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Give That Some Thought, with Addison and Matt; where Addison and Matt give some thought to almost every topic under the sun.
I love telling stories. I tell what some would call lies. I have always had trouble distinguishing between what happened and what might have happened. And I remain unconvinced that this distinction, for my purposes, matters. This podcast is a weekly story from my life that I tell as accurately as I see fit.
Kellie Rasberry of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show teams with her husband, Allen Evans, to talk about wedding planning, life, love and more.
Some Noise
A show about stories and the foolish pursuit of life, clarity and context. More at: @thisissomenoise
Nate Parrish discusses the history of Disney theme parks and the Walt Disney Co. In examining we look at influences that shaped the company including projects and eras. Take a look at attractions and themed lands including the architectural styles and inspiration behind many of the decisions that the Walt Disney Co has made over the years.
Gaming and Then Some is a weekly black podcast were we discuss the game, tech and general nerd news. Our goal is to inform you with the news of the week in an easily understandable way and for you to be well versed in any conversations we discuss that week by the time the podcast ends.
Some Orlando Junk
Some Orlando Junk is a show where we discuss all things Disney and other Orlando Junk. We talk theme parks, films, history, facts and the future. Join me (Brad) and Josh as we give our opinions about Disney, Universal and other Orlando attractions.
Dialed In is a podcast where we explore obsession in all of its advantages and challenges... but especially about cars and garages
Open Wide For Some Soccer and join Seth Vertelney (, Thomas Floyd (The Washington Times) & Pablo Maurer (DCist) each week as they discuss all things D.C. United, Major League Soccer & USMNT.
A witty and intelligent podcast for moms...and some dads. ...keeping parents sane and entertained
The unofficial podcast of literary misfits everywhere who want to engage with books of "substance" (i.e. serious, respected, heavy, philosophical, classic), or at least considered such. HOME: SOCIAL-MEDIA: @BooksOSubstance
A weekly podcast story of ancient advanced civilisations, clan wars and conspiracy in an alternative modern Scotland.
I Have Some Notes
Join Colin MacIntyre (The Long John Index) and Gregg Beever (Inglorious Hipsters) as they examine Hollywood's most mediocre movies and discuss how to fix them. How could the Man of Steel been less of a Man of Heel? What could Ghostbusters II have done to make bustin' feel good again? What could have made Star Trek: Generations a film for a…generation? All these answers and more on I HAVE SOME NOTES!
Before the beginning of World War II, during the time of the Modernist movement in philosophy, George Santayana wrote these five descriptive essays. He examined John Locke’s sensationalism, British Idealism, the “Theory of Relativity”, Freud’s psychology, and Julien Benda’s preachment on the relations between God and the world. [Summary written by Gary Gilberd]
Official podcast of the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, featuring team broadcasters Shane Hnidy, Gary Lawless and Dave Goucher along with special guests. #SLGND
Some Podcast
Well I am a high school student that likes communism and video games
Some Like it Pop
Monthly+'s Pop Culture podcast hosted by Senior TV and Film Critic Matt Tamanini and BWW TV Los Angeles Bureau Chief, Jennifer McHugh. Matt and Jenn discuss and argue about all things pop culture, from television to movies to Broadway and everything in between.
We are a couple of derps. We talk about games. Join hosts Buddy & Mango each week for discussion of all things games.
Comedy podcast - helping folks find that special someone in this shiny, technologically wondrous new world
Gimme Some Options!
Welcome to the real world of retail options trading. I'll be sharing my daily position adds and subtractions along with the whys and hows. You'll hear me humbly celebrate the winners and moan about the losers. And you'll be treated to occasional interviews with other options trading practitioners -- real grinders who are trying to extract money from the machines every day.
Some Baha'i Books
some audio recordings of some Baha'i books
A new podcast of whimsy, discovery, wonder, and bizzarity. Cody Melcher takes topic suggestions from listeners dives deep into the Google rabbithole to discover more about not only the topic, but how our information is generated.
Some Kind Of Show
Between 1 and 3 narcissistic assholes that firmly believe their inane banter and pedantic musings are of such a quality the rest of the world can only benefit from listening.
