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The Naked American Songbook
Julian Fleisher undresses his guests’ love for great music and the artists who bring it to life on The Naked American Songbook.
New American Songbook
In 20 years of listening to hip hop, its music and stories have never left me unchallenged or unchanged. Throughout its history—from Kool Herc to KRS and beyond—hip hop has told the story of America through the styles of noir, memoir, jazz and rhythm and blues, comic books and blockbuster action movies. It is everything we say we are, and those things we maintain we are not. This is the new American Songbook.
The Jeff Blumenkrantz Songbook Podcast
Hear live recordings of the songs from the Tony-nominated composer's new songbook.
Prairie Fire Songbook
This is a podcast about songwriters of the prairie.
Cabaret Secrets Podcast
If you want to create and perform your own amazing cabaret show, you’ve found the right place. I recorded a bunch of interviews with brilliant people covering how to structure a show, choose songs, talk to an audience, deal with lights and sound, what cruise lines want and more. You can listen to them for free right here.
The First Lady of Song
Celebrating the greatest jazz singer of all time - Ms. Ella Fitzgerald. Join Phil Ramone, Lizz Wright, Dave Koz, Ruben Studdard, Monica Mancini, Take 6, Jon Faddis and George Duke as they share their experiences with Ella.
Danny Lane's Music Museum
Big band, jukebox favorites, swing, hit parade, the Great American Songbook, music from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Whatever brings back memories for you. Danny Lane opens his "Trunkful of Memories". You'll say "those were the days"
Alfred Music: Guitar Video Podcast
Alfred Music is the leading producer of quality instructional videos and songbooks featuring the worlds best artists.
Spider Saloff's Spider's Web
Spider is acclaimed as one of the greatest interpreters of the Great American Songbook
Stage Door Johnny: John Miller Takes on Broadway
"Stage Door Johnny: John Miller Takes on Broadway" is a witty andunconventional take on the Broadway songbook from New York's top bassist andmusic coordinator for nearly 100 Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals.
Danny Lane's Music Museum
A museum just for memories of your favorite music. Oldies, swing, hit parade, the Great American Songbook, music from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Danny Lane opens his "Jukebox of Memories". You'll stroll down "Memory Lane"
SP - A to Z Podcast
SP - A to Z is the podcast where we discuss the music of the Smashing Pumpkins, and the Billy Corgan songbook, alphabetically, song-by-song, episode-by-episode, roughly 5 songs at a time.... Hosted by Jason and Jon.
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We are very excited to be a member of the Podcast Collective! Check out to find a collection of some of the best podcasts you'll ever hear! Frank Turner discography Listed below are all the songs and albums we discussed. Million Dead - A Song to Ruin (2003) "I Am the Party" Sleep Is For The Week (2007) "The Real Damage" "W ...…
Stuff mentioned: Jerry Jaccard’s article in the Kodály Envoy Apply for the KET Scholarship at by April 1st! Alisha Gabriel has a fantastic blog Jill Trinka’s song books are published by GIA From Folk Songs to Masterworks by Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson Kodály in the Kindergarten Classroom by Drs. Phil Tacka & Mícheál Houlahan - T ...…
Episode 198: D&C 94 – Section 124, Part 1 Joseph and his BFFs escape/bribe the guards to get out of jail and run off to a malaria-ridden swamp in Illinois. He heads to D.C. to take the saint’s grievances to Pres. Van Buren, saving the passengers of a runaway coach along the way. Van Buren doesn’t help them, so they start the trek back to Illino ...…
What is the difference between art and entertainment? I investigate. Read it here: Book of Poems by Old 97s
On February 11, 2018 Vic Damone passed away. Vic was one of the great vocalists from the late 1940's on who sang songs from the great American Songbook. To remember Vic on the show today, I thought I would play some of his early hit records and then a few songs from a live performance at Basin Street East which was in New York City. The great v ...…
Byrdman's Palm Beach Podcasts
Welcome to Byrdman's Palm Beach, the original digital entertainment podcast for the Palm Beaches and South Florida. Hear the week's top entertainment choices with links to tickets in under 5 minutes. Hosted by world renown radio personality Tim Byrd "The Byrdman". 1 In Boca Raton February 17th Ann Hampton Callaway Presents The Streisand Songboo ...…
Byrdman's Palm Beach Podcasts
1 In Jupiter the Maltz Jupiter Theatre, see An Inspector Calls, February 4-18, get tickets at 2 In Palm Beach Gardens on February 11th the Indian River Pops Orchestra Presents “Copeland Davis with the Pops” at the Eissey Campus Theatre, for tickets go to 3 In West Palm Beacon February 12th don’t miss c ...…
Cover Stories this week for two more powerhouses of alternative music: Sarah McLachlan and Lucinda Williams. Oh yeah, and they had birthdays too! (84 minutes) Featuring Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy Possession Metropolis America 4:33 Possession (single) Sarah McLachlan 3 Soundcloud Sweet Surrender Thierry Amiel ...…
Among the many critical perspectives that are useful in listening to and thinking about hip hop, two in particular are relevant to a lot of the music being produced recently: Afro-pessimism and Afrofuturism.By (Zack Gingrich-Gaylord).
There's never been a story like the Pia Zadora story. Her stage career began at age 7. She's been featured in major motion pictures, received numerous awards and has won over many people with her music. A performing and recording artist of several genres, Pia Zadora's life has intersected with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Don Rickles, Jermaine J ...…
Clean Nice Quiet
The Marcels: “Blue Moon” (Doo Wop Rock, World Communications, Inc., 1986 - originally released on Colpix, 1961) Stu Phillips: “Knight Rider Theme Song” (1982) This Blinding Light: “Star” (Mountains EP, 2017, Cassette single available at Custom Made Music) Bruised: “Monument 34” (Bruised S/T, 2017) Chow, Billy: “My Asshole Smells Like Shit” (Fla ...…
Listenwell: A Lovewell PodcastEpisode 6: Lovewell Embedded- 9th Annual Lovewell Alumni Songbook Concert, 2018Behind the scenes look at opening night of the 9th Annual Lovewell Alumni Songbook Concert, featuring the entire audio of the show.
