Best spit podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Spewing Surf Talk with Scott Bass and David Lee Scales
Spit Sessions
This podcast is the result of two friends deciding to come together to discuss an array of topics.Any episode may include insight on everything ranging from politics, social norms, and issues regarding race, to music, and food preferences.We’re complex.We’ve got Reggie, the bi-racial host with the most. A talented musician/performer, avid beard grower, and Chicagoan.Right next to him, we have Delancey, an aspiring restaurateur, occasional sommelier of derriere, and Chicago south sider, born ...
A discussion with scientists who study comparative cognition.
Hey! Join Deedar, Tucker, & Garth every week as we spin yarns about the happenings in our trailer park and around the world. We do live improv here in New Orleans when they let us...Just give our podcast 3-5 minutes and if you dont like it we will come cut your grass no questions asked. Ya know? Also have you seen my G.D. truck keys anywhere?
A podcast hosted by Session Musician Alonso Sarinana. It's a podcast where friends get together and keep it very candid on a wide range of topics from sports, politics, music and everything in between.
Whiskey and Spit
Kate communist rebel and her gay sidekick Garrett team up to take on politics, social justice, hot topics and sexual education in this new alternative (couch) style podcast
Spewing Surf Talk with Scott Bass and David Lee Scales
A podcast series in which two spitting young polish men (Ryan Sliwinski & Bartek Kasprzyszak) discuss films.
Absolutely Everything Included
Spit Talk
Spitting Hoops
Real NBA talk, two passionate fans collaborating opinions, discussion and current events.
Spitting Facts
Spitting Facts is about spreading positivity and motivation. Every episode is about a different topic that addresses common struggles we all face, in hopes of making at least one person feel better about life.
Swapping Spit
Every week we swap albums and discuss recent music news.
Spit Ball
The only show where you can hear 2 guys create an entire fictional idea in 30 minutes.
Spitting Feathers
Philosophy, news and angry views from some of Manchesters finest minds.....and Luke.
Welcome to Spitting FiRE 🔥 by Michael Barayev a young motivator and a inspirational Entrepreneur.
Spewing Surf Talk with Scott Bass and David Lee Scales
Spit-Riffic Cast
Spit Happens Podcast
Real Topics. Real Discussions. Real Hope.
SPIT TRUTH: Discussing Real Issues Facing Real Teens & Young Adults and playing the hottest musicEvery Wednesday at
Reverse Spit-Takes
Hilariousness you can't put back in your mouth!Hosted by Camalon Xavier
Sports n Spit
A biased and opinionated podcast on Australian & International Sport
Spitting Venom Radio (SVR) is a weekly audio podcast based out of Baltimore. It is designed as a sit down talk radio show that explores a diverse range of topics, including society, politics, religion, sports and more. With a range of different co-hosts there is never a lack of variety and opinions.
Spit and Pray
Podcast by Maurice and Sebastian
Spit Ballin Show
Podcast by Spit Ballin
Spit the GOSPEL
SpitTheGospel revolves around the idea that we are all called to urgently communicate the gospel through supernatural means. Listen for advice on everyday evangelism and living at the edge of the moment with God's Holy Spirit empowering you.
Spit The Bit
Two guys with average handicapping skills and limited bankrolls talk bad beats, big wins(HA!), and wall to wall racing talk. We preview and recap every weekends racing action and also talk big news within the sport.
A Comedy Podcast dedicated to putting the ‘Great and the Good’ on a skewer for a complete deconstruction and re-think: Roast-style! We take on everything from single bad ideas to fully bloated ideologies. Advertising that makes you cringe to media empires that need downsizing. Groups that need disbanding to Organisations that need re-organising. A bottom-up critical eye on all things cultural! With special guests and ‘experts’ phoning-in, the show will take you through the subject in hand wi ...
Spit It Out logo
Spit It Out with Jayson Yessir is the go to podcast for what you've been thinking but haven't actually been hearing. Take a listen every week to a variety of topics, discussions, laughs and guest co-host... Did I mention it's LIVE and things might just get a little messy?!