2 guys from different sides of the world talking about everything. In a past life these guys hosted the Perfect Pint Podcast. Follow us on twitter @jsbspod and like us on Facebook GIVE US YOUR MONEY!!!
It's Yes Have Some Podcast, your weekly stress therapy session! Movies, TV, toys? If you watch it, buy it, or collect it, we stress about it! Hold onto your butts and get ready to have some! "We put the mental in sentimental."
Covering the most interesting stories in anime, manga, and games. Yes, that’s the name of the podcast.
Just Some Thoughts
This the show where thoughts are free to roam. I invite you inside my mind.
Some Geeks Talking
Some Geeks Talking dives into everything Geek
Jhas...And Then Some
Jhas is one half of Petch and Jhas on Eagle 97.7 FM's Eagle in the Morning. Follow Jhas on all social medias including instagram, facebook, twitter and tumblr @jhaswillwood
Start Some Shift
This is where the wedding and event planning industry come to grow their businesses. Have you ever had someone say, “You’re too expensive”, “Why have I never heard of you guys before” or (our personal favourite) “I can get the same thing elsewhere”? Join Lara McCulloch as she interviews the best minds in branding, sales and marketing to help you build a coveted brand that customers will be willing to pay more for.
Join Antwone McDuffie on his journey to learn to mix and edit podcasts. Along the way he will interview friends and family about a variety of topics, all in a quest to hone his skills.
Some of the Parts
It may be true that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. But sometimes the parts are important or fascinating all on their own. And how the parts fit in is essential to how the whole functions.That's the idea behind Boise State Public Radio's podcast, Some of the Parts. Reporter-turned-podcaster Adam Cotterell tells the stories of some of the small groups of people that are part of Idaho. They may be marginalized. They may be powerful. But they're all voices you don't hear very of ...
Some Guys Talking
Join the guys as these life long friends talk about anything and everything
A selection of Shakespeare's poems from The Oxford Book of English Verse: 1250–1900. (Summary by Clarica)
Some Guy's Podcast
A podcast by a guy named Mat. Are you bored? Have you exhausted all possible content on the internet and now you need something else to listen to? Then Some Guy's Podcast is exactly what you need. This guy has cisgender straight mixed-race male privilege, and he's still trying to figure out what that means. Have a listen. If you like it, then maybe have another listen (if you want to, of course).We want to hear from you! Write to the podcast at! We're on:iT ...
Trail running podcast.
Exploring issues at the forefront of pop culture
SOME OF MY FRIENDS READ COMICS is a book-club format podcast about reading the great comic book stories for the first time. On each episode, your hosts will review a classic comic book story or run, examine how well it holds up, and figure out how it fits within the grand context of comics.
Some Answers
Why the heck do you believe in Jesus?
For several years before his death Professor William James cherished the purpose of stating his views on certain problems of metaphysics in a book addressed particularly to readers of philosophy. He began the actual writing of this 'introductory text-book for students in metaphysics,' as he once called it, in March, 1909, and to complete it was at last his dearest ambition. But illness, and other demands on his diminished strength, continued to interfere, and what is now published is all tha ...
Playing my favorite songs of power pop, pure pop, baroque pop, country, rock and roll, and whatever else!
Dennis, Shawn, and Michael played some games and they’d like to tell you about them.
Its a storytime with a guy ive been dealing with. Just want an insight on what you think
Some Black Folks
The official page for the Some Black Folks podcast
JSG is a more Casual perspective podcast from a close group of friends trying to create a community within Destiny and gaming in general to make even more friends!
This is Mill’s first work on economics. It foreshadows his Political Economy which was the standard Anglo-American Economics textbook of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Mill’s economic theory moved from free market capitalism, to government intervention within the precepts of Utilitarianism, and finally to Socialism.
Some Like It Scott
Do you love film? We do too, and on each episode of Some Like It Scott, the team reviews recent movies, talks about what we've been watching, and occasionally has a surprise for all of you too.