Show Notes: Intro - ~Welcome new members who've introduced themselves in our Ravelry Group On the Needles - Dami - ~tickled pink + green cowl on US 4 (3.5 mm), Abstract Fiber + Malabrigo Sock in Fresco Y Seco C.C. - ~When you think I'll zig, I'll zag. Then when you think I'm gonna zag, I do zag, just to mess you up for the next time, when I mig ...…
Barry Oreck/Baby Boomer/Barry Oreck Rachael Sage/Hanukkah In The Village/Joy! Jeremy Aaron/Filthy Old Farm/In The Magic Light Alicyn Packard/ Bigger Heart/Heartbeat Of The Universe Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams/The Other Side of Pain/Contraband Love Roy Zimmerman/End of the Ship/Real American Jaeger & Reid/Close My Eyes/From Way Up Here Rupe ...…
Burning Ambulance Podcast
Episode 5 of the Burning Ambulance podcast features an interview with guitarist Matt Hollenberg. He’s one of the most adventurous players around right now, and he’s got a lot going on. He’s a member of John Zorn's trio Simulacrum, along with organist John Medeski and drummer Kenny Grohowski; we interviewed all three of them a few years ago. He’ ...…
I play the OMG THIS SONG book tag. Featuring 1Q84, Supernatural, One Direction and Perks of Being a Wallflower. Watch at
What about that big jolly guy in the red suit? Modern tradition has built him up to be larger than life with a magical sleigh & reindeer. But the real Saint Nicolas was a man who loved God and had a heart for his people. Join me and Pastor Waxer Tipton as we finish our conversation about how to pass on family traditions based on the movement of ...…
Listen to Best Free Audio Books of Arts & Entertainment, Interviews & Panels
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Elvis Presley Word for Word from 1955 to 1977Author: Elvis PresleyNarrator: Elvis PresleyFormat: Original RecordingLength: 4 hrs and 16 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-24-17Publisher: One Media iP LTDGenres: Arts & Entertainment, Interviews & PanelsPublisher's Sum ...…
Get Free Audiobook of Mysteries & Thrillers, Modern Detective Top 100
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Golden ThroatSubtitle: Cable Denning Mystery Series, Volume 1Author: James P. AlsphertNarrator: DramatizedFormat: UnabridgedLength: 20 hrs and 27 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-22-17Publisher: Neoteric PublishingRatings: 3 of 5 out of 5 votesGenres: Mysteries & ...…
Niche Radio — Welcome back to #HangoutWithHeather - your must listen to podcast for the latest details on whats happening in and around Johannesburg.This week Heather has an exclusive interview with actress @KhanyiMbau about @Slimatone supplements, as well as finding out more about how Khanyi stays in shape, as well as the upcoming movie she is ...…
Download Popular Authors Free Audio Books of Bios & Memoirs, Artists, Writers, & Musicians
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Why Dylan MattersAuthor: Richard F. ThomasNarrator: Nick LandrumFormat: UnabridgedLength: 9 hrs and 14 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-16-17Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers LimitedGenres: Bios & Memoirs, Artists, Writers, & MusiciansPublisher's Summary:When the ...…
Hey. It's Me. A great singer cannot be limited to a singular style, like jazz or country. Singer, recording artist and actress Renee Olstead is an example of this. Known by many for nostalgic interpretations of American Songbook standards, the Texas-born Olstead is exploring the emotional sounds of country music. Her latest single "Help Me Make ...…
On Thursdays, it's hardly strictly talking tracks. This is what's been on my mind this week: Faulkner, feeling old, and the lack of a common songbook.
The recent shooting in Las Vegas was followed by the usual crop of Facebook and Twitter posts decrying either gun violence or gun control, splitting semantic hairs over weapon terminologies and invocations of thoughts and prayers.By (Zack Gingrich-Gaylord).
Cleveland's Morning News with Wills and Snyder
Howard Kramer, Author and Former Curatorial Director Of The Rock Hall spoke to Bill about Tom Petty passing away after suffering cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu. Howard, who has worked very closely with Petty over the years and at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, reflects on the rock icon's life and his invaluable contribution to the Americ ...… Rex Fowler, along with his duo mate, Neal Shulman, have spent a lifetime making music together as the folk/rock duo, Aztec Two-Step. After taking their name from a poem by beat poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, they have written love song and songs of conscience. Rex Fowler reflects on the protest songs that have inspired h ...…
Julian and his new favorite Jewess Rachel Bloom welcome year 5778 with praises of Sheldon Harnick, fermented kosher grape juice, and gluten-free matzoh!
This week The Song Book brings forward the Beastie Boys, Pharrell, Gary U.S. Bonds, Pearl Jam, Bob Marley, Dan Henley, The Fray, R. Kelly, Emerson Lake and Palmer, The Band, Sly and The Family Stone and U2.
As I said in the introduction, I remember growing up always thinking to myself how "blessed" I was to have been born into a Mormon family. And not just any Mormon family, but one in Utah of all places! When reflected upon, the odds are quite staggering. There were approximately 5.2 billion people in the world. 7.7 million of them were Mormon, a ...…
Just over twenty years ago, in 1996, 300 mostly African men, women and children occupied churches in Paris to protest deportations. These people, who became known as Sans-Papiers, meaning ‘without papers’, would eventually form autonomous international collectives throughout Europe, demanding full recognition of human rights from the various go ...…
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