STRANGE X UNUSUAL. For all inquiries contact
Spit or Swallow
Spit or Swallow! Three handsome young liars set off on their quest to learn everything/nothing about wine.
"Don't Spit Can't Swim" is a podcast about the oral traditions of insult humor from around the world. It is produced by Ben Kinsley, Jessica Langley and Jerstin Crosby, who (as "Janks Archive") have been traveling the world documenting insult jokes since 2012.This podcast is slow cooked. We release new episodes when they are good and ready. Subscribe to the podcast to ensure you receive newepisodes as soon as they are published.
Three Bubs talk about a different video game every month. We can also be found on iTunes and Stitcher.
No Bars to Spit
Podcast by Jutang403
Spit It Out
Views, Perspectives, and more!
The Best Podcast You've Never Heard
Pam and Dan love horror on film and on television so here’s where they’ll talk about it in addition to all things scary. And they might make you laugh too. MIGHT!
These are real moments real people real conversations
Podcast by Dadio McDuck
Fiya spit on a myriad of hot topics.
The Jericho Network in association with Westwood One presents arguably the biggest box office sensation in the history of Mexico! A WWF, WCW, TNA and Lucha Underground superstar, head writer, producer for AAA promotion in Mexico, and power broker... Through it all, Konnan has always Kept It 100! While this has not always kept him endeared to management, it's one reason why he's garnered a huge worldwide following of fans who love hearing him spit the truth. "Not hatin, just statin." He ain't ...
Winged and Friends- The Breakdown is everything battle rap and hip hop related!!!!! Experience the difference. From interviews to debates, our commentary is guaranteed to be on another level.
The best damn Hip Hop mixshow period! Spinning only the dopest jams, reppin the underground. No other show out there like us. Syndicated on the Focuson The DJ network (Sprint Mobile / US Cellular).
The UK's most popular podcast for homos, their friends and fans... full of swank, spit and sawdust! Conjured up by Amy Lamé, Baylen Leonard & Lucio Buffone.
Talkin' Knicks
The A Lot of Basketball Crew talk all things Knicks. Three and a half fans spitting facts, stats, and biased opinions.
Amber (aka the High Priestess of Black Joy) and Jazmine (bka King of da South) are two petty AF Black feminists who are determined to get on WorldStarHipHop one way or the other. Each week they overcome fuckboys, Becky, hoteps, and dry skin to spit hot fire on pop culture, politics and worship anything Black women have going on.
A podcast about the Buffalo,NY based record label Art of the Underground featuring news, reviews, interviews, and songs by bands on Art of the Underground.
Flip the Switch
Flip the Switch podcast is a show with 4 guys spitting digital marketing facts, news, trends, and advice. Enjoy the in depth analysis of businesses in all industries.
Aren't you tired of the quiet and corny horror podcasts of today? Then fear not, the Modern Horrors Podcast Network is here to slap you in the face and spit in your mouth... Okay, not really, but we ARE here to provide you with horror shows like no other. Fun, fast paced, content packed, and sometimes even factually accurate episodes where hosts discuss the news of the week, review movies, and construct alcohol-infused "games" that often lead to tears of joy, nausea, and sometimes vomiting. ...