Some Answered Questions was first published in 1908. It contains questions asked to `Abdu'l-Bahá by Laura Clifford Barney, during several of her visits to Haifa between 1904 and 1906, and `Abdu'l-Bahá's answers to these questions.Prominent among the topics are detailed explanations of Christian subjects, including interpretations of chapters 11 and 12 of the Book of Revelation, chapter 11 of the Book of Isaiah, the story of Genesis, and many other subjects.Topics covered include God, Prophet ...
Noam Chomsky Poverty of Stimulus: Some Unfinished Business
Some Kind Of Magic is a podcast that seeks to understand and embrace the magical in the mundane, everyday moments of life. Conversations will center around gratitude, mindfulness, creativity, meditation, intuition, spirituality, living in alignment, finding your purpose, and the bigger picture of wellness. For more information and show notes, visit
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(Warning: the old mic was in bad shape and we didn’t realize it, resulting in some un-edit-out-able clipping. It only happens a few times. It’s awful. We apologize.) This week, Pitney and Amelia reminisce about the glory days of fanzines and a dear lady who wrote terrible poetry about TV characters she loved. What the most extreme “con people” ...…
The Warden does some info gathering and meets wunderkin Detective Ferris. And Maxwell goes on a hunt for Zelda..
Trapped aboard the HBS Saturday Morning! Venom! The Greatest Royal Rumble! The end of Ape-ril and Donkey Kong with Saturday Supercade! Then some summer blockbuster retrospectives! Be sure to listen to the end.Now available on iTunes! Don't forget to like/share/subscribe to Bastards of the Universe on Facebook and Tumblr, follow @bastardhouse on ...…
Some good music done by a different artist.
A guest post by Frances Denz I expect that many of us have family stories of our father’s and grandfathers’ experiences at war. Some are funny, some are horrendous, but all are worth keeping and telling. Some may not be completely true, but the fact they are stored in the family memory means they have […]The post Our memories of war appeared fi ...…
On ANZAC Day Jacinda Ardern was wearing some sort of stylised flower, and so was Clarke Gayford. At first I thought that our prime minister was disrespecting our soldiers by not wearing a poppy, but she had a red jacket on and she was indeed wearing a poppy above the white and red badge. I […]The post Can anyone identify this strange badge? app ...…
How Much Wealth is Possible Buying Undervalued Land (LI 709) Transcript: Steven Butala: Steve and Jill here. Jill DeWit: Hi. Steven Butala: Welcome to The Land Academy Show, entertaining land investment talk. I’m Steven Jack Butala. Jill DeWit: And I’m Jill DeWit, broadcasting from sunny Southern California. Steven Butala: Today Jill and I talk ...…
Dr. Kate Dow is a transformational psychologist and spiritual mentor for women entrepreneurs struggling with stress and overwhelm, who are ready to reclaim their lives and redefine success in a prosperous, effortless and fulfilling way. This week's episode of Soul Sparkle Radio... with Psychologist and Empowerment Coach, Dr. Kate Dow. Some of t ...…
If you've never had Heber Valley Artisan Cheese, you are missing out! This cheese is some of the best you can find in the state. Heber Valley has been in existence for 4 generations. When Russel Kohler took over the dairy he knew he had to develop something different in order to satisfy the modern economy. What has come out of it is essentially ...…
Ken and Trent open the 2nd hour with a look at the NBA Playoffs, talk Chiefs with ESPN's Adam Teicher and Vinnie Iyer previews the NFL Draft before the guys make some predictions on tonight's draft.
Kurtis Frank is the Director of Research and Development for Legion Athletics who focuses on research behind herbal and traditional medicines but from a western perspective as well as nootropic and performance enhancing compounds.In this podcast, Kurtis and I discuss Adaptogens focusing mainly on Ashwangha. Some of the things we discuss are:Que ...…
Some 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year, where it can be lethal to marine life. Governments and businesses have vowed to take action to curb it. But Just how serious is the problem of plastic waste, and what can be done to tackle it? David Aaronovitch is joined by:Susan Freinkel, author of "Plastic: A Toxic Love Story"Jan ...…
Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast! Chris Krimitsos is today’s special guest. He is the founder of a conference called, and basically, he helps podcasters and people who want to build a podcast audience. Please welcome Chris to the show… Promise: How to Pack Live Events with Your Target Audience The big pro ...…
In episode 21 of The New Professor, Ryan talks about daily rituals, morning routines, and Hemingway. Also, news and a newsletter. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play! You can also point your podcatcher to this RSS feed. SHOWNOTES Some of the things mentioned in this episode include: Music: "Fingernail Grit" by Podington Bear (Backbeat ...…
In which there is admittedly some rambling- all of it interesting, but I talk about Sundays, meeting my lifelong best friend and worst enemy (the same guy), and how we were taught to lie.
