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Spring Break Forever Podcast
Ever wish you had more than just one week per year to skip town, go nuts, rock out, and yell "Spring Break!" from the window of a moving vehicle? Damn right you do! Bobby Hazzard, The Colonel, Sweet Time, (occasionally) Stache Anderson, and all their friends share your concerns. They know you’re gonna need some tunes and maybe directions to the party. Discussions about records, bands, good brews, and other random bullshit regularly run off the rails as they stay up late and make some beer di ...
Spring Break Mix 2015
Kap Slap's "Spring Break Mix 2015" features upbeat dance music featuring an array of remixes, bootlegs, and original content perfect of any listener.
Spring Breakers Extras
Check out the exclusive behind the scenes clips and featurettes of SPRING BREAKERS, the hottest movie of the year!
Spring Break Trip Ideas with Inertia Tours features the greatest & latest spring break trip ideas on the planet! Choose from safe & affordable US spring break destinations you can drive to like South Padre Island, Texas or hit the slopes for spring break ski in Breckenridge, Colorado. Other spring break travel ideas include number 1 cancun, mexico; panama city beach, florida; Mazatlan mexico; and eco-nicaragua spring break packages. Inertia Tours is family owned & operated and wants to earn your business. If you ...
White Party Spring Break 2006 Part II
Eentertaiment news for the gay community.
White Party Spring Break 2006 Part I
Eentertaiment news for the gay community.
Chris Kinnaird's Spring Break 2007 Podcast for Miami Dade College
The Design Your Own Spring Break Seminar 2007 at Miami Dade College Presented by CTD
One Happy Podcast
One Happy Podcast is the number 1 podcast about the island of Aruba. Each episode features the host, "Aruba" Curt Robinson interviews a guest about what Aruba has to offer. Whether you are planning a family vacation, destination wedding, couples retreat, taking a cruise vacation or just want a little dose of Aruba on-demand, One Happy Podcast is the place for you.
Cancun & Riviera Maya Info Podcast
Come to Cancun and experience a vacation that dreams are made of. A wonderland by day or night, this magical resort on the Mexican Caribbean not only boasts the most modern hotels but also fascinating shopping centers, spectacular discotheques and excellent restaurants. An unlimited number of attractions is only a few steps away from the most beautiful beaches in the world. Cancun has something for everyone; from the simplest to the most sophisticated of tastes; from a party on the beach to ...
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This week we sit down with City of the Weak vocalist Stef with an F! From small town Montana to the streets of Minneapolis with a guitar and a fearless attitude. That’s how it all started for firecracker Stef w/ an F as she began building City of the Weak 5 years ago as a teenager. Add fierce guitarist Brent Lindblad & powerhouse Cody on bass a ...…
Spring Break Stories/The Distillery/2 dollar TuesdaysBy
The DC Rainmaker Podcast
Ben and Ray catch up after a long spring break. They discussed tiny drones, a new trainer, bike computers and they even answered a question from the audience. Links: Ray's Amazon Link. Visit Ray's website to ask a question and read in-depth product reviews. Rate this Podcast on iTunes and leave a review.…
Father Time with Jamie Kaler
Stevie D is one of my favorite people in Hollywood. His upbeat positivity shines through in everything he does. Growing up in a small town in Kentucky required a lot of imagination for a kid to entertain himself. While other kids spent their days playing sports and doing homework, Stevie D. was creating mischief and dreaming of becoming a rock ...…
Jack Goodman ’57, John Milton ’57, and two of their classmates traveled south for spring break in 1955 with an unusual goal: to interview Ernest Hemingway for The Daily Princetonian. (Season 3, Episode 14)
Episode 19 is not what you expected. I changed my mind and ManWithPez agreed to review The Sure Thing this week instead of Fraternity Vacation. I don’t know that we’ll come back to Fraternity Vacation, probably not, but you might want to watch it for novelty casting sake if you like 80s spring break sex quest movies. Back to The Sure Thing. An ...…
Seth and Justin are back from extended Spring Break to discuss why their 2014 NFL Draft scouting sucked. The guys take a walk down memory lane to discuss Johnny Manziel, Greg Robinson, Mike Evans and more. Plus, Hot Takes are back, including one that could fuel your 4th of July cookout
Director Rick Ernst (MTV/VH1, Headbangers Ball, Roadrunner Records, etc.) promoting his film 'Get Thrashed: The Story Of Thrash Metal.' Members of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax and many others feature in this documentary.• This is an encore DVD release of the film, which was originally out in 2008 with a new marketing push. • The DVD is ...…
In this episode of the Addicted to the Mouse Podcast, we tell you all about how we are planning our upcoming trips. We have one scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving with our extended family in a three-bedroom grand villa at Animal Kingdom Lodge and then another next Spring Break with just our small clan for now. Thanks so much for listening! ...…
This Is Rad!
