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CNN Radio goes beyond the headlines to bring you in-depth reporting on the people, places and issues in the news.
SoundWave is here to keep you up-to-date with the not-so-mainstream music scene. Join us every thursday as we talk about music headlines, album reviews and weekly themes creating a playlist you can download on iTunes. Participation on the Blind Ninja Studios Facebook Page is highly recommended!
Phil Smyth Produces/Presents a weekly mix "SoundWave"that provides Music fans with a blend of tasty new tunes.
Kind Soundwaves
This is a conversation-style show, where I talk to interesting people with interesting things to say, or interesting things that they do. I'm nobody special. Just a regular guy.
Media Sound Wave is a podcast covering topics that can help people at home and at work by interviewing experts and looking at what technology can do to help
Safari Sound Waves
Once a month DJ Autograph of Safari Sound gives you the best of new (and sometimes old) Dancehall tunes for your enjoyment.
"Thermal Soundwaves is your natural alternative to that everyday stale entertainment" The best in new music, honest opinions, jaw dropping interviews, and comedic variety.
Sound Waves
A podcast by patrickm02L. Stories about Urbanism, Design, Government, and Tech. Daily happenings, things I looking into, deconstructions, and life in Anchorage.
H2O Soundwaves
H2O Soundwaves purpose is to equip everyone, everywhere to change the world with Jesus and have a blast as well. This podcast will feature discussions, interviews, debates, special sermons and a variety of other tools that is relevant to this time. Enjoy.
Join Stephen Fry in conversation with the developer of new app Soundwave, at the Apple Store Regent Street. Soundwave is a music discovery service which allows users to see what people are listening to in any specific geographical area.
Comedy Sound Wave
Comedy Sound Wave is a podcast hosted by Improvisers Derek Magnuson & Will Maguire. Guests include some of SF's best improvisers and strangest inhabitants.
Come here to find global beats, Afro bass, house, jazz and funk, selections by Baile Dub and friends.
DEFCON - Electronic Soundwave Selecta - The New Soundesign Dimension selected & mixed by Alberto Remondini
SLUG Magazine
Soundwaves is a biweekly podcast produced by Salt Lake City's SLUG Magazine, an independent free monthly magazine published since 1989. An acronym for Salt Lake UnderGround, SLUG's podcast, Soundwaves, focuses on local musicians and their music or upcoming events in Salt Lake City. For more information visit
Nostalgia Cast
Companion Podcast for the Nostalgia Trip YouTube Channel
Soundwaves of Belonging
New episodes every week
Decepticast Blog!
Welcome to Decepticast blog, a Transformers Blog dedicated to everything Robots In Disguise, Past, present, and future.
Bangin them beats. All provided to you from the SmokeShackDjs-
YDM Network
Music, Art, Culture, Social Awareness, Poetry, Technology and much more...Hold to your ethics and principles.Stand strongly for what you hold true.Believe in your true self without compromises.Trust in the power within yourself and use it.Act in concert with your dreams and visions.Cleanse your heart and soul as nature renews itself.Be honest with yourself and you will be aligned with what is right,in harmony with the natural laws of the universe.The TAO of Giving and Receiving Wisdom.#YDMNe ...
This podcast is brought to you by the students of the Digital Media Arts (DMX) Program at Touro College in NYC. Topics discussed are basic principles of acoustics, sound waves, hearing, digital audio hardware, software and all things audio.
Pemiere Episode
The mission for Soundwaves of Love
Loot Cast
The Loot Cast takes the geek, gamer and fandom themes you love from Loot Crate and turns ‘em into sound waves you can listen to. Hosts Jenni Villarreal and Ash Mahtani lead the discussion, covering topics relevant to the latest crate, interviewing fellow Loot Crate employees and disagreeing about pretty much everything … except Aquaman. The Loot Cast is produced by Alex Steen and edited by Alex Steen and Jenni Villarreal. Music by Stenobot.
Can't get enough of radioshow Carlito's Wave, SOUNDWAVE? Then subscribe to this podcast and get a weekyl update on the favourite tracks of Carlito's Wave.
The Hanging podcast
THIS IS A FREESTYLE/EXPERIMENTAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC MIX SHOW FOR DJ'S AND PRODUCERS ALIKE BASED ON THE TENMINMIX COMPETITION GUIDELINES. The beauty of The Hanging podcast is that you're really just Hanging with Etch&SKetcH, two guys that really Love bass; and they're really just fucking around with the latest in controllerism and mixing, the Traktor Kontrol S8NO PLAYLIST, NO TEMPO, NO CUTS. Just freestyle.We love to mix Dance&Bass which is characterized by a combination of music that gets you ...
