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Ask a Spaceman!
What would happen if you fell into a black hole? How big is the universe? Just what the heck is a quasar, anyway? You've got questions, and astrophysicist Paul Sutter has the answers! Submit questions via Twitter using #AskASpaceman or post to Every week you will come closer to COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE OF TIME AND SPACE!
Spaceman's Transmissions (Ambient Music Podcast)
Ambient music podcast for the masses during their interplanetary explorations both mentally and physically. Download the mixes, turn on, tune in, sleep...
Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
A polyamorous husband and wife chat about various science fiction and fantasy media properties through an intersectional feminist lens and with very dirty minds.
Spaceman is a podcast about video games and the ways they affect our lives. When I was growing up I wanted to be a spaceman. And indeed I grew up to become one--as John Shepard, captain of the Normandy and the first human spectre. I also grew up to be an assassin and a witty pirate and an urban planner and an alcoholic depressed bodyguard. Video games let us become anything we want to become. They let us experience things outside of our own realities. Sometimes those experiences are superfic ...
A podcast about filmmaking
Spaceman Rich
Just getting my wings
AudioJUMP - Parkour People Podcast
With parkour (and freerunning) becoming more popular, more people are starting to recognize and understand the discipline, but who exactly are the people that do it? Join us as we try to find out by talking with different practitioners from across the country (and maybe the world?). Sometimes we'll talk about parkour, and sometimes anything but.
Thomas marchadier podcast'S electro house 100%
Podcast by Thomas MARCHADIERNovember 2012100% clubbing house & electro dupstetBootleg & REMIXES
DJ Recko's Electric Mayhem : Episode 1
1: Alive -- Krewella (Original Mix) 2: Money Makin’ -- A-Trak & Dillon Francis (Original Mix) 3: Whathz Your Name -- MPG f. Mat (Original Mix) 4: Call Me A Spaceman -- Hardwell f. Mitch Crown (Extended Mix) 5: Bong -- Deniz Koyu (Original Mix) 6: Forever -- Joe Garston (Original Mix) 7: Colors -- Shawnee Taylor f. Sympho Nympho (Club Mix) 8: Freefalling -- Baggi Begovic (Original Mix) 9: Stadium -- MYNC (Original Mix) 10: Sahailua -- Joonas Hahmo (Original Mix) 11: Million Voices -- Otto Kno ...
ParcVanHorne Studio Podcast Series
TracklistAxel Boman – Europa (Original Mix) // [Studio Barnhus]Brawther – Spaceman Funk (Deep Club Mix) // [High Grade]Kris Wadsworth – Assador (Original Mix) // [Get Physical]Smash TV – After All These Years (Original Mix) // [Get Physical]Robosonic – The Sweetness (J.Philip Remix) [Jackmode]FCL – Matrix Plus (Original Mix) // [Delusions of Grandeur]Peter Horrevorts – Deepbassline (Original Mix) // [Be Real]Sasse & Phonogenic – That Philosophy Track (Original Mix) // [High Grade]Life and De ...
Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard
An occasional series of podcasts featuring work by artists Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard. Predominantly video artists, Iain & Jane are also known for their live art projects and re-enactment work. Recent projects have seen them work with J. Spaceman (aka Jason Pierce from the band Spiritualized), Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe from Living TV's 'Most Haunted', Plan B and Holly Golightly. This podcast includes a series of 7 episodes commissioned by the BBC and Arts Council England to accompany Simon Schama ...
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Breaking Waves
Show #68Breaking Waves 9-21-17Egyptian Lover Show Set Pt. 11. LektroiD - UFO2. Code Rising - Nightriders (Will Webs Zero One Remix)3. Alpha 606 - No Me Quieras Tanto (Cafta Version)4. DJ Overdose - On The Silver Globe5. Beatprozessor - Bass Track6. Detroit's Fithiest - We Speak Your Language7. Nightlab - Let's Ride8. Dynamix II vs. John Robie - ...…
United Church of God Sermons
by Robin Webber in Los Angeles, CA - This festival linked with trumpets is also to be understood as a "memorial of shouting" in which angels and people praised God for His divine interruptions into time and space, man's history, and our personal lives to bring about His ageless purpose that "He might be our God and that we might be His People." ...…
Hay 30 list-making author Jaroslav Kalfar shares his writing routine!In 2017, to celebrate their 30th birthday the Hay Festival selected 30 people they think will shape the world in the next 30 years, and today's Czech debutant made the cut!Jaroslav's acclaimed novel 'Spaceman of Bohemia' gives us a Czech astronaut who, while sent on a mission ...…
In Episode 86 TV's Mr. Neil and TFG1Mike are juicin' to be wayyyy past cool. This week we continue the ADVENTURES OF SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!! With reviews of Machopper, Momma Robotnik Returns, Spaceman Sonic, Mad Mike Da Bear Warrior, and finally we are at The Last Resort!!! So tune in and help us find the Pixels In The Animation! Next Thursday we ...…
Guys With Mics
Liar, Liar Pants on Fire, Spaceman Redux, The Big Mac Man, Hail Caesar, (RIP Mike Illitch); The Court of Appeals Watches a Video and Memorial Day 2017 are featured.