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Welcome back to the Bad and Boozy Podcast. Its the Jordan Episode #23. SoSo and Dee get us caught up with what’s been going on in their lives during the Uncorking. Then they tell us what they’ve been drankin and determine if it’s a Sip or Spit. This week’s main topic is about the aging of... Read More…
Guess who's back, bitches!?!?!Yeah, it's Clay...not DJ Shadow or some other epic performer, but he is locked and loaded to spit hot fire on everything current--even if he gets names wrong. Intention is everything. Plus, there's a bit of parenting advice and affirmation at the end. Don't miss the triumphant return of America's most okayest podcast!…
Find us online at: Come to a service and hear our sermons live and in person Sunday morning 9am and 11am in English and 12:30pm in Spanish at 93rd and Broadway. Readings for this week: Isaiah 50:4-9a The Lord God has given me the tongue of a teacher, that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word. Morning by morning he waken ...…
The saying goes “Never meet your heroes”, but then low and behold, I found myself on a whirlwind trip to Greystones, Ireland, where I spent 48 hours with Steven and David Flynn, also known as The Happy Pear. These twins have built a veggie empire. Three cafes, three books (their latest linked below), an extensive product line and an awesome onl ...…
Etsy store secrets, finding a "unique" apartment, and the secret to keeping a long relationship happy: all this and more in the latest episode of CWC!Go to and use code CWC 30 to get a $30 off your first week of deliveries!Check out to get a free trial and 1 FREE audiobook!Leave us a review on iTunes to help ...…
Episode Fifty. Shorn of its shock factor, can THE original video nasty possibly outshine Abel Ferrara’s grindhouse classic? Subscribe to Cult Film Face Off on iTunes by clicking here. Check out CFFO on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Graduated from Chengdu TCM University Registered TCM Practitioner Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master In 2011, Master Stanley was invited by Guangxi TCM University in China to help perform western research to prove the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in healing a wide range of conditions. During this time, he amassed invaluable data a ...…
Cutting Weight If we are going to discuss cutting weight, we must first discuss some basic physiology of gaining weight. There are two main ways to gain weight: Muscular growth Increased body fat What makes muscles grow? Progressive tension overload (lifting heavier and heavier weights over time) Muscle damage (micro-tears of muscle fibers that ...…
You are God’s friend! Jesus died and rose to make that true! Then, He sends us as His representatives to the world. .fusion-accordian #accordion-16043-1 .panel-title a .fa-fusion-box{ color: #ffffff;}.fusion-accordian #accordion-16043-1 .panel-title a .fa-fusion-box:before{ font-size: 13px; width: 13px;} Transcript April 7-8, 2018 Pastor Joe Wi ...…
I sat at my computer in the spit-up stained clothes I'd had on for the last three days.
Episode notes:about the two guests:Shu-ling Chua:Shu-ling doesn't have a website. However, you may know about her via the interview that she had with Baya ou yang writer of Liminal magazine. recent articles are available to read at the links:'Through the looking glass', 2018, in Manjin Quarterlyh ...…
What would it have been like to be there when Jesus Christ performed His miracles? When He raised Lazarus from the dead, or when He cast out demons, or fed five thousand men with tw loaves and five fish? When He walked on water or healed the blind man? What would it have been like to have been there when He was betrayed by a friend and arrested ...…
What would it have been like to be there when Jesus Christ performed His miracles? When He raised Lazarus from the dead, or when He cast out demons, or fed five thousand men with tw loaves and five fish? When He walked on water or healed the blind man? What would it have been like to have been there when He was betrayed by a friend and arrested ...…
What is integrity?📌the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.📌It's a state of mind not situational📌It's what you do when no one is looking..........3 reasons Why u need integrity?📌People will trust YOU 📌 You will trust yourself and your self Image will go up📌 It will teach you to not compromise on your va ...…
This week, Master Fader makes his first appearance on RadioLlama and talks about the time he sold mushrooms to Snoop Dogg. The llamas reflect on mothers, childhood, and the false narrative being pushed by the Los Angeles weather industrial complex. Later, we rip a hole in the space time continuum and pay our younger selves a visit. All of cours ...…
We’re celebrating April Fools’ Day with some of our favorite pranks and hoaxes. Brandi starts us off by talking about Balloon Boy. This is the story of the six year old boy who floated off in his dad’s flying saucer. Or did he? This story captivated the nation, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll have forgotten like 95% of it. Then Kristin t ...…
Author : Izzy Wasserstein Narrator : Tatiana Grey Host : Sarah Gailey Audio Producer : Chelsea Davis Artist : Geneva Benton Discuss on Forums PseudoPod 588: ARTEMIS RISING 4: The Good Mothers’ Home for Wayward Girls is a PseudoPod original. This is Izzy’s first professional sale. “While writing this story, I was thinking a lot about how many of ...…
Author : Izzy Wasserstein Narrator : Tatiana Grey Host : Sarah Gailey Audio Producer : Chelsea Davis Artist : Geneva Benton Discuss on Forums PseudoPod 588: ARTEMIS RISING 4: The Good Mothers’ Home for Wayward Girls is a PseudoPod original. This is Izzy’s first professional sale. “While writing this story, I was thinking a lot about how many of ...…
Jessimae is fresh off of the Innings festival in Tempe Arizona, and welcomes her neighbor/friend/platonic life partner, actress & producer, Sarah Brown Carter as the co-host this week! They tell tales from their weekend at the festival, hanging with drunk babies, making friends in the bathroom lines, waking and baking, that time Jessimae spit b ...…
Do bunnies lay eggs? * Woman marries a tree! * And MORE in this DAILY DOSE OF WEIRD NEWS! #DDWNDo bunnies lay eggs? * Woman marries a tree! * Trump approval ratings rise, you won’t believe why! * Many of us have texted while sleeping! * How many times do you hit the snooze button? * China space station crashing to Earth! * Don’t spit in my bus! ...…
It's Podcast Days Re-Revisited. The "Every Album in a Row" series started as a YouTube exclusive, but the time has come to make these available via the podcast as well. The first ever EAIAR was Metallica over a year ago. We take a quick look back, talk about some Metallica themed podcasts you need to check out, and then bring you the Metallica ...…
Keze Montana Talks Ending Beef With GriffPx And Drixx Spits Bars 🔥 Tune In
Deceptive Bingo CallersSpace HousesNaughty Police MenPhil CollinsTrouser AdviceDarts NamesSurprisesAll covered and so much more, so much in fact we couldn't add the Intro so this week we're straight in, no spit.Any questions or content please to and follow/subscribe at iTunes, Sound Cloud and Twitter (@fakepodcastpod)xoxoxo ...…
I’ll tell you what brown can’t do for you and that’s bring your dad back. Welcome to another episode of House Sadness. The boys get things started with some “WFM’s” featuring a hot new drop from the fat-dicked legend himself: Adam Degi. Then it’s time for some new jokes in “Joke of the Gay,” then we hear “30 seconds of a Free Credit Report dot ...…
On this week's Electric Libertyland, host Brian McWilliams wades through a river of news including the March for Our Lives, Killer Mike spitting truth on gun rights then bitching out, a PA school's bizarre yet hilarious plan for student defense, Rand Paul's spending bill tweet storm and Zombie Bolton refusing to die. there actually a ...…
In today’s episode of Spit!, Scott and David discuss the latest casualty in surf print media, Jordy’s $65k rejection, tomorrow’s greatest surf destination, and surf celebrity sex tapes. Plus Must-See Moments, Dukes, and Kooks. Enjoy! Today’s show...