Sound is a physical form. Sound waves have physical dimensions and interact dramatically with architectural structures. The ear hears sound as vibrations brush against small hairs inside our heads. This tactile dimension to sound makes it inherently sculptural; it exists in space in a concrete way. A meandering line traces the parallel development of music and our built environment. Did our neolithic ancestors implement acoustic design 5500 years ago? Architects outline the physics of acoust ...
sharing ambient sound 🔊waves of my life in the Netherlands 🇳🇱and love to play old Vinyl records | This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit
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13 Sunday: Road trip to South Anchorage14 Monday: Mt. View Community Council15 Tuesday: New Running Trail and Prep for Committees Meeting16 Wednesday: Downtown Community Council Committees17 Thursday: Girl Notice Mural in Spenard18 Friday: Chillin’ and Recovering19 Saturday: Deadpool, Sleeping, Running…
06 Sunday: Donuts, Kincaid, and Maps07 Monday: Detroit Vlog08 Tuesday: Short Assembly the the last Arctic Entries09 Wednesday: Drawing Night!10 Thursday: Coffee, Akela, Fairview CC, Airport Drinks11 Friday: Alaska Center Fundraiser12 Saturday: Mt. View Post, Sat Market, Pop Up Market DT
Slackers Studio: A Podcast for Slackers - Games, Movies, Beer and Fun! Episode 2: Aim ImperfectWe made it to our second episode! Here's what we covered:Beer of the Show: Siren Craft Brew - Soundwave IPAOverwatch- We both suck at aiming- Ed Tries Ana and Phara - Jack gets 12K Junk- New map!WoW- Ed does all the things including class mounts and e ...…
This week Matt & Carlos chat about New Music, Music News, and have a tribute to Art Bell on The Weekly Theme. Next Show's Theme: Memorial Day
29-05: One Big Recap, NxN, Detroit with Friends, Avengers
This is Sanctorum and this is Techno. Get in touch with the show, please like, share and more importantly listen to and enjoy! This week Sanctorum regular Buntos provides a guest mix. Kick-back, relax, and embrace SanctorumTrack List: Sanctorum Techno Podcast #009 - Guest Mix: BuntosDistance Time (Kirill Mator & Max Cornflower Original Mix) - K ...…
- 22 Sunday: Lazy Sunday- 23 Monday: New Side Project in Development- 24 Tuesday: Assembly Meeting- 25 Wednesday: Coffee and Journalism- 26 Thursday: North by North kick off and Spectral- 27 Friday: North by North and Pizza- 28 Saturday: Last Full Day of North by North
. TWTS – Episode 62 – The Evolution of You DOWNLOAD (right click to save linked file): TWTS – Episode 62 – The Evolution of You . You are made of a vast number of wiggles… vibrations of quantum particles, making vibrating atoms, making vibrating molecules, making vibrating cells, making vibratin ...…
In our second podcast about cryptocurrency we look at how to trade, tips and strategy, with advice from Omar Rahim CEO of Energitoken who has a trading background where he has managed portfolios in excess of $3 billion for some of the largest energy companies in the world.
- 26 Monday: Seward’s Day and 3D Printing- 27 Tuesday: Taking it Easy with Anchorage History- 28 Wednesday: Ready Player One- 29 Thursday: Launch Alaska Cohort 3 Kick Off- 30 Friday: Party on the Park- 31 Saturday: Last Day of the Month- 01 Sunday: Prepping for April
Lots of people want to buy property to rent out, there are many benfits to buying one or more properties as investment, we spoke to property expert and author Vicki Wusche and financial advisor Jay Rooney about the best ways to start a property portfolio.
Eczema can be mild or it can completely disrupt your life, we spoke to nutritional therapist and author Julie Silver and skincare specialist Penny Davis about ways to help eczema naturally and what they recommend to their clients
This week your Random Talkers Matt and Adam review Ray Kurzweil's epic 2004 treatise, “The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology.” This book has everything, from nanobot-fueled virtual reality to the enticing possibility of life and no death. Timestamps below:1:47 - Exponential growth fuels Kurzweil's bold predictions5:43 - Always ...…
Tom and Mark talk with special guest Sam Fischer who races a flat track with his Harley. They discuss Soundwave tattoos and talk about the family mysteriously found dead in Mexico. Tom shares some Easter facts and fun local events. Sam talks about hooligan racing and some of his recent races and experiences including a race at Daytona. Tom thin ...…
We spoke to Liz Ashall-Payne the CEO of Orcha to find out how apps are changing the healthcare industry and how Dr's can now prescribe apps to help manage our health
- 19 Monday: Journalism for Urbanism- 20 Tuesday: Health and Assembly- 21 Wednesday: Getting Ready for Snowboarding- 22 Thursday: Snowboarding and Casting My Ballot- 23 Friday: Movie, Running, and a New Lens- 24 Saturday: Plain and Simple- 25 Sunday: Sunday Drivin'
Arguably one of Hip-Hops biggest duo’s ‘M.O.P” has wrecked sound waves for years with nearly two decades of consistent sounding hits such as “Ante up”, “Cold As Ice” working with some of the biggest names… Continue Reading Episode #18: Lil Fame of M.O.P
Spring is here so it's time to start thinking about how to strip body fat for summer, Heather spoke to Ali Crawford and Matt Kay from Northern boutique gym Fitism to find out the best way
Segments- New Logo, New Medium, simplified Name- A formula for the Format is emerging- Improvements on types of content- On the Horizon
Why showing up is so important, how a Hippy Santa Claus school board candidate reminded me of this, and tactics I use when I show up.