Rad Break foreva... This week Kyle, Matthew and Natalie sit down with comedian Kelly McInerney to talk about the odd yet super cool career choices of actor/filmmaker James Franco. Kyle thinks he's a modern day John Cassavetes and is impressed that he keeps making weird shit that should have ruined his career by now. Kelly dressed up as Alien fr ...…
Director Rick Ernst (MTV/VH1, Headbangers Ball, Roadrunner Records, etc.) promoting his film 'Get Thrashed: The Story Of Thrash Metal.' Members of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax and many others feature in this documentary.• This is an encore DVD release of the film, which was originally out in 2008 with a new marketing push. • The DVD is ...…
Cast Royale - The Clash Royale Podcast for Casual Players
Advertisements (function(g){g.__ATA.initAd({sectionId:1115414613, width:300, height:250});})(window); Advertisements (function(g){g.__ATA.initAd({sectionId:1115414613, width:300, height:250});})(window); Advertisements (function(g){g.__ATA.initAd({sectionId:1115414613, width:300, height:250});})(window); Episode 040 - Hog Bandit by Cast Royale ...…
Hit the [↻ Repost] button if you like it!#125 of our podcast row by @just_me_make_noise with his set from Sputnik Springbreak 2017!➡ Mood Vibes Podcast #125: Just me (Live @ SPUTNIK SPRINGBREAK 2017)Just Me, auch bekannt unter den Namen Robert, ist mit zarten 14 Jahren das erste mal in Berührung mit ...…
Contractor Success Map with Randal DeHart | Contractor Bookkeeping And Accounting Services
This Podcast Is Episode Number 0222 And It Will Be About Uniquely Highly Profitable Contractors Target High-Profit Enjoyable Clients Every Construction Contractor Has Clients Who Want To Help Part of the reason is that they want to be sure the project is moving and things are being done. Other times the goal is to hopefully save money. In many ...…
Let's Fight a Boss
We are ESTA approved and coming to Anime Expo! (Apologies for the alarm in the background <3) EMAIL: TWITTER: Quest Log:Mommy Dead and Dearest, Wonder Woman, some strange conversation topics... Strategy Talk:Overwatch, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Demo, even more strange conversation ...…
Eric Schmidt: a funny, nice, tall man who attended two colleges, and was arrested at each. He even had to promise one school that he wouldn’t come back! Eric talks growing up in Florida, going to performance arts high school, and starting college at South Florida, which was basically a full-time Spring Break. He gained a borderline shocking amo ...…
Today, Rob Warren and Mark Whitt join us to talk about a spring break opportunity called Beach Reach and how it can help grow students for when they return. Shownotes:
Understanding these natural seasons of your business can really set you up for success and help you to take off running in the fall. For many entrepreneurs, especially us mamapreneurs, us working moms who are juggling kids who are off on their spring break or summer break, summer can bring a dip in new clients and revenue. Whether we're just ju ...…
Red Line Boston - Fiction Series
Pia introduces Rod to her family and buys a wedding dress.
It was supposed to be the perfect getaway. A group of Miskatonic University students travel to a small island off the coast of Rhode Island to throw a weekend long beach party in celebration of Spring Break. Celebrations quickly turn to horror when the partiers discover they are not alone. Will the students overcome what they’ve uncovered, or w ...…
Timeline References Guest(s) Quotes Conversations Ideas Resources Hosts The church has 40 hours with a child annually, and their parents have 3,000 hours with them. If we want to impact the lifelong faith of a child, we need to partner with their parents if we have any chance of being effective. The good news is: Parents want a plan. On today’s ...…
we talk about the coming race war and the why 90s MTV spring break is the model for new sincerity
Proverbs 31 Ministries
My family went to the beach over Spring Break. Because it was spring, the wind was cool and comfortable. We won’t be out that long, I thought to myself. I could use a bit of color on my legs. Well, I got some color on my legs alright! A nice shade of pinkish red! This is exactly how we get burned by sin. It’s not a big deal, we think. And the c ...…
Proverbs 31 Ministries
My family went to the beach over Spring Break. Because it was spring, the wind was cool and comfortable. We won’t be out that long, I thought to myself. I could use a bit of color on my legs. Well, I got some color on my legs alright! A nice shade of pinkish red! This is exactly how we get burned by sin. It’s not a big deal, we think. And the c ...… Monday afternoon Guns and Butter Movies TV Shows Cracking egg on the street Monday Song: Monday Monday Mamas and the Papas - Monday Monday Summertime is ...…
WSB Traffic Podcast with Doug "Fireball" Turnbull and Smilin' Mark McKay
Doug and Smilin' break down the horrible recent wrecks on the Atlanta roads and why not to let your guard down during summertime. They also talk the annoying GA-400 road work, I-85's bridge re-opening, and Braves traffic.
