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Spring Break Forever Podcast
Ever wish you had more than just one week per year to skip town, go nuts, rock out, and yell "Spring Break!" from the window of a moving vehicle? Damn right you do! Bobby Hazzard and his friends share your concerns. They know you’re gonna need some tunes and maybe directions to the party. Discussions about records, bands, good brews, movies, and other random bullshit regularly run off the rails as they stay up late and make some beer disappear.
Spring Breakers Extras
Check out the exclusive behind the scenes clips and featurettes of SPRING BREAKERS, the hottest movie of the year!
Spring Break Mix 2015
Kap Slap's "Spring Break Mix 2015" features upbeat dance music featuring an array of remixes, bootlegs, and original content perfect of any listener.
Spring Break Trip Ideas with Inertia Tours features the greatest & latest spring break trip ideas on the planet! Choose from safe & affordable US spring break destinations you can drive to like South Padre Island, Texas or hit the slopes for spring break ski in Breckenridge, Colorado. Other spring break travel ideas include number 1 cancun, mexico; panama city beach, florida; Mazatlan mexico; and eco-nicaragua spring break packages. Inertia Tours is family owned & operated and wants to earn your business. If you ...
White Party Spring Break 2006 Part I
Eentertaiment news for the gay community.
White Party Spring Break 2006 Part II
Eentertaiment news for the gay community.
Chris Kinnaird's Spring Break 2007 Podcast for Miami Dade College
The Design Your Own Spring Break Seminar 2007 at Miami Dade College Presented by CTD
Cancun & Riviera Maya Info Podcast
Come to Cancun and experience a vacation that dreams are made of. A wonderland by day or night, this magical resort on the Mexican Caribbean not only boasts the most modern hotels but also fascinating shopping centers, spectacular discotheques and excellent restaurants. An unlimited number of attractions is only a few steps away from the most beautiful beaches in the world. Cancun has something for everyone; from the simplest to the most sophisticated of tastes; from a party on the beach to ...
Harmony Korine: Meet the Filmmaker
Join filmmaker Harmony Korine ("Kids," "Gummo," "Mister Lonely") as he discusses his latest effort, "Spring Breakers." The film follows four college girls (Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine), who land in jail after their spring break partying goes off the rails. They find themselves bailed out by a local drug dealer (James Franco), who takes them under his wing.
One Happy Podcast
One Happy Podcast is the number 1 podcast about the island of Aruba. Each episode features the host, "Aruba" Curt Robinson interviews a guest about what Aruba has to offer. Whether you are planning a family vacation, destination wedding, couples retreat, taking a cruise vacation or just want a little dose of Aruba on-demand, One Happy Podcast is the place for you.
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Vanessa Hudgens: Meet The Actor
Vanessa Hudgens (Sucker Punch, Spring Breakers) discusses her new film, The Frozen Ground, with Anna Smith at the Apple Store Regent Street in London. Based on a horrific true story from the 1980's, Vanessa plays the only surviving victim of a serial killer in remote Alaska.
Just over a decade ago, NYC bred DJ Chopps hit the ground running at the tender age of 15 with his eclectic style and deep-rooted musical knowledge. It’s no wonder his “elders” remarked that “this kid has some chops.” Grabbing the compliment as his title, DJ Chopps exploded his way through the club circuit like a Roman Candle - catching the attention of everyone from MTV to Dom Perignon.For the past five years, the largest “Spring Break” organizers in the country took on Chopps as their resi ...
Deeper Sensation Mix By Simon Sim's
SIMON SIM'S: High in the House and synthetic sounds, Simon Sim's had a passion for music very early, diversifying its activities in the field of DJing and production. * In 2004, Simon Sim's working with DJ / producers like Chris Kaeser and Laurent pautrat and released his first EPs records: "Sim's - Indian Spirit" (co produced with Laurent Pautrat and Antoine Clamaran) "Zukker Party Band - All Right ( . Co produced with Laurent Pautrat) Chris Kaeser & Sim's - Hypnotick Music) for Pool E Musi ...
