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Nickelodeon is the place for kids of all ages. And like kids, we never stop growing and changing. So you can look forward to new shows, exciting on-air events including the Kids' Choice Awards, and new episodes of your favorite series like SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora The Explorer, Big Time Rush, Victorious, Yo Gabba Gabba, Degrassi and more! Check out Nickelodeon content within the iTunes store.
Eban Schletter's Fantastical Musicorium
This is the musical world of Eban Schletter, award winning composer/songwriter and Theremin virtuoso. He is best known for his work on TV shows such as "Mr. Show with Bob and David", "SpongeBob SquarePants", "Another Period" and "Stan Against Evil", as well as film scores including "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" and "Run Ronnie Run". He was also the co-producer of "The Pod F. Tompkast", a musical contributor to "The Thrilling Adventure Hour" and the live accompanist for "Spontaneanation with ...
Nickelodeon Animation Podcast
We talk cartoons all the time on the Nickelodeon Animation Podcast. Hosted by Hector Navarro, the podcast gives voice to creators and talent from inside and outside of Nickelodeon.
SpongeBuddy Mania!
Spongey34, ssj4gogita4, and spongedude talk about the latest news in the world of Spongebob. Whether it be news articles and public opinion, new and upcoming episodes and fun contests, or other really cool stuff, it's all for you, right here at SpongeBuddy Mania!
Listen to Canucklehead
The first kick at the can if you will. Canucklehead struggles to learn how-to-podcast and the results are utterly craptacular.
StarCraft FrontLine. Why We Fight...
FrontLine Why We Fight Part 1 of 10
ScoobyBob Podcast
A podcast all about Scooby-Doo and SpongeBob!
Lunchtime Chat
As me and my friends awkwardly stumble from the world of teen-hood into full fledged adult hood, we created this podcast to get our voices heard, and talk about things that hold most interest to us. Mainly...Video games.
Antonio Banderas: Meet the Actor
Antonio Banderas talks about the animated adventure The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water 3D. Eternal adversaries SpongeBob and Plankton must join forces on a trip through time and space to harness their internal superpowers and battle fiendish pirate Burger Beard (Banderas). Hosted by Anna Smith at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
Cup of Joe Show
Welcome to the official Cup of Joe Show YouTube channel! This is a comedic podcast, hosted by Joe DiCosola from jowdd (aka jowdd100.) Every episode has a guest to share a cup of Joe with Joe, typically other YouTubers or friends of Joe. The show is a mixed bag of stupid, random questions (can you do the Spongebob laugh?) to serious interview questions about the guest's career (what encouraged you to do YouTube videos?)
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show series
Do you have passion? Or are you more of a “normal SpongeBob” type? Listen to a short message of encouragement on how passion can move people.
Attack on Fiction
Showagenda: Spongebob x Simpsons crossover fan fiction, Faster Than Light travel discussion, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice review, New Lara Croft trailer first impressions, Listener Challenge, My Immortal fan fiction review. For International Podcast Day the boys have made an extra long episode jam packed with six different segments. Brandon bri ...…
Half Hour Call with Chris King
Today's guest is Lilli Cooper. Lilli grew up in the entertainment industry. We talk about her family life and how that molded the performer she is today. We also talk about her time performing in the original cast of "Spring Awakening" at just 16, to her newest musical which starts previews in November, "SpongeBob Square Pants". Check out our w ...…
In the penultimate installment of 'Supergroup September', Campbell & Jack look at Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Steven Tyler's involvement in the new Spongebob Squarepants Broadway musical and discuss every track on Audioslave's 2002 debut album. PLUS, we continue discussing the VH1 reality TV show Supergroup! Our chat about episode two can be hear ...…
When You Wish Upon a Podcast
This movie wasn’t scandalous enough for us! This week we do a Backyard Baseball player analysis, both claim to be Dirty Dan from Spongebob, enter into a Super Soaker duel, and blame Jiminy Cricket for a time travel timeline change. Follow along at
Off the Dome: The Austin Freestyle Podcast
RUN THE FOOLS is back to discuss society's ills and also what makes Spongebob great. CREAMR and T-NASTY define what it means to freestyle, talk about "The Ting Goes," and butt heads on the Google memo. Plus, they spit hot fire every chance they get. "Podcasting" "Drake" ...…
Hey hi! We’re back this week with Clare O’Kane(Flophouse, Party Legends, Spongebob) and for some reason we talk about Showtime’s Roadies, fingering Dane Cook style, our favorite Blue Collar comedians and more! Rate/review/subscribe/whatever you gotta do.
