets us in on what it’s like to live as a regular bea ...…
John Seymour literally grew up behind a bar. He tells Rashaun and Lucinda how that upbringing led to him opening the Sweet Chick restaurant chain, partnering with Nas, getting sober in his 20s and following in his father’s footsteps—even if that wasn’t his intention.
There are problems. There are causes. And there are solutions. And there are 'true and false' answers to all three of these. When it comes to education in the United States, do we have problems? I think this is probably where there is a near universal consensus that would say, 'True'. With that said, it would be good for us to recognize, as Joh ...…
More than anything else loneliness is one of the biggest challenges for people who want to stop drinking. Both hosts describe their loneliest moments and how they overcame them. To learn more, visit the show notes.
You heard and recognized my voice but misunderstood the application of what I was saying. You took what I said and applied it according to what made sense to you in the moment. And while you meant well, there is need for adjustment and correction. So understand your interpretation and application of what I have said to you is now being adjusted ...…
Episode Two: Choosing the Language which works for you.In this episode of LoveSober – The podcast, we discuss the topic of language, what to call yourself? Sober? AF? Teetotal? A Non-drinker? How approaching this at the beginning can seem scary…How do you want to describe yourself and your relationship with alcohol? We discuss what language we ...…
I am a recovered crack cocaine addict. I have been sober for 16 years and working on 17! After my recovery all i wanted to do was be able to share my story to hopefully help someone in the same position or inspire someone to stop what they are doin ! I discuss how I was introduced to it, what kind led me that way, and how i was helped.Don't for ...…
Jordan Beall unpacks her Mother's Day message of should's, stresses, and the practices of 'sober judgment' of self. Ladies, this one's for you.
Welcome to the #1 podcast in iTunes in the category of Fashion and Beauty where you can always count on Danielle, Val, and Ani to be real, raw, and highly entertaining. This week’s conversation of Profit is something many artists feel uncomfortable talking about, saying it’s not about the money, it’s all about the art – yet most artists are lit ...…
In this episode I hand the mic over to Sian to tell her story of moving from being a functioning alcoholic with a young child to being sober, and the journey of discovery and understanding things about herself this has led her on. Alcohol can often be problematic, especially when it is being used to mask other difficult experiences that are goi ...…
The boys are back! Andrew, Germund, and Kangsan are on this episode to talk about a trip to celebrate the end of Sober May (1:41), Germund's close call at work (4:40), bucket lists (9:59), VR in the future (20:09), yanny vs. laurel (28:50), the OC night market (37:40), petting zoos (43:39), and what Andrew has been up to (47:17). Enjoying the p ...…
Got Faded Japan. ep. 400 After 400 episodes of Got Faded Japan we decided that it was well beyond time to have the ALL P.O.W. episode where Can joins the show in an elaborate explosion of drunken madness which madly fueled the hijinks and of course the weekly bizarre news! FADE ON! Check out SHK's beats on his SoundCloud page: https://soundclou ...…
Esther Nagle discovered the true power of Yoga when she trained to teach following a breakdown, and found herself finally accepting, and then freeing herself from, 2 decades of alcohol addiction. Esther has been sober since October 2014, a feat which she credits entirely to Yoga, and particularly to learning to breathe well. Esther is a Yoga te ...…
This cold and sober morning we reflect on all kinds of interesting thoughts and bubble to the surface of our minds when we wake up and sit down to podcast. Enjoy this 2012 photo of Natalia and Paige in England! We've got our Patreon online if you want to buy us drinks and keep the quality improving. More mics! More pop filters! We've got enough ...…
On this episode, I talked to The Recovery Haven, Rachel. Rachel shares her incredible story that includes taking her first drink at the age of 12, her struggles with depression that stemmed from being sexually molested, abusing Vicodin, her time in the army, and she shares about her turbulent marriage before recovery.Today, Rachel is 4 years so ...…
The date is set for June 12. And there’s already an advance team on the ground in Singapore making final preparations for a historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. That is, if the meeting actually takes place. The World spoke on Monday with Victor Cha, a former top adviser on North Korea to President ...…