Sudden Moves by Kelli Sue Landon
Katie Brashers announced to her friends that she was taking a trip to Florida for Spring Break, but when class resumes, Katie isn’t in attendance. The school staff claims that the family moved there. Katie's friend Michelle Martin grows suspicious, especially since she let Katie borrow a treasured family book that she failed to return. Not to mention, Katie never said goodbye to her devoted boyfriend, Brad. Michelle confides in her best friend, Tami. Dodging Michelle’s demanding mother, they ...
Pretty Little Liars Review and After Show
Join Sinead de Vries, Meghan Lamontagne, Stephanie Gray, and Ashley Mova every week, live and on demand, for review and conversation about each new episode of ABC Family's hit show Pretty Little Liars. Tweet in questions or comments to the hosts all week using the hashtag #PLLAS Don’t forget to follow #theStreamtv NOW on Twitter @theStreamtv and the after show hosts:Sinead de Vries - @SineaddeVriesMeghan Lamontagne - @MegLamontagneAshley Mova - @AshleyMovaStephanie Gray - @StephanieLGray the ...
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Natalie Baxter is a New York-based artist whose sewn sculptures explore concepts of place identity, nostalgia and gender stereotypes. She creates soft sculptures that playfully pushes controversial political issues. Natalie received her MFA from the University of Kentucky in 2012 and her BA in Fine Arts from the University of the South in TN in ...…
And Film Reel is back again, after last week, and after practically years Joe is back on the podcast, talking about the Orient Express, Hallum is talking about the TV show Rome (apparently it's also a film) and Toby's talking about spring breakers. Who knows what Mikey's doing? Oh yeah and we have a guest. Links and Show Notes You can find the ...…
Hello dear listener, and thanks for listening to your favorite film analysis podcast another year! It's time once again for the annual GoodTrash Shelvie Awards 2017. The Shelvies are a time of reflection as we look back over the previous year to call out our highs and lows as a show. This isn't a 2017-in-film reflection, but a look back at the ...…
Eric Stonestreet joins for a podcast about Modern Family, brilliant kids on The Toy Box, and Trumps interview with Time Magazine. Plus, Lynette Carolla is in studio to chat about the Carolla Drinks after show, and the kids plans for Spring Break.By
You kept listening?! Well hey, we'll keep watching these movies then. This is part 2 of our Amy Poehler month where we break down 2009's Spring Breakdown. Three ladies follow three slightly younger ladies into the jungle of spring break. Who gets laid? Who screams the loudest? What's the deal with Cherleene? You'll have to listen to find out!…
Interview – MATTHEW POST – Student Board Member of the Montgomery County School Board TOPICS: Latest on the Montgomery County school calendar and what should we do about cell phones in schools? School Board Approves 2018-19 School Calendar. Shorter Spring Break Set For Montgomery County Students Schools and cellphones: In elementary schools? At ...…
The multi-talented, enigmatic artist reflects on juggling filmmaking with college, graduate and Ph.D studies; how an epiphany during the making of 'Pineapple Express' made possible his Oscar-nominated performance in '127 Hours'; and why he's drawn to eccentrics like the one he played in 'Spring Breakers' and Tommy Wiseau. But first: Will Arnett ...…
James and Zach talk The Florida Project and Florida-set films, all while recording in Florida. If you’re interested in signing up for MoviePass, you can use our referral link here if you want. Follow Cinereelists: Facebook – Twitter James: Letterboxd – Twitter Zach: Letterboxd – Twitter Support the show on Patreon. REVEAL FULL LIST Zach Coming ...…
Film at 11: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017) BookIT: Wicked: Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (2009) by Gregory Maguire Scroll with it: Scientists are changing Carbon Dioxide into rocks, Movies Anywhere is changing the way you watch movies, and “Weird Al” Yankovic is changing Steve’s Spring Break plans with a national ...…
Christina Massey a NY-based mixed media artist whose work explores her interest in the preservation of our planet. Christina has had solo shows at the Noyes Art Museum in Atlantic City, Roxybury Arts Group in Roxybury, NY and the Sarah Doyle Gallery in Providence, RI. This year she participated in the SPRING/BREAK Art Show and has had work show ...…
Today we get to chat with Steve Lawton, author, IT executive, and mover and shaker around the Austin community. Steve relocated to Austin in 1994 and has never looked back since. He is one of the most positive and inspiring people we have had on the podcast, and we are happy he chooses to live in Austin! We talk some friendly sports rivalry, hi ...…
How much Philly culture did Courtney soak up in that Spring Break? Find out as Emma pummels her with Philly slang.
