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Sermons – Squamish Baptist Church
Exalting Jesus • Equipping His Followers • Engaging the World
Messages - The Rock Church in Squamish, BC
At The Rock Church in Squamish, BC we wish to live for Jesus in community—knowing the culture in Squamish, loving the people of Squamish, and seeing lives transformed to live for Jesus.
Church on 99
Church on 99 Squamish BC. Online Sermons and Podcasts
West Coast Style TV - Mountain Biking Instruction
West Coast Style is all about taking your freeriding skills to the next level. Filmed on the North Shore, Squamish, Whistler Bike Park, and other renowned trails on Canada’s West Coast.Returning is host Elladee Brown and renowned instructor Joan Jones. Teaming up with Elladee and Joan is Daamiann Skelton: Certified coach, freeride instructor and former Canadian Downhill Champion. Forty-five minutes of lively and interactive instruction takes you from Freeride Basics to advanced skills for ta ...
News and Information from the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce
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Exodus 25:1-9
The Early Edition from CBC Radio British Columbia (Highlights)
The Vancouver Park Board voted to work with First Nations on renaming Siwash Rock in Stanley Park. We speak to Chief Ian Campbell of the Squamish Nation.By
Exodus 24:1-18
Messages - The Rock Church in Squamish, BC
If, as one Old Testament commentator wrote, "Wisdom is becoming competent with regard to the realities of life: how things really happen, how things really are, " is true, then it begs the question what is reality? Join us and listen as God's Word challenges us to have a Reality Check. IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately the Scripture reading was not ...…
Exodus 20:17
Early in Solomon's life, before he went on his regretful 40 year experiment to find happiness, joy and fulfillment in life under the sun, apart from God, he demonstrated great wisdom as a young King. In this message we discover many lessons from The Wisdom of The King!
Sermons – Squamish Baptist Church
Exodus 20:16
So far in our new series, Desire Wisdom - Because nothing else matters more, we have learned that we desperately lack wisdom. In fact, we've lost touch with in our enlightened world today. Today, we answer 3 questions. What is Wisdom? What's the difference between worldly wisdom and "wisdom from above?" And, most importantly, How do we find wisdom?…
Sermons – Squamish Baptist Church
Exodus 20:15
If you had one wish, one thing you could have more than anything else, what would it be? One man was given that opportunity and guess what he asked for? Not money nor fame but—Wisdom. Listen as we begin this new series to discover where to find and how to get wisdom and... why nothing else matters more!…
Matthew 5:8
Church. One word that immediately raises a number of images in all of our minds. Have you ever asked, “Why is there something called church in the first place? Who’s idea was it and what’s the point especially today in our more enlightened world?” Listen to this week's sermon podcast as we discover The WHO & The WHERE.…
Exodus 20:14
Sermons – Squamish Baptist Church
Exodus 20:13
Sermons – Squamish Baptist Church
Exodus 20:12
Maya Jane Coles - WeakGigi Masin, Tempelhof - Blue 13 (Steve Cobby Remix) Hell Yeah RecordingsTelespazio - Nuvolari Original Mix Hell Yeah RecordingsRobert Babicz - We Fly To The End Of The World Original Mix TraumHardway Bros - Argonaut Throne Of BloodNicola Cruz - Tzantza (Yor Kultura Remix) Multi CultiDouglas Greed & Mooryc - Noisy Affkt Rem ...…
This Sunday, pastor Paul Siemens from Northview Community Church in Abbotsford, BC kicks off our Summer Guest Series with a message from Judges 14-15 and the story of Samson!
The conclusion to our series in the apostle Paul's letter to the Galatians is—The Pursuit of Holiness. It's the point of the gospel that Christians are called by grace alone and faith alone in Jesus Christ to a live of holiness. Why do we want to be Holy and how?
In this message we continue our 3-Part summary of the letter to the Galatians to highlight the 3 major themes from the letter—Authority, Salvation and Holiness. Join us as we consider the one true Gospel that Paul preached to the Galatians and how it led to their salvation!
In this message we begin a 3-Part summary of the letter to the Galatians to highlight the 3 major themes from the letter—Authority, Salvation and Holiness. Join us as we consider Paul's case for his apostolic authority and what it means for the church today!
We've reached the end of the letter that the apostle Paul wrote to the churches in Galatia. What a letter it has been. In his final comments and doxology Paul recaps the main theme of the letter—the Gospel! Listen as we hear his final warning and exhortation to keep the cross of Christ central. • Missional Community Group Post Sunday Study Guid ...…
The apostle Paul begins his conclusion to his letter by continuing to talk about our relationships with each other in the church. One of those being our support of those who preach and teach. He shows us how the habit of sharing leads to sowing well and reaping much.
As Word Spreads podcast
For this episode, our three Indigenous youth hosts talk about the issues that matter to them on this National Aboriginal Day.-----Terms, people and projects mentioned in this episodeFostering Change initiative: A campaign run by the Vancouver Foundation to make the transition youth in foster care at 19 (often directly into homelessness) more su ...…
Why are human relationships so hard? This is the question that the apostle Paul targets as he begins his conclusion to this letter. The goal? The Fruit of the Spirit which begins with Love, Joy & Peace leading to redeemed and restored human relationships. Paul now shows us how to do that! • Missional Community Group Post Sunday Study Guide • We ...…
This week, in Part 2 of The Spirit Led Life, we dive into to the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians and move over to John 15 to learn how to live a fruitful Christian life. Jesus speaks a parable about a vineyard to his disciples that includes the work of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. • Missional Community Group Post Sunday Study Guide • Week 19…
Join Scotty, Rachel Ingle and Kyle Gilman as we go on a road trip to MUDD territory and run at Veteran's Acres and do the first ever totally random sit down podcast in nature. We chat with Mike Farrington (about Squamish) and David Failing (about Math), as well as a whole host of other things in this expiramental and ground breaking show by eve ...…
We have arrived at the pivotal point in Paul's letter to the churches in Galatia. He has defended the Gospel and assured them that their freedom, their salvation was and is the result of faith alone in Christ alone. Now, Paul points them to the one who led them to begin this new life, to help them grow in their faith—The Holy Spirit! • Missiona ...…
The apostle Paul has some encouraging words for his fellow Christians in Galatia. He reminds them that at one time they were running so well but something has happened. He encourages them to: Stay in the Race, Avoid Trip Ups and Serve to Win! • Missional Community Group Post Sunday Study Guide • Week 17…
Where did we ever get the idea that there's this concept we call freedom? Modern definitions point to either a freedom 'from' slavery, bondage or oppression or the freedom 'to do' what ever we want in life as long as it does no harm. Could there be something more to this? • Missional Community Group Post Sunday Study Guide • Week 16…
In this week's passage the apostle Paul leads us into some amazing biblical history, an allegorical interpretation and some personal and practical applications based on the lives of two mothers, two sons and the two covenants that they represent, pointing to two cities and two destinies. • Missional Community Group Post Sunday Study Guide • Week 15…
The apostle Paul continues his appeal to the disciples in Galatia to come back to the truth of the Gospel. In this unique passage we see the heart of this pastor, church planter as he makes his appeal personal and reveals for us the relationship between a pastor and the church. • Missional Community Group Post Sunday Study Guide • Week 14…
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