To begin the final hour of the show, the guys highlight LeBron’s incredible performance last night. As the show rolls on, they discuss the craziness surrounding the first pick this year and then they throw some shade. To close out the show, they do News of the Weird.
This episode gives you some useful hacks on how to start a paragraph in an A level History essay to maximise your marks!
Michael D Price in his studio Michael D. Price was born in Stoke-on-Trent, England in 1951. He studied at the London Central School of Art and Design (now Central St. Martins) and graduated in 1974. His studies of European art took him to Holland from 1976 to 1977 and Munich, Germany where he settled from 1977 to 1999. Between 1991 and 1992 he ...…
Welcome back everyone and if this is your first time tuning into our little motorcycle podcast, welcome! Both of our hosts managed to get out and ride. Remember, going fast is easy, maneuvering while going slow is tough. Get out and practice. News: Ducati to use radar? Is student load debt a reason millennials aren’t making major purchases, lik ...…
Highlights from this week: A rise in Brisbane off-the-plan unit sales Should agent ‘best practice’ include auction bidder advice? Low interest rates encourage re-development Margaret Lomas saw the opportunities in the GFC Settlement delays could trap buyers Defining a ‘housing crisis’ Transcripts: Brisbane units in oversupply – Angie Zigomanis ...…
If you’re just starting out as a wedding photographer, the challenge might not be in getting your own inquiries and bookings but having the opportunity to assist and second shoot at weddings at all. Before you can start attracting your own clients, you need to build a solid portfolio and reputation, which can only come from experience in photog ...…
In an episode we actually recorded quite a while back, writer, performer and comedian Ricky Gervais joins Robin and Josie in the studio for this week's episode. After Robin starts by saying Ricky doesn't like to read, they chat about why that is and some of Ricky's favourite philosophy writers and science books. To hear an extended version of t ...…
Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow . A recent caller to the show was concerned about his neighbor’s live oak trees. The leaves were yellowing and they were worried about some shaggy growths appearing on the bark. Fortunately, Tony Melton interpreted the growths as a common gall that appears on some liv ...…
A potato farmer in Spain achieved viral fame because the internet thinks she resembles President Trump. It started, as these things do, with a photo. Dolores Leis Antelo posed for the now-widespread portrait for local newspaper La Voz de Galicia for an article about her simple life on the farm. In the snapshot, she gazes out at the land, hoe on ...…
Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show with the latest news on Rob Gronkowski (3:10), the Ravens’ new wide receiver (6:23) and finally some wild Dez Bryant speculation (9:05). It’s then time for NFL draft beer bets (15:00), in which the guys predict Saquon Barkley’s landing spot (18:15), Jordan states how many QBs will go in the first round (23:5 ...…
Mark Hoversten is an independent insurance adjuster based near Denver, Colorado whose primary focus is crop liability claims, large commercial loss claims, and high-end residential claims. His career initially began in 1992 after the destruction that followed Hurricane Andrew. Before becoming an insurance adjuster, he was the owner of a roofing ...…
This audio Bible study discusses some of the explanations for the women who came to the Lord’s tomb after the resurrection.By Free audio sermons.
We loved playing a Beatles album for someone who'd never heard it last week, so let's try it again. With the same person! but a different album. We play "The White Album" for Eugene Cordero and get his moment-by-moment reactions. Some highlights include: Dear Prudence, Honey Pie and Revolution 9.
