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True You is here to empower you in discovering, loving, and being continuously more of who you truly are - beyond labels, beyond conditioning, beyond disapproval - by dissolving the entanglements of unconsciousness that distort your experience of who you are. Receive and experience the power of deep transformation that stirs your own inner truth and activates your own seeds of awareness. More of who you truly are is knocking at your inner door ready to come out to be seen from a place of lov ...
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We are here to be the individualized expressions and experiences of oneness.
Activate the choice to allow everything to move you in the direction of oneness and wholeness.
Who and what you truly are has no need for approval.
Eliminate the misunderstandings, lies, and illusions of not having another choice, being stuck and, "There's nothing I can do."
Access and allow choices based on inspiration, opening, and being a bigger energy.
Eliminate conclusion, embrace discovery, and become more aware.
Destroy self imposed barriers and be more direct with yourself in every way that empowers you.
Let your strategy be the elimination of everything you are not that thereby enables the emergence of everything you are.
Invite the experience of life through the magnificence of who you truly are.
What if some of the changes in your life are waiting for you to love what they are?
Allow for the possibility that things are different than they appear to be.
Could you love yourself right now without having to change a single thing?
The more we experience a positive relationship with ourselves, the more free we are from disempowering reactions to the outside world.
The meaning you give something will show you the level of consciousness you are working on.
Activate the willingness to believe all the things that would empower you.
Become more aware of what you love, who you are, and what is natural and magical for you.
Increase your capacity to feel and experience yourself as the space that is always emerging and becoming more aware of itself.
Everything is available as a channel for your wealth, and the richness of life and living.
Nothing can give you what you already have within.
Thrive with money on behalf of an abundant planet.
Allow the cooperation and collaboration of this entire reality to be a magnification of the synergy you're capable of experiencing.
Use choice and targets to let energy, vibration, and consciousness know what to manifest as.
What would it take to have the personal realization of being unstoppable?
Realization, genuine choice, power, potency, and harmony with who you really are, these are your vehicles to fly!
Your power is in having a more conscious experience of yourself, your life, and everything around you.
How you do anything is how you do everything.
Upgrade your intellect to be in service to insight, intuition, and awareness.
You are hard-wired for the life you love to live.
Change everything with a constructive point of view.
What would happen if you had no beliefs?
Empowerment flows from a harmonious relationship with yourself.
Everything is here to serve you as a gift of personal transformation.
Leverage the dynamics of polarity to change your capacity for the awareness of everything.
Break through your addiction to superficial appearances.
Everything wants to be nurtured and empowered to grow and evolve.
You are the source of how you would love to feel.
There is nothing you could hope to be unless you already are whatever that is.
How would your life change if you spoke only in ways that are empowering?
You are the unique expression of the embodiment of consciousness.
The more awesome things are for you, the more awesome things are for everyone else.
Embody the totality of yourself as a being.
Allow the consciousness of money to fully support you.
Free yourself from the illusion of lack.
Activate the opening of the floodgates to the overflowing of you.
A more informed choice is a more powerful choice.
Eliminate the illusions of the value of buying into superficial appearances.
Move beyond the middle and into amazing.
Upgrade your physical senses to be part of what opens you up.
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