Susan Wright stabbed her husband 193 times, left his dead body half-buried in the backyard, then asked police for a restraining order against him. A restraining order against her dead husband. So, what was up? It depends on who you ask. Some say she’s a cold blooded killer. The media even dubbed her the Blue-Eyed Butcher. But Susan tells a diff ...…
Welcome back Lurkers to another notch in the tombstone, which could also be known as the Next Level Network’s “graveyard of gore” podcast. This week’s episode is a bit shorter, but still filled with all the fun and screams one can handle. In this episode, Paul quickly spits through the news and gives a chilling recommendation before settling in ...…
on this episode the guys talk about artists who changed the game in music. They also give some trailer reactions to Fantastic Beasts 2, Deadpool 2, and EA changing the progression system on Starwars Battlefront 2. All that and more in this episode of the Torrent. Music Picks: Run the Jewels - Legend Has It, Slipknot - Spit It Out, Save it for a ...…
Why is this even a question? Everyone dies. Death has a 100% success rate. Of course when we ask this question, we’re usually not asking “Did Jesus Really Die?” but, “Did Jesus Really Die at the hands of the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate on the day that we celebrate as Good Friday? Even then, one might say, why ask this question? After all, we ...…
...............How do you know you Earning Your Pillow?.............................1. When you put your head on the pillow at night you fall asleep quickly2. You have great sleep3 .You wake up motivated with energy to do it all over again................. How to Earn Your Pillow?................1. Work more than average 95 hours a week not 9 t ...…
Craigslist killed its personals section including 'casual encounters' and 'missed connections', 106 passengers stranded in German due to drunken co-pilot, Japan's 'slowest' roller coaster derailed and the passengers did not even notice, Attackers throw glass jar of peanut butter out of moving SUV severely injuring elderly man who was struck in ...…
We begin the podcast by questioning the very copyright and sampling laws which (arguably) protect and govern the sound realm. The What's Good? introduces his new Celebrity Yoga segment, and the crew plays a game of Indica or Sativa. Llamabeats ends the episode the best way they know how, by providing some chicken soup for the rappers soul with ...…
In Episode 9 we address the Elephant in the room - The Australian Cricket Team and their ball tampering scandal that went down this weekend. We talk the good, the bad & the ugly. Well, to be honest, there isn't much good in this chat.Don't forget to follow our social pages:Facebook: @sports_n_spitT ...…
In our fourth episode, we review our Champions League quarter-final predictions — which weren’t sterling — and follow on with our predictions for who will make the semis. We also give our “expert” opinions on who should win PFA Player of the Year. We finish with a brief discussion on the over discussed, Jamie Carragher spitting issue — what abo ...…
Special Guest: Mohamed AKA Big Moe. We talk about his journey from Egypt and the perspectives of the immigrant. Plus Moe answers Taco's Top 5 questions and we discuss DJ Envy vs Desus & Mero.IG: @RTandRPodcastTwitter: @RTandRPodcast
47 While he was still speaking, Judas came, one of the twelve, and with him a great crowd with swords and clubs, from the chief priests and the elders of the people. 48 Now the betrayer had given them a sign, saying, “The one I will kiss is the man; seize him.” 49 And he came up to Jesus at once and said, “Greetings, Rabbi!” And he kissed him. ...…
As we recuperate from St. Patrick's Day, March Madness takes over as we get your help do decide the most inconvenient minor inconvenience of them all, slip into something a little more Spring, and naturally prepare for more snow. Plus special guests Helen, Hanna, and Diana tell us about their new all-girl folk group -- I mean the One Act Theatr ...…
Wildest Hookup Location? Would You Accept A Sugar Daddy Vacation? YAS or PASS?! Weed Boyfriend? Spit in The Face Foreplay? Four-Eyed Sex? Zayn & Gigi Break Up, Demi Lovato Threatens Meet & Greet Cancelations, Rob Kardashian Body Transformation, Kathy Griffin Going On Tour, Kacey Musgraves High Horse, Derrick Barry &Trixie Mattel Wins All Stars ...…
Alex wasn't in the best spirits, Maverick spits some knowledge.Music by Blue Space Man
Chucky spits out names he added to his watch list - gearing up for 1st FAAB on Sunday.
Brandi starts us off with the tale of the toxic tush doctor. These ladies just wanted a more shapely behind. Instead, they got injected with fix-a-flat and construction-grade silicone. This story will make you grateful for your sad, flat little ass. The murders of secret lovers Edward Hall and Eleanor Mills captivated the nation in 1922, but th ...…
This week's episode, the lads chat:Return of Ratty (aka Steve)Salisbury Russian SpiesDavid IckeCarragher Spitting incidentChris's Conspiracy Corner - Finland doesn't exist????And much more...
It's March and its total madness! In this episode we discuss the start of the 2018 NRL season, the upsets and surprises of the 2018 NCAA College Basketball Tournament, Commonwealth Games and preview the 2018 AFL season with our tips, predicitions and 9 players to watch in 2018.Don't forget to follow our social pages:Facebook: ...…
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