Walter O'Brien is the inspiration of the popular CBS TV show, Scorpion. The show is based on the life of the real Walter O'Brien. On today's episode the real Walter O'Brien share how the show is inspiring a new generation of geniuses to tap into their full potential. We also dive deep into how matching IQ and EQ on your team is the key to unloc ...…
Buzz Through the Bible is a normal dude reading the wise Bible over some sweet jams. One episode every day will take you through the entire Bible in one year. Day 116 covers Ecclesiastes 10-12; Revelation 13 NIV 2011 Today's sweet jams: Lick Stick, from the album Nursery by Blue Dot Sessions Licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 Inter ...…
Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe on Google Play Recover for baseball: Key concepts, thoughts, and practical applications by Dr. Stephen Osterer Coupon for $15 off- AOTCrocks Quotes You can get away with throwing year round as long as we’re managing how much throwing we’re actually doing. I take the vantage point of pitchers b ...…
Do you have an inner critic? Likely, the answer is yes. We all have an inner critic...that voice that judges us relentlessly, and that for some reason, we tend to listen to. In this episode, guest and author Susan Peppercorn helps to explain how we can ditch that voice (or at least quieten it sometimes) in order to do what we really want to do ...…
Irish Gaelic isn’t the easiest language to learn so you will have to adjust your learning process if you want to achieve a conversational level of Irish, or even be fluent in the language. You don’t have to worry though. Adjusting your learning process so you can master Irish Gaelic can be done with ease, if you’re enthusiastic about doing it, ...…
With tickets for 'Féile Classical' (the rejuvenated Féile festival) on sale tomorrow, we got our hands on a secret recording of Charlie Bird with some of Ireland's finest
Your guide decided to put up a bonus Sagittarius episode before moving forward with Capricorn week. Once you hear the interview, you'll understand why I had to squeeze this one in! It has to do with Craigslist gigs, bondage, my secretive instagram friend, and some crazy witches using him in their ritual.Please rate/review on itunes!www.reneewat ...…
My guest is Aaron Dowd - Podcaster Success Lead at SimpleCast and host of The Podcast Dude. Great conversation covering lots!: Shure Beta 87a microphone Scarlett solo - audio interface Logic Pro DAW RX Dialogue De-noiser and De-clip Loudness meter plugin aiming for -16LUFS Bussing all voices to a single channel and adding effects to that channe ...…
Take me out to the ballgame, but skip the peanuts and Cracker Jack! There is a full-fledged food fight happening in ballparks across American and the arms race was on full display at the first ever MLB Food Fest which featured some of the more unique offerings from each of the 30 MLB teams. Jon and Megan "took one for the team" and tried as man ...…
This week best selling author Brendan Kiely joins the podcast to talk about some of the books he has loved, his interactions with young people at school visits, and his new novel TRADITION Episode Mentions: The Hobbit Frankenstein The Adventures of TinTin Tom Swift The Lord of the Rings The Catcher in the Rye Henry IV Revolutionary Road The Han ...…
Joe Berlinger has been making documentaries for over 25 years. He started out at Maysles Films where he met Bruce Sinofsky. In 1992, they made “Brother’s Keeper”, a story of a murder trial in upstate New York, that revitalized observational documentary. They went on to make the “Paradise Lost” trilogy and “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster.” Pure ...…
Pat Welsh is a sports journalist who has been at the top of his game for 40+ years - he’s covered 9x Olympics Games, countless World Cups, he’s done it all. In our chat he shares the secrets to his success and some great inside stories from the sporting world.
When you hear the word library, you might think of a stuffy old building filled with dusty and often irrelevant books. One association is trying to shake off that image by helping some of the world's poorest have access to books and, therefore, education. For over a decade, Libraries Without Borders has worked across the globe and its experts h ...…
Marriage is a blessing, a gift from God. But when conflict and anger begin to separate you as a couple, you might need to get some help. Listen to the full program here.By (Focus on the Family).
A number of companies have been disaffiliating themselves from the NRA in recent months. There is a boycott attempt going on, being pushed by the left-wing to de-power the NRA. It isn’t working, in fact the NRA has had their best fundraising month in 15 years as a result of the boycotts, but also some […]The post A nice bit of literal brand des ...…
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