Pro Wrestling News w/ Matthew, Kayden & Landon - 0:31 AWE Preview w/ Adam James - 40:31 Interview w/ Tyler Volz - 54:55 Interview w/ Samantha Heights - 1:31:03 Interview w/ Ethan Page - 2:19:36 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH "ALL EGO" ETHAN PAGE (@OfficialEGO @A1Wrestling) - Ethan Page makes his long anticipated return to the show to talk promoting t ...…
BRB Podcast your Spring Break Podcast. More on Wall-nuts I Don’t Like the Tone of Your Cleaning Doc P on Common Colds, Chlamydia and Aneurysms Med Meditates Viewer Questions Hollywood Perverts, Old Virgins and No Fap
BRB Podcast your Spring Break Podcast. A Message From Monsanto PNS Fakamolemole Exit Insurance Spring Break: The CDC Mormons vs. BRB Bros Diseases, they travel!
Topics include the Bachelor In Paradise assault scandal & what it means to have consensual sex. Dear Betches are about a girl who has to choose between her dream job and her dream boyfriend and a girl who is cheating on her boyfriend with an old man
Some members of Northwood recap and share on their experiences during "Mission to Mexico" this recent Spring Break. Following, Conner Lind shares a message about the power of serving, and the heart of what the Northwood Family does in Mexico, at at home. Find out more about our family at: Find our sermons on Vimeo h ...…
Fun National Podcast!
Back after a spring break, we have some catching up to do. John covers his South African hunting trip, we rundown the movies we’ve seen, and I rant about politics.
Former WWE writer Andrew Goldstein comes aboard the Satellite of Hate with Brian Mann & Nate Milton for a review of the long awaited Spring Break Nitro. The three discuss a Sting/Luger food fight, Mean Gene’s pervin', and the beginning of Russo’s return.
Hamiltonian Gallery & Artists
In "DIY Laser Eye Surgery", painter and video artist Rives Wiley invites viewers to step inside her perception-altering, handmade interpretation of the internet. Sourcing from digital imagery of lens flares, heavily photoshopped sunsets, snapshots of social gatherings and screen-saver graphics, Wiley immerses her viewers into spaces where reali ...…
Mike Drucker joins to play an updated version of LoveQuest, centered upon a certain break in the school year. Mike Drucker is co-head writer for Bill Nye Saves the World! He also writes/has written for Adam Ruins Everything, The Tonight Show, SNL, Nintendo, and IGN. Find him on twitter @MikeDrucker and check out his podcast How to Be a Person. ...…
This Sunday I have the opportunity to share with you about our trip to Haiti during Spring Break. Many of you gave school supplies and money towards this trip. You also prayed for Elizabeth and I. Every time we go I am amazed at the activity of God. You will be so encouraged by the stories of what we saw. Plan to come! There will be lots of pic ...…
Wanderer's Podcast
My last actual podcast was during spring break. It has been awhile. Here's an update and a few explanations below: 1) A link to the NYTimes article I referenced regarding unrepeatable scientific studies: "Many Psychology Findings Not as Strong as Claimed, Study Says" 2) That thing I said in Arabic: سروالي مضحك وانا أدخن الجبن…
Mundane Nights: A Podcast
Hello everybody and welcome to the 80th episode from the Masters and Rulers of the World! This week Mud and Riddle cover 3/10/1997. Topics include: Rocco Rock raps, the WCW roster is trashed at Spring Break, things get uncomfortable SEVERAL times, and a guest appearance by a WWE Hall of Famer.
Involving your children in caregiving activities can be fun. All you need are a few ideas that are tailored to your kids’ ages and interests. Here are four of my favorites: Build a “Kit” Do you remember when you were a young child and it was time to go back to school and your mom took you to purchase a new box of crayons? That was so exciting. ...…
After a bit of a spring break, Páraic McGeough and Nigel Wheatley are back in the podcast headquarters for a discussion of the summer blockbusters coming our way this summer – and the films that have caught their attention in the last two months. Next up – a 60th podcast David Lynch spectacular! The post Pod #59 – We’re back! // War ...…
1. EDX - "Feel The Rush" (The Goodfellas Peak Hour Refix)2. Ummet Ozcan f./ Chris Crone - "Everything Changes" (Extended Mix)3. Eddie Thoneick - "Heart" (Original Mix)4. Charlie Puth - "Attention" (Collini Big Room Mixshow Edit)5. Major Lazer, Wale, Dua Lipa - "My Love" (Starjack Tribal Edit)6. Katy Perry f./ Migos - "Bon Appetit" (Collini vs L ...…
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