Top of the Monday to everyone!! The Morning Show is back at it with today's show, some of the topics we covered early this morning are - World Class Revolution's FIRST TV taping! What do we know? What was the experience like for Jordan? Who wrestled? And just the whole total experience for Jordan, what it meant to him and what he took away from ...…
Texts: 1 John 1; John 3:19-21; etc Speaker: Larry Graber Direct Download (Right-click link to download file) Darkness and light. These two opposites appear throughout Scripture, and Larry Graber provides some sobering warnings for those who choose darkness rather than light. Allowing the light to reveal who we are is life-changing, and he issue ...…
This Podcast was designed for people with an addiction or know of anyone who has had an addiction. Do you want to break bad habits? Do you feel the need to get motivated about life? Do you need a motivational push? Are you looking for guidance on how to get started? Send me your story………
Today Russ and Mika are taking a different approach to a subject they are very familiar with. This podcast is all about rediscovering and discussing the topic of sobriety. Rather than going into the dark, sad stories that revolve around addiction, this episode focuses on the benefits of living a sober life. On today's show, Russ and Mika share ...…
Erin Tutt (in the butt) comes into my lopsided studio for the first time. She's healing from some serious injuries incurred reaching for a blanket. She weighs in on the real doll review, the squirt master, the Westboro Baptist Church's music, fat people seal sex, and some hott butt steaks. I really enjoyed having her over and hope to get her ba ...…
Back together again! Kathleen and Liz are checking in and catching up, spoiler alert…they are still sober! If you want to follow them along on social media you can at: Klynch7811 simonbob
Nick and Lane discuss traveling on business trips, while Lane remains mostly sober.
Romans 12:3 For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.
oh wow... why did Nate let me rite this one lol well now that I have a platform DON:T EAT FRUIT IT'S TERRIBLE 4 U
God speaks to his people about possessing the promised land. But there is an enemy claiming their territory. Satan is working to corrupt the church.But we will be a people of resistance, alert in the Spirit; sober in our minds, and firm in the Word. This is how we will experience the victory.By
Hollywood Hangover! LA film aficionados Joe Russo and Christopher Price take a sober look at what's happening on the big screen. Contact -
On this short solo episode, a spontaneous memory of a very sobering lesson in the importance family and treasuring what we have and also recognising what matters. Enjoy.
“In this episode, Scott ‘Q’ Marcus and co-host, Kim Bergel, interview Jim, who started drinking before he was a teenager. His path eventually led him to drinking and smoking weed, and stealing alcohol in order to support his behavior. After his marriage ended and his father died, Jim hit one in a series of rock-bottoms, and due to a serious con ...…
You see one moment before your eyes, but I see many. You hear one voice, and interpret it with one objective, but I speak through many voices, and have multiple applications. You see through the lens of your understanding in a narrow field of vision, but I see many directions, as well as many timelines. For I see what has been, what is, and eve ...…
The Cat and The Camel. Getting curious about behaviors and habits can be the catalyst for great change in your life.
Welcome to another episode of Films from the Basement! After the crazy off the rails cast last week with The Jurassic Games, we decided to have a more sobering experience. Both with our physical inebriation but also with the film. The Woodsman takes a look into the world of a convicted child molester and what occurs when he leaves prison. The W ...…
James 4:7 King James Version (KJV) 7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 1 Peter 5:8-9 King James Version (KJV) 8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 9 Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictio ...…
A short meditation that will allow you to strengthen your recovery and enjoy peace through embracing forgiveness and letting go of the weight of resentment. #faith #resentment #forgiveness #shortmeditation #guidedmeditation #recovery #sobriety #sober #alcoholism #addiction #codependence #overeating #12steps…
In this Love In Action Minute, LIA President Ken Tuck shares very sobering stats about how many people die every second, and how many will die during these next 60 seconds. Where are they going? Do we care? It's imperative for us to carry out the Great Commission in our lives and tell others about Jesus. We may be the one who God uses to lead t ...…
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