We may not know Jaroslav Kalfar, author of the groundbreaking "Spaceman of Bohemia," personally ... but we DO know someone who knows him, and all of our acquaintanceships go south quickly. So we brought Parke, an excellent human being as well as an author and inhaler of all things speculative fiction, on our show. What resulted was great, and i ...…
This week Matthew Barry and I discuss probably the strongest slate of movies that we have come upon yet in our traversing through the IMDb Top 250! Not for the faint of heart we have Jaws first up on the block, a movie that literally created Summer Blockbusters! Next we take a journey to Rwanda and follow Paul (Don Cheadle) as he saves over a t ...…
Thandi, Ben and Ravi are under the leadership of the brave and strong: Scotty the Spaceman. They find themselves on the planet, Mars and spot the meanest, baddie: Galliumina and her horrible spaceship. But will she see them? Will they be safe? We're not going to find out this week, we're going to find out next week! This week, we continue learn ...…
Never Good Enough
This week we try really hard... like we honestly try to get to talking about Colin Kaepernick but fail miserably as we invent Sports Ball the hottest new sport since sports. We imagine space nukes and Iron Space Man, The Wall of the future. We also talk about spooky movies, netflix behind our friends back and Warframe not being Destiny. Oh and ...…
On The Mix
On The Mix – EP 39 1.- Harder [Extended Mix] – Tiësto & KSHMR 2.- Chemicals (feat. Thomas Troelsen) [Extended Mix] – Tiësto & Don Diablo 3.- Bambini [Original Mix] – Mike Williams 4.- Home [Magnificence Edit] – Steff Da Campo & The Antidote 5.- Easy Streets [Extended Mix] – Niko The Kid 6.- Never Sleep Alone [Extended Mix] – Kaskade 7.- Waiting ...…
Thandi, Ben and Ravi figure out that they planet they find themselves on is Mars, the Red Planet. Cool! Scotty tells them all about space language. A super cool language spoken in space. But wait a minute... what is that awful sound? We're not going to find out this week, we're going to find out next week! This week, we continue learning our ne ...…
Ignition Radio
SPACEMAN presents a brand new episode of Ignition Radio containing 2 exclusive tracks including 1 track that cannot yet be revealed… This episode also contains a special tribute to Chester Bennington who sadly passed away earlier in July. Please check out the track list which is on show throughout the YouTube broadcast and support any of the tr ...…
After a month of adulting, Chris and Spaceman Frank are back to talk WWE Great Balls of Fire, WWE Battleground, and all the madness in between.For more awesome content, check out to our Patreon:
In the Cell with ML | The Mike Lindsley Show
"The Spaceman" chats with ML about the Expos getting a team again, his battle with the Yankees and more.
Another episode where we recommend other people’s podcasts. Weird. Mel’s Rec: Podcast/AudioDrama: Mars Corp by Definitely Human Productions Imagine waking up a few hundred years late for your job as Station Manager of the MarsCorp terraformign station. On Mars. A fun story of Corporate Culture. In space. Full of zany characters and one lovable ...…
Thandi, Ben and Ravi find themselves floating in Outer Space. Wooooaw, amazing! Suddenly a Spaceman appears and introduces himself as "Scotty." He is so cool and has the coolest Rocket Ship: the Rock-out Rocketship. But on which planet are they? We're not going to find out this week. We're going to find out next week! This week, we continue lea ...…
The 365 Days of Astronomy, the daily podcast of the International Year of Astronomy 2009
A quick update on Patreon, Astrotours, and a preview of the new Space Radio show! Support the show: All episodes: Follow on Twitter: Like on Facebook: Watch on YouTube: ...…
The 365 Days of Astronomy, the daily podcast of the International Year of Astronomy 2009
What’s the deal with time crystals? Do they break physics as we know it? Or are they merely…neat? What do symmetries and the conservation of energy have to do with it? I discuss these questions and more in today’s Ask a Spaceman! Enter the code for this week into this site: for a chance to win. This week ...…
What’s the deal with time crystals? Do they break physics as we know it? Or are they merely…neat? What do symmetries and the conservation of energy have to do with it? I discuss these questions and more in today’s Ask a Spaceman! Support the show: All episodes: Follow on Twitter: http: ...…
Thandi, Ben and Ravi are going to Thandi's house for a play date. They start watching television program all about Outer Space. Suddenly something very strange happens: the television screen is getting bigger and bigger until it is as big as the whole room. And suddenly they get sucked into the screen! Where have the ended up? We're not going t ...…
This week we have a very special guest, Dr. Rory Spaceman! I think that is all you really need to know about this episode but I’ll tell you more. We chat about movies, facts, fate, and a bunch of other things! WOW!
