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(This show is in French for the english versions, please type in RevNatalieJ)Ce spectacle est sur Emma Curtis Hopkins et ses enseignements. C'est un spectacle en anglais, mais il serait sympa pour qu'il soit en francais, afin que d'autres puissent profiter de ses enseignements de pensée.
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Host Bojidar Marinov Description In the same way, as patent legislation was proposed to lead to faster pace of scientific and technological growth, in the majority of cases, it only stifled growth, as inventors spend more time and resources running the race to get monopoly grants from bureaucrats to kill all competition, rather than develop the ...…
Transcript: Organizational transitions and what organizationally and as your church grows, complexities and things happen, [inaudible 00:00:20] and you're going to have plans, and those plans are going to change, because you're not in control. The faster you realize that the better it's going to be for the church. [inaudible 00:00:30] I'm going ...…
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