Things that happened from 3/5-3/11. 5 Monday: ML&P Town Hall6 Tuesday: Anchorage Assemblylink: Wednesday: Downtown Community Council & Arctic Entries8 Thursday: Fairview Community Council9 Friday: Anchorage Museum & Writer's Block10 Saturday & 11 Sunday: Wri ...…
Talking about why I’m rebranding, and my custom stingers.
I love taking notes. I wanted to share why I do it and tips for how you can do it too. Segments: Intro, How it started, Typing is like playing the saxophone, The way I note take, what I’ve learned, Final thoughts.
01) Township Rebellion - Ramses [Filth on Acid] 02) HEYZ - Schedule 2 [Mau5trap] 03) Hidden Empire - Tornado [Stil Vor Talent] 04) Steve Mulder, Luca Gaeta - Bells (M. Fukuda Remix) [Funk'n Deep Black] 05) Christopher Coe - Headland (Reinier Zonneveld Remix) [Awesome Sound Wave] 06) Riva Starr & Tiger Stripes - Sound Of The Bettest [Truesoul] 0 ...…
Heather Cassidy interviews Stacey Turner children's charity ambassador who is the author of My Tiny Book and Tracey Gladman creator of the successful children's anxiety app the Worrinots about spotting signs of anxiety in our children and methods to help them
What the Anchorage Assembly is, why I go and participate every other Tuesday, the order of things, audience participation, 3 min testimony rules, and what it means to be a Regular.
Why because of Alicia’s voice. Singing to school children while driving a New York City school bus, driver Alicia “Reygn” Patterson had the children transfixed, under control and in awe of her voice and the words she sang. Pretty soon the children started signing too. But then suddenly all NY City bus drivers were laid off. Terrified for a whil ...…
Assembly Meeting, Last Day of the Month, Pecha Kucha, First Friday, Iditarod, and much more.
Izzy Bowin is "Subject 9". Her meta abilities of powerful sound waves are only rivaled by her fiddle-playing. Once the team discovers the latest bus meta, they have to convince her that Clifford DeVoe; now in the form of Hazard, is a serious threat to her life. So they try to train her to focus her power to use against their foe. Meanwhile, DA ...…
This Week Matt & Carlos chat about New Music, Netflix, and Nothing on the Weekly Theme.Next Show's Theme: Dungeons & Dragons
Recap of all the thing I did this month. Community events, finance, fitness, the light, and thinking about snowboarding in March.
Heather Cassidy interviews Si Lumb from the BBC about what we can expect to see in the media over the next few years. They look at how media is more interactive and how virtual reality and voice operating systems are changing how we do things at home and becoming part of our lives.
Talking about committing to building out my podcast on Anchor, listening to a lot of other podcasts, the video/podcast phenomenon, how I prep for the podcast, creating a jingle, and types of content I want to produce.
Black Panther, President’s Day, Arctic Entries, Anchor 3.0, Fur Rendezvous, Rondy Dash, And getting ready for the end of the Month.
Reflecting on being an Anchor user for a couple of years, getting reacquainted with Anchor 2.0 in July 2017, and loving the cross-integration from phone to web app and back.
Community Council, Assembly, Valentine’s Day, The Moth Live Stories, Urban Farm, Hacking on Problems, and 6 month anniversary in Anchorage.
The premiere of Soundwaves of Love!
Two night is live storytelling in a row. Anchorage loves telling stories.
Community Councils and a Fashion Talk at the Museum
Talking about the new month, First Friday, Ice skating, preparing for the next 18 months and the upcoming Mayoral election.
Some thoughts on becoming an expert storyteller. I’m not quite there yet but I can see the path clearly.
Is it live, or is it Memorex? We hash out the struggle to be "in the moment" and have authentic interactions, in the face of a million distractions. (Also, Johnson eats a tiny portion of pasta.)Special thanks to Mike Milosh and NPR's "All Songs Considered," and apologies for the weird audio glitch around 15:30 -- just another reminder of how mu ...…
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