The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl
Hour #1 The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song” Zigzag & the Astronauts - “Silly Things” [Zigzag & the Astronauts] The Not-Its! - “When I Fell” [Raise Your Hand] Goodness - “Electricity, Electricity” [VA: School House Rock! Rocks] Chibi Kodama show ID Chibi Kodama - “The Safety Dance” Alex Volz - “The Red Apple Blues” [Awesome Songs For Cool Kids] Dann ...…
Digging into the top 20 with everything you’d want - namely, dogs. We got fights about to start, out-of-place tuning and unusual chord progression, as well as that heady political analysis of the Bush-era you know and love. Just get ready to boo when the goblin comes out - he is, as they say in the theatre, behind you.SONGS COVERED: 20. The Fau ...…
Roger McGuinn’s 75th birthday is tomorrow, and that’s the perfect reason for a Coverville showcasing covers of and by the man! Join us, won’t you? (68 minutes) Featuring Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy Feel A Whole Lot Better The Merrymakers 2:43 What About... Byrds 9 Eight Miles High Myracle Brah 2:45 Full Circle ...…
America's Truckin' Network
Spaceman checks in to share stories of the road with steve, including a hiding spot if he ever needs to find a quick one.
For the first episode of our Zero Budget Professionalism series, Kevin talks with Tom Tierney of Brooklyn recording studio Spaceman Sound all about how you can get a professional quality sound recording without a label budget. We unpack sound proofing, where to best spend your money, the benefits of a home studio, and whether mastering is still ...…
Learning, relating to the process of learning, feeding that into making new things… that’s familiar territory for all of us Leaners. Being fortunate to have attended EYEO a few times, four total now, Rob has some thoughts and experiences to unpack and share. In this episode of the Lean Into Art Cast, Jerzy and Rob will explore a sort of EYEO re ...…
Hit the Road! An awesome playlist of songs (from our friends!) about traveling around town, around the world, or around the solar system in your imagination. Buckle up, tune in, rock and roll!"Trail of Hearts" by Underbirds (Gustafer Yellowgold & Todd McHatton) ; "Lighten Your Load" by The Okee Dokee Brothers ; "Sunshine Family" by Mista Cookie ...…
* This review contains spoilers * Michael Bay and Paramount has lured the Mild Mannered Movie Men back to the theater for the fifth installment in the bombastic Transformers series. Jordan and Phil are joined by the first guest ever for the podcast, Reverend Spaceman, a Transformers afficionado and friend of the show. You can find Reverend Spac ...…
Ignition Radio
SPACEMAN returns with another epsidoe of Ignition Radio! After all of the unfortunate goings on this months in Manchester and London, SPACEMAN wants to bring us all together with the latest of Future House, Progressive & EDM. This month was also host to the release of MOJITO which is OUT NOW and available to download for free from SoundCloud. I ...…
Chris and Frank talk WWE Money in the Bank 2017 - and they've got a lot to get off their chests about both MITB matches, the pay-per-view and what to expect from Great Balls of Fire next Sunday.Spaceman Frank cuts a promo on the now former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.For more awesome content, check out to our Patreon: ww ...…
1. Michael Jackson - "Wanna Be Startin Something" (Collini LNTG Disco House Remix)2. Le Chic - "Good Times" (Starjack House Party Starter)3. Charlie Puth - "Attention" (Collini Big Room Mixshow Edit)4. Maroon 5 - "Cold" (Collini vs Esquire House Remix)5. EDX - "Feel The Rush" (The Goodfellas Peak Hour Refix)6. Tiesto - "Red Lights" (Mario Santi ...…
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