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Three hours on Tuesday and Thursday of music and guests. Hybrid Jazz is a vision of all that is Jazz - both traditional & contemporary, domestic & global
When you join the Church, you join a family. Families have brothers. Tony and Jesse are two such brothers, who are also brothers-in-law. Join them each Wednesday as they discuss faith, family, Reformed theology, and whatever else comes up.
This is the blog for the podcast that will be located on iTunes
The radio ministry of Jeff Johnson Pastor of Calvary Chapel Downey in Downey, California.
Learn New Testament (Koine) Greek
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Goodness only knows that you've heard Jere B on "Hybrid Jazz!" One of our favorite people on the planet, B is returning to crow just a LITTLE about his group's new CD. Okay, maybe he'll boast a LOT - he sure deserves to be singing the praises of SounDoctrine's latest, called "Source." If you know anything about this fabulous band, based in Youn ...…
All right now - it's HERE! Yours Truly turns 62 on 10/16 and is proud to have survived these years! Getting older is a luxury not afforded to everyone, so gratitude is overflowing. Believe it. How will we celebrate on the next "Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey?" By making sure that YOU get the gifts! Vel Lewis, our wonderful Hammond Master and ...…
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