Ripped In Half
F13 Spring Break Pack, Fuck Peta (They Kill Animals), Steve's BIG rant, Tomb Raider Trailer, Zombie Musicals, More Ranting, IT, Jason Has Something I Guess, And More.
In episode four, hear about one student's first-day mishap; an unexpected visitor; and a dinner full of surprises. Then learn about how the class celebrated their last full day of the trip in true 'spring break' style.Thanks to the following artists whose work we used in this program:"BossaBossa" Kevin MacLeod ( under Cr ...…
On episode 63 of Keepin It 100 with Konnan, major changes and controversies on the show, discussed by Konnan, DI, and JoJo right at the outset! Tyrus is here to talk his career, politics, and more! Joey Janela joins the show to talk about indy wrestling, and the idea behind his "Joey Janela Spring Break!" The Masked Republic Minute talks AAA an ...…
Hit the [↻ Repost] button if you like it!#138 of our podcast row by @marktarmonea!➡➡➡➡ mgmt@catchfire-records.comDer vielseitige Ausnahmekünstler Mark Tarmonea ist DJ, Musikproduzent, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist ...…
Will, Henry and Mom talk to Dad about the boys’ goodnight ritual, next year’s Spring Break vacation and Hurricane Harvey, and the first week of school. Henry talks about starting to learn the trombone and William talks about having Melon Milk in his lunch. In the News, there’s a story about piglets saved from a fire, then served to the firefigh ...…
Club Mood Vibes Podcast
Hit the [↻ Repost] button if you like it!#136 of our podcast row by @oscar-karateklub!➡➡➡➡➡„Zwischen den Stühlen sitzen…“ ist für die meisten Musiker nicht der beq ...…
Dirty Grandpa - Episode 3 Uptight lawyer Jason Kelly (Zac Efron) is one week away from marrying his boss's controlling daughter, putting him on the fast track for a partnership at his firm. Tricked by his grandfather Dick (Robert De Niro), Jason finds himself driving the foulmouthed old man to Daytona Beach, Fla., for a wild spring break that i ...…
Doug and Mary in the Morning
Workout song playlists from Doug, Mary, and Travis; Girl emails us and wants Travis to go out with her friend; Travis brings in presents for Doug and Mary from Mexico....from Spring Break 2017.
Brad and Curtis are two of my friends from college. We talk about memories from spring break, as well as go down many rabbit holes about space, oceans, cameras, and more.
Summer Blockbuster!?!
On this week’s episode, we tackle 2003’s infamous American Idol musical romance FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY, A.K.A. CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION: THE MOVIE. Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini prove to be about as sexy as a case of chlamydia on spring break, while the musical numbers make one yearn for the complexity of a junior high school talent show. And t ...…
Viele Leute haben sich schon als DJ versucht und sind schneller wieder verschwunden, als man sich ihre Namen merken konnte ! Thomas Richter und Falk Röhler hingegen bilden nun schon seit 1999 das DJ- und Produzentenduo Foss & Stoxx. Ihre gemeinsame Leidenschaft hat die Beiden bereits durch die renomiertesten Clubs & Events in ganz Deutschland g ...…
Straight to LaserDisc
This week we're joined by Jake Pitre to discuss Harmony Korine's avant-garde and/or arthouse Spring Breakers, a movie that he's clearly used to defending. Let's just say some views are changed. The tables are turned when Kyle and Nick cannot keep from gushing over the new Arcade Fire record. Various kinds of "cred" are discussed and revoked. SP ...…
The burp boys remember their roots and talk about their early days getting into drinking in this episode. From taking their first shot under the tutelage of an elder brother, to weaseling their way into a spring break party, it's the Pass Me a Beer Podcast. Patreon facebook twitter instagram RSS
Hi Alex, I have a really big, potentially career destroying problem. About ten years ago, while I was on Spring Break, I was filmed topless and drunk and ended up on a girls gone wild video. My college is listed. Thankfully my name isn’t on it, but I am right there, dancing around in bikini bottoms and nothing else. Not my proudest moment. A co ...…
