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Spiro Avenue
Podcast by Justin Spiro
Jim Spiro – WGSO
Knitcircus Podcast
The podcast brought to you by the gang from Knitcircus magazine.
Spiro Chat with Angelica Perman & Cat Macary
Spiro Chat" - The radio show that’s serving up a weekly special of spicy, spiritual talk. Join us, two lifelong friends Psychic Medium & Musician Angelica Perman and Blogger and Up Fashionista Cat Macary, as we chat about inspiring topics on the “Spiro Chat” radio show. Listen in each week Friday at noon PST, as we share the low down on trailblazing ideas and deep spiritual topics that cut through the woo-woo talk! We are chattin’ it up in a humorous, down to earth East Coast style with no f ...
Spiro FBC weekend message
Podcast by FBCSpiro
Nil Desperandum Radio Show @ gingeRadio
Καθε Δευτερα 20:00 - 22:00, ο Σπυρος Παπαδατος στα μικροφωνα & στις μουσικες επιλογες στονgingeRadioμοιραζεται μαζι σας την μουσικη του διαθεση.
JLG My Boys Podcast
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Commonly Intoxicated
A NSFW podcast that takes a look into daily events, life, happenings amongst all of us, and rusty rings. Free to download for your enjoyment.Join Our Online Community Here: outlet to vent and talk about every topic under the sun.The show features news, music, opinions, live music, and a wide variety of guests.Host: Jimmy ZarembskiCommentators: Christian Spigos and Spiros LoukopoulosNews: Len Melendez
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Sound Kleckse by Jens Mueller (SK)
Tracklist: 01 Liam Davis - All Day & All Night (Original Mix) 02 Ken Ishii and Alberto Ruiz - Transmission (Original Stick) 03 Oliver Huntemann - Kamikaze 04 The Sound Alchemyst - Swarm (Original Mix) 05 Jens Mueller - Osmose 01 06 Bjoern Ohler - Cold Blood 07 Jens Mueller - Cyanide 08 Hell Driver - 5 AM (Original Mix) 09 Jens Mueller - Schacht ...…
Hey team! This week's episode is a few hours early because Brian is home and feels like garbage. His loss is your victory. Some business gets discussed including some Zelda hot takes, Assassin's Creed hot takes and the hottest takes on garbage places to buy sub sandwiches in Arizona. Guest Joe Spiro is a bad influence on Brian and Rocky and dra ...…
Today’s briefing is a case of “Art Imitates Life.” Remember the 1996 documentary “When We Were Kings,” about the 1974 heavyweight fight between boxing legends Muhammad Ali and George Foreman? The writer of this post, Spiros Margaris, believes such nostalgic sorrow will, in the not-so-distant future, apply to many established players in the bank ...…
Strength and Conditioning guru Mike Barwis takes us behind the scenes of Michigan's "Rich Rod" era and the Free Press investigation of the football program.
Ju Lovett presents Dysfunktion Radio
On this week's episode of Dysfunktion Radio, Decibel DXB promoter and resident TOUBBA drops a hard hitting full on techno exclusive guest mix.Bookings: info@dysfunktiondxb.com1. Alfredo Mazzili - Parhelion (Original Mix) [Weekend Circuit]2. Marcel Stroedter - Black Rain (Original Mix) [Futureaudio Recordings]3. Sanja Kelevra - Metabolism (Origi ...…
On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, we get to ask a comedian a lot of very personal questions! Haven't you ever wondered what drives the funny? Here, we get to unpack where a comedian gets his/her start and it was incredible. Here's to hoping we can make this a series! Follow Spiro and his comedy wherever social media can be found: (at)Spiro ...…
Join Ryan Schuiling and Jason Knick weekdays from 1:00 to 3:00 Eastern (10:00 a.m. to Noon Pacific)Guests:1:20- Kyle Mienke- Detroit Lions Beat Writer-Mlive.com1:35- Justin Spiro- @darkostatenews2:20- Matt Shepard- Fox Sports Detroit 2:35-Chris Solari- Detroit Free PressSchuilingReport.comTeam921FM.comTwitter: ...…
Scott Pearson Eberly sitdowns with actor John Rothman to talk season 2 of Amazon's critically acclaimed series, 'One Mississippi.' John talks: eating, breathing and dreaming Bill, shooting in Los Angeles and the Gulf Coast , season 2 vs. season 1, working with Tig Notaro, recreating Civil War scenes that included Robert Lee, the timetable on a ...…
On this AEI Events Podcast, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Ohio Gov. John Kasich discuss their proposal to stabilize the individual insurance market and to make a series of other health reforms with Vox's Sarah Kliff. The two governors stressed the importance of stabilizing the individual insurance market in the near term and maintaining a ...…
Welcome to today’s show. I am interviewing Doctor David Spiro. David is the co-founder of REEL DX. A medical training platform that uses real patient vidos. About the Guest Dr. Spiro received his BA from University of Virginia and his MD degree from University of California at San Francisco. He also has a Masters in … Continue reading Doctor & ...…
Are you "Device Addicted"? Are your Kids? Do you use fitness trackers to assist your fitness goals or do you not know how to choose one? Might you be setting yourself for the ultimate stress, having your world overhauled by cyber attacks? If you've answered, "yes" to any of these questions, you can't miss this show! Scott Spiro, Founder and Pre ...…
Art by Pamela Spiro Wagner In Episode 004: Unmasking Schizophrenia, We talk to Pamela Spiro Wagner, someone who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia for 36 years. She discusses her voices, other symptoms, and how she feels they started. She talks about her treatment by society and staff at mental health hospitals, and medications. She also spe ...…
Ranger Football Podcast
After a nail biting win @Spiro on September 1st, the Rangers look to carry their defensive successes into Week 3 against Tahlequah Sequoyah, as the Indians come to Ranger Stadium undefeated for what is guaranteed to be a showdown.
This week we're talking Queer film. We look back on the 2013 Palmes d'Or winner 'Blue is the Warmest Colour' as well as 'Call me by Your Name' which is set for wider release later this year after taking out the audience award at Melbourne International Film Festival in August. Plus Melbourne Queer Film Festival Program Director Spiro Economopou ...…
Ranger Football Podcast
The Rangers head to Spiro in Week 2 to take on the season debuting Bulldogs. Plus, don't miss a recap of last Friday's game in Checotah, and the season opener for Roland Youth League Football vs Muldrow.
Submit your questions to To get your collection pics and Toy photography, collection pics, and custom work featured submit to the Toy Detox Facebook page with the hashtags: #‎ToyDetox #‎Showusyourtoys Subscribe To Detox Youtube: iTunes: https: ...…
Topics: Letter from a listener.Adventures In Nerding.Is my profile pic dumb?My gay's gayer than your gay.The Tranny-Formission HypotheticalTyler's Mighty Band Hammer!The Great No KO OK-OK KO Debate Submit your questions to To get your collection pics and Toy photography, collection pics, and custom work feature ...…
Techno Delight series
make sure there is enough room to dance if your listening to SLT 16 , because this one will do just that, it will make you move :)Tracks this week from the latest releases on beatport and some really nice promo's and some older stuff.As can be expected on the SLT series no beginning of the evening stuff but deep and dark techno for the energy n ...…
Topics: Adventures in NerdingTyler does 60Dirty Old Menbrave's .5Life sucks, blame KO's? Victim mentality Increase your valueDews up Nerds DownTop 10 tips to getting the collection you really wantDon't make excuses, own your grandma's basementLife choices FT Jetfire or Transformissions Motor masterSDCC Trailer Talk Submit your questions to http ...…
Boom Howdy's KC Canton asked;If you could live inside a video game in real life what game would you pick? Listen for the cast answers...We got an exclusive sneak peek at Hulu’s upcoming outrageous and visually bold action comedy “Future Man” at Comic-Con. Josh Hutcherson stars as Josh Futterman, janitor at an STD research laboratory by day, bad ...…
FairAndUNbalanced's podcast
Spiro Agnew purged a Senator in 1970. Trump hates a Senator in 2017. One was about policy. The other is simply petty. - More -
Off-Field - Sports Stars and Experts Share Sports Marketing, Business, Leadership Insights
It all started in with a simple blog. Zac Zavos and his brother, Zolton, wanted to set up a platform for their father, Spiro, a prominent Rugby writer. A little more than a decade later, that blog has become the voice of Australian sports fans. The Roar now features thousands of top quality fan articles along with world class content from over ...…
Top 8 posts that suck in collector groups “Cheapest price possible guy.”ALT-MODE: “Non-Rape price guy” “Ironman pose post guy.”ALT-MODE: “Oversaturated first week release pic post guy” “Crappy pic guy”ALT-MODE: “Dirty sheet-less mattress sales pic guy”“Insecure, horrible, choice, post guy”ALT-MODE: “Proud-late to the party with shitty pics post ...…
Knitcircus Podcast
In which Jaala and Amy knit while they record their chatter (again). Topics of note: Events: Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp Literature: Houseboat Girl, by Lois Lenski Literature: Strawberry Girl, by Lois Lenski Literature: Goops and How to Be Them, by Gelett Burgess Exotic Locale: Amsterdam Anne Frank Museum Stephen and Penelope Yarns Pattern: Rat ...…
Rocky, Tegan and Brian decide that the only appropriate follow-up to Jim Sterling and E3 coverage is to have on the dude who got them together in the first place. Impossible Coin welcomes SuperFamiCompLit's Joe Spiro to talk VR, crappy Kirby golf games and the cultural imperative of a Pokemon Go clone based on Bloom County. Tegan has had enough ...…
Birthright citizenship has become a point of contention in the debate about U.S. immigration. It's one of several ways to become a U.S. citizen, but it hasn't always been open to everyone, and some critics want to eliminate birthright citizenship altogether. Learn more here:Pew Research Center. “How U.S. Immigration Laws and Rules Have Changed ...…
Dr. Ken Spiro is a historian, lecturer, rabbi, author and lead tour guide for the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, which Eve also guided last week. He shares his thoughts on Israel, the West, how events repeat themselves but also how this era is unique due to the overwhelming flow of information. Jews and Christians have much to do to make t ...…
Knitcircus Podcast
In which Jaala and Amy knit while they record their chatter. Listen on Libsyn or iTunes Topics of note: Pattern: Needle in a Haystack, by Jaala Spiro TV Show: Supergirl Exotic Locale: Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Floating Flower Market Rembrandt House Museum Van Gogh Museum Events: Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp Pattern: Wolkig, by Martina Behm Pattern: ...…
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