Back in London Town and we’re talking Emmy’s, Broadway, books, theatre, TV, film and an upcoming film festival! Jo Gudgeon and Simon Columb present the show and discuss a broad range of culture topics, this week including books, theatre, TV, film and documentaries. Subscribe to the Culturefly on the Wall podcast via iTunes Only a 35 minute podc ...…
George and Tony Entertainment Show
Rose City Comic Con 2017 Eric from returns to talk to George about Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR. Get the full story of his adventures on a future episode of Longbox Review. For now, check his archives for some discussions with Peter Rios of, including their joint venture, The Legion Project (a p ...…
Marilyn Manson finally gets around to releasing new music, Ozzy Osborne will continue to reign as Prince of Darkness, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are set to rock Spongebob and more! Check out the latest rock news with your host Kim Monroe!By
School Britannia
Cassidy and Dani talk about the history and discography of the band Blur. They also talk about sexy hats, Paul Davies (again) and weird Spongebob video clips. For a full list of links to references, go to our tumblr page:
Old Man & Skinny Guy: Gaming Talk for Everyone
We delve into a dark point in Old Man's history where he discusses a deep wound that seemingly has never healed. As one would expect, it took place on Halloween during one of his infamous treks to the NYC Village Halloween Parade in the early 2000's. It was a visit to the after party at Webster Hall that our hero encountered the one thing that ...…
As the Great Comet passes and the Bandstand plays the last tune, Rob and Kevin sit down with theatre critic Peter Filichia to recap the 2016-2017 theatre season and explore the 2017-2018 theatre seasons and the shows that are bound for Broadway! Peter pulls back the curtain on the new season to discuss how William Goldman’s 1967-1968 exploratio ...…
Juancho and ViBE are the “GEEK BROS”! Providing their special brand of social commentary on all geek-tasic entertainment news, events, TV shows, movies and so much more!Contest is still going on. Win A Captain America pop 67 and T-shirt. All you have to do is go to Facebook like our page and comment in our page (GEEK BROS) of what you expect fo ...…
Donald Trump gives $1 million to hurricane victims and is called "cheap". Baltimore wants your suggestions for replacing Confederate statues...can you say "Spongebob?" A nurse says no when a cop wants to draw blood from an unconscious persona is arrested. Plus Oscar Goldman no more and don't try to rob an MMA fighting club!#hurricaneharvey#houston…
Lady Antebellum joins the Dan & Dude show to talk up the new babies that Hillary and Dave have on the way, their song in Spongebob the Musical and you'll hear their acoustic version of "You Look Good"
Spacklegeist 187On this week’s episode of everyone’s favorite home improvement podcast, we answer listener questions about more resistant fishing lures for muskies, bothersome smoke alarms, and David Hasselhoff vinyl decals. Elsewhere, Matt updates us on his efforts to retrofit tiki torches to fight nazis and Jeff talks about how to outfit wood ...…
Why Would U Say That? The Podcast
In this episode we find out who is more gross Men or Women. I talk about the mental toll OZ has been having on my psychological well being. OZ is an old show but I am now binge watching its starting to take a toll. I also go on a tangent about hating living in an apartment. After that I talk about going back to Midland to do a back to school dr ...…
Alan, Chase, and Emilee welcome back our biggest local fan...Jerome Erskin from Episode 015. Chase advises Emi to put her special ability on her resume: "Can Quote Every SpongeBob Episode". Jerome tells Alan how 'lectricy works. Alan wants to know why the fruit lobby hasn't thought of changing the name of the Cantaloupe to the Ameri-Can-Telouop ...…
Your Moment of Jenn - By Jennifer Gulbrandsen
This week Jenn talks about her upcoming 20th high school reunion and her plans include trolling and judging everyone. Her friends have all made bets on what hijinks they can expect during this momentous occasion. One of them involves The Legend of Spongebob™ and whether or not Jenn will make it weird with his new wife. The conversation then goe ...…
In episode 3 the boys talk about Ben winning a haircut in a raffle, Player Unknown's Battleground, and where the hell we've been for over a month! We missed ya'll and can't wait to catch you up! Tune in!
It’s TomGirl with host J.J. Jurgens.Actor, writer and producer Lori Alan joins host J.J. Jurgens on the TomGirl show! Perhaps best known for her voiceover work, she starred as Diane Simmons on Family Guy, Pearl the Whale on SpongeBob SquarePants, The Invisible Woman on Marvel Comics’ The Fantastic Four, and The Boss in the Metal Gear Solid vide ...…
Gazelle Hospital Podcast
This episode Quinn and Trey return from their cruise! They also have an argument about how the show should work, and throw in a Would You Rather game in between. Also talks of spongebob, and some threats to our listeners! Plus... PERSONA!!!
Return to the Past: A Code Lyoko Retrospective
We're sorry to disappoint you guys, but in this episode we do not, in fact, make a SpongeBob reference. (We make Fairly Oddparents and Teenage Robot references instead.) Oh, and speaking of robots, that's what this week's Lyoko is about! And for your humble hosts, it's probably the most divisive episode so far... Click here to see the screencap ...…
The Podcast Discovery Show
This week on the Podcast Discovery Show Josh, Kirk and Zach talk about the new podcasts that they have discovered and recommend what podcasts to listen to this upcoming week. Follow the show on twitter at , , , Support the show on Pa ...…
May 1-7, 1999 In this episode recorded LIVE! at the 5th Annual Philly Podfest at the Trocodero in Philly, Ken welcomes musician Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz, Sad13) to the show. Ken and Sadie discuss feeling old when you're young and feeling young when you're old, Must See TV, growing up in Manhattan, The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, Babyface ...…
In this episode Will pops his cherry with Canadian bacon at the epic Galaxy Diner in Rahway NJ . Hear all about over priced sponge bob eggs and squirting vaginas Hear a fantastic Dennys story via listener mail.Be sure to like us on Facebook diners dinners Doin-it Follow us on instagram Dinersdinnersdoinitpodcastq…
One Love Massive
"Insert Name Here" is a series focusing on the politics behind closed doors in our nation's capital and abroad co-hosted by Ian Taronji and Scott Remley.___________________________SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES: by The OLM Creative Factorywww.onelovemassive.comEdited by Mike Phillipz____________________________DEEP DIVESenate vote ...…
Backstage Pass with Meredith Marx
Kelly The Wrestler; SpongeBob; Playing the Volcano; Electrocuted my lips; Guess the Bell; Local Flavor Guest - Rhythm Surf Monkeys!
The Friday Night Nicktoons Podcast
This week Ashli and Casey take a look at Squilliam Fancyson the infamous secondary character from Spongebob This is also our first peak at some postmovie Spongebob episodes we have some spicy hot takes about the quality since then We also have our second round of Nick Trivia that leads to some interesting developments…
Eva and Ants talk about summer-ish things. The phrase “the Spongebob was delicious” was used. Pop Culture Vultures is available on Google Play and iTunes. But not TuneIn. TuneIn rejected us. Make sure to subscribe and leave a review. If your review is noteworthy and complements the silky smooth voice of Ants, we’ll read it on the […]…
Adrian Has Issues
In Episode 99, Adrian and Eileen forego a guest and decide to interview each other instead! Our hosts ask a series of random questions that cover everything from future plans, places they've lived plus the story of their hilariously awkward first date. Also In This Episode: Convenience Store Wars! Fish Jails Eileen vs. Spongebob! Download: (Rig ...…
Two Twins, a Guy and a Podcast
This week on our feature length episode we tackle the touchy subjects of: Cosplaying, the Twins' experience at Anime Expo, not looking like BoBo Spongebob on Hollywood Blvd., our SPOILER-Y thoughts and FEELS about Spider-Man: Homecoming, and other news. Send us your questions! Email us at Twotwinsandaguypod@gmail.comor follow us on: Instagram:P ...…
Camp Adulthood and the Resident Youth
Shea and Maddie discuss Jackson getting drunk and weird travel stories, and then bring out esteemed guest Andrew! The group discusses Southern living, dating, buying a house in your early 20s, student debt, and the definition of "bang maid." BONUS CONTENT: Shea shares her intense hatred of Spongebob.If you are looking to support the podcast or ...…
Because if you're gonna do a cartoon podcast, might as well start with the obvious show, right?
Podcast AF
In this inaugural meeting of the Losers' Club we get away from our roots and talk about the Red Sox, the Golden Knights, the NHL expansion draft and free agency, and lightly touch upon NBA free agency. The internet has found a new way to culturally appropriate SpongeBob, and we get back to our roots with the announcement of the SNES Classic. We ...…
11 O'Clock Comics Podcast
Book of the Month: Cosmic Odyssey by Jim Starlin, Mike Mignola, Carlos Garzon, and Steve Oliff, Plastic #3 by Doug Wagner, Daniel Hillyard, and Laura Martin from Image, Dark Days: The Forge #1 by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, John Romita Jr., Scott Williams, Klaus Janson, Danny Miki, Alex Sinclair, and Jeremiah Skipper ...…
Dad and Son explore which cartoon world they would live in...because you know, cartoons are a staple of growing up. Will it be Super Friends, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, Family Guy, Simpsons, Sponge Bob or something else. Also, it's our English as a second language goofy mistake.
This week we recap the Tony Awards and give our opinions about performances, winners and losers!We also talk about Audra McDonald's connection to NYMF, how Broadway celebrates Pride month, Panic! At the disco's Brendon Urie taking on the role of Charlie Price in Kinky Boots, the Cher biographical musical coming next year, the Spongebob musical ...…
The Tangent-Bound Podcast
Oh, yes, it's that time of year, again. Mark and Jim hang up the mics and let the shows ruthlessly takeover ther Tangent-Bound Podcast! This week, Nostalgia91 takes over the Tangent-Bound Podcast and brings you along on their journey into some really cool stuff. Join Bob and guests as they delve into episode 19: Spongebob Square Pants! Support ...…
“So Redford serious question, you bangin muff now. You bangin some muff?…”For this special episode Red, Peter, and special guest host Forest do an in real time commentary on Twilight, while playing the Twilight drinking game. (Rules in below)THE RULESTake a drink when:Bella Shakes her headA vampire shows superhuman powerSomeone (vampire or huma ...…
Natural Habitat Podcast
Awesome Ty! stops by the studio to reminisce about a very strange show from our childhoods, Ren & Stimpy. It's a story about a dog and a cat that live together in Hollywood, Yugoslavia, are sometimes married and are always covered in boils. We discuss hardcore dancing, some Rick and Morty theories, the connections between R&S and SpongeBob, Ty' ...…
The Mantis Show
Mantis talks about the golden age of SpongeBob and shares his experience at the Sears tower. We Mansplain our position on lighters. Box has a "fantastic" movie recommendation. Doc rages about corporate acronyms. Twitter: @TheMantisShow Subscribe on: ITunes Google Play Soundcloud
Childhood Remastered
Episode 44- Rocko’s Modern Life Rocko’s Modern Life – What could be more 90’s than a Nickelodeon cartoon show intro The post Episode 44 – Rocko’s Modern Life appeared first on Childhood Remastered.
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