Leaky Growler + Uber = Cleaning Fee Exploding beers punctuate a conversation between Joe and Matthew on the nature of experiences in the arts. A recent piece in The New York Times – “Fixing the Met: Art Lovers Speak” – inspires discussion on museum visitor expectations and the trajectory toward the all-encompassing experience. What are the reas ...…
Usher gives women Herpes. People push hard in the gym, sometimes too hard... Spring Break Hoes definitely ain't loyal. We talk relationship advice, watch a deaf fight, and play would you rather.www.hellamoded.comSupport our podcast by supporting our sponsors! ...…
Things We're Too Lazy To Blog About
If you’ve never listened to Things We’re Too Lazy To Blog About before, don’t start here-- or maybe start here. This episode was recorded at Ali’s birthday BBQ, which was completely crazy and not at all like our other podcasts. Ali and Amanda, as well as a few friends, spill all in this sex, drugs and travel themed episode. Ali was kicked off a ...…
Spring Break Stories/The Distillery/2 dollar TuesdaysBy
The DC Rainmaker Podcast
Ben and Ray catch up after a long spring break. They discussed tiny drones, a new trainer, bike computers and they even answered a question from the audience. Links: Ray's Amazon Link. Visit Ray's website to ask a question and read in-depth product reviews. Rate this Podcast on iTunes and leave a review.…
Father Time with Jamie Kaler
Stevie D is one of my favorite people in Hollywood. His upbeat positivity shines through in everything he does. Growing up in a small town in Kentucky required a lot of imagination for a kid to entertain himself. While other kids spent their days playing sports and doing homework, Stevie D. was creating mischief and dreaming of becoming a rock ...…
Jack Goodman ’57, John Milton ’57, and two of their classmates traveled south for spring break in 1955 with an unusual goal: to interview Ernest Hemingway for The Daily Princetonian. (Season 3, Episode 14)
Episode 19 is not what you expected. I changed my mind and ManWithPez agreed to review The Sure Thing this week instead of Fraternity Vacation. I don’t know that we’ll come back to Fraternity Vacation, probably not, but you might want to watch it for novelty casting sake if you like 80s spring break sex quest movies. Back to The Sure Thing. An ...…
Seth and Justin are back from extended Spring Break to discuss why their 2014 NFL Draft scouting sucked. The guys take a walk down memory lane to discuss Johnny Manziel, Greg Robinson, Mike Evans and more. Plus, Hot Takes are back, including one that could fuel your 4th of July cookout
In this episode of the Addicted to the Mouse Podcast, we tell you all about how we are planning our upcoming trips. We have one scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving with our extended family in a three-bedroom grand villa at Animal Kingdom Lodge and then another next Spring Break with just our small clan for now. Thanks so much for listening! ...…
This Is Rad!
Rad Break foreva... This week Kyle, Matthew and Natalie sit down with comedian Kelly McInerney to talk about the odd yet super cool career choices of actor/filmmaker James Franco. Kyle thinks he's a modern day John Cassavetes and is impressed that he keeps making weird shit that should have ruined his career by now. Kelly dressed up as Alien fr ...…
Cast Royale - The Clash Royale Podcast For Casual Players | A Bi-Weekly Radio Show on the Supercell Mobile Video Game
This week, we are back with a TON of things to talk about! We delve into every balance change from start to finish, take an in-depth look at one of the biggest game updates yet, cover a ridiculously cool Deck Spotlight and so much more! Hide your gems, folks... the Hog Bandit's in town!!
Hit the [↻ Repost] button if you like it!#125 of our podcast row by @just_me_make_noise with his set from Sputnik Springbreak 2017!➡ Mood Vibes Podcast #125: Just me (Live @ SPUTNIK SPRINGBREAK 2017)Just Me, auch bekannt unter den Namen Robert, ist mit zarten 14 Jahren das erste mal